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Forgetting Fairytales is a DatingRelationship and Personal Development blog designed for women, that teaches you how to – first, learn to love yourself. Then, find the right person to give your love to. And last but not least – build the strongest relationship so that your love really lasts. Personal Development and Self Improvement is also at its core. See, it’s about becoming the best, happiest version of yourself, so that you can take control and write the love story you really want and deserve.

With nearly 45,000 monthly readers and over 65,000 articles read every single month, our audience looks a little like this:

AGE: 18-24 yrs: 27.5%  | 25-34 yrs: 33.5%   |35 – 44 yrs: 15.5%

TOP LOCATIONS: United States: 48.1%  |  United Kingdom: 17.1%  |  Canada: 4.5%

When it comes to working with Forgetting Fairytales, you have three main options: Sponsored Posts / Reviews, Social Media Features / Promotions or Fixed Advertisements. Click here to find out more about inclusions and prices. We also welcome PR opportunities!

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Hey, I’m Ell

I’m Ell, the Founder, Writer and Creator of Forgetting Fairytales. Nice to “meet” you.

Why Work With Me:

  • I’m business minded. I’ve been in business since I was just 18. I’m switched on. I care about your investment. For this reason, my prices are fair, competitive and very much focused on adding the most value and bringing in the highest return.
  • I know how to market you. I ran a social media and digital marketing agency for over 5 and a half years. I’m now a part-time consultant. Marketing is my thing. I know the best way to promote your business, how to get your feature picked up by google search and the key strategies to then further enhance its reach. Together, we’ll create a real buzz about what you do and what makes you different.
  • I’m credible. I’m a Dating & Relationship Expert, an up-and-coming influencer in this field, as featured by the BBC. I know my stuff. I’m incredibly passionate about it. And people take what I say seriously.
Ella Stearn

Why Work With Forgetting Fairytales

Forgetting Fairytales is special. It may only be just a year old, but already – it’s pretty mighty. It’s growing at a rapid rate, which means you can advertise with us right now for a fraction of the price, of what the exposure will continue to grow to.

It’s not just a blog. It’s a community. We build genuine relationships with our followers and readers. Why? Because we actually care. We have the trust, respect and rapport needed to get your brand recognised. Our goal is to drive the right people to you (if of course your products / services align with our mission and we too, believe in what you do.)

See, we don’t work with just anyone. But there’s nothing to lose by getting in touch and seeing what opportunities are there.

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