100 (Essential!) Yes or No Questions For Couples

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Feel like sometimes you struggle to get a straight answer? Want to gain complete clarity over your relationship, where it stands and where your partner’s head is at? Then here’s 100 essential yes or no questions for couples (that you really should ask!) 

Does this sound a little bit scary?! Then don’t worry – it’s really not. It’s simply about having open, honest conversations. Because remember –

Even if you get an answer you don’t like, or which isn’t ideal – that doesn’t mean it’s THE END!

In fact, it’s a good thing if you can recognise any potential issues before they become big issues… This gives you an opportunity to work through them, understand each other better, and improve things.

So go into these couples yes or no questions with the right mindset, and use them to their fullest potential…

How To Use Yes or No Questions For Couples

How to use these yes or no questions for couples now then? Well it’s simple:

  1. Ask these yes or no questions, in the style of a game! Share this blog post with your partner so they’re “in on it” and don’t just feel like you’re randomly asking “silly” questions for no reason. (Say you “stumbled across this article”, if you have to 😉 but remember – it will be good for your relationship!)
  2. You then work your way through the questions, one by one. You will both answer each question, but simply take it in turns, alternating who answers each one first… Or, if you prefer, you can write your yes or no answers down and reveal them at the same time!
  3. Now just because these are yes or no questions, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever discuss the answers in more depth! The only rule is – the answer comes first. You both then decide if you want / need to discuss it any further!

Sounds good? Alright then. Let’s move onto the “juicy stuff!”…

Yes or No Questions couples questions

100 Yes or No Questions For Couples (You Really Should Ask!)

So, without further ado, let’s get stuck straight in.

Here’s 100 essential yes or no questions for couples (that you really should ask!)

WARNING: Some of these questions may feel pretty confronting, but it’s good to open the conversation up.

Yes or No Questions For Couples

1) Are you happy in this relationship?

2) Have you ever been happier with someone else? (In a past relationship?)

(This is certainly a tough relationship question, but sometimes it’s the tough ones that you need to ask. And with yes or no questions – at least you finally get a straight answer!)

3) Do I make you feel as loved as you want / need to feel?

4) Do you love me as much as you know that you should?

(If he doesn’t love you anymore, or doesn’t quite feel the same way – now’s his time to say… As hard as that is to do!)

5) Is there anything you think we NEED to change in our relationship, in order for us to last long-term?

6) Are there things that you really WANT to change, in our relationship?

BONUS: If yes – have you tried to work on them with me yet?

7) Do you think you met me at the right time, when you were looking for the right things?

8) Do you trust me?

(This is one of the most-asked yes or no questions for couples, as it’s something that is so commonly dodged! Get straight to the point… “Do you trust me or not?!”)

9) Do you think that you have ever given me a reason NOT to trust you?

(This includes things that I may or may not be aware of, and you should also weigh up whether they were “bad” enough to break trust, plus whether the trust was fully re-built after that.)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

10) Do you think that I trust you?

11) Do you think that I have ever given you a reason NOT to trust me? 

12) When it comes to being faithful – do you think we share the same standards and values?

13) Can you see a life-long future with me?

14) Do you feel like I’m “the one” for you?

(This is a very big question – if answered honestly – and it’s very different to whether they can simply see a future with you. With this, there can be no “if’s” or “but’s”, so it’s a pretty big deal!)

15) Do you feel like you really know me, and understand me?

16) Do you ever feel misunderstood by me?

17) Would you say we are truly compatible?

18) Do you think we want the same things in life?

19) … And do you think we want these same things, at the same time?!

(This can be broken down into further yes or no relationship questions, based on the specific things that you know you want. For example…)

important questions to ask in a relationship

Yes or No Questions For Couples

20) Do you want to get married?

(Feel free to add a timeframe in. E.G. In the next 2 years / 5 years / 10 years.)

21) Do you want to have children?

(Again, time-frames are always encouraged. The best yes or no questions for couples are the most specific ones, so that you avoid any miscommunication or confusion.)

22) Do you want to move in with me? / Or buy a house with me?

(This is an interesting one if you’re unsure if you’re ready to move in together or take that next, permanent step of buying.)

23) Am I the kind of person you pictured yourself with?

24) Do I meet all of your wants and needs in a relationship?

25) Have you ever thought about breaking up with me?

Moving Onto Some Lighter Ones Now Then…

26) Is chilling together, after work, spending quality time together, do you think?

27) Do you think we get enough quality time in our relationship? (As a whole.)

28) Do you think we spend TOO much time together?

29) Are there times when you feel like you need some space from me?

30) Do you feel like you can fully open up to me?

31) Do you ever avoid bringing things up with me, for fear of my reaction?

32) Have we got the balance right in our relationship, in terms of juggling different things?

33) Do you think we have the right dynamics in our relationship?

(EG there’s not just one person who wears the pants in the relationship and it’s not that the relationship is one sided.)

34) Is our relationship – as a whole – pretty healthy?

35) Has our relationship moved too fast?

(Don’t panic if so – there’s plenty of ways to slow down a relationship… Ways which also don’t feel painfully difficult, too!)

how do you know how your partner feels about your relationship

Yes or No Questions For Couples

36) Is our relationship now moving forward at the pace that you’d like?

37) Do you think we’re comfortable in each other’s company? Or almost too comfortable even?!

38) Do you think we have enough fun together?

(Remember, keeping your relationship fun & exciting is vitally important!)

39) Do you think we laugh enough together?

(As again – there are many benefits of laughing in a relationship!)

40) Can our relationship be serious when it needs to be?

41) Have there ever been times where you’ve been worried about our relationship ending? Or worried that I might break up with you?

42) Do you feel like you’ve been able to fully and completely, let your guard down with me?

43) Would you feel okay crying in front of me?

44) Do you think our emotional connection is strong enough?

45) Do you think our physical connection is strong enough?

(In fact, if connection is important to you – you can go through all the different types of connections and add these into your couples yes or no questions!)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

46) Do you think we both evenly GIVE the same amount in this relationship? Or put the same amount into it?

47) Do you think we BOTH have made sacrifices for this relationship?

48) Have you ever been worried about the two of us growing apart?

49) Is it okay to tell white lies in a relationship?

50) Do you find it difficult to admit mistakes in a relationship?

51) Do you think you’re a good listener?

52) And do you feel like I genuinely listen to what I say?

53) Do you feel like you can read me, in terms of knowing what I’m thinking or how I’ll behave? (You can actually go one step further and try this out by asking some hypothetical couples questions too!)

54) Do you feel like we’re effective at dealing with conflict?

Yes or No Questions For Couples

Yes or No Questions For Couples

55) Are you able to let things go in a relationship?

56) Do you find it difficult to communicate how you feel to me?

57) … And do you think you tell me you love me enough?!

58) Do you feel secure in our relationship?

59) Has our relationship changed – more for the better than for the worst – since we first got together?

60) Do you genuinely feel like your feelings for me are growing stronger and stronger as time goes on?

61) Could we becoming more like friends?

62) Do you feel like you’re able to deal with your emotions so that they don’t impact our relationship?

63) Can you keep work stresses / life stresses, out of our relationship, so that doesn’t take its toll too? 

64) Are you scared of getting hurt?

65) Do you find commitment scary?

66) Do you ever struggle with jealousy in our relationship?

67) Do you have a habit of pushing people away?

What Else Have We Got?…

68) Are there things that you’ve neglected, that you don’t want to, for this relationship?

69) Do you also feel like you can still do everything you want, aside from me? 

70) Do you feel close to me right now?

BONUS: And does talking about our relationship, make you feel closer to me?

71) Do you think I moan at you often?! Or “go on to you” about much?!

(This is a bad habit in a relationship, that’s so easy to slip into! And moaning for no reason is certainly something you want to get out of… But the first step? Identifying it!)

72) Do you think that your family approve of me?

73) And do you feel like you fit in well with my family and friends?

74) Do you think we have seen the BEST of each other?

75) Do you think we have also seen – at times – the WORST of each other?

essential questions to ask in a relationship

General Yes or No Questions For Couples

76) Do you think it’s easy to know when you first fall in love?

77) Is there a difference between loving someone, and being “in love”

78) Is romantic love the most important love of all?

79) Do you think being in a relationship, puts you in a vulnerable position?

80) Do you think the way your family loves has affected the way in which you love?

81) Would you say that “love at first sight” is an actual, genuine thing?!

82) Is there such thing as soul-mates?

83) Do you think it’s easy to love one person and one person alone, for your entire life?

84) Do you think it’s easy to fall out of love?

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

85) Does how long that you’ve known a person, make a difference in terms of how deep a love is?

86) As a whole, do you think cheating should be forgiven?

87) Do you think emotional affairs are as bad as physical affairs?

88) Do you understand why some people may cheat?

89) Can you be in love with multiple people at the same time?!

90) Do you think it’s okay to lie to your partner to protect them?

91) Do you believe that people can change for love?

92) And should love change you?

93) Should people change themselves to find love? Or change certain things?

Direct questions to ask your partner

Yes or No Questions For Couples

94) Can a person move on from an ex in a matter of days or weeks?

95) Is it okay to still talk to your ex, when you’re in a new relationship?

96) Can you be friends with an ex, right after a breakup?

97) Do you think it’s okay to date a friend’s ex?!

98) Can you be in love with someone you’ve never had a relationship with? 

99) Can a relationship ever be perfect? Does such perfection exist when it comes to love?

100) Are there any questions about love, or our relationship, that you’d like to ask me?!

(Spin it around now! See what they’ve got! And don’t forget – this list is just a base, a starting point. You can always make up your own couples yes or no questions too!)

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 100 essential yes or no questions for couples

First, we focused predominantly on your relationship (to get the straight, honest answers you need)…

Then we finished off with some more general yes or no questions for couples, to confirm how closely your morals / values / thoughts / beliefs align.

I hope you’ve found this valuable, and that you’re now able to use this as inspiration for your own couples yes or no questions.

Remember – it can be tough, opening up difficult conversations. But it’s important… And can only lead to building a stronger, happier relationship for you both.

It’s GOOD to have some deep questions to ask your boyfriend. So be brave! Go for it! And be honest & open in your responses too.

Wishing you all the best.


Yes or No Questions For Couples
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