10 Second Date Ideas To Get To Know Someone Better

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So you went on a first date, you got on well, you’d like to see the person again. But what are the best second date ideas? The best second dates to better get to know the person better and really see “what’s there” between the two of you?

In this article, we’re going to run through our top 10 recommendations of the best second date ideas – whilst also giving you a date-picking formula to find what’s the most suitable for the two of you. Sound good? Then let’s get stuck in…

How To Choose The Best Second Date

So when it comes to brainstorming the best second date ideas, you want to weigh up:

  • What did you do on your first date? And how did that go?
  • Would you like to do something similar this time? Or something different? (We recommend something different because it will help you to get to know that person better, and see them in another environment, enabling you to form a more rounded picture of who they are.)
  • Is there anything in particular that they enjoy? Could you tie that into the second date?
  • Is there anything in particular you spoke about doing or wanting to do? Could you make that into your second date and tick it off your wish-list?
  • And what does your second date mean, to both you and the person you’re dating? As that can also play into the most suitable second date for the two of you!

Remember, the goal of your second date is to better determine how you feel about this person, but you also want to simply have fun!

Romantic relationships are super exciting in the early days, so really make the most of this.

The Best Second Date Ideas

When it comes to the best second date ideas, some will be more fitting than others – depending on who you are as people.

With all of these date ideas, you therefore want to keep in the forefront of your mind…

Does this excite me? Would my date enjoy it? Is it appropriate for this stage? Will it help me get to know them further?

If you’re answering yes yes yes, it’s well worth putting forward and giving a go! So let’s jump straight in with these second date ideas now then.

1) Go For Drinks

I’m going to start with the basics. See, drinks are always one of the strong second date ideas because it relies on the two of you having good conversation.

It revolves around that even, so it helps the two of you get to know each other better, but without the pressure – being in a relaxed environment.

If you went for drinks for the first date, you might like to do this again for the second date – just this time without the awkwardness and nerves.

Or – save this to the third date, when you’ll be throwing in some of your trickier third date questions. Whatever you think!

You know each other a little more now, which is great. Simply mixing it up by choosing a different venue, or going for different types of drinks.

For instance: went to a wine bar last time? Vouch for cocktails second time running! Had drinks in a nice casual pub garden before? Maybe get a little more dressed up this time! Mix it up.

2) Go For Food

Another great second date idea is to step it up with food. (Nom, nom, nom!)

Food can always be a bit of an awkward one for some people when dating, which is why it’s good to get comfortable around each other with this early on.

Maybe you spoke about a restaurant you wanted to try out on your last date? Perhaps your date told you about this awesome place the two of you just have to go? Take them up on it.

Again, it’s a great second date in terms of still revolving around good company and strong conversation, but it’s just progressing the relationship a long a little.

Don’t fancy going out? How about ordering in with a takeaway and movie. That’s also an alternative that’s more relaxed, but different to what the two of you did the first time.

3) Have a Games Night

A games night is another great shout when it comes to second dates. You’ve already met each other, you know a fair bit about each other, but so far – it’s all just words.

Not only does a games night give you a good, fun focus, but it also enables you to see another side of them. Are they competitive? Do they like to have a laugh? Do they make it fun too?

If you’re not comfortable with a games night at one of your houses, take some cards to a pub, or try out the darts / pool table there. This leads me onto out next suggestion…

The Best Second Date Ideas

4) Do An Activity

Bowling, mini-golf, ice-skating – they’re all great second date ideas for the same reason as why games nights work so well… There’s the focus and you’re able to see a different side to them in a more relaxed environment.

They’re also great fun which is what you want to focus on in the early days!

You two aren’t in a relationship yet (and there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get to that stage at all!) So it’s all about having different experiences together.

It makes the whole dating process far more enjoyable when you’re mixing it up with different things too. (This stops you from getting bored of dating!)

And of course – the better time you havre together, the more likely things are to progress into a third date, a forth date and so on.

Right now, things don’t need to be super serious. Ask the most important questions, make sure you are “qualifying” your date and not being blinded, but also enjoy yourself. Don’t put the pressure on!

In fact, the only pressure there should be at the second date stage is who’s going to smash who at whatever activity you’re doing! The loser has a forfeit too!

5) Go To An Event

Events are another great second date idea, but not a big one – just a little thing.

They then provide interest, entertainment, new experiences, without being overwhelming or “too much too soon.”

The best events to go to for second dates are things like:

  • The football / soccer / rugby / basketball / baseball. Any live sport with a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
  • A show… but only when you can get last minute / cheap deals on the theatre ticket. You shouldn’t be spending out too “big time” in the early days!
  • An outdoor / drive in cinema. These are fun. They take movie night to the next level and are subtly romantic – helping you to see if the spark really is there.

These are just a few examples, but as you can see – we’re not talking day-long festivals, or anything too intense. 

When you get the right balance with this, you’ll not only have a great time, but have the chance to see how you act out and about, as more of a couple together.

Does it feel natural? Normal? It will be a big indicator!

6) Visit Somewhere New

Next up in our second date ideas list, is to head somewhere new together.

Are you both city lovers? Then jump on a quick train and be a tourist for the afternoon! Nature more your thing? Then this is perfect.

Pick somewhere close by to explore together. Take a picnic, have a wander, take it easy, take it in.

New experiences (which is what you get in new places) really helps to build a stronger connection, faster.

You’re brought closer by the experience, by the excitement, which is why it’s great to go new places together, in all relationships – both new and old.

7) Play Tour Guide In a Favourite Place

On the flip side, you may also like to consider playing tour guide for the afternoon and taking your date to a favourite place.

Go to your place first. It will give you more confidence, put you in your comfort zone (which is great!) After that, if it gets to a third date, you can swap it around – have them take you to somewhere they really like.

This becomes a great follow up date, because it enables you to find out more about the person, -what they like, what’s their thing, what’s important to them.

You can also use it as an opportunity to ask questions, pick up on the things you see, the places they choose to go.

8) Go On a Walk

Now I know what you’re thinking… a walk really made it into the second date ideas wish-list?!

But yes, yes it did. Because not only are you experiencing the chance of scenery and a light activity, but you’re also able to ask some of the questions that are less intimidating to answer when you’re not sat face to face.

For this reason, a walk becomes the perfect second date. There’s plenty of questions you can ask to get to know someone – both casually, and on a deeper level. So you never have to be short of ideas!

Walks also make for a great last-minute date idea, which means you can be as spontaneous as you like with making plans – you’ll always have something you can do!

9) Go To The Park

“Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can be the most fun and meaningful… “

Another classic second date suggestion is a relaxed afternoon in the park. This ones perfect on a warm summers day, because you guys decide exactly what you make of it.

Head to a pretty local park, grab a blanket, maybe take some drinks and nibbles – chat, chill, enjoy each others company. You could even bring some park games to play, literally whatever you fancy. And that’s the beauty of it…

This date idea has the benefits of the relaxed, non-pressured environment (great for deep or mindless chats!) but also allows you to do other things / activities whilst you’re there if you want.

It will really show you what the “relationship” is made of, based on how it goes!

10) Do a Lucky Dip

There are actually heaps of second date ideas and if you have many, but can’t decide which one to do – why not make it fun and exciting by writing down all the different date ideas on a piece of paper, and together, picking one out at random then doing that!?

Throw in some wildcards… like, kayaking, hiking, things that are fun and adventurous! Or some crazy date ideas!That’ll sure make it memorable if you land on one of those!

You could actually do this idea at the end of a first date if it goes well, borrowing a pen and tearing up a napkin. It avoids the uncomfortable “so, are we seeing each other again…” question after, it’s also different and makes it more exciting.

There We Have It

So there we have it! Our top 10 suggestions for the best second date ideas. 

Remember: the first date, second date, they’re not a big deal. Whether the two of you turn out being just friends or more, it will all soon start to become apparent.

Right now, simply enjoy the process!

Happy dating. Wishing you all the best.


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