10 Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

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Are things going well with the guy you’re dating? Wondering how he’s feeling, or if you’re on the same page? Or maybe you KNOW, really. You just have a bit of self-doubt setting in. It happens. So for peace of mind, here’s 10 signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, and is very close to asking you out. (Eek!)

Does He Want To Make You His Girlfriend? 

So first up, before we look at the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, let’s first establish where you’re at.

  • How long have you been dating?
  • How long had you known each other prior to that (if at all)?
  • Have things moved through to exclusivity?
  • How have things been between the two of you? Was it an instant spark?
  • Are things continuing to progress in the right direction?
  • Have you spoken about relationships and what you both want?
  • Does he know how you feel? And do you know that he feels strongly for you too?

How Do You Both Feel?

See, if he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, if you’re edging closer and closer to that level – you should already have a degree of security. I mean, have a read of these:

These are just a few to get you started – but there’s some really interesting stuff in there. Have a browse, have a mooch, then continue through with this article. After all:

The clearer you are about how you feel and how he feels, the more you’re able to relax and simply enjoy the process.

You’ll know he’s going to ask you to be his girlfriend soon. You’ll know that’s where it’s heading, because you’ll feel like you know him and you know how it feels.

There shouldn’t be doubts. And if there are, it could be either that:

  1. It’s not right.
  2. It’s coming from you – led by fear and insecurity.

So it’s really important to be able to clearly assess where the two of you are at.

When you do, you’re then able to let things happen naturally, unfolding how you know – deep down – they probably will, without having to worry or overthink.

Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

So what are the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon? How do you know that he is going to take it official? Well, here’s 10 key indications. See, you’ll also notice that:

1) Everything Is Going Well

So first up, one of the biggest sign that he’s likely to want you to be his girlfriend – is if everything is going well, and it’s been going well for some time now.

See, the chances are – taking the next step to ask you out is just a natural progression. Providing of course, you know that he’s genuine, he wants a relationship and is ready for one (these are the only things that could potentially throw that of course!)

Is there chemistry there? Do you just seem to click? Do you want the same things? Are you in the same place? When all of these things align, the chances of you two heading to relationship-official only increase.

Does he acknowledge all of these things? Does he tell you how happy he is? How about checking that you’re happy and feel the same way too? He’s making sure for a reason. This leads me to my next point…

Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

2) He Asks You What You Want

Asking someone out, can actually be a pretty nerve-wracking thing. Think about it – all that fear of rejection. Yikes! 

So one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, and is gearing up to this, is if you notice he asks more questions, seeks clarity.

Maybe he asks you if you want a relationship, generally speaking. Perhaps he asks more directly if you could see yourself in a relationship with him. 

He may also confirm how you feel about him, the relationship, where it’s all heading. Or he may joke about asking you out soon, to gage your reaction.

All of this is just building up to what he ultimately wants, and making sure that you’re on the same page.

3) He Digs a Little Deeper If He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

Before he asks you out, he’s going to want to make sure it’s the right decision. Not because he’s doubting you as such, but because – in all honesty – it’s better to take it slow and avoid rushing into anything. Better for everyone involved.

So, one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend, is if you notice he makes even more effort to get to know you. He asks deeper questions, qualifying questions even.

NOTE: If he’s doing things like this, it’s actually a GOOD sign. It means he’s serious about getting into something long term. You’re the “chosen one”, not just the “one” who he’ll be with for now. There’s a difference, you see?

4) You Do More With Friends & Family

As time goes on, you may also notice you start doing different things together – meeting family, meeting friends, getting outside each others comfort zones, getting in different types of situations. This is important as it reveals different sides of you.

It’s also a great indication that he wants you to be his girlfriend soon. He’s edging you into his life more and more, seeing how well you fit and if he can fit into yours. 

5) He Opens Up He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

Now this isn’t just a one-way thing – test after test! If he wants you to be his girlfriend, there’s got to be that trust. There’s also got to be a bond, a connection.

So whether he’s a particularly expressive person or not, you may also find he’ll probably start share more with you – open up so you become closer.

This could be from deep chats and heart-to-hearts. Or you could simply notice, he tells you more about his day. Had a bad one? You’re the one he turns to. You see? 

It doesn’t have to always get super heavy, but as time goes on, and you get closer to becoming official – you will start to feel like best friends and partners in crime.

Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

6) He Still Makes an Effort

If he wants you to be his girlfriend, and you’re not yet fully official, he will still keep grafting, still put the effort in. He wants to impress you, to make you happy, to show you what you can both have together and to make you WANT the two of you to be together.

Yes, as time goes on, you’ll become more comfortable. You may start to slip into habits or routines a little – especially the closer you get to that “relationship status.” This is natural as you feel relaxed around each other. However, there has to be that balance.

If he really wants to be with you, he’ll still put in the effort. If he puts LESS in, and it starts to feel like it’s all coming from you, that means either he’s got too comfortable, has got it too easy or is just starting to mull along – not too fussed whether it goes somewhere or not.

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His feelings should be heightening, progressing. He should be reaching the point where he wants to make things official – he can’t wait to make things official. So if it starts to mellow out instead of continue to ignite, you may want to reassess.

7) He’s Remains Consistent

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – consistency is everything when it comes to dating and relationships. Let me ask you some questions:

  • Is he the way he was with you when you first met? Or better, as opposed to worse?
  • Does he show up when he says he’ll show up? Not let you down?
  • Do you know what to expect with him? He’s not unpredictable, or leaves you feeling like you’re treading on eggshells / unsure how he will act towards you that day?
  • Do you feel like you know how he feels about you? Does he make you feel loved and secure?
  • Is he dependable? Do you feel like you could trust him, talk to him, be a real team?

These are all such important questions and if the answers are all positive, it’s definitely one of the key signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, and you’re on the right tracks.

8) He Doesn’t Want You To Be With Anyone Else

Now, depending on where you’re at, how your relationship is progressing, and what the two of you are like, this can be a big one. 

If the two of you are exclusive, there’s less “threats”. In fact, maybe he made it exclusive sooner than you’d have imagined to reduce the “threats”. That in itself is a sign he wants you to be his and is indeed, intending on asking you out at some point.

If you’re not quite at exclusive stager, you may notice he asks little questions about your love life. He tries to assess if there’s anyone else on the scene, and even expresses perhaps, that he doesn’t want there to be.

Maybe he’ll show signs of jealousy or get protective. Whether you like it or not, it at least shows he cares, He wants you to be his. To have you to himself. He doesn’t want there to be anyone else, and he doesn’t want anyone else either.

Is He Going To Ask Me Out?

9) There’s Real Feelings Developing

What else do we have? Well, one of the biggest signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, is if there’s real feelings involved – from both sides. We started with this point at the very start, right? But it’s so significant!

You should the love you feel when you look at him, feel the chemistry and connection when you stare into each others eyes. Having sex no longer feels like just sex, but instead like you’re making love. There’s that deep intimacy, that growing bond and closeness.

You could have cute nicknames for each other, have started better expressing how you feel. You treasure quality time together and actually really miss each other when you’re apart. All of this, it makes you feel good, which is one of the biggest signs he wants you to be his girlfriend in itself.

You feel that way, because you feel good about the two of you. Any off feelings, any worries – yes they can come from your own insecurities, but they can also come from things not quite adding up or not quite being right.

So the less of these you have, the better sign it is, and the more likely it is that he also feels the same way, and is going to take things to the next stage very soon!

10) He’s Planning Something

Last but not least then, one of the biggest giveaways that he’s going to ask you out soon, could well be, if you have: 1) A milestone coming up (perhaps a “meetversary?”), 2) A trip coming up, 3) A surprise that he’s planned for you.

See if things really are all this great, and he’s a romantic kind of guy – he may be waiting to ask you out to make it extra special. So if there’s plans coming up, don’t set your hopes on them as such, but bear in mind – that could be “the big day!” and it will be well worth the wait!

That’s what happened for me anyway. So I may talk about fairytales not existing, but trust me – there really are some real-life Princes out there… well, KING’S even! So if it feels right, and it is right, your man may well just be waiting to surprise you!

What If These Signs Don’t Sound Familiar?

If you’ve read through the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon and not many of them sound familiar, then I want you to ask yourself:

Am I trying to move things too fast? Rush this? “Secure” him? And if so: 1) Why am I doing this? Where is this coming from? Self-doubt? Insecurity? Fear? 2) How can I take a step back and slow it down, so that I give this the best chance of working?

If it’s been a while, you feel like things should be moving to the next step and you’re getting warning signs relating to why they’re not, then first up, have a read of these articles:

  1. 10 Signs He’s Wasting Your Time
  2. 10 Signs He’s Not Ready For Something Serious
  3. Is He Playing You? Key Signs He’s a Player

At this point then, have the conversation with him – see exactly how he feels and where you’re at. Then make a decision as to whether you want to continue investing time into him or not.

Feeling confused? Can’t get your head around it? Unsure what the right thing to do is? Then get in touch. Dating coaching is on hand to guide you through things exactly like this, and ultimately help you make the right decision.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to this however. Hopefully he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, and that special question is right around the corner (eek!) Take care.


Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon
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