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20 Signs He Likes You | How To Know If He’s Into You

20 Signs He Likes You | How To Know If He’s Into You

Signs He Likes You

How do you know if someone likes you? If the feelings that you feel are actually returned? See, it’s not just about the things he says but the things he does. That’s key. Actions speak far louder than words as they say and – for some people – the words aren’t always easy to express. Here’s some of the signs he likes you.

20 Signs He Likes You

Here’s 20 signs he likes you. If you get through this list and find yourself saying “yes, yes, yes!” it’s certainly looking hopeful… (fingers crossed!)

1) He Asks You Lots of Questions

And not just the standard “hey, how are you? Had a good day?” He will still ask these, to check in on you. But he’ll also dig deeper. He wants to know more about you, get to know you on a deeper level. There’s a genuine interest there which means questions are ALWAYS a good sign!

2) You’re Not The Only One Starting The Conversations

If a relationship is all one-sided, it’s certainly not a good sign. If he’s into you, he’ll message you – it’s not always you just chasing him. He’ll send you those “good morning” messages, or check in on you of his own accord. He’ll also send little texts when he’s thinking of you or see’s something you might like. He’s not afraid to double-text because the two of you are pretty comfortable now. This leads me onto my next point…

3) He’s More Considerate

He’ll also start to do little things to show you he cares… Like dropping you a message if he’s busy to say he’ll reply back later, or letting you know he’s thinking of you when you’re apart. CUUUUTE!

4) He Initiates The Dates

I’m all for female empowerment and women taking the lead, but sometimes, it’s good to take a step back. If you’ve expressed your interest, said you’d like to do something, see if he then follows up on that. If he does, it’s certainly one of the signs he likes you. (Woohoo!)

5) He Makes An Effort With Dates

He doesn’t just go for the easy option of Netflix & Chill all the time. Instead, he thinks about what you’d like to do and suggests different things to make it nice for the two of you. There will be a mix of dates and plenty of day dates. It’s about building new memories together, because he genuinely wants this to be the start of something.

6) He’s Not Afraid To Call It A Date

Whether you’ve spoken about exclusivity together yet or not, this guy wants to make sure he’s firmly out of the friend zone and the two of you are on the same page. It’s dating, it is something…

7) He Goes Out Of His Way To See You

You’re not just the booty-call or a last-minute plan. If he likes you, he’ll make time for you. You’ll start to become one of his priorities, not just an option. We all deserve to be valued like that.

8) He Wants To Take Things Slow

Even if sparks are flying and the chemistry is totally there, the guy won’t want to rush things. He respects you. He see’s this going somewhere. So he doesn’t mind taking things slow – especially if you want to.

9) He’ll Open Up To You

You two are actually starting to build something here. He’s not just showing you his best version, but dropping his guard to show his true version. He trusts you, he wants to get closer to you, which is why he chooses to let you in more.

10) There’s Different Dimensions To Your Relationship

You laugh like little kids, show your quirky side like best friends, you also have these deep, meaningful conversations and intimate moments where you feel closer than ever. When you’ve reached the point of there being more to your relationship, it’s a good indication that feelings are starting to be caught!

11) He Gets Close To You… Physically

Whether he’s an affectionate person or not, if a guy likes you, he’ll find reasons to get closer to you. It might be a brush of the arm, a hold of the hand, those warm embraces, the soft kisses. His body language will also tell you a lot – leaning in, keeping eye contact, standing closer, constant smiling. Start to notice these things. Increase your awareness and read into the way he acts.

12) He Teases

Teasing is a great flirting tool, often used by men because it sometimes comes easier for them. They don’t have to get all DEEP, but they do want to get close and build a connection.

13) He Involves You

Depending on how long the two of you have been seeing each other, it’s ALWAYS a good sign once he starts to involve you in things aside from just the two of you. Get together’s with friends are usually the starting point, but if you find he’s also introducing you to his family, well… he certainly wouldn’t do that if he didn’t have high hopes for the both of you!

14) He Listens To You

He remembers the things you tell him and BONUS POINTS FOR THIS GUY, if he then acts on them – picking up that ice cream he knows you’ve been craving or checking back in with you about something you said. It’s his way of showing he likes you and he really does care.

15) He’s Not Afraid To Talk About The Future

And I don’t mean he has to go into picturing a life with you – marriage, kids, the lot. But one of the signs he likes you, is if he’s talking about things the two of you can do – the adventures he’d love to go on with you, the things he’d love to experience. It shows he’s not just here for the here and now, but see’s the two of you developing further.

16) He’ll Do The Things That You Like To Do

Marathon-watch your favourite reality TV show? Sure. Traipse around the shops with you? No problem. He may pretend to moan, but really he doesn’t mind. It’s the early days. Any time is good time with you. He also secretly likes how ‘coupley’ it feels. (Although he might not admit it!)

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17) He Wants To Help You Out

That light bulb that needs changing – he’s straight on it. The washing up the next morning – well, somehow he’s like a domestic GOD! He wants to show he does ‘come in pretty handy’ because that’s a thing, one of the key signs he likes you is when he’s trying to impress!

18) He Expresses How He Feels

So even if he hasn’t said the L word yet, or is a little sheepish about sharing his emotions, he’ll still say things to show you he cares – like that he misses you, or he really enjoyed your company, or he can’t wait until the next time. You’ll also know it’s true because of his actions – not wanting to leave, reorganising your next dates straight after the last one. It’s reassuring to say the least!

19) He’s Not Into Other People

Checking his messages whilst he’s with you, commenting on other girl’s photos, checking other people out whilst you’re walking down the street – no, no, no. Once the guy starts to have only eyes and interest for you, it’s a surefire sign he likes you.

20) He Makes You Feel Good

The complements, the cute gestures, the clear kindness towards you. If he makes you feel good, and you can tell he’s making an effort to make you feel this way, it’s a big sign he likes you, because he doesn’t have to be this way.

Love shouldn’t be complicated. The start of a new relationship should be exciting and easy. If you’re doubting yourself or questioning how he feels, that’s never a good sign. Instead, trust your instincts, see if it feels right.

If the doubts are there but are probably coming from you because of a lack of confidence or insecurities – then weigh up his behaviour with these 20 signs he likes you. If it’s all coming back pretty positive then please try to COOL THOSE GODDAM NERVES. 

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Best of luck! I hope this blossoms into something truly beautiful. Just know, if it doesn’t – that’s okay too. Click here for why it will definitely work out the way it should and you don’t need to freak out.

Take care.


Signs He Likes You
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