23+ (Genius!) Side Hustles For Couples To Make Money in 2023

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Looking for ways you can make money with your partner? Want to know the best side hustles for couples in 2023? Then allow us to reveal all! Here’s 23 GENIUS side hustle ideas for couples (that you can actually do!) and would THRIVE from doing together.

See, teamwork is key when it comes to side hustles for couples…

It’s about finding the business ideas that you can both easily do together, and which would bring you closer together (all whilst building your empire!) It’s the perfect win-win.

Another key element to side hustle ideas for couples? That you can actually do these ventures ON THE SIDE. That’s right – we’re not about to throw in any unrealistic business ideas here.

It’s all about simple side hustles for couples – that you can do together, in your spare time… Kind of like a hobby as much as anything else.

The great thing is, these couples side hustles help to give you that all-important quality time in a relationship… But doing something that is positive and productive.

Learn and grow together, whilst you boost your income. (Something that always comes in handy… Especially if you’re looking to travel, want to move in together, or buy a house!)

23+ (Genius!) Side Hustles For Couples in 2023

So, what have we got? What are some of the very best side hustles for couples to make money in 2023? Well, in no particular order, we’ve got…

1) Set Up a Blog

First up, first up – it’s a no-brainer. Setting up a blog has to be one of the best side hustles for couples, especially if you start a blog based on something you’re passionate about.

Take travel for example – you travel, you experience, you snap photos & you write about your experiences. Or let’s say you both look cooking – a food blog is then a no brainer!

The great thing is, by doing it together – you get far more done. This means your blog grows faster, you can start to monetise it sooner, and together – you’ve got yourselves an additional income stream. (Woohoo.)

Now of course, like all things we’ll talk about on here, it’s not QUITE as simple as that. All of these couples side hustle ideas take time, work, and learning curves. But it’s well worth it. (Trust me!)

Couples Blog

2) Create a Dropshipping or Affiliate Store

Dropshipping is another fun couples side hustle idea.

What is dropshipping, you may ask? Well it’s basically when you list products (that aren’t personally yours), you market them, you promote them, and when they sell – the seller deals with the rest from there, but you get a percentage of that sale to yourself!

Basically – you sell other people’s products, for a commission.

This means, you can have a go at e-commerce, without any of the manufacturing or distributing hassles. For you – it’s all about the “fun” of driving sales!

The good thing is – it makes a great side-hustle as you can simply work on it, as and when you can.

It’s also brilliant for couples to do together, as you can go all out with creativity – without any financial pressures… As setting up a dropshipping store can be done pretty cheap!

So this is certainly another side hustle idea for couples, that is well worth looking into!

3) Create a Review Site

Another similar idea, is a review site, as this can be done based on reviewing products / services, making money from affiliates.

The difference is – it will be less of an e-commerce site, and more of a blog. You’re also giving your opinions / insights into it… But this can be pretty fun.

For example – let’s say you’re into games. You’re a gaming couple! You could then create a gaming review site…

So you play together, (you’ll usually be gifted this game for free too), you then review the game, and if anyone clicks to buy it, following this, you earn money from that sale!

4) Create An Etsy Store

Next up, there’s the wonderful world of Etsy! This is our recommended selling platform for couples looking to set up a side-hustle, because:

  1. If you’re selling physical products, you can focus on the “creating” part, and are automatically supported by Etsy, with millions of people already on the site, browsing. This means – providing you SEO optimise your product listing, Etsy then does the job of “selling” for you. You can also have all your products in one place, without having to create your own E-commerce website… And things like this are important when looking for side-hustles as opposed to full-time businesses.
  2. If you don’t have a physical product or manufacturing one isn’t realistic for the time / money that you have, you can create downloadable / printable / PDF products on Etsy. This way you still tap into the same network, plus have the same benefits… Without having to worry about postage & packaging, returns or full production!

This means the two of you can do what you enjoy best (focusing on the product side itself) and be supported by Etsy for the rest!

Please Note: This isn’t an affiliate promotion for Etsy, I just love the platform so personally, vouch for it!

different ways for couples to make money

5) Or an Amazon Store

Another similar alternative to Etsy, is Amazon – particularly if you have your own products in place. In this case, I recommend the Amazon FBA Programme (which again, isn’t an affiliate.)

With Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s fulfilment centres, and they then pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

By listing your products on Amazon, again, you tap into their platform so that you’re marketing to more people, for free, and have people find you easier.

You can also better scale up your side hustle as you’re not doing EVERYTHING yourself. So if you want a physical-products side hustle with your partner, utilising Amazon FBA is a very good route to go down!

6) Utilise Print on Demand

So let’s say the two of you are pretty creative… But you don’t have the money to invest in stocking up a big inventory, and you don’t want to take that kind of risk, if it’s just a SIDE-HUSTLE for couples you’re looking for (as opposed to a full time business.)

Well, that’s where Print on Demand comes a great option.

  • With Print on Demand, you put your designs on products (utilising the many tools for digital artists, available at our fingertips.)
  • You can even have mock-ups created (so buyers can see what they actually look like. Woohoo!)
  • But the biggest thing is – your PoD company will only CREATE the products for you, when you make a sale. Clever huh?

They then ship your products for you, (you just have to understand their returns policy and feed this into your own returns policy) but it’s a great way to get into business…

Again, without having to manage ALL aspects of a traditional business. (Perfecto!)

7) Start a Youtube or TikTok Channel

One of the most modern side hustle ideas for couples in 2023, is to start a Youtube or TikTok channel, grow it to become an “influencer”, then make money from ads.

Now Youtube requires horizontal videos (unless you focus on “shorts” which are vertical) and TikTok is all about vertical videos.

Both are also monetised in slightly different ways, with slightly different requirements, so it’s worth swatting up, doing your research and seeing which is the best platform for you.

Video creation can be super fun however, especially if you work on it as a couple.

It also then becomes a great passive income stream – with video ads continuing to earn you money whilst you sleep. (Which has got to be the absolute dream, right?!)

ways to make money with your girlfriend

8) Start a Podcast

From video recording, to audio recording – starting a podcast is another side hustle for couples that has to be mentioned here.

Especially as it is predicted that in 2023, there will be around 464 million podcast listeners and the podcasting industry will be worth approximately $4 billion!

Now, podcasting isn’t a fast money maker. Just like many other of these side hustle ideas – it will still take time and effort to grow your audience and get those all-important listeners.

But once you have that strong foundation to build on – the podcasting world is your oyster!

It’s also pretty fun work to do, especially if you and your partner thrive from chatting, debating or discussing!

9) Become Freelancers

Freelancing is one of the most profitable side hustle ideas for couples. Why? Well, because freelancer rates are significantly higher than most hourly wages.

I mean, even if you’re simply doing online data entry jobs – it’s all another way to get money in.

Arguably, the hardest thing about freelancing, is getting the clients in. But- team work makes the dream work as they say, and it’s a fun challenge for the two of you to take on!

From social media management to becoming a virtual assistant – there’s plenty of options when it comes to deciding on your niche.

And the good thing about it is it can still work around your work, which means you don’t need to give up your day jobs…

You just need to get organised and split the tasks between the two of you!

10) Create Online Courses

Online courses are another growing avenue, with the elearning industry is expected to grow by 15% annually. This is strong and steady… And puts you in the position to capitalise on it!

Even if your knowledge / talents don’t lie in the same field, you can still split the tasks when it comes to course creation, making online courses a very good side hustle for couples.

Online courses can also be created into Ebooks, giving you different avenues and endless options.

There’s also plenty of course sites you can sell your courses on – or you can create your own website. The choice is yours! On a similar note…

couples side hustle ideas

11) Host Online Activities

More of an active person? Looking for side hustle ideas for couples that are less “technical”? Then did you know, you can actually sell activities or mini events with your partner?

Uh huh, platforms like AirB&B Experience mean you can do anything from teaching virtual couples salsa lessons, to leading meditation sessions; providing fun walking tours in your city, to hosting cooking tutorials from the comfort of your own home.

There’s no end to the different things you can market and do – and this is just one platform that offers such a thing… So swat up and do your research; pursuing it in an area you enjoy the most!

12) Build a Community

Talking of bringing people together, a different side hustle idea for couples, can be based around building – then monetising – a community.

The best way to do this (in my opinion) is partnering with a subscription based community app (like Honeycommb) – that way, you don’t have to do any of the developer work, and instead, simply pay monthly or annually to get your community designed the way you want to…

Then of course, you add enough value and charge community members a subscription fee that covers your costs… and more!

The great thing about this idea, is if you and your partner share a similar passion, and you can build on this further and further, to meet and connect others with that same passion too – it becomes a powerful, positive network, you’ll both also genuinely enjoy!

13) Invest Together

We’re flying through these couples side hustle ideas now… So what else have we got?!

Well, we’ve got to touch on investing, right? As when it’s done properly – it becomes a powerful long-term passive income stream that you can just keep building on as time goes on.

The key to making this work however, is to swat up – properly. You need to learn the basics of investing, together, so you can make more informed decisions about your investment portfolio… And this can be pretty hard to get your head around…

BUT, that’s why it’s so valuable to work on this together; as a team. You don’t have to have the same investment portfolio at the end of it if you don’t want to – but by simply doing it together, you encourage each other, discuss it between each other, and it keeps you both on track.

Start by reading: The Little Book of Common Sense Investing or The Intelligent Investor.

You can also grab most investment books for FREE with an Audible trial, which is even better, as you and your partner can both listen to this together during little “study sessions” and pause anytime you like to discuss.

Then, once you’re feeling confident with it – you can start to move forward. Just do the groundwork initially, then go, go, go for it! (Being sensible about it of course. Remember, your capital is at risk here. But that’s why you want to focus on learning before you get into “doing” it!)

Side Hustles For Couples

14) Property Renovation

If one / both of you are hands on, and you do have (at least a) slight pool of money to play around with – then property renovation could be a possible side hustle idea.

Again, books will be one of your best friends here – as you can learn about raising capital, renovation costs, plus the art of fixing and flipping houses, to get you well equipped if you don’t know that many people already in the industry.

It offers a huge potential avenue to make a lot of money… Providing you select the right properties which high potential.

The good thing with this side hustle idea for couples however, is it’s something you can do in your free time, together, especially if you renovate the house(s) that you live in.

There’s no time pressure as such, and it can become a fun and exciting project… Not to mention a major learning curve in the process too!

Which is what it’s all about – learning and growing together!

On a similar note, but to a smaller scale, we’ve then got…

15) Furniture Flipping

Got an eye for design? Or find yourselves pretty handy at DIY? Then forget looking for where to sell used clothes and start thinking about where to sell old furniture… Only this will be old furniture you’ve flipped!

Simply find, restore and resell old furniture, adding value to make money on it and it could be the perfect couples side hustle idea for the two of you.

Most couples will get into this by starting to refresh furniture for their own home…

But you can indeed develop this further if you find you have a flair for it, to build it into a real furniture flipping business.

(Which actually proves to be pretty profitable, not to mention good for the planet… Which is certainly a win-win! Uh huh, there’s plenty of benefits of thrifting & flipping!)

There’s also far more options than you may think when it comes to making money with furniture atctually. I mean, did you know you can even make money with mattresses?!

Yup, who’s have thought hey? So it’s just a case of thinking outside the box and exploring different things. Talking of which…

16) Rental Business

A rental business is another side hustle for couples that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Of course, when you first thing of rentals, you usually think of rental houses, or holiday home AirB&B’s, but you don’t have to have a property portfolio to be able to get into this…

Even renting out your spare room, can be an extra boost of income for very little work.

Especially if you list it for weekends on Air B&B which means you still get your own space for the majority of the time… Just an extra guest every now and then!

Is this not an option? Then fear not – as there’s plenty of other things you can rent out.

For instance: your car, a camper, storage space… There’s plenty of things you may already have, or can invest in, to then rent out to others. Sometimes it just entails a little research and creativity!

ways to make money with your boyfriend

17) Buy & Sell

Up next, up next – it’s buying and selling. And this can be a super fun side hustle for couples, that’s flexible too. For instance:

  1. You could work on buying and selling products together and seeing how much you can make as a team. Or…
  2. You could turn it into a fun money-making challenge, going head to head to see who can make the most profit each month, from buying and selling.

You can buy things online, at flea markets, at car boot sales, then sell them in the same places – or different. It’s super flexible and fun to experiment with and learn from.

You can also buy anything from clothes & shoes to digital devices. In fact, there’s heaps of different categories, so if you did go head to head – you could swap and change the category each month. (Uh huh, it’s literally a creative, money-making game!)

There’s so much you can do with this one – whether you improve the products in any way, or keep them the same. This makes it one of my all-time favourite side hustle ideas for couples, for sure.

18) Collect Trash!

Did you know you can get paid for recycling?!

Yup, you really can make money, doing good things, that are also good for the planet… making this a no-brainer money making idea for couples!

Work together to clean up the environment, protect our wildlife, and make a few extra dollars along the way. (Do it, do it. Even if this is just as a one off!)

19) Stock Photography / Videography

Another different side hustle ideas for couples is photography or videography.

This can be done on your phone, although is (of course) usually even better on a DSLR camera (with different lenses!)

Create and sell stock photography / videography of anything and everything; tapping into the best-selling stock photography categories to optimise your earnings.

Now the cool thing with this one – is it allows you to be fully creative. In fact, creating stock photography / videography is – for most people – just a lot of fun. It doesn’t really feel like work!

Yes, you will need A BIG portfolio before you start making a decent amount of side income. But remember -the photos / videos don’t always have to be JUST for money, but also for the memories.

Use each other as the “models”, bring in family and friends, or use a camera shutter trigger to capture photos of the two of you, together.

You’ll have fun with it, you’ll end up with footage that you can really treasure, plus it helps to build you both up and feel confident about the way that you look, when you embrace your inner model! So there’s endless options and benefits with this one.

Side Hustles For Couples

20) Pet Services

Looking for more “classic” side hustles for couples? Then let’s start off by adding pet services into the mix! We’re talking: dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting, the lot!

And the great thing with this one – is you get to have fun, going out together with your new furry friend… whilst getting paid for it. What’s not to love with that?!

You’ll also get exercise and companionship; making it a no-brainer side hustle idea – especially if the two of you can’t currently have a pet of your own. On a similar note….

21) Garden Services

Team work makes the dream work, as they say? And when times get really tough – offering garden services is something that’s simple, in demand and easy to make money on, just within your local neighbourhood.

That’s right – this is a couples side hustle idea that is SERIOUSLY under-rated, because you don’t have to worry about bringing in the business… the business services themselves can be so valuable, providing you get the price right, you can usually get the money in pretty fast!

Simply sacrifice a Sunday to lawn-mowing or weed picking, and make it FUN as you work your way around the local houses together. (Just remember why you’re doing this and what you’re saving for!) Similarly…

22) “Back To Basics!”

Other “back to basics” side hustles for couples include things like car washing.

This is especially fun as you can make it a little flirty and playful! It also doesn’t have to take quite as long (especially when you tackle it together), but can be a nice extra mini cash boost in times of need.

Likewise, another “down and dirty” side hustle for couples, is to get into cleaning.

This is another great idea, as it’s IN DEMAND… It’s also more profitable than you think. In fact, the cleaning industry has seen continuous growth for well over 10 years now, and the home cleaning market is expected to be worth over $40 billion by 2025.

So it’s safe to say that the possibility for growth is greater than ever… Making it a side hustle idea you should genuinely consider!

couples business ideas

23) Outsourced Business

So far, all of our side hustles for couples have been about the two of you, and what you can both do, putting yourself to work. However, the final idea I want to throw out here – is creating an outsourced business.

This means, you pick a niche, you market your business, you get the sales, but you then outsource / pay someone else to do the work for you… You don’t have to do it yourself.

This is a great side hustle for couples as it means you’re not doing EVERYTHING but you are getting down to the core business essentials and driving your success forward yourselves.

Now of course, it will take time to find the right people to work with, who you know you can trust to deliver the services you’re selling, at the standard you want. But once you have the set-up in place, and start to bring those first clients in – the business only gets easier and easier…

This is a side hustle for couples that you can base your business around from, straight from the start… Or you can do the work yourself and then start to hire out to develop it into an outsourced business – whatever you think will work the best.

Just remember – with the two of you, working on this together, it dramatically increases your chances of success than going into it “alone”, so have confidence and go for it!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 23 of our top-recommended side hustles for couples in 2023. I hope this has helped to fill you with ideas that you can now build on or explore further.

Remember, it’s still about getting a balance – of both working hard and playing hard. And if you are busy saving money, it doesn’t mean that the romance has to die…

There’s plenty of free date ideas you can do to keep you busy and entertained, alongside growing your new business!

Sometimes – it just takes a little creativity! 😉

Good luck, wherever you decide to head next. Wishing you all the best!


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