25 Special Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

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So your best friend is getting married. Their big day is upon them! Looking for wedding gifts for a bride from a friend? A sweet, thoughtful wedding gift for your best friend, that shows how happy you are for them? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 30 meaningful wedding gift ideas for your best friend. 

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Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

So let’s get stuck in with 17 special wedding gift ideas for your best friend. By the end of it, you’ll be sure to be filled with inspiration. The hardest part will be deciding how to just pick one!

1) Best Friend Wedding Day Necklace

So I want to start with a personal favourite of mine when it comes to wedding gifts for a bride from a friend, and that is… this Best Friend Wedding Day Necklace. It reads:

“To my best friend on your wedding day, may all your dreams come true. This necklace is a gift to show how thankful I am everyday for our friendship.

Through the ups and downs, we stuck together – fights, laughs, tears and joy. It is an absolute honour to be by your side. Here’s to love and laughter and happily ever after…”

It’s beautiful, meaningful and really fits the bill! [Click Here To Shop]

2) Little Notes For The Big Day Book

A very thoughtful, and unique wedding day gift for your best friend, is to get her a “Little Notes For The Big Day” diary.

Here, she can capture her feelings – right in the moment – so that she’ll never, ever, forget! [Click Here To Shop]

3) Sisters By Heart Bracelet

Make a statement on her wedding day, especially if she’s nervous about the day going perfectly to plan!

Show her you’re by her side and will do everything you can / need to to make it everything and all that it can be.

Share your love on a day filled with so much love, and make her feel – even more loved! [Click Here To Shop]

4) Wedding Day Emergency Kit

There’s bound to be a few hiccups on the big day so get your bestie a morning wedding day present which is this Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

It’s fun, unexpected and guaranteed to make her smile! A special wedding day gift for a special person. [Click Here To Shop]

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5) Wedding Keepsake Box

Another nice idea is to buy your bestie a Wedding Keepsake Box. Here, she can print out all of her favourite photos and store them inside.

As the box isn’t too big, it’s also something that can be kept in the living room – to revisit whenever she wants.

It’s a different wedding gift idea for your best friend that she’ll be sure to appreciate. [Click Here To Shop]

6) Wedding Keepsake Organiser

If you liked the idea of a Wedding Keepsake Box but you know your bestie has far too much stuff, then an organiser is the next best thing!

With different draws and compartments, she can store far more from the special day. [Click Here To Shop]

7) Mr & Mrs Photo Frame

Here’s a creative wedding gift idea for your best friend now then…

Grab this Mr & Mrs Photo Frame, put a photo in of her and her “hubby to be” before the wedding so she can look at it whilst getting ready.

It then makes the dressing area more homely… And (here’s the best part!), once the big day is over, she can use it to put a wedding photo in at home too.

It’s meaningful and multi-purpose! [Click Here To Shop]

8) Happy Tears Wedding Hankerchief

Next up, it’s the Happy Tears Hankerchief (because, let’s be fair, there’s going to be a few of these around on the big day!)

I especially love this wedding gift for friends, as it comes with a gift card that you can present it in, and a little tag that you can write on.

It can also be used as the “something new” and / or “something blue” bridal pieces.

Not only will it, undoubtably be used on the day itself, but it then also becomes a special keepsake.

The perfect gift for your best friend! [Click Here To Shop]

9) Wedding Day Wine Holder

Know that you’ll be helping to settle your bestie’s nerves with a few mimosas in the morning?

Then bring the champagne / Prosecco along in one of these fun wine holders.

There’s this one: “Pairs Well With Getting Married… Congratulations!” [Click Here To Shop]

Or, my personal favourite is actually this one: “I Can’t Wait To Get Drunk At Your Wedding!” so it depends on how wild you want to go with it! [Click Here To Shop]

10) Wine Decanting Set

Looking for something a little more luxury as a wedding gift for your best friend?

Then why not splash out on this fancy (yet still affordable) wine decanting set, so that the newlyweds can cheers (in style!) to their new future?!

It’s a statement piece they can take back to their home and remember this special day from. [Click Here To Shop]

11) Mr & Mrs Champagne Flutes

Talking of statement pieces – what does (almost) every couple have on their wedding day?! Well, champagne of course!

These fancy Mr & Mrs Champagne Flutes are therefore a great wedding gift for your best friend.

Get the newly weds toasting in style! Not only can they use these on the big day, but they also become a fabulous (still usable!) gift for years and years to come! [Click Here To Shop]

12) Marriage Prayer

Talking of special wedding gift ideas for friends – this Marriage Prayer is rather beautiful and can become a reminder of what it takes to create a healthy, happy, long-lasting marriage.

#MarriageGoals [Click Here To Shop]

13) The Key To a Happy Marriage

Keeping with the theme of sentimental wedding gift ideas for your best friend – we also love this “Key To a Happy Marriage” Key.

Not only does it offer great advice and become a beautiful keepsake but it reminds your bestie of this beautiful moment where she went from girlfriend to fiancé to wife. (And everything this next step will bring!)

[Click Here To Shop]

Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

14) Husband & Wife Mugs

Mark the day with these Husband and Wife mugs and give them a cuppa in one of these.

It’s a sweet, small touch that earns you serious best friend brownie points, because you’re just looking at the little things and how you can make it extra special! [Click Here To Shop]

15) Bride Bag

Another practical wedding gift idea for your best friend, is this Bride Bag. How we recommend you utilise this? Well, by using it to put multiple gifts inside…

We’re talking all the wedding morning essentials, like:

  • water to stay hydrated
  • a letter from the Groom (which you can organise too)
  • or maybe even a little pastry!

Gather things that are helpful for the wedding morning… and this really will become one of the most beautiful wedding gifts for your best friend. [Click Here To Shop]

16) A Year of Marriage Book

If you are going with the Bride Bag, an absolute must to include inside is the First Year of Marriage Book.

Packed full of tips for newlyweds, it’s top-rated and with good reason!

Being her bestie, you can also get away with buying this gift, without it coming across as lecturing but instead, coming from the best possible place.

So make sure they’re all set for marriage success! [Click Here To Shop]

17) Marital Wishes Book

Another beautiful book to pop inside a Bride Bag for your bestie is this!

It includes 52 messages (one for every week) with marital wishes and reflections, making it a truly wonderful gift.

[Click Here To Shop] It’s very highly recommended and top-rated!

18) Bride Robe (with all the extras!)

Your bestie deserves to feel like a princess on her big day, so one small extra gift has to be a Bride set like this! [Click Here To Shop]

You can also get all of you the team bride matching robes – to show her she’s got her support squad with her! [Click Here To Shop]

19) Honeymoon Vibes Bag

Shortly after the wedding, you know your bestie will be jetting off… and the chances are, she’ll have been so busy planning the big day itself, the moneymoon prep may have been slightly neglected!

So grab her this bag and fill it will all the essentials – snacks, magazines, cute messages from the wedding – the lot.

It makes the perfect wedding gift for your best friend as it’s not just the gift itself but the thought behind it. [Click Here To Shop]

20) Happily Ever After Hat

Another fun wedding gift that your bestie can take away on her honeymoon is this “Happily Ever After” hat.

Not only is it cute and stylish, but the message is pretty meaningful too, so it won’t go amiss. [Click Here To Shop]

21) Honeymoon Sand Heart

Ah, now for one of my all-time favourite wedding gift ideas – and something that I’ve bought multiple times.

This sand jar is something little, but sweet, and shows you’re thinking about something most people would miss – how they can bring a little something back from their honeymoon and treasure it forever.

It therefore makes it one of the best wedding gift ideas for your best friend. [Click Here To Shop]

22) Personalised Couples Cushion

If they’re not honeymooning, get them something that captures this special moment, ready for their home.

I especially like this cushion as it’s simple, stylish but meaningful marking the year they got married.

You can put it out in the morning of their wedding day (for comfort more than anything else!), then they can take it back with them. [Click Here To Shop]

23) Mr & Mrs Robes

Talking of home-comforts, we love the idea of getting Mr & Mrs robes for your bestie.

After all, won’t she secretly want them?! Yet they’re not the kind of thing she can typically buy herself!

(After all, some may say matching clothes are cringey – we happen to disagree!)

This however, is therefore the kind of gift, only a best friend will get away with – but, which they’ll be sure to love!

They’re cute, matching and also very comfy. A constant reminder every night of their newfound Mr and Mrs status! [Click Here To Shop]

24) Honeymoonin’ T-Shirt

Another thing your bestie can’t as easily but herself, but would definitely love, is this cute, fun “Honeymoonin'” T-Shirt.

Let her really lap up this time in her life, and be able to tell the whole world about it! It’s also a sweet wedding gift which says:

“I hope you have the most amazing honeymoon afterwards too!”

You’re thinking of her, and all that’s about to come, and that says a lot. [Click Here To Shop]

25) Exploding Confetti Money Box

Last but not least then, let’s finish off with something that’s a little more practical (but fun!) which is utilising this Exploding Confetti Money Box.

Money is often a much-appreciated wedding gift (after all, weddings end up costing a lot!) but if you’re looking to gift it in a more special way – this box will do the trick.

As they open the box, it adds an element of surprise as confetti gets thrown out all over them. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your besties face!

You can also write a note inside, like “Put this towards your honeymoon, babe. Champagne on me!” [Click Here To Shop]

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 25 special wedding gift ideas for your best friend.

I hope this fills you with inspiration.

Wedding season is in full-speed ahead now, so if you’re looking for more guides – for engagements or bachelorette parties, be sure to browse the site!

Remember, if it hasn’t been already, one day it will be YOUR DAY. So make it everything that it can be for your loved ones, as you too, know how much you’d appreciate it.

Take care. Have fun!


Special Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend
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