10 Signs He’s Falling For You

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Is he falling in love for you? Could he be developing genuine feelings that have the potential of growing into full-blown hard-hitting love?! We’ll reveal all – with the key signs he’s falling for you, and it could soon very-well-be love, love, love.

How Do You Know If He’s Falling In Love With You?

In this post we’re going to look at the key signs he’s falling for you – the big and small indicators that his feelings are progressing. But how do you know if he’s falling in love with you?

Well, you’ll know by:

  • The way he acts.
  • The way he makes you feel.

And it’s not always black and white. Every single person is different. Just like the signs you’re falling in love may be different to his too.

See, people act in different ways when they start to develop feelings.

For some – it’s the best feeling in the world. For others, it’s incredibly scary. And this in itself will affect the way a guy responds and shows whether or not he’s falling for you.

However, you can still start to piece it together. After all, in most cases, you’ll also find that you feel a similar way too.

And – the good news is – men are actually more likely to be more certain they’re in love, than women are. So if you can start to see he’s falling in love with you, or says he is (woohoo!), it’s looking really good!

Signs He’s Falling For You

Early Signs He’s Falling For You

So, before we look at the signs he’s falling for you, let’s get clear on the stage before that – with the key signs he likes you.

We actually have a full article on the Signs a Guy Likes You if you want to bob on over to read it in more detail before.

But essentially, you’ll notice things like…

  • He asks you lots of questions – takes a genuine interest in getting to know you.
  • He puts in effort, and really grafts with you. After all, he’s trying to win you over!
  • He remembers both the big things and the little things about you… Because you’re special to him. He doesn’t see you as just a friend; he sees you as more than that.

How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You?

  • You’ll also often find he specifically goes to the effort to do the things that he knows you like to do. Or surprises you with things he knows you’ll like too! (Girl, he’s trying to woo you!)
  • Not only does he initiate dates and says he wants to see you, but he makes time to see you and makes an effort when he does see you. (It’s not just “Netflix and chill” all the time!)
  • He’s also not afraid to call it a date, or talk about the two of you. (This is a big one.)
  • He complements you, lifts you up and tries to make you feel good. (So hey – who needs a cheerleader when you’ve got this guy?!)

Are His Feelings Progressing?

  • You may also find he talks to friends / family about you. He’s not ashamed to say he’s seeing you and he likes to involve you with other areas of his life where he can. After all, he’s trying to see how well you fit in, and how good of a match the two of you are.
  • He listens to you fully when you’re speaking, taking everything in.
  • He’s willing to share things with you, open up to you a little. There’s that mutual trust there.
  • What’s more, he’s not afraid to talk about the future, or make plans with you. He’ll also express how he feels (If he can’t – click here for why he may like you but be hiding it!)
  • Overall, he makes you feel good. This is because he genuinely likes you, and is putting the time and effort in so that your relationship stays that way.

Like I said, there’s links above with more details and explanations.

This is just a quick overview of some of the signs he likes you and therefore some of the things you may recognise if he’s starting to fall for you and it’s early days.

It all ties in together you see, and develops as his feelings develop…

Are his feelings progressing?

10 Signs He’s Falling For You

So what happens as time and feelings progress? How do you know when it’s moving up a level and turning from like to potentially – one day – love? Well, here’s the signs he’s falling for you:

1) He Looks At You Deeply

Have you ever looked at a couple, and you can just tell, by the way that they’re looking at each other, that they’re so madly in love?

Well if he’s falling for you, you’ll probably start to notice more of these looks – or start to notice others pick up on the way you look at each other.

It’s not cliche or “just happens in the movies.” It’s a look of genuine admiration, and yes it can be faked (usually in the early days if you’re being played), but it can’t usually be sustained.

  • Does he look into your eyes?
  • Do you feel something inside when he does?
  • Does he make you feel like you’re the only woman in the world?
  • Does he make you feel loved, appreciated and adored?
  • Do you find he’s often looking at you and smiling?
  • Does he make you feel warm inside (and vice versa)?

Because these are the sort of things you’ll notice as feelings begin to progress.

You know each other more now, you see each other for who you are, and you appreciate each other. You have this connection and it starts to shine through.

2) He Only Wants You

Now this is a major difference between when a guy likes you and when a guy if starting to fall in love with you – the fact that, as time goes on: he only wants you.

See, if the relationship is healthy, you won’t rush things.

You’ll take things slow when dating and put no pressure on it to be anything; instead simply letting it be and watching it progress at a pace that feels right for the two of you. (Which is great! This is what you want!)

But as time goes on and feelings strengthen, he’ll want to make you his…

So first up: you’ll find that he stops dating. He’s not one of those guys that still uses dating apps even when you’re actively dating.

Whether he tells you or not, he only has eyes for you and has no interest in pursuing anyone else.

He also won’t have wandering eyes. Especially not if he’s a good, loyal guy! He’s getting pretty smitten about you, you see. And right now – it’s all about you!

After that, you may think or speak about exclusivity. You’ll move from “dating” to “seeing” each other, and it’s just the two of you – you’re both clear on that.

He’ll probably also make it clear he’s wants something serious and he wants to make it fully official in the near future.

He’s got to make sure he’s 100% and doesn’t want the relationship to move too fast… He wants to do this properly you see, and is taking it seriously even now. But you’ll know he wants you to be his girlfriend soon.

That’s an easy, yet big sign that he’s falling for you. He’s ready to commit!

Even before you get to that stage however, if he’s falling for you – you’ll still feel like he wants you… know he wants you even.

His actions and words make that clear, especially as time goes on.

How do you know if he's falling for you?

3) He Wants You To Meet His Friends and Family

Another big step as things start to progress, and therefore a key indicator that he’s falling for you, is when he wants to introduce you to friends and family – those closest to him.

This is a key dating & relationship milestone. Now you might not do this until you get close – or are at – the relationship stage, but it’s serious stuff (in most cases) when he makes it happen.

He wants to see what his loved ones think of you, he wants to see how you fit in. To him, you’re pretty close to perfect (why of course!) and he wants to re-confirm that further.

He’ll also want to get you involved – he genuinely wants you to be part of his life, not just the bubble that you’re in when it’s just the two of you.

And in some ways, he kind of wants to show you off! He thinks you’re awesome and he knows everyone else will too!

4) He Cares About What You Think

When he likes you, he’ll want to know what they think, he’ll value your opinion.

When he’s falling for you – he’ll really care about it. It’s important to him, because you’re important to him and he wants to see a future with you.

This doesn’t mean that you have to agree on everything but when it comes to the areas that matters most – he’ll want (and need) the two of you to align.

He’ll also care about how you feel and how you view him.

He’ll want you to be happy with him. He wants to make you happy – and in order to do so, he needs to understand you and be in tune with you. And (of course!) likewise you should with him…

5) He Works Through Things With You

Now you’re going to hit roadblocks, you’re going to have conflict. This is natural, inevitable actually and a key part of getting to know someone.

It shouldn’t be constant, or things too major in the early days – this would suggest the start of a toxic relationship or a lack of compatibility. But there will be a few hiccups, it’s normal.

However, when he really likes you, when he’s falling for you – these won’t put him off. He won’t just up and walk away, give up, think it’s too much hassle. 

He’ll work through it – and work through it with you.

This is because he genuinely wants to be with you, his feelings have deepened and he knows, you’re worth the “fight”, you’re worth all the fights, because he sees you and appreciates you, completely.

He’ll also allow you to express yourself, without knocking you down. He won’t brush things off as “silly” or you “overthinking” and he won’t see it as “hassle.”

He’ll want to know how you feel, he’ll be happy to listen and then address these things, even if he doesn’t completely understand them.

This is because he knows it’s important to you, and important for the both of you to be able to progress.

Does he see a future with me?

Signs He’s Falling For You

We’re half way through the fundamental signs he’s falling for you. How many are ringing true? (Fingers crossed, it’s sounding as familiar as you’d hope! Eek!)

6) He Tries To Impress You

Now as good as you’re going and as comfortable as it may be becoming, he’ll still try to impress you – still want to woo you when he’s falling for you.

This is not only because he wants to make you feel the way that he feels about you – he’s still trying to win you over – but also because he wants to make you happy.

So maybe it’s through the things that he says or romantic gestures / surprises that he does. But that effort – it will still be there, even as time goes on.

If he’s falling for you, he’ll try more, not less. He’ll want to show you what it would be like to be with him long-term.

And so he’ll keep going “all out”, to make the relationship be everything that it can be. (Oh, so sweet!)

7) He Thinks About You

Another sign he’s falling for you, is when he thinks about you. And this can be in a lot of different ways. For example:

If he’s out somewhere, and sees something you’ll like, or something you’ve spoken about, he’ll drop you a message, send you a picture.

You’re on his mind, and he’s not afraid to show it…

Or it might be that he’s more considerate. So now he knows you better – if he knows there’s things you do or don’t like, he’ll do less / more of them, to keep you happy.

You’ll also find he speaks about you a lot – to others. And likes speaking about the two of you, together.

He’s just excited and loving where you’re at!

It could also be that when he’s speaking, you find him saying “we”, more than “I”. He naturally includes you, because he sees you more as part of him now.

And he probably wants to show you off. (But who would blame him?! You are amazing!)

This leads me onto my next point…

Is he falling in love with me?

8) He Talks About The Future With You

If he’s falling for you, he’s not afraid to talk about the future – whether that’s things he wants the two of you to do next month, or where he’ like to see you two heading later down the line. 

He’s not mapping out your future or anything, but he is throwing it out there and testing the waters, sort of thing. (Always theoretically speaking, of course!)

You may also find that he brings out the big questions – just casually dropping them in in most cases. 

  • Do you want kids?
  • Do you want to get married?
  • What kind of life do you want to live?

He’s qualifying you in a way, just like you should be qualifying him – making sure you’re in the same place, looking for the same things.

This is because he’s starting to feel stronger and stronger, and he needs to make sure there’s the potential for you two to go all the way.

9) He’s Himself Around You (And Vice Versa)

If he’s falling for you, he’ll let his guard down. In fact, it kind of comes as a two-edge sword…

You can’t fully fall for someone before fully being yourself, which means this has 10000% got to be one of the signs he’s falling for you.

But that’s the best thing because when you are able to be fully yourself around a person you like – it only gets better, not worse. And that’s also when those feelings start to deepen.

At the end of the day, long term, you end up finding out the ins and outs of a partner – the good, the bad and the pure ugly. That’s just how it is!

But if he’s relaxed enough to be himself, that’s one of the first stages of progression, and it shows that your relationship is moving towards something more serious.

He’s still trying to impress you, still trying to be the best version of himself. He wants you to like him, but he wants you to like him for him.

So he’ll start to drop that shell, let out his quirks, show his different sides, and encourage you to do the same too. 

In fact if you are, just like he is, it’s a great sign of where this is going. It shows trust and openness. And you can’t be like that with a person, without some sort of feelings there.

10) There’s More Meaning

Last but not least, when he’s falling for you, you’ll feel it. In fact, when he’s fallen for you, in most cases, it’s very difficult to be hidden. 

Everything will have more meaning- the way he looks at you, the way he holds you, the way he kisses you. And even sex isn’t just like sex – especially if the feelings are reciprocated.

Falling in love is a powerful thing, which sets off powerful emotions. 

If you’re open to it, open to him, you’ll feel it, and amazing things will fly from there.

Signs He’s Falling For You

Is He Falling In Love With Me?

So there we have it – some of the key signs he’s falling for you.

What’s the verdict now? Do you think he’s falling in love with you? Could it really be?

Well, the best, healthiest relationships have open communication, so share your feelings and listen to his. 

Also remember, love and life isn’t always just a fairytale. Within these signs he’s falling for you – there may also be mixed signals, mixed messages.

That’s because love can be scary, other things may be going on in his mind. So don’t expect him to be perfect 24-7, just like you won’t be either.

But if it’s meant to be, it will still be. And hopefully you’re both on the same page, so can fully embrace this next, exciting page of your story.

Just trust your gut, whilst following your heart, because you can’t go too far wrong then. 

*** Is He The One? Find Out Here ***

Take care. Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world!


Is He Falling In Love With You?
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