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About Forgetting Fairytales

Forgetting Fairytales is a Specialist Breakup, Dating & Relationship blog, with wellness, self-improvement and personal-development at its core.

It empowers women to learn how to love themselves, find the right person to give their love to, then build healthy, happy long-lasting relationships in which both people can thrive. 

See, we don’t believe in fairytales, but we do believe everyone can take control of their life and mind to create their own happily ever after. Only this story? It’s written by THEM!

Our Readers

Forgetting Fairytales is designed for women, with a male version of the site launching in Winter 2021.

In just over 2 years, we have grown to over 280,000 monthly readers. (That’s 3.36 MILLION readers a year!)

The majority of our readers are millennial women with 33.5% of readers aged between 25-34. The second largest readership is 18-24 at 27.5%, followed by 35-44 at 15.5%.

In terms of where they’re based, 50% of our readers are in the United States, with the second largest readership in the United Kingdom, followed by Canada in third and Australia in fourth.

Awards & Recognition

Since launching, we have gained the following awards and recognition:

Let’s Work Together

When it comes to working with Forgetting Fairytales to promote your business or brand, you have three main options:

  1. Sponsored Posts / Reviews
  2. Social Media Features / Promotions
  3. Fixed Advertisements.

We also welcome PR opportunities, and are happy for features in podcasts, news articles, radio interviews and as a Guest Speaker at events.