15 Signs You’re Falling In Love

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Find yourself wondering, “Am I falling in love?” Feel like you are, but want to know for sure? Then here’s 15 signs you’re falling in love – how you know you’re falling in love and what it feels like to be falling in love, genuinely.

Because that’s the thing right? Sometimes we can get swept away with the idea of love – you fall for a feeling, or for the person you’ve built them up to be in your head, as opposed to the actual person themselves.

So in this post, we’re going to break it all down, showing the key signs you’re falling in love and it’s real, it’s true.

15 Signs You’re Falling In Love

Are you falling in love? Have a read of the following signs you’re falling for him. You may not notice every single one, but there should be a steady stream of “Yep, that’s me! That’s me! That’s me!”

It should help to make your feelings clearer, help you make better sense of the situation.

You’ll also probably recognise other signs you’re falling in love – things that aren’t on this list, but which you identify from delving deeper into your feelings.

Love itself, comes in different ways for different people. But ultimately – you’ll know from within.

So let’s get stuck in. Are you falling in love? Here’s some of the common signs…

1) You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

When you’re in love, things start to settle, but when you’re falling in love – it actually becomes pretty consuming (but in a thrilling way!) See you’re just so taken over by this person, they basically take over your mind! You’ll find:

  • You’re often thinking about them.
  • You love talking to your friends and family about them.
  • Maybe you’ll do a little daydreaming every now and then!
  • You look out for their calls or messages (and love it when you hear from them!)
  • You’re always thinking about / planning when you’ll next see them.

2) You Think About The Future

Whilst we’re on the topic of thinking of them, another key sign you’re falling in love, is when you’re also thinking about, planning or wanting a future with them.

Whats more, the thought of a future doesn’t scare you like it perhaps would have in the past. With this person – it makes sense, and it’s something that excites you!

Maybe you’re planning for next week, next month, next Christmas, years to come. Perhaps you can see your life together – picture them as a long-term partner, a husband, a wife, a father, a mother.

However far along you’re looking, when you think about it – you feel happy, content. You really think they could be the one.

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3) You Prioritise Them

We’ve all had a friend who vanishes the minute a new romance flourishes. Perhaps you’ve been guilty of this in the past too! And we’re not condoning it, it’s not the way you have to go about things, but it is one of the key signs you’re falling in love…

See all new relationships take time – this time will take away from friends and family at times, and there will need to be an adjustment, as you make space for a significant other in your life.

Even if you manage to get the balance right, you’ll still find yourself prioritising or making time for, your new partner (and so you should!) They’ve become a big part of your life, they mean something to you, you want to build something with them, so you make sure you see them enough.

This doesn’t mean you have to change plans with others for them, or give up the things that you enjoy. But if you find yourself constantly coming up with “Sorry, I’m busy” excuses, your feelings probably aren’t so strong.

Am I Falling In Love?

4) You’re Not Interested In Anyone Else

When you’re single, you have “the pick of the bunch”, there’s hundreds of thousands of people you could speak to on dating apps, thousands of people you could meet. But when you’re falling in love, none of that starts to matter. You want them, and only them.

Now if you’re scared of getting hurt, unsure about the situation or trying to protect yourself, maybe you’ll linger on dating apps a little longer – or vice versa.

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But ultimately, you don’t want anyone else. You’re falling in love with this person, and as scary as it may feel – you’re starting to be all in (there’s no going back!)

So when the desire to get to know other people fizzles out – and Brad Pitt could walk down the street and you still wouldn’t care – you know your feelings are really progressing!

5) You Think They’re Amazing

If you’re falling in love, you will – of course – think this person is pretty amazing. But it’s more than that.

Because you won’t just have your “big reasons” why they tick all the right boxes, you’ll also notice all the little things about them too.

You’ll see them for who they are, completely, and you’ll still adore them.
Forgetting Fairytales

They won’t irritate you, you don’t find yourself getting the ick.

At the same time, you know they’re not perfect. You see their flaws and you accept them. You’re not fantasising about them or building them up in your head.

You just genuinely appreciate them – the person that they are and all that they are. That’s one of the biggest signs you’re falling in love.

6) You Love Being Around Them

Now of course, just enjoying someones company isn’t necessarily a sign you’re falling in love with them. They could just be your safety net or a good friend.

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However, you’re not just around them because it’s “nice”, you love being around them because of everything above.

You could be hiking through mountains, or doing nothing at all, and both make you feel just good. That’s because it’s not about what you’re doing – but who you’re with.

They make you feel good. Everything with them seems to feel good. You feel so happy, so complete, when you’re together – like there’s nothing else you could possibly want more.

You're Catching Feelings

7) There’s Chemistry and Passion

When you’re falling in love, it’s a feeling more than anything. And one of the biggest feelings you get, or should get, is this burning chemistry and passion. 

For some people this is instant, for others it may grow and develop. But it has to be there at some stage, to some degree, as that’s a key part of your romantic connection.

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When you feel that chemistry, passion and connection, you fall in love far easier and faster.

It’s the feeling you get when you look into their eyes, the sensations you get when you kiss them, the way you feel when you hold them, the warmth you have when you simply look at them.

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When you’re falling in love, it’s more than just lust. The chemistry and passion deepens with feelings, and that’s when you know, you’re starting to really fall!

8) Things Could Easily Move Fast

When you’re falling in love, and both of you feel the same way, it would be easy for things to move fast. Things are exciting, they feel right, it feels good. And if it’s still healthy at the same time, then actually, it’s a great sign!

You’re both on the same page, you both feel the same way – gee, you know you could spend pretty much every night with this person and probably wouldn’t get bored! You don’t. But you know you could.

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You also see a future with them, you know the milestones you hope to, and most likely will, one day hit.

You don’t want to rush things – you have to remind yourself of that at times – but if you picture yourself at the next level with this person, and actually have to slow things down at times, it’s only more of an indicator that your feelings are developing and the relationship is heading in the right direction!

9) It Can Seem a Little Scary

Falling in love can feel scary. You’re putting your heart in someone else’s hands. There’s a degree of vulnerability and a chance of you getting hurt. But with the right person – it’s worth the risk.

You’re only scared because you care. Your feelings are genuinely there. That’s why it’s one of the signs you’re falling for someone.

But this doesn’t mean you should be, or have to be, excessively worrying. In fact, when it’s right and the relationship is healthy, the worrying will barely be there.

You know this person, you feel like you can trust this person, you communicate well and they do things to show you how much they care.

Signs You’re Falling For Someone

10) Yet Everything Just Feels Right

Although falling in love can be scary, it’s also incredibly exciting! Especially when it’s right, real, and healthy.

In fact, when you have this magic three, and your feelings are reciprocated, everything will feel pinch-me-this-is-too-good-to-be-true perfect, almost!

When you fall in love with the right person, when you’re in the right place and so are they – then everything will feel so easy.

You may have the odd wobble, but there will be no major challenges, no big dramas… it feels right, and you know it. And that’s actually one of the main differences between true love and infatuation.

You hear people say, “when you know, you know”, well, when you start to fall in love with someone you’re truly compatible with – you’ll feel that too.

11) You Make The Effort (And Want To!)

When you’re falling in love, effort is easy because it works hand in hand with interest. 

You’ll do things you wouldn’t do for other people. Like taking the time to plan a really amazing date, instead of just doing “Netflix and chill” yet again. Or waking up early to cook them breakfast before work – just because you know they have a big day ahead and you know they’ll appreciate it.

Effort could also come in the form of getting yourself out of your comfort zone to do things you know they’d appreciate, or simply pushing yourself to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to let them in.

Sometimes it’s big things, sometimes it’s the little things. But what you’d do for them, you wouldn’t do for everyone. You want to “wow” them. You also want to make them happy. Making them happy, makes you happy. And that’s when you know things are different with them.

12) You’re Inquisitive

Another one of the signs you’re falling in love, is when you remain inquisitive. You’ve spent time getting to know them, asked all of the standard questions, and feel like you do get what they’re all about.

But when your feelings develop – you don’t lose this nature. You keep asking, keep digging, you want to know anything and everything about them – to take them all in, connect even deeper.

You’ll find little things that you wouldn’t even care about if you asked someone else, still fascinating, when it’s about them! Like their favourite fruit, happiest memory – the little things as well as the big.

You’re still a little in awe of them and feel like you couldn’t possibly get bored!

Are You Falling In Love?

13) You’re Happy

Did you know that falling in love literally changes your brain and body? Here, have a read. See, it’s not only that this person is making you happy, but you also become on a natural high, due to the hormones released.

“Being in love releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s reward and pleasure center, which makes you feel happier around your new partner.”

This has a knock on effect – if you’re happier with someone (and the relationship is healthy), you’ll also still be happier apart. Add this to the oxytocin and the “love drug” phenylalanine that’s released, it makes us more open and connected with others.

You’re basically in this little bubble of joy, where you’re more likely to smile at strangers, have a little skip in your step and forget about any past grudges. “Life is good!”

So if you feel happier, as a whole, it’s certainly a sign you’re falling in love – both generally, and scientifically, because of what happens to your brain and body when you fall for someone. Pretty cool huh?

14) You Want Them To Be Happy

An important indicator of how you feel, how healthy the relationship is and how genuine your feelings are – is when, not only are you happy, but you really want them to be happy too.

You care about them. Wholeheartedly. If they’re troubled, it bothers you. When they’re sad, it makes you sad and worried. You think about how they feel. You care about how you feel. And you do all that you can to make them happy. You want them to feel as happy as they’re making you.

This means not only will you do things you know they’ll like, but you’ll also putting them before you at times, if you know it’s better for them. That means letting go of things like trust issues or controlling behaviour – anything that will potentially taint what the two of you have.

Falling in love, the right way, will genuinely make you grow, mature and build something that’s far more likely to be long-lasting. This is because it’s driven by the right things and makes you build stronger foundations. It’s powerful stuff!

15) You Feel Things

The last sign I want to round up with, is the fact that when you fall in love, all of your senses, feelings and emotions are activated and heightened. This person makes you feel things. There’s something deep between the two of you.

Like when you look at them, and you just FEEL the love for them. You feel it within you, in a kind of unexplainable way.

Or perhaps it’s nerves you get before you see them – mixed in with excited anticipation. Then the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you’re with them. Or the goosebumps they give you when they kiss you.

Falling in love makes you feel things you can’t easily get with everyone.
Forgetting Fairytales

Are You Falling In Love?

So what’s the verdict? Are you falling in love? We ran through some of the key signs you’re falling in love there. How many sound familiar? What other things did it make you think of?

Ultimately, you’ll know deep down how you feel and what love means and feels like to you. There’s no right or wrong or no-one to say what it is or isn’t.

Love varies from person to person, and to different levels or degrees. But if you are falling in love – don’t be afraid of it. Fully embrace it.

Because actually, to find someone who you love and who feels the same too… that’s one of the biggest blessings in the world, and the greatest gifts of life.

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So let yourself go! Feel it, appreciate it. And I really hope this is the start of something truly special!


Signs You’re Falling In Love
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