Top 10 Scary Halloween Costumes For Couples

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Looking for scary couples costume ideas? Matching scary outfits for 2023? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s the 10 best scary halloween costumes for couples. Have fun re-creating!

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Scary Halloween Costumes For Couples

Here at Forgetting Fairytales, we LOVE #Halloween! So here’s 10 of our top favourite scary halloween costumes for couples, to fill you with inspiration for Halloween 2023…

1) Edward Scissorhands

Let’s get this list started with these super cool (but still very much scary) Edward Scissorhands costumes.

We’ve got this one for men and this one for women. They create quite the set, and the perfect scary duo for halloween!

2) Killer Clowns

Another great scary couple halloween costumes idea is a duo of scary clowns! (People hate them right?!)

We’ve got this one for men, and this one for women. So they’re totally matching… just very very creepy, I know!

3) Voodoo Dolls

Now, if you’re looking for some different couples scary halloween costumes – voodoo dolls are always a good shout!

The designs on these are actually really cool. We have this one for men and this one for women. Check them out!

Creepy Halloween Costumes

Let’s add some really creepy halloween costumes for couples in now…

4) Shining Twins

Another utterly creepy one if you’re going with your girl, is the killer shining twins from the horror movie. If you’ve seen it, no more needs to be said!

Click here to buy the costumes. Double trouble, double terror!

5) Purge

Talking of scary matching couples costumes, these Purge masks come in pretty handy for recreating yet another classic horror movie character.

Dress in the same clothes, or different – the choice is yours. These masks will certainly be the creepy “icing on the cake!” Click here to buy.

6) Grim Repear

Talking of death (yikes!), if you’re looking for scary couple halloween costumes, going as a pair of Grim Repear’s should also do the trick!

We’ve got this one for women, and this one for men, although – I know – it’s hard to tell the difference! It’s just about the size and fit!

Don’t fancy the mask? Try this executioners costume instead! This works well too.

7) Pennywise and Georgie

If you want to have some fun with makeup, go as Pennywise, the evil, child-eating clown, and his first victim, Georgie.

Another scary halloween classic! Just don’t forget to pick up a red helium balloon!

8) Couples Exorcist Costumes

Have you noticed that some of the scariest halloween costumes are those that are re-created from movies that stuck with you?! Well what better one to go for that the classic Exorcist?

I mean, would you believe – this movie was so terrifying when it came out in 1973 that viewers reportedly fainted in the theaters or left crying?! It’s true!

Click here for the Father Karras costume, or here for that spine-chillingly scary Regan costume.

Scary Couple Halloween Costumes

We’re almost at the end of our list! Let’s finish off with our final scary couple halloween costumes!

9) Scary Zombie Couple

So we know how to to do a sexy zombie couples combo – click here for inspiration if you want to recreate that look.

However, zombies can also be pretty damn scary when you pick the right costumes too!

Click here for our woman’s scary zombie costume and here for the man’s scary zombie costume. Pure creepiness right?

There’s also this walking dead man costume if you want to go one step further… but be prepared, this ones not for the faint hearted!

10) Scary Ghosts

The pale face, the ripped clothes… yes, you can certainly make a couple of ghosts look scary! So why not give it a go?!

Try this woman’s ghost costume, and this man’s ghost costume, completing the look with some hallowing eye contacts!

It’s different, yet still a very strong scary halloween costume for couples.

(Frightfully Good!) Scary Couples Costumes…

So there we have it – 10 scary couples costumes to really get into the Halloween spirit!

There’s plenty of options for what you can do – whether you creep out a classic Halloween look, recreate some scary movie duos or go for something completely new… the choice is yours!

Just have fun with it. For more Halloween inspiration, have a browse of:



Scary Halloween Costumes For Couples
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