10 Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

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Girls and guys can be friends and just friends, right? RIGHT! But what are the signs your male friend has feelings for you? He sees you as more than just a friend, or wants to be more than just a friend to you? How do you know when you’re no longer on the same page? Well, let’s take a look…

How Do You Know If Your Friend Has Feelings For You?

So before we get stuck in, I recommend having a read of the main signs he likes you, the signs he likes you but is hiding it and the signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection.

After all, these are also the signs to look out for if your male friend has feelings for you.

I mean think about it. The chances are – he will be worried about crossing the friendship barrier, he will be scared of potentially running the friendship that you have.

And so – in many cases – he’s also probably going to try to hide it…

So these articles are really going to help you to know if your friend has feelings for you.

All done there? Then let’s carry on with more of the specific signs your male friend has feelings for you.

PLEASE NOTE: We talk about heterosexual relationships here, but the same signs will also apply to others, based on sexual preferences that match up.

10 Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

So what are the signs your friend has feelings for you? Well, you’ll probably notice that:

1) He Talks To You More Than Most

So first off, one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you, is if he makes the effort to talk to you – far more than most. With friends, it’s normal to chat. That’s what you guys do, right? 

But if you notice he:

  1. Messages you more than anyone else does.
  2. Messages you more than he messages anyone else.
  3. Makes an effort to keep conversation going.
  4. Asks you lots of questions.
  5. Pops up randomly.
  6. Checks in regularly.
  7. Finds reasons to speak to you.
  8. Phones you if he’s not much of a texter.
  9. Speaks to you as much as you’d speak to someone you’re dating…

… then yes, it could be a sneaky little sign he potentially sees you as more than just a friend.

He’s putting the graft in, he’s staying close to you, he’s building on your connection. And you don’t put that much time into someone who you’re just mates with.

2) He Makes Time To See You

Similarly, not only will he find time to speak to you, but he’ll want to often see you too. Now, this doesn’t have to be excessive – if he’s trying to play it cool, he won’t want to come on too strong.

But what you will notice is:

  1. He plans things for the friendship group and always makes sure you’re invited / included.
  2. Perhaps he also asks you if you want to do things too – just the two of you, a “little catchup.”
  3. He’ll also always be there if you need him – not necessarily at the drop of the hat (although some guys are), but by your side as soon as he can be.
  4. It could be that he says “yes” to whatever he can, if it means being with you. Like the late night lifts – sure it’s probably not top of his list, but he’ll say yes if it helps you and he’s then around you.
Is my friend coming onto me?

3) He Does Nice Things

So yes, maybe he’s just a nice guy – a nice person. But there’s a line between friendship and “more than” and sometimes he goes above and beyond for you, in ways that others wouldn’t.

He treats you differently to his other female friends. What you have is special. And like we said – it’s that “drop of the hat” mentality.

  • Having a down day? He’ll be straight over with ice cream and cuddles.
  • Got a big birthday coming up? He’s the one planning that surprise celebration and making sure you have the very best time!
  • Or maybe he treats you to random things, takes you out, makes you feel like a queen.

If your male friend has feelings for you, you’ll notice him doing nice things that most friends, actually, probably wouldn’t do.

Little gestures that are more “date like” – something a boyfriend would do, or someone you were seeing. (Just perhaps with all the extra intimacy or affection!)

4) You Find Yourself Having “Moments”

Now here’s a sign your male friend has feelings for you – one that you may only notice if those feelings are perhaps a little bit returned! But what you’ll find is, having “moments” with him.

Like when you keep finding yourself glancing over at each other, when out and about in a group environment. Or maybe it’s a hug that lasts a little too long.

It could also be eye contact – deep eye contact that says so much more than words ever could. 

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In fact, eye contact is one of the key signs your male friend has feelings for you. Eyes can tell you a lot about a person.

Then his feelings are probably more than just platonic. And perhaps yours are too?

You feel something between the two of you, something that’s definitely different to what you have with any of your other friends.

And that’s when you know there’s likely to be something more…

5) He Pushes The Boundaries of Your Friendship

So what else will you notice if your friend has feelings for you?

Well, a more obvious one may be if he’s confident and literally crosses the line. Not in a bad way. But he does things that “just friends” wouldn’t do.

So for instance – maybe you have a naturally flirty friendship, but the flirting builds up and up.

Maybe he pays you lots of complements, and is always flirty with it. After all, men tend to fancy their female friends more than women do, studies suggest. So it’s not surprising if the attraction is there!

You may even find that he becomes more touchy-feely – getting closer to you physically.

This could be through little hand touches, the gentle brushing-away of your hair, lingering hugs or maybe even moving in for a little peck on the cheek…

See, he may say you’re just friends, and joke around about it all, but if he’s making moves and he’s building intimacy, then the chances are that he kind of likes you too. 

It’s then just a case of being able to recognise the signs he’s flirting with you, or spot if he’s flirting with you over text. (This is always an easier way to flirt than face to face, so you don’t want to miss these signs either!)

Ultimately, he’s testing the waters, seeing what you’re okay with to better gage how you feel. 

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

We’re half way through. How many signs are starting to ring true? Well, let’s keep them coming…

6) He Tries To Impress You

Next up, if you friend sees you as more than a friend, then he’s going to actually be – secretly – trying to pursue you, to win you over. This means:

  • He’ll often try to make you laugh.
  • He’ll complement you. Notice the little things about you.
  • He’ll likely be very attentive towards you.
  • He’ll probably show off a little at times.

He wants you to see what a catch he is, to see what he has to offer you, to see how well he could treat you, how good the two of you could be together.

So whether it’s through the things that he does, the things that he says, or a bit of both – you’ll start to notice a clear effort, with him going beyond – again – what “just friends” do.

7) He Asks You Lots of Questions

We spoke about it before, but we’ll state it again… One of the biggest signs your male friend has feeling for you – like actual, real feelings – is if he’s far more inquisitive than any friend would be!

He asks you lots of questions – not just small talk or the standard chat. He wants to get to know you, he’s genuinely intrigued by you, and he just enjoys speaking!

For this reason, you’ll also find he totally listens.

He’s not scrolling through his phone, switching off or skimming through the things you’re saying – he’s actively listening and fully engaging, properly responding.

This isn’t just “casual chats with a friend”, it means more to him than that. He cares about you, he respects you, and he always gives you his full attention.

You’ll also find that he’s especially interested in your love life. Are you dating anyone? How are you finding dating apps? Is there anyone on the scene? Anyone you have feelings for?

He probably won’t tell you anything about HIS love life – nu uh, he wants to be there for you.

Or if there is ever anyone, they don’t seem to last long! But he does ask more than most about yours…

8) He Gets Jealous And Over Protective

If you are dating someone (or in a relationship perhaps even), you’ll also find he’s likely to get jealous or overprotective – especially if he feels threatened.

He can’t tell you how he feels, but he wants to be with you. Or if he knows he can’t be with you, he still feels like no-one else is good enough for you.

There’s also the fact that if he can’t be with you, he doesn’t want some other guy on the scene – taking his place and leaving less time for him!

He wants you to be happy, yes, but he wants to be the one to make you happy. And to him – no-one else quite stacks up anyway.

The thing is, him being overprotective is one of the biggest signs he has feelings for you because it shows how deeply he cares.

It just doesn’t always come across in the right way – especially when mixed in with jealousy.

See, you may find that he:

  • Tries to put you off the person.
  • Gives you the occasional silent treatment.
  • Is snappy and tense, seems annoyed or frustrated even.
  • You may also notice a change in energy level when you talk about other men.
  • If he meets them, he’s likely to be rude to them, or OVERLY friendly (far too suspicious!)
  • He may also react by trying to make you jealous about other people.

It’s a complicated situation, and really not ideal. To begin with, it’s difficult to understand and navigate, so initially, he’ll just be trying to figure it out.

Does my friend fancy me?

9) He Opens Up To You

What else do we have when it comes to the signs your male friend has feelings for you? Well – he’ll open up to you. You’ll find you have more and more “deep chats.”

This is likely to happen naturally as you become closer, feel more connected and put your trust in one another.

It’s also going to be important to him as this isn’t just a friend that fancies you, finds you attractive or would get physically intimate with you!

These are the signs your male friend has feelings for you – actual feelings! So there’s more to it than just that.

He therefore wants to build an emotional connection. He wants to see if there could be something deeper there between the two of you.

10) You Just Feel It

One of the biggest signs your male friend has feelings for you, is if you just feel it. Sometimes you just know, you can just tell. Your gut is telling you so.

Maybe the dynamics of your relationship have changed, or maybe there’s been “something there” right from the start that’s only continued to develop and grow. 

Whatever it is, whatever the giveaways are – if your male friend has feelings for you, you’re likely to feel it, to be able to tell.

Maybe that’s what led you to this article in the first place… because you’ve got your suspicions. Well girl, trust them!

What other signs are you noticing aside from these? Why are you putting 2 and 2 together and how do you know that this is what it means?

What To Do If Your Friend Has Feelings For You

If you’re starting to suspect that your friend does have feelings for you, then ask yourself:

  • What vibe am I getting off him?
  • How does he act towards me?
  • How do I act towards him?
  • Is he like this with everyone?
  • Where does he seem to be at?
  • What does he most likely want?

Because that’s the thing – if you’re friends, getting involved romantically, can be a bit more of a risky thing. Are you better off as friends?

Well, an easier way to work it out is by asking these questions before dating

Ultimately however, only you will know how you feel in return, whether you think he’s in the right place, and what you want to do from here.

Just make sure, if you do decide to pursue things, that:

  1. It’s something genuine, and not just lust.
  2. He’s ready for something serious and wants something serious – he’s actually looking for the real deal and is in the right place to look for this. It’s not worth tainting a friendship for a fling!
  3. He’s not hung up on an ex, playing the field or potentially about to waste your time.

Also be clear on what you want and how you feel. Because that’s just as important too!

Not everything is meant to be, or has to be. Go with your heart. And if you do have to have the conversation and let him down – let him down gently. Good luck!


Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You
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