Top 20 Stay At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Looking for things to do at home for Valentine’s Day? Romantic Valentine’s at home ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re going to run through the top 20 stay at home Valentine’s day ideas, showing that staying in can be just as good as going out.

I know, I know, we didn’t think it could be possible either! But prepare to be surprised. Here’s how to spend Valentine’s Day at home in 2024.

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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day at home, there are actually quite a few benefits. I mean, you don’t have to battle for restaurant reservations or deal with huge crowds.  

It’s also far more affordable, you can get far more creative with it and – actually – make it pretty intimate.

But where do you start with the planning? How do you decide what to do?

Well, let’s run through our favourite at home Valentine’s day ideas. Have a read, see what jumps out, then get stuck in!

At Home Valentine’s Day Essentials

Before we get started, there’s a few things worth mentioning. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day at home this year, no matter what activity you choose, complement these by:

1) Decorating Your Home

Make this day special. Really FEEL THE LOVE, by decorating your home with Valentine’s Day decorations.

We’re talking: Pretty Heart Garlands, Love Letter Balloons, Extra Heart Balloons – the lot!

The extra effort makes all the difference and turns it from “just another day” to even more of an occasion.

Decorate either the night before (together even – that could be cute!), or before your partner gets home.

Either way, make sure the scene is set before you go about your Valentine’s date day / night!

2) Starting The Day Right

Another trick you don’t want to miss, is to start the day right. Now Valentine’s Day 2024 falls on Wednesday 14th February which means – for most people – you’ll be at work.

However, a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast is the perfect way to get the romance flowing – no matter what the day.

So either wake up a little earlier on the day itself, or go all out as a special early Valentine’s Day spread on the weekend before – surprising your partner with Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed!

3) Ending The Day With Romance

Alongside setting the scene and kicking the day off with a treat, you also want to end the night with some romance.

Light candles in your bedroom, get a hot new outfit even and – whatever date you choose, whatever you do – finish off Valentine’s Day with a steamy night!

How To Celebrate Valentines Day At Home

Top 20 Stay At Home Valentines Day Ideas for 2024

So now we’ve got a few essentials out the way and the ideas have started to get flowing, here’s our top 20 stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas for 2024.

1) Snuggle Up With a Romantic Movie

To kick off our stay at home Valentine’s day ideas, I want to start with a classic romantic movie.

Now if there’s no new movies that take your fancy, currently on at the cinema, fear not – because you can instead bring the cinema to your own home!

Grab some popcorn, I mean, proper popcorn – from the cinema itself. Maybe indulge in one of their iced slushy drinks too. Create a cosy little cinema set in your own home.

Just to throw it out there, an indoor mini projector isn’t actually that expensive, yet the effect it creates – it’s literally like having your own cinema in your living room! Click here to explore more.

Then switch on your favourite Romcom, lie down and cuddle up with your partner… Because hey, isn’t it so much comfier and cosier at home? Talking of cosiness…

2) Cosy Up In Your Very Own Love Den

Another place you can watch a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day, or just chill in (whatever you prefer) is within your very own love den.

Now we spoke here about how to create one in “20 Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend(there’s some genius ideas in there by the way, if you haven’t yet seen!), but we’ll copy it again here for you.

See making a little love den is actually super fun, yet surprisingly easy.

What You Need To Make a Den

  1. Cushions – lots and lots of cushions. Pillows too!
  2. Something for the structure. I used a selfie stick tripod – which couldn’t have worked better because of the forked stand at the bottom. You can also re-use this to take epic couple selfies.
  3. Tables – ones you can move, and ones to form the base of it.
  4. Pegs. Pegs are your lifesaver! Grab some clear ones like these.
  5. Rugs, blankets, sheets, towels – the more of these you have to work with the better.
  6. Heaps of fairylights. I bought these ones and had 200 of them!
  7. LED tea lights are also a bonus – those ones already come with batteries which is perfect.
  8. You may also like to add some rose petals (gold silk ones are my personal favourite) or any extra little touches to set the scene!

How To Make a Den

Once you have all the essentials, you can then get cracking with the building part. When it comes to how to make a den, all you need to do is:

  1. Find your starting point. I transformed my home office, using 2 chairs and 2 desks to create the base layer. You can also use furniture and a sofa – the higher the base, the better as it creates more space. Once you have the structure, lay sheets over the top, securing with your pegs.
  2. From there, use your selfie stick stand (or equivalent) to raise the height of the den. You may then like to decorate this with lights, or hide it with a sheet (or both!)
  3. Inside the den then, you want a blanket / rug floor base, you also want to drape sheets / blankets around the edges, and layer up your pillows and cushions.
  4. Decorate the top and inside with fairylights. I also recommend electric candles and rose petals for the inside. But get creative! See how it looks!
  5. The last piece of the den-making puzzle is to then complement it with food, drinks and games. Here, start with this one: The Ultimate Couples Question Game. Or for a lighter game, try these fun This or That Couples Questions.

Cute huh? Very cute. For this reason – as you can probably imagine – this is one of my favourite stay at home Valentine’s day ideas of all time!

How To Create a Romantic Den

3) Turn Your Living Room Into a Dance Floor

… Or a ballroom, whatever you prefer! But with this stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas, it’s simple.

Create some space, pick a type of dance, watch some video tutorials and learn a routine with your partner.

It’s fun, different and guaranteed to create a memorable Valentine’s Day for you both to look back on for years to come!

So you could go for some spicy salsa, a classic Waltz (make sure you wear an outfit to match!) or – if that’s. not really you – simply make up a funny dance routine to one of the latest pop songs!

4) Make S’Mores Next To a Fire

Ahh, S’Mores. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love them? I really think not! Making S’Mores therefore deserves its own place on the list when it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas at home.

If you’ve got an outdoor space, get wrapped up, get the blankets out and grab yourself a fire pit.

Too cold or too restricted? Then fear not as this mini indoor fire pit is the perfect solution (I actually have one of these and it’s the best thing I’ve bought in a long time!)

5) Or Do a Valentine’s Day Chocolate Fondue

Another classic stay at home Valentine’s Day idea, is of course, bringing out the chocolate fondue! It’s recognisably romantic and it doesn’t cost a lot either. Click here to grab yours.

The great thing is, it’s different and it’s special. It can also be incorporating into almost any other date idea – offering the perfect finishing touch to a romantic evening in.

Simply grab some milk, dark, white or caramel chocolate and a selection of dipping nibbles – then indulge, taking it in turns to feed each other!

Some of my favourite chocolate fondue accompaniments include: strawberries (of course), heart marshmallows (a no brainer), Grandma’s mini cookies, chocolate wafer straws, banana slices and churro sticks.

6) Cook a Romantic Three Course Meal

Whilst we move through to the foodie date ideas now then, instead of eating out on Valentine’s Day, eat in… But go all out with it!

Whether you order in, cook a course each, cook it altogether, or one of you takes a lead – pull together a feast of all your favourite food for Valentine’s Day at home.

To make this date idea extra special, make sure you set the scene – go all out with romantic background music, romantic candles, a fully dressed table and get yourselves dressed up too!

7) Have Some Fun With an Indoor Picnic

Next up, next up, I want to throw out the suggestion of an indoor picnic! It’s less formal than a sit down meal yet still just as romantic (if not more!) It also helps to keep your relationship fun!

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Now, there’s plenty of ways you can go about setting up the indoor picnic – whether you go for a full-on floor set up with picnic-style nibbles, or use a coffee table to still sit on the floor but eat something more substantial with ease.

Ultimately, this is your night – your thing. Have fun with the set up, make the indoor picnic completely your own, and again… make it a night to remember!

at home valentines day ideas

8) Unwind & Relax With a Home Spa Night

If you’re looking for different at home Valentine’s day ideas then a spa night is always a good shout!

See you don’t need to spend hundreds out and about. Instead, bring spa night to your own home.

Start off with a hot bubbly bath (shared if there’s enough space- remember, you can always wear your bathers if it makes you feel more comfortable!)

Complement this with candles (waterproof floating flameless ones are my favourite for baths) plus of course, music.

In there, you can do face masks. Get the Deep Sea Mud Mask ones, as these then really “look the part”, smothering your face in mud!

You can also wash your face, exfoliate, use toner and moisturiser. In fact, if dry skin is an issue, these Hydrating Face Masks will also do the trick – use these after (yes, you can do two in one night!)

Finish all of this off with massages – taking it in turns to give each other one. Just don’t forget the oil – it will make it run far smoother, literally!

9) Do Wine / Beer Tasting

What else have we got when it comes to things to do for Valentine’s Day at home? Well wine / beer tasting (depending on your preference) – can always be fun!

The best way to do this, is to each grab a selection of wines and beers – opting for different ones you’ve never tried before, and picking a good mix.

From there, you lay them out in a Wine Sampler Set or Beer Sampler Set (these are great for using in future, when hosting with friends / family too!) then taste, analyse and rate, each one by one.

It’s a really different activity – and really quite romantic – making it a great addition to your Valentine’s Day night at home.

10) Make Valentines Day Cocktails / Mocktails

We’ve made it half-way… hooray! Hopefully you’re popping with inspiration for how to spend Valentine’s Day at home, so let’s keep the ideas coming…

Next up – we’ve got cocktail making. This is always a good shout when it comes to a fun Valentine’s Day activity (and far, far cheaper than doing it out!)

There’s also heaps of free Valentine’s Day Cocktail / Mocktail Recipes online. Here, take a look. (Choices, choices!)

From the cute “Blushing Rose” to the pretty-and-pink “Floating On Cloud Nine”, the classic “Love Potion” to (a popular one for whiskey lovers) – “Kentucky Kiss.”

The great thing is, you can have a mooch, pick the ones you most like – and make them in the comfort of your own home, with no rushing or time restraints!

Just make sure you prep beforehand, grabbing all the ingredients you need, and – of course – have your own trusty home cocktail making kit, so that you can shake and strain to your hearts content!

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fun things to do with your partner

Stay At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

11) Sign Up For an Online Masterclass

A different at home Valentine’s Day idea now then – is to sign up for an online masterclass together.

So this could be cookery (something to do before you cook that master 3 course valentines meal) or a cocktail masterclass (to make those Valentine’s Day cocktails extra professional!)

You could also try something new and then turn it into a Valentine’s Day date – like painting, drawing or dancing even.

Try to find something that’s fun and romantic, as it will then make Valentine’s Day super memorable and special.

12) Write Love Letters & Exchange Gifts

Now gift-giving is a pretty big part of Valentine’s Day, regardless – so incorporating this is key.

However, instead of just buying THINGS, you can also go one step further and put in the extra effort to leave lasting messages.

Write each other Love Letters, create a “Things I Love About You” jar of notes, or write an Appreciation Letter.

Here, have a read of these Romantic Love Notes To Leave Your Partner to get you started.

Whichever route you go down, whatever you do – make sure you’re getting out on paper, exactly how you feel… and you both do it, together.

Not only will it make a magical Valentine’s Day, but also become a keepsake that you can treasure, well… forever!

13) Play Question Games

Some of the best at home Valentine’s Day ideas are the simplest, so I want to now throw out the idea of using this special day, to spend quality time together.

Relax, switch off from the outside world and reconnect. To help you to do this, I recommend (all of which are free):

You can also throw in some specific Valentine’s Day Questions to keep on the theme of things.

But combine this with some of our other at home Valentine’s Day ideas – like the cocktails or Chocolate Fondue, S’Mores even.

Good conversation, good company, what more could you want? Keeping with the games front…

14) Have a Games Night

Games nights are always good, and therefore, undeniably, a great option for Valentine’s Day at home. When it comes to the types of games night then, you could go for:

  1. Question Games as suggested above, but making them more game-like, by opting for one like “Our Moments” (it’ll keep you busy for hours on end!)
  2. Truth or Dare Games – my favourite is this one: “Talk, Flirt, Dare.
  3. A Relationship Game, like “Fog Of Love.” It’s a board game, and pretty unique, but great for couples! (How do you navigate relationships?!)
  4. A Drinking Game. My favourite for couples is – by far – “In The Doghouse“.
  5. Classic two-player games. Last but not least then, you could also go for a traditional games night, with a battle of the board games, card games or even video games. Play different rounds of different games and tally up the wins to find the ultimate games master!

Uh huh, there’s plenty to choose from. Make it extra Valentines-Day-like, buy picking games that are cute, romantic or flirty… then set the scene in your living room to match!

games night for couples

15) Have an Adults Pyjama Party

Next up on our list of at home Valentine’s Day ideas then… it’s a pyjama party! And I know what you’re thinking… An pyjama party… for adults… really?! Well yes – why not!

See, this works for the very reason that building a love den on Valentine’s Day does… It’s cute, fun and memorable! What to do? Well it’s simple:

  1. Prepare beforehand by getting matching couples pyjamas in (of course!)
  2. Bring cushions, quilts and throws into the living room, to make it as cosy as possible.
  3. Decide on your activities – so it could be games, movies, whatever you fancy!
  4. You may also like to add in a pyjama party photoshoot (cute!), pyjama dance off, hide and seek, nerf gun wars (my personal favourite)… or even build a pillow fort!
  5. Have nibbles like cookies, pizza, popcorn, chips and dips – that sort of thing…
  6. And quite simply, let your hair down together at home!

The more playful you are the better. But really embrace this one if you’re going to do it.

After all, it’s one of the few “dress down” date nights that actually really work for Valentine’s Day at home!

16) Get Dressed Up & Have a Photoshoot

On the flip side then, it’s time to get DRESSED UP, to STAY IN!

Do your hair, do your makeup, put your pretty dress on, and before you carry on with the rest of your at home Valentine’s Day ideas… have a cute little photoshoot together!

To do this, you might want to:

  1. Play around with Valentines Balloons and decorations.
  2. Have fun with Valentines Day Selfie props.
  3. Utilise a ready-made Valentines Day background.
  4. Recreate your first date, at home, and capture that!
  5. Photograph yourselves doing your favourite activity.
  6. Photograph yourselves all cuddled up (cute!)
  7. Have a boudoir photoshoot.
  8. Get creative with cute messages on a letterboard.
  9. Make the most of golden hour & candle light to set the mood.
  10. Snap cute shots of your partner – do individuals as well as ones as a couple!

There’s just a few tips and ideas to get you started, but again – this is an at home Valentine’s Day idea that you can also turn into an annual tradition.

Make sure you print out your favourite photos at the end too!

17) Create a Memory Book

Another nice at home Valentine’s day idea, is getting together to create a memory book.

Go through all of your photos together, reminisce about the good times, print out your favourite pictures, pull together any paper keepsakes (like notes or love letters, etc) and then piece it altogether.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love you share, which is why using this time to really appreciate what you have – is one of the absolute best things to do at home on Valentine’s Day!

18) Create a “Day In The Life Of” Video

If you like the memory book idea, then you’ll love the “Day In The Life Of” video. It’s more… 2023. You can even share it on your socials if you like (or just keep it for yourselves, it’s totally up for you!)

See, a “Day In The Life Of” video is like a Vlog – a Vlog about the two of you, for the two of you. And the jokier you make it the better. It’s not a documentary… it’s just for a laugh!

So each record little videos, go about your normal day, maybe pull a few pranks on each other, and add in activities that you want to record. (Think – baking, dancing, a pillow fight even!)

At the end, piece your footage altogether with music and you’ll have a cute video to look back on. You could even make it a Valentine’s tradition to make a new video each year and see how the two of you change and grow!

BONUS: Already got video clips from over the year? Either add these in, or make a video collage memory playback. Get creative! See what you can do!

At Home Valentines Day Ideas

19) Draw Each Other… Titanic Style

As we edge closer and closer to the end of our list now, it’s time to throw out one of the most romantic and original home Valentine’s Day ideas, which is to do some still-life drawing, Titanic style (eek!) Uh huh, you get all the fun… just without the tragic ending!

Set the scene, wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful… or wear nothing at all and have confidence in that… Like Rose does in the movie!

Then, take it in turns to draw one another, with romantic music on in the background.

Initially, it may make you giggle a little, but as you become more comfortable, it’s actually a very intimate experience.

20) Do a Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt

Our final at home Valentine’s Day idea now then – is to create a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt at home.

To do this, it does – admittedly – take quite a bit of work. But it’s fun! And will become part of your present for your partner. 

What you have to do? Well, simply make notes and riddles that you hide around your home. These give clues and link to either dates, challenges or presents.

You may also like to leave love notes in different places – or build one note onto the next, sharing what you love about your partner and just how much they mean to you.

There’s plenty of options when it comes to Valentine’s scavenger hunt ideas, so make it your own.

The great thing with this one, is if you really put the effort in, I guarantee, it will make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable one yet!

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home

So there we have it – 20 stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas, if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day 2024 at home.

You should now be fully stocked up with ideas and inspiration! Wishing you all a truly wonderful day! Take care.


Top 20 Stay At Home Valentine's Day Ideas
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