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50 Simple Things That Make You Feel Good For a Little Boost of Happiness

50 Simple Things That Make You Feel Good For a Little Boost of Happiness

Things That Make You Feel Good

I want to challenge you. Challenge you to do one thing every day, that makes you feel good. It’s kind of like this 30 Day Self Care Challenge, but instead of putting you on a schedule, I want to leave it open to you. Why? Because our mental and emotional wellbeing is EVERYTHING. It has a huge influence on our overall happiness and one thing we all must strive for? Happiness. In whatever form it comes in. So what can you do? Where should you start? Well, here’s 50 simple things that make you feel good… to get the ball rolling and the inspiration flowing.

50 Simple Things That Make You Feel Good

Here’s some things that make you feel good – to get you thinking about what actually brings a little drop of happiness into your day! Some you’ll agree with, some might have little or no affect on you, and maybe some you’ve never even considered. (Ah well, here’s the chance!) But think about each suggestion, and when you find something you know you do like, schedule it into your diary, make time for it. Okay?

So without further ado, here’s 50 things that make you feel good…

1) Feeling the sun on your face.

Noticed it’s a nice day? Head on outside, take your lunch out there, use it to break up the day, get yourself out there, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

2) Staring up at the nights sky.

It just gives you that sense of awe. Sense of perspective.

3) Sitting by a fire.

Watching the flames, feeling the warmth. It’s comforting, and often actually pretty therapeutic.

4) Listening to the waves crashing down.

Another simple pleasure is the sound of the ocean. If you live close to a beach, all the better! If not, play something on your phone or laptop. It will – very nearly – have the same affect!

5) Getting lost in nature.

The positive impact that nature has on your wellbeing is actually crazy. Here, have a read.

6) Going out on a hike.

Again, the fresh air, the openness, being amongst nature, on top of the activity, the sense of accomplishment, the views.

7) Going on a walk or stroll.

If a hike is too high-intensity, a simple stroll will do – anytime, anywhere, to get you out of your mind.

8) Drinking a hot cup of coffee.

Too much caffeine is a bad thing, but that little boost you get from your morning coffee? It’s certainly a pick-me-up!

9) Holding a comforting cup of tea.

If you’re British, you’ll get this one! But a nice, warm cup of tea is comforting – especially after a long day!

10) Eating GOOD food.

Did you know, what you eat, affects how you feel? You may think that chocolate is helping, but actually it’s not. Good food makes you feel even better. So nourish your body with the right things!

Things That Make You Feel Good

11) Having time to yourself.

If you’re not appreciating this one, then click here to see how you can grow to love it. Give yourself the treat of time out to yourself whilst you still can – because there will come a time in your life (if you’re not already there) where you actually find it hard to get!

12) Listening to your favourite music.

Sitting back, relaxing, and getting lost in the lyrics…

13) Watching your favourite tv show.

Sometimes we need to just switch off from the outer world and binge-watching our favourite show certainly helps us to do that.

14) Getting lost in a good book.

Similarly with listening or watching, another one of the simple things that makes you feel good is having a nice read!

15) Snuggling up on the sofa.

Many of these suggestions are great whilst snuggling up on the sofa with a soft blanket and comfy clothes. It’s even better when the weather is howling outside, but you’re tucked away, safe inside!

16) Cuddling into an animal.

Our pets are our greatest blessings – full of love and comfort!

17) Having a hug in general.

From your friends, family, loved ones – embrace them every chance you get because that close contact really makes you feel good. 

18) Getting a massage.

Feel all that stress and tension drift away.

19) Having a little pamper.

We all need a little TLC every now and then. A good face mask, a little manicure, some oils or creams. This can easily be done at home too.

20) Having a long hot bath.

You don’t even need to go all out with your pampering. Simply having a lot hot bath, with gentle music or peaceful silence… it soothes the soul.

Things That Make You Feel Good

21) Laughing.

You know when you laugh so much you have tears in your eyes? Ah yes, that’s certainly one of the simple things that makes you feel good! How to get it? Well, by spending time around funny people, watching videos on YouTube, or, putting on a standup comedy show. The personal interaction is the best, and favourable, but if you’re on your own – there’s still other ways to have a good giggle!

22) Smiling at strangers.

Yup. It’s nice to be nice. A simple smile as you pass someone by in the street really does make you feel good – particularly when they smile back. This leads me onto my next point…

23) Giving or receiving random acts of kindness.

Spread the love a little! Here’s 50 ways to do this, from anywhere in the world, no matter what your lockdown situation currently is. Click here.

24) Being grateful.

Go about your day, being more mindful of the things you’re thankful for. You don’t need to just show gratitude when something good happens. In fact, to get into the habit of this, I highly recommend starting a daily Gratitude Journal.

25) Expressing love.

When you tell someone you love them, and just how much they mean to you, it feels good. It’s nice to know you have them in your life. And the more you give, the more you get back, which makes you feel even more warm inside!

26) Expressing your feelings.

Whether this is through writing, speaking – just to yourself or to someone else, it feels good to get things off your chest. To let it all out. Talking of releases…

27) Dancing like no-one’s watching.

Need I say anymore? I think not!

28) Singing to your hearts content.

Again, self explanatory! Arguably one of the best things in the world.

29) Doing exercise.

All those endorphins combined with the sense of achievement – it may be tough in the moment, but the feelings you get after a workout make it well worth it.

30) Having a good, old stretch.

That feeling when you back clicks and the tension is released – ahhh, nice or what?

Things That Make You Feel Good

31) Popping bubblewrap.

Wait, wait?! But we’re talking simple things here right? And it can be very satisfying!

32) Stomping over crunchy autumn leaves.

Let that inner child come out!

33) Sleeping in a freshly-made bed…

… with freshly washed sheets (added bonus!) It really is the little things right? But how nice does it feel on your skin… 

34) Wishing under a rainbow.

Whether it comes true or not, it gives you a little hope.

35) Smiling.

Not at strangers this time, but just by yourself. Smile. Feel the joy. Shift your body and notice how your mind follows. Your body language has a lot of power over your brain – so tap into this!

36) Letting go of anger.

Or resentment. Or grudges. The lot!

37) Getting intimate with a loved one.

Did I just tell you to go and have sex? Umm, yes. Yes I guess I did. But this is all about what makes us feel good right? And we are all human!

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38) Being patient.

This isn’t so much a THING to do, but a SKILL to master. But it will change your life, trust me. Talking of skills…

39) Learning something new.

Or getting even better at something you already know.

40) Taking a breather.

The best way to do this? Through meditation. See, focusing intently and quietly on the present for set periods of time can help lessen feelings of depression and anxiety. Try it. It’s a sure-fire way to feel good, especially once you get used to it!

Things That Make You Feel Good

41) Taking photos.

If you’re into photography, or it’s one of your hobbies, this is going to be pretty high on your list. It gets you switching off again, noticing and appreciating everything around you… Makes a change from the usual selfies, hey?!

42) Creating art.

For the same reason, it’s good for your mind. Whether you’re a creative person or not, you can always have a go at creating some sort of art – from painting to sculpting, pottery to drawing. This leads me onto my next suggestion…

43) Colouring in.

Because no, it’s not for kids. Again, it helps you to switch off which in turn makes you feel good. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! Another alternative…

44) Writing.

I can 1000% vouch for this one. It’s my go-to thing whenever I feel stressed or emotional or overwhelmed. Try it. Write about whatever you like, in whatever style.

45) Being selfless.

Getting that gift for a loved one, planning that surprise, doing that nice gesture. It’s like going back to the Random Acts Of Kindness point, only this is more about focusing on doing nice things for the people who are close to you.

46) Volunteering.

The most generous thing you can give is your time, and there’s some incredibly rewarding projects out there. It connects you with good, kind people, and also shifts your focus away from yourself, to some of the other things that matter in life.

47) Making time for friends.

The people we have in our lives really are everything. One of the fastest ways to feel good? Spend time with people you love. Quality time.

48) Making time for family.

For the same reason as above.

49) Getting everywhere fresh and tidy.

Am I telling you cleaning is one of the things that makes you feel good? Yes, yes I am. And I never thought I’d say it either, but it is pretty therapeutic. It’s satisfying when everywhere’s then spotless and gleaming. You feel a sense of accomplishment too, which leads me onto my last and final suggestion.

50) Becoming more goal orientated.

And this can be simple things, small daily things. Like when you go to see your friends, set yourself one goal and one goal only which is to have FUN! Or when you’re at work, give yourself one goal for the day, one main mission, and when you complete it – allow yourself to feel good. You don’t have to take on the world all in one go! Start small. It’s the accumulation of lots of small goals achieved that will make you feel happy and fulfilled. In the meantime, the sense of satisfaction will really boost how you feel – so try getting into new habits with this.

How To Find The Things That Make You Feel Good

So there’s my 50 suggestions for simple things that make you feel good. How do you figure it out for yourself to find what works best for you, or has the biggest impact?

Trial and error my friends, trial and error – combined with awareness. That’s the secret little key.

See, so often we’re super busy, rushed off our feet, engrossed in day to day life, we don’t actually stop to notice the things around us – what we see, what we feel, what we taste, what we smell.

Tap into all of your senses, live a little more mindfully (even if that’s not “your thing”) and slow down to really notice what makes you feel good.

Whatever you decide to do, start today. Do one thing from that list today. Then keep it up! Sending you lots of love, kindness and positivity. Liked this post?

All the best,

Things That Make You Feel Good

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