75 Summer Date Ideas

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Want to fill Summer 2024 with magical memories? Looking for what you can do with your boyfriend on a sunny day? Or things to do in Summer with a date? Whatever your situation, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you – with our mighty list of 75 Summer date ideas.

Use it to create your very own Summer Bucket List from it… then have fun ticking them off, one by one. See, we’re on a mission to help you make this Summer, one to remember. So get ready to be inspired!

75 Summer Date Ideas

Longer days, warmer weather and just all-round better vibes – it’s why we all, undoubtably, love the summer! So what are the best Summer date ideas? Well, you decide!

In no particular order, here’s our top favourite Summer date ideas…

1) Rooftop Bar

Is it really Summer if you don’t head to a rooftop bar?! The views, the food, the drinks… and hopefully great company to go with it too. What more could you want?!

If you time it right, you can even watch the sunset… Romantic or what? We’re certainly starting this off with one of our more romantic Summer date ideas! (CUTE!)

2) Beer Garden

If a Rooftop bar is a bit too much, then opt for a couple of drinks in a beer garden instead!

You still get the sunshine, but on top of this – a pretty good atmosphere too. It’s casual, relaxed, and another great Summer date idea. (One that you actually can’t do all-year round.)

3) Riverside Drinks

Ah, it’s the perfect balance between high-end rooftop bar and a chilled-out beer garden. Instead, meet somewhere in the middle by taking your date for riverside drinks.

Whether this is at a pub, or by taking your own – you’ll get the scenery, whilst also being able to make the most of the weather. Perfecto!

things to to in summer

4) Riverside / Canal Walk

Drinking not your thing? Then you don’t have to sit down! Instead, make the most of the many pathways, by going for a romantic walk along a river or canal.

FUN FACT: Walking (or any other type of exercise for that matter) naturally releases endorphins in our brains, giving you a natural high.

So a date with some physical activity always leaves you with positive vibes!

5) Nature Reserve

Love pretty places? Then visiting a nature reserve or wildlife sanctuary is always a nice thing to do in Summer.

There’s always something to look at here – something new to explore! So head out together and appreciate what you have around you!

6) Botanical Garden

Into flowers and plants? Then a botanical garden is another cute Summer date idea.

Not only are there thousands of species of plants – many of which you may never have seen before – but you’ll also find pretty trails, getting that all-important walking in!

(Like we spoke about above!)

7) Picnic in the Park

Summer season is picnic season and boy, should you make the most of it!

They make for the perfect date – so make sure you pack in all your favourite nibbles this summer and head to the park.

Here you can also take time to feed the ducks, listen to music… read even, if you like (depending on how long you’ve been together!)

Park picnics are just relaxed, sweet and give you that all-important quality time together.

It’s therefore no surprise that this comes as one of the most popular summertime lunch date ideas!

Summer Date Ideas

8) Open Air Cinema

Next up, we’ve got one of our favourite Summer date ideas, which is – of course – an open air cinema! Cuddle up on some chairs, with a blanket, and watch a movie in the open air!

9) Drive In Cinema

For the chillier nights, a Drive In Cinema is another great thing to do in Summer. Here, you park your car up and watch the movie that way instead.

This is another thing that’s limited to just the warmer months… so make the most of them whilst they’re there!

10) Outdoor Theatre

Fancy a date that’s a little bit different? Then find an outdoor theatre showing in your local area.

They’re just like Open Air Cinemas – only with a full cast of actors and musicians. It’s a brilliant experience, and is guaranteed to become a date to remember!

11) Mini Golf

What activities have you got for you in Summer now then? Well, mini golf is always an absolute classic – especially outdoor mini golf courses. They’re the perfect Summer date idea!

12) Golf

If you’ve mastered mini-golf and fancy giving golf a go, this too, can make for another fun Summer date idea.

Pick 9 or 18 holes, and play the course together. It doesn’t matter if you’re not very good.

Walking, talking, hitting the ball around – it’s a really different thing to do and pure bliss on a sunny day! Just go at your own pace. Take it easy.

different summer activities

13) Driving Range

Not quite up to scratch for golf yet? Then get practicing – hitting balls at a driving range. It’s a super fun activity and gets your training in so you can tackle the “real thing!”

14) Kayaking / Canoeing

Next up – it’s kayaking or canoeing. Float along the river together, as a cute Summer date. It can be as relaxed or adventurous as you like, but is both different and romantic.

15) White Water Rafting

A fan of adrenaline activities? Then white water rafting is the perfect thing to do in Summer!

The good news is – there’s also a benefit to thrill-seeking activities… It improves attraction! Uh huh. The mix of anxiety and adrenaline only brings you closer. Science says so!

Who’d have thought?! So anything that’s going to give you a rush this Summer, is actually a pretty great date idea!

16) Go in a Boat

From little wooden fishing boats to grand river cruises, there’s plenty of different boats (and boat tours) you can jump in together this summer!

17) Drive a Boat

Want to step it up? Then have a go at driving very own boat! Even if it’s a simple fishing boat, or just a little pedal – it makes for a great Summer date idea, and is certainly always very memorable!

cute things to do with your boyfriend in the sun

18) Sailing!

Depending on where you’re based, sailing could also be another option.

Find an afternoon tour and take to the waves with your date or loved one. You’ll be sure to have a wild time! Talking of which…

19) Water Sports

Water sports always give a real thrill and are perfect in the Summer months.

From wakeboarding to surfing, SUP boarding to bodyboarding. You may even like to have a go at jet skiing or paragliding, kiteboarding or windsurfing! (Wow!)

In fact, if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, check out these 25 Crazy Date Ideas and be sure to pick out a few to add onto your Summer Date Bucket List!

20) Fishing

Looking for something a little more chilled out? Then why not give fishing a go?!

So okay, it may not be the most suitable if you’re not an especially patient person, but if you’re looking to sit back and relax in the sunshine, with a gentle activity that your man is bound to love – this could very well be the perfect option for you!

21) Go To a Theme Park or Fun Fair

Summer is all about having FUN, right?! So what better place to go, than a theme park or funfair.

Yes, you’re probably going to end up screaming like crazy – but that’s all part of it!

different things to do with your boyfriend

22) Go To a Water Park

What spells summer more than a water park?! Get wet and wild, reliving your youth.

Fly down slides, jump waves and get close as you drift along the lazy river. Waterparks will always get you two up, close and bonding!

23) Go To The Zoo

Love animals? Then a cute little trip to the zoo has got to be one of the best Summer date ideas!

There’s plenty to see, plenty to talk about, and enough to do whilst it still being a pretty relaxing day out. A definite contender!

Just be careful with which one you pick to ensure the correct standards are in place.

24) Water Balloon Fight!

Whilst we’re still on the topic of youthful Summer date ideas, we kind of have to mention a water balloon fight!

And yes… this can indeed, be made into a full-on date idea, when you go to the effort to get plenty of balloons made and make it a full-on battle.

Set tasks, and points you have to get to. Turn it into a Group Date by adding friends and family and creating teams. There’s plenty you can do with this one. Just let your creativity flow!

25) Beach Day

We’re a third the way through now, so what else have we got for you?

Well a beach day is always a no-brainer! Head on over to somewhere close by, or turn it into a mini road trip.

On a hot summers day, hitting the beach (especially if you can find a fairly quiet, secluded spot), is pretty unbeatable! The waves, the sand, the cool drinks, the great company… perfecto!

And hey – there’s plenty of different beach date ideas to keep you busy and mix it up whilst you’re there!

Summer Date Ideas

26) Waterfall Chasing

Looking for more of an adventure? Then let’s not discount a fun day out, waterfall chasing.

Simply get your map out (well, nowadays it’s more like google search!), find a series of waterfalls in your local / surrounding areas, and head off together to go and find them!

It’s fun, exciting and will get you in amongst nature, appreciating the beauty all around you!

27) Mountain Hiking

If the two of you are looking for active summer date ideas, then hiking is always a good shout.

The fresh air, the great outdoors, the beautiful views – and the endorphins that start flowing from the exercise which gets your heart pounding. It’s a win, win, in so many ways!

Just be sure to look up some high protein snack recipes and stock up for your adventure to keep you fuelled along the way! Similarly…

28) Mountain Biking

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not jump on some bikes and make mountain biking a summer date too?!

Cycling and biking is one of the best sports for couples… And you can actually make it super fun and flirty too!

WARNING: Just be prepared for things to get a little MESSY! (It’s mud galore along some tracks, especially after a bit of rain!)

28) Explore a New City

What else have we got when it comes to Summer date ideas now then? Well, why not seize the moment, get out, and explore a new city together?!

Jump in the car, or on a train – be spontaneous! It could be an hour away, or HOURS away – it doesn’t matter! As long as you’ve never been before, it becomes a bit of an adventure!

Take in all the sights, check out some of the attractions, or even just go on a little restaurant / bar crawl – whatever you fancy.

This could actually even become your “Summer tradition”, where every month / year, you do the same… explore somewhere new together, on a hot Summers day! Sounds pretty fun, huh?

Cute Summer Date Ideas

29) Visit a Castle

Talking of exploring – castles are another good shout, if you’re looking for something different to do with your partner this summer.

They’re full of history, have impressive architecture and can make a great day out!

30) Wine Tasting

CHIN CHIN! It’s time for wine tasting. And what’s better than sipping on different wines, on a warm, summers even, whilst the sun sets? Oh, what a romantic scene to put in your head!

Whether you do this abroad, at a local restaurant / bar in your hometown, or… actually at home (with your very own DIY version), it really doesn’t matter.

Each one makes for a unique experience! So get creative. Think outside the box! And be sure to get prepared with your cute summer nails beforehand, ready for that picture-perfect “CHEERS!”

31) Toast Marshmallows Over a Fire Pit

Toasting marshmallows – or making classic S’Mores, is one of my favourite Summer date ideas. It’s fun, delicious, not to mention, pretty sweet! (In more ways than one!)

32) Camping / Glamping

What else is great during the warmer summer months? Camping / glamping!

Now although it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea – it can still be a pretty fun (and surprisingly romantic) experience, so it’s well worth putting on your list…

Find a beautiful spot, take some marshmallows to toast over the fire, and really get into the spirit of things. Talking of which…

Fun things to do in summer

33) Go StarGazing

Another nice Summer date idea is stargazing. When the nights are warm and clear, cosy up together and gaze into the universe.

Some say it’s a little scary to think of what’s out there, others find it all the more magical. You’ll only know for yourselves until you do it…

34) Watch The Sunset

Stargazing not quite your thing? Then okay. I know one thing that IS everyone’s thing (because how can you not love it?!) What’s that, you ask? Well, watching the sun set.

It’s beautiful, 100% romantic and whether you watch it together outside your bedroom window, or drive out somewhere nice with a cute little picnic – incorporating sunset chasing into your Summer date idea is always an absolute winner!

If you’re looking for more creative craft date ideas, you can always take a sketch pad with you and have a go at bringing to life some ART from the beauty that you see!

35) Catch a Sunrise

Something that’s done slightly less than watching the sun set – is watching the sun rise.

Why? Because not everyone is such an early bird… BUT, that only makes it a more special Summer date idea.

Set your alarm, pick a beauty spot, drive out early with a picnic breakfast, and take it all in together. Doesn’t it sound rather dreamy? And what a way to start the day!?

Morning date ideas like this, are actually super special. So it’s certainly not something to rule out!

things to do with your boyfriend in summer

36) Watch Fireworks

Fireworks are not just for Bonfire night. In fact, watching them in the Summer can be even better, as you don’t have to put 1000 layers on to try to keep warm!

Find a local display at an event, or (if you have the space and can be safe), do them yourself in your own garden. If all else fails – at least opt for sparklers! They can also be cute and fun!

37) Cocktail Making

Talking of fun, next up – it’s cocktail making!

Cocktail making is a great date idea year-round, but in the summer, you can get especially creative with them… plus, the Summer is naturally made for chilled, cocktail vibes!

From a Frozen Pimm’s Cup to fun Pineapple Coladas – there’s plenty of summer cocktail recipes you can try, making it a slightly different summer date idea each time!

38) Pizza Making

Looking for different Summer date ideas? Then pizza making could well be it! Pizza’s are pretty fast and easy to make… yet insanely fun.

You could even do a Pizza Making Competition, to see which one of you can craft the best one! Score points on: Presentation, Taste & Creativity.

It turns something you have to do (i.e. cooking) from – what can sometimes be seen as – a chore, into a very enjoyable activity.

Or, if you love cooking – it naturally then becomes a perfectly fitting foodie date idea! On a similar note…

39) Have a BBQ

A classic Summer date idea, on the flip side, is doing a good, old, BBQ! Men (generally speaking) tend to particularly love doing BBQ’s… It brings out all their masculinity!

They’re also fun, tasty, and get you sitting out in the garden (or great outdoors), making the most of the weather!

QUICK NOTE: BBQ’s also make for a great Group Date Idea, so be sure to consider what summer dates you can open up to not just you and your partner, but also your couple friends!

Couples BBQ

40) Go For Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch … Outside

Breakfast, brunch and lunch dates are all – again – classics. That, and of course, a cute coffee date! (Let’s not forget about that one!)

You can do these kind of dates any time of the year, but the plus side of choosing this as one of your Summer date ideas, is that you get to sit outside.

With the sun beaming down on you and those feel-good Vitamin D‘s sinking into you – it really does make, what is actually quite a simple date idea, extra special!

41) Go For Dinner… Alfresco

Likewise with daytime foodie dates, you can also go for alfresco dinner on the evening – lapping up both the weather and the surroundings.

It’s pretty common, but another to tick off your list this Summer!

42) Head To a Farmers Market

What other Summer date ideas have we got now then? Well – heading to a farmers market to grab some fresh produce can actually be pretty fun!

This one should come as a two part date, so:

  1. You head to the market to find fresh ingredients.
  2. The two of you then go back home and cook up a masterpiece with it!

Teamwork makes the dream work as they say, and with this, you’re also turning a standard activity into a far more fun date idea! Ready, steady, cook, cook, cook!

different summer dates

43) Plant a Tree

Next up, next up, we’ve got tree planting as a Summer date idea. I know, original or what?!

But it’s something that’s great for the planet, whilst also being quite significant to the two of you… See, you plant it and watch it grow, whilst the relationship grows!

On this note, you could also plant a plant that will have beautiful flowers that will blossom – again, just like your relationship is blossoming!

Pretty cute and meaningful, right? It’s a romantic gesture for your partner, and an original date – all in one!

44) Chill Out at a Pool

So we’ve featured a beach day as one of our Summer date ideas, but what about a pool day?!

Forget sand that gets EVERYWHERE – if there’s an outdoor pool near you, this actually makes the perfect hangout spot for a Summer date!

Splash around, or lounge around (as you’ll usually get deck chairs / patches of grass at outdoor pools too.)

Nothing like this in your area? Then check out local spas with outdoor pools as this is a more luxury alternative.

45) Grab An Ice Cream

Another absolute-must when it comes to Summer date ideas is, hitting up an ice cream parlour and treating yourselves to an ice-cream on a hot, sunny day.

Homemade ones are the absolute best!

It’s a simple date idea, but simplicity can also be beautiful… This date idea is all about quality time with a quality person, enjoying the day, doing things that really are the best in Summer.

So be sure to add it to your Summer date bucket list!

cute summer dates

46) Music Concert

Next up, it’s time for a MUSIC CONCERT! Now these are an all-year thing (of course) but in Summer, you’re usually even more spoilt for choice – with many also being hosted outside.

Whether you opt for a smaller local one, or a bigger one, be sure to add a music concert onto your Summer date wish-list!

47) Music Festival

Now concerts are one thing, but music festivals are something that’s even-more-so saved for Summer… so make sure you don’t miss out!

Whether you go with friends, other couples, or just the two of you – be sure to add a music festival onto your Summer date ideas wish-list.

(And whilst you’re there – buy yourselves some cotton candy and get yourselves on the big wheel! It only adds to the romance!)

48) Food Festival

So whilst we’re on the topic of festivals, we can’t miss out throwing a good old food festival into our summer date ideas mix!

At these, they often have live music and entertainment anyway – all whilst trying heaps of tasty food and drinks. What’s not to love about that?!

49) Make The Most of Local Events

Last but not least then, whilst you’re scouring the internet for all of these festivals, be sure to check out the other local events that are going on – that you could give a go too.

From quizzes to shows, parties to promos – there will be plenty going on that you may as well make the most of.

These also make especially good last minute date ideas if you’re short on options and want something right on your doorstep – all ready for you!

50) Segways

We’re storming through these Summer date ideas now, so let’s throw in… drum roll please… Segways!

Segways actually only really became popular from 2001 so they’re a relatively new thing, but if you haven’t jumped on one before, I can assure you – they’re heaps of fun.

A segway tour also becomes very memorable, which is what the best date ideas are all about!

51) Zip-lining

Now you can’t really talk about fun and memorable, without bringing up zip-lining! Soar through the sky, through a zip line course or aerial course which includes them.

Just try not to scream too hard… no matter how scary it may be! (Although that does then become very entertaining for whoever your date is!)

52) Go-Karting

Fancy yourself as a bit of a racing driver? Then go-karting is another great Summer date idea.

Battle it out on the track, head to head, and see who is not only the fastest, but also the best around all of those bends!

Opt for an outdoor go-karting track if you can and feel the breeze through your hair, as the sun glistens down. It sounds, almost… blissful, right?!

But it will be something both you and your date are bound to love!

53) Roller Skating

Brave enough to take it to mini wheels? Then jump into some roller skates, and have a laugh as you slide around together. (And by the way, it’s absolutely okay if you have any falls!)

Can your partner / date, already skate? Then another nice idea is for them to teach you. You can then head out on them together. How sweet would that be?!

cute summer dates

54) Rock Climbing

Next up, why not hit the rocks?! It’s fun, daring and a very different date idea. In the Summer months, you can also opt for outdoor rock climbing which is far more scenic.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re complete beginners as you get all the guidance you need with an expert on hand to help you.

So face your fears! Push to new levels! It will be a great bonding experience for the two of you…

55) Abseiling

What comes up, must come down. Does rock climbing sound a little too tricky, or physically demanding? Then abseiling is your alternative. Uh huh, you can’t say I don’t give you options!

56) Cliff Jumping

Talking of options… Cliff jumping is another one (if of course, you can brave it, that is!) Again, with this one, I recommend going on a guided tour. It’s far safer and you don’t have to worry about a thing then. (Remember, reckless is not attractive!)

** For More Crazy Date Ideas – Click Here ** (Push Outside Your Comfort Zone!)

57) Weekend Away

One of the best Summer date ideas (if you’ve got the time and funds for it, of course) is a weekend getaway.

After all, in the Summer – it’s usually the best weather, so it makes sense to make the most of this whilst getting in that much-needed quality time!

Pick somewhere romantic, or somewhere you’ve always fancied. You can then either take it easy, or pack the weekend in with heaps of different summer date ideas whilst you’re there!

Summer Date Ideas

58) Take a Road Trip

Likewise with a weekend away – another alternative is to take a road-trip. The great thing about this, is you can go for longer, shorter, or even just a day!

Simply hit the road together and head somewhere new. Get out and EXPLORE! (That’s what life is all about, right?)

59) Go on a Helicopter Ride

Moving into the more luxury Summer date ideas now then, a helicopter ride is an amazing experience – well worth saving up for, and best done during Summer when you get the best weather.

Opt for an evening flight and you’ll get those dreamy sunsets. (Ah, how romantic!) This is also the perfect Summer date idea for a special occasion – like a birthday or anniversary. So it’s well worth adding onto your wish-list!

60) Hot Air Balloon Ride

Now we can’t mention a helicopter ride without also suggesting a hot air balloon ride. It’s slower and smoother but still just as romantic and beautiful!

61) Horse Riding

What else have we got? Well, horse riding is another fun Summer date idea.

Jump on a guided tour (these are designed for beginners) and trot along, into the sunset. This will certainly be a different date you both won’t forget!

Different things to do in summer

62) Alpaca Walking

Talking of different experiences, alpaca walking is a great summer date idea, well worth throwing into the list. It’s unique, pretty chilled and entertaining too…

As alpacas can be real characters! In fact, on that note – any animal experience can make for a great date idea!

63) Dog Walking

If alpaca walking is a little too “out there” for you, then here’s one everyone can do (and will almost certainly love)… Dog walking!

There’s no doubt that you’ll have at least one friend or family member who has a little pup, so why not ask to take them out?

It works well for them, and adds a new element into a walk for you. I mean, aren’t dogs just fantastic? What’s not to love?!

Don’t know anyone with a dog? Then there’s actually plenty of “Borrow a Dog” sites, where you literally take out other people’s dogs or look after them for the afternoon (for free).

With this, you can even pick your breed of pooch – which also proves to be a very fun part of your date!

64) Fun Run

Next up, we’ve got a fun run. And okay – admittedly – is not everyone’s idea of fun! But we’re talking about the light you-can-walk-it-if-you-really-want-to ones.

Like: mud runs, colour runs, inflatable runs. They’re the funnest kind of fun runs!

Couples that sweat together, stay together. (Or something like that anyway!) So why not give it a go?! Go on… I dare you!

65) Bike Ride

Whilst we’re still on the fitness theme – a bike ride has to be thrown in! Feel the breeze rushing through your hair as you cycle along scenic roads with your date / loved one.

It sounds dreamy, because it is dreamy… on the down-hills anyway! (Far easier than going up hills but hey – that only adds to the satisfaction once you’ve made it at the end!)

Summer Date Ideas

66) Zorbing

Looking for different Summer date ideas? Then zorbing is certainly that!

What is it exactly? Well it’s when you go inside a giant, spongey transparent ball (usually made of plastic) and either get rolled across a hill, or run across water inside it!

Sounds pretty fun, huh? And memorable too!

67) Paint Balling

Talking of memorable – nothing says that like being pounded with paint balls!

It’s fun, it’s especially good within a group and you and your partner / date can pick whether you want to be on the same team of against each other.

(Just try to be kind… and hopefully you’ll leave in tears of laughter instead of tears of pain… yup, I’ve heard these “bad boys” can hurt a little, but be brave!)

68) Clay Pigeon Shooting

Another different date idea (if you don’t want to shoot at each other) is clay pigeon shooting. In this, you aim at a target instead of each other. And don’t worry, it’s actually just a flying disk you’re trying to hit – so totally humane!

69) Archery

Andddd, before we move off the “shooting” theme, I also want to throw in archery. Ready, aim, and release that arrow! (It’s very satisfying!)

70) Fruit Picking

Swapping it around to something a little gentler now (oh what a contrast!) you could always go and do something like fruit picking!

We’re talking strawberries, raspberries, peaches – whatever! (Just try not to eat them all before they get in the basket!)

This makes for a very sweet Summer date idea (in more ways than one!) It’s also great if the weather’s good, you’re looking for a cute activity, but don’t have heaps of time.

Summer Date Ideas

71) Treasure Hunt

We’re into the final five, so it’s only fair to throw out a different suggestion right? That being… a treasure hunt – where you hide things for your partner to find!

Now if you think it sounds childish, think again, as when you get really creative with it, it’s not childish at all. Click here for how to plan a super, fun, romantic one! (It’s actually pretty simple!)

72) Play An Outdoor Sport

Another great Summer date idea is playing a sport… outdoors… whilst you can!

Two player games are the best – like badminton, or tennis. If you have a group of you, you could throw in rounders.

This makes a great group date idea… especially when you go head-to-head against other couples!

73) Watch a Sports Event

Playing sport not really your thing? Well, that doesn’t have to stop you!

You can always watch a sports event together… if it’s outdoors, all the better! Grab a beer with it and soak up the atmosphere… perfecto.

74) Go To The Races

Similarly to sports events, you’ve also got the races to consider. (This is always a fun summer date idea!)

Place your bets at the horse racing, dog racing, or even chicken racing… is that even a thing?! I’m sure it is somewhere!

You don’t have to spend a lot or bet big. In fact, you don’t actually have to bet at all with money.

Simply pick your winner and bet between the two of you as a couple – with fun forfeits for the loser. This will certainly spice things up!

75) Wedding Date

Last but not least then, we’ve got to include wedding dates… and no, that doesn’t mean your wedding (that may not be on the cards JUST YET!)

But isn’t the summer just typical wedding season? You’re bound to get plenty of invites…

So why not embrace them – getting dressed up and really feeling the love as you attend the day / night together!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 75 summer date ideas to make Summer 2024 the best one yet!

Which ones will you be adding to your list, and what will you be starting with? As that’s when the fun really begins… Enjoy!


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