20 Signs He Likes You | How You Know He’s Into You

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How do you know if someone likes you? If the feelings that you feel are actually returned? See, it’s not just about the things he says but the things he does. That’s key. Actions speak far louder than words as they say and – for some people – the words aren’t always easy to express. Here’s some of the signs he likes you.

20 Signs He Likes You

Here’s 20 signs he likes you. If you get through this list and find yourself saying “yes, yes, yes!” it’s certainly looking hopeful… (fingers crossed!)

1) He Asks You Lots of Questions

You know a guys into you when he takes a genuine interest in you. He asks a lot of questions. He wants to know more about you, get to know you on a deeper level.

There’s a genuine interest there. It’s not just the same old, standard “hey, how are you? Had a good day?” questions all the time. He will probably still ask these – but not out of obligation, he wants to actually check in on you, make sure you’re okay.

But he’ll also dig deeper aside from this, especially if he wants something serious and is looking to see if the two of you are truly compatible.

2) You’re Not The Only One Starting The Conversations

If a relationship is all one-sided, it’s certainly not a good sign. If he’s into you, he’ll message you – it’s not always you just chasing him (because who wants that really?!)

If a guy likes you just as much as you like him, you’ll find it’s equal effort, on both parts, in almost all areas.

So when it comes to texting – you’ll probably see you’ll get those cute “good morning” / “night babe” messages. He’ll also check in on you of his own accord – it’s not always you messaging him first.

Or perhaps you notice he sends little texts when he’s thinking of you or see’s something you might like – that’s always a good sign!

If a guy likes you and the relationship is progressing nicely, he’s also not afraid to double-texting (and nor should you be either.) The two of you are pretty comfortable now, you know what the deal is. This leads me onto my next point…

3) He Complements You

Another surefire sign he likes you (especially when matched against many of the other signs) is when he complements you – he says nice things.

At the end of the day, right now, he’s still trying to woo you, to sweep you off your feet – or he should be anyway! So he’s going to try to win you over with those smooth lines… that he totally means!

4) He Gets Close To You

Whether he’s an affectionate person or not, if a guy likes you, he’ll find reasons to get closer to you. Even in small ways. It might be a brush of the arm, a hold of the hand, those warm embraces, the soft kisses.

His body language will also tell you a lot – leaning in, keeping eye contact, standing closer, constant smiling. Start to notice these things. Swat up on body language and what it means, because it can be a real eye-opener!

5) He Initiates The Dates

Dating and relationships should be equal. Equal effort. And so when it comes to initiating dates, it shouldn’t always come from one person.

If a guy takes the lead and asks YOU out, suggesting what the two of you could do, it’s therefore a good sign. If he does it straight after your last date, telling you he does want to see you again, it’s an even better sign.

But take note of whether the relationship is equal and the effort is also coming from him- because if it is, it’s one of the key signs he likes you.

How you know he's into you

6) He Makes An Effort With Dates

Whats even better than initiating dates and suggesting dates? Well, of course, making a real effort with them, to make them special!

If a guy likes you, he doesn’t just go for the easy option of Netflix & Chill all the time. Instead, he thinks about what you’d like to do and suggests different things to make it nice for the two of you.

There will be a mix of dates and plenty of day dates. It’s about building new memories together, because he’s genuinely looking to build something with you here. He wants it to go somewhere.

7) He’s Not Afraid To Call It A Date

Whether you’ve spoken about exclusivity together yet or not, this guy wants to make sure he’s firmly out of the friend zone and the two of you are on the same page.

So in the early days, on the very first dates, he’ll happily refer to them as a date.

As time goes on, he’s also likely to talk about your new blossoming relationship more and more. It’s one of the key signs he likes you and is looking for the same thing.

8) He Does The Things You Like To Do

Marathon-watch your favourite reality TV show? Sure. Traipse around the shops with you? No problem. He may pretend to moan, but he doesn’t mind really.

It’s the early days. Any time is good time with you. He also secretly likes how ‘coupley’ it feels. (Although he might not admit it!)

9) He Goes Out Of His Way To See You

You’re not just the booty-call or a last-minute plan. If he likes you, he’ll make time for you. You’ll start to become one of his priorities, not just an option. And you’ll feel like that too.

If you’re getting “off” feelings, if you’re not feeling valued, if you’re not sure how he feels – it’s not a good sign. So always take note of how a person makes you feel, and how a person behaves towards you, because it can be a big indicator!

It’s not about being over-sensitive but seeing things how they are.

10) He Wants To Take Things Slow

All relationships need to have chemistry. There should be different levels of connection – for sure – but that physical sparks-flying feeling is still vitally important. In fact, it’s the difference between friends and “more than”.

However, one of the signs that a guy likes you is when, actually, he doesn’t want to rush things with you. He respects you. He see’s this going somewhere. So he doesn’t mind taking things slow – especially if you want to.

He’d rather make it special and even more meaningful. This shows it’s not just lust and could grow into something like… love! (Eek!)

Signs He Likes You

11) He Opens Up To You

Another great sign is when he starts opening up to you. He’s not just showing you his best version, but dropping his guard to show his true version.

That takes real trust, a level of commitment and an emotional investment in the relationship.

He wants to get closer to you, and he knows the importance of doing this when it comes to building a connection, creating the strong foundations of a relationship.

For this reason – he lets you in. It certainly says a lot, particularly if this isn’t something he does often, of comfortably.

12) He Listens To You

Whilst we’re on the topic of opening up, the chances are – if you like him too – you’ll find yourself opening up to him as well.

You’ll share… but here’s the big thing now, because he actually really listens! You can tell. You can see it. He’s actively listening, taking everything in – remembering the things you say, probing further.

You won’t get him repeating the same questions because he didn’t really pay full attention the first time. And you’ll find he remembers some things, you don’t even remember saying..

  • Like the things you have coming up.
  • The things you’re working on.
  • The little things you care about.
  • The little things you love doing.
  • Your favourite foods / drinks!

13) He’s Considerate

If a guy sees you as something potentially serious, he’ll think about you, he’ll take you into consideration. This means that not only will he listen to what you say, but take it into consideration, act on it.

This is supposed to (hopefully) be the start of something! So if he likes you, and he see’s that, he thinks about you and cares about you. He could do little things like:

  • Dropping you a message if he’s busy to say he’ll reply back later – just so you know.
  • Or letting you know he’s thinking of you when you’re apart. CUUUUTE!
  • Or, if you’re a worrier – perhaps he makes a conscious effort to try to reassure you of his feelings and the situation between the two of you.

He could also be considerate in other ways, doing things like:

  • Making you coffee in the morning when you’re hungover and struggling!
  • Bringing over some milk, without you even asking, because he knows you need it.
  • Or maybe just surprising you with your favourite takeaway one night because he knows you like it!

It’s usually just little things, but little things can mean a lot. Ultimately, he thinks about you, he considers you on a day-to-day basis and tries to do things that will make you happy or are helpful. It’s a great indictor that he is actually into you!

Signs He Likes You

14) He Teases

Now here’s one you may not have expected but teasing is actually a great flirting tool, that goes right the way back to high-school hey?

Often men continue to use it because teasing – joking around – can sometimes come easier for them than getting serious or deep. They still want to get close and build a connection though and this is just a different way to go about it.

If you’d like to read more about this surprising strategy, click here.

15) He Involves You

Depending on how long the two of you have been seeing each other, it’s ALWAYS a good sign once he starts to involve you in things aside from just the two of you.

Get together’s with friends are usually the starting point, but if you find he’s also introducing you to his family, well… he certainly wouldn’t do that if he didn’t have high hopes for the both of you!

He’ll also make you feel involved in his life, his world. And as time goes on, he’ll start to involve you in more decisions around it too… You’ll become an influence as you become a bigger part. And THAT’S when you know he really likes you!

16) He’s Not Afraid To Talk About The Future

Another sign he likes you, is of course, when he’s not afraid to talk about the future with you. And I don’t mean he has to go into picturing a life with you – marriage, kids, the lot. In fact, if it’s too much too soon, there’s a chance he could be love-bombing you.

But if he’s talking about things the two of you can do – the adventures he’d love to go on with you, the things he’d love to experience, that’s what you want! It shows he’s not just here for the here and now, but see’s the two of you developing further.

17) He Wants To Help You Out

Ahhh, how guys love to feel useful! That light bulb that needs changing? He’s straight on it. The washing up that needs to be done the next morning? Well, somehow he’s like a domestic GOD! (Although warning: it may not necessarily last!)

But right now, it’s a good sign. He wants to show he does ‘come in pretty handy.’ He’s trying to impress, to – again – win you over. Why? Because he likes you!

18) He Expresses How He Feels

Now you may think this is obvious, but for some – talking about feelings and emotions, it doesn’t come that easily… especially in the earlier days when you’re not 100% sure how the other person feels and are perhaps a little scared of getting hurt.

So even if he hasn’t said the L word yet (it’s too soon for that!) or is perhaps a little sheepish about sharing his emotions… he’ll still say things to show you he cares.

Maybe it’s that he misses you, or he really enjoyed your company, or he can’t wait until the next time. You’ll then also know it’s true because of his actions – not wanting to leave, reorganising your next dates straight after the last one. It’s reassuring to say the least!

How do you know if he likes you?

19) He’s Not Into Other People

As we get towards the end of the list for the key signs he likes you, I want to raise another biggie – and a biggie that isn’t even a big deal for him… This my friends, is the fact that he’s not into, or interested in anyone else!

Checking his messages when you’re together, commenting on other girl’s photos, checking other people out whilst you’re walking down the street – no, no, no.

You’ll also find that he’s probably stopped using dating apps (click here for why he maybe hasn’t already and what that could mean.) Yes, it could partly be down to his personality, but what also comes into it – is how he feels.

So if a guy starts to have eyes and interest for you and you only, it’s a surefire sign he likes you.

20) He Makes You Feel Good

Last but not least, if a guy likes you and knows how to treat you properly, he’ll make you feel good, just naturally. In fact, the whole relationship will.

There will be complements, cute gestures, clear kindness towards you. But it’s more than that… it’s the feeling of just KNOWING this is pretty special and you’re onto a good thing.

Maybe you’re reading this article for a little confirmation or reassurance, but deep down, you kind know if he’s into you or not anyway – because he makes a conscious effort, with his actions and words, to show you that he does… Which is amazing. It’s what you deserve.

Love Shouldn’t Be Complicated…

Remember, love shouldn’t be complicated. The start of a new relationship should be exciting and easy. If you’re doubting yourself or questioning how he feels, that’s never a good sign. Instead, trust your instincts, see if it feels right.

Of course, don’t let any self-doubts, insecurities or self-sabotage get in the way. You need to be in a good place and ready for a relationship too.

But weigh it all up, look from an outsiders perspective, look at the signs he likes you. Add it all up. And then trust it… enjoy it!

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That’s All For This One

So there we have it! 20 signs he likes you. I hope this has helped. I also hope this blossoms into something truly beautiful. Just know, if it doesn’t – that’s okay too.

Everything works out the way it’s meant to.

Take care.


Signs He Likes You

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