Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Couples

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Ready to get into the festive spirit this winter? Looking to up your wardrobe with the cringes Christmas apparel? Then you’re in the right place! Here’s our top 10 ugly Christmas sweaters for couples.

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Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Couples

So for our couples ugly Christmas sweaters, we are – of course – going for ones that are matching. Our recommendations come in sets, which makes it nice and easy. It also means you match PERFECTLY!

Uh huh, you’ll be the talk of the town if you manage to wear these “bad boys” outdoors! So let’s get stuck in. Here’s our all-time favourite ugly Christmas sweaters for couples…

1) Classic Ugly Christmas Sweaters

So let’s start off with some classic ugly Christmas sweaters. They’re bright, they’re not so beautiful, but they’re what you expect!

Click here to browse the collection

2) Naughty & Nice Christmas Sweater Set

So you’ve got the standard “Happy Christmas” jumpers. These of course are absolute classics! But want to mix it up a bit?

Then next up on our ugly Christmas sweaters for couples list…. is the naughty and nice matching set! It’s fun, you can pick who wears what, and it’s just a little bit different! Click here to shop.

3) Christmas Tree Christmas Sweaters

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, sha la la la laaa. Feeling nice and cheerful? Then go one step further with – what may possibly be – the ugliest ugly Christmas sweaters for couples… But they’re so ugly, they’re kind cute! Click here to shop.

4) King & Queen Christmas Sweaters

Talking of classics, can you really have ugly Christmas sweaters for couples WITHOUT adding the King and Queen set into the mix? I think not!

They’re cute, cringey, but – on the plus side – if you manage to get your man out in one of these for Christmas, you may actually be able to get him to wear the standard ones any time of the year.

Cunning plan, I know. Edge him into it… Click here to shop. Or click here for more funny gift ideas for your boyfriend. Yup, we’ve got you fully stocked up!

5) All I Want For Christmas Is You Couples Sweaters

Another cute matching Christmas sweater set for couples is this “All I Want For Christmas Is You” combo.

Just make sure the point to your partner is the right way… don’t stand the opposite way around, otherwise you’ll be indicating an entirely different thing! (Cringe!)

This is a personal favourite of mine however, as it’s fun and original, whilst still sticking with the classic colour scheme. Click here to shop.

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6) Santa & Elf Christmas Sweaters

Okay so if you thought these ugly Christmas sweaters couldn’t get any worse, think again, because we’re about to throw out the BIGGEST ONE YET!

So you’ve got men’s Santa costumes, you’ve also got women’s elf costumes, and vice versa. But how about combining them to make one big giant shared Santa & Elf Christmas Sweater?!

Kinda epic? I know. But if you want to steel the show at the next Christmas jumper party, this is the one for you two! Click here to shop.

7) Two Person Couples Christmas Sweaters

Like the idea of the two person couples Christmas sweaters? They have plenty of other designs. Like this reindeer set for example. Cute, huh? Have a mooch and see what takes your fancy!

8) Funny Couples Christmas Sweaters

Keeping with the comedy value whilst STEPPING IT UP a notch, another funny couples Christmas sweaters set is this novelty body one! You’re looking at a beach babe and topless model, basically. It’s a Christmas sweater no-one (and I repeat, no-one will expect!) but is guaranteed a few giggles. Click here to shop.

9) Santa Claws & Santa Paws

What other ugly Christmas sweater ideas do we have for couples now then? Well, if you’re a fan of animals and have started growing your family of fur babies, this Santa Claws & Santa Paws set is pretty cute!

You’re essentially taking the little nuggets out with you, even when you’re away. Don’t have any pets just yet? No problem. They still make a great set! Click here to shop.

10) Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Last but not least, we want to throw into the mix, what is probably the coolest option for ugly Christmas sweaters for couples, which is these customised ones.

They’re still themed, but they’re actually kind of stylish and personalised with your name for an extra special touch. Click here to shop.

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Couples

So there we have it! 10 of our top favourite ugly Christmas sweaters for couples.

Have a mooch, see what takes your fancy and go out this Christmas with CONFIDENCE, rocking your sweaters as if it’s the peak of style!

Remember, you can also get funny dog Christmas sweaters too, or ones for babies or cats (depending on what makes up your family so far.) So go all out!

Enjoy this festive season. Take care.


Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Couples
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