Do you want to create an extraordinary life, filled with true love, happiness and fulfilment?

Then my friends, you’ve come to the right place! Forgetting Fairytales is a Dating, Relationship and Personal Development blog that focuses on helping you become the person you really want to be and attract the love you really deserve. It’s about becoming the happiest, most confident version of yourself, finding the person who’s genuinely right for you, and then building a meaningful, long-lasting relationship that will grow with you, as you do.

Forgetting Fairytales

The difference is, we’re not leaving it down to chance here. We all deserve that ‘happily ever after’ but real life doesn’t work like a fairytale. Relationships take work, from two people who are truly compatible. They also need to come from the right place. So whether you’re…


It’s about getting you through a breakup, helping you to heal, making sure you’ve dealt with any past issues or limiting beliefs.

We then want you to reach the point of being happily single, learning to not only survive but THRIVE on your own! We want you to start living your life to the absolute full and making the most of your freedom… which means doing all the things you want to do (and more!)

You shouldn’t be desperately searching for someone to ‘complete you.’ This time should be all about you, your journey of self-discovery and a huge stage of growth.


When you’re ready to start thinking about meeting someone new, we’re going to be right by your side! We’ll help you to learn from your past relationships, use it to figure out the kind of person you’re looking for now, and help you to become the person you not only need to be – but know that you really are.

There will be dating tips, dating advice, guides – literally everything you need and more to get through the trials and tribulations of dating in the twenty first century… and actually end up enjoying it! There’s just one rule: to never settle. In fact, by the end of it, I guarantee you will find ‘true love’ – just without all the cliches.

In a Relationship...

Moving onto relationships now, it’s time to make them everything you’ve ever wanted and more. No-ones perfect, just like no relationship is either. But it’s about facing challenges together, working through any issues and learning & growing as a couple, so that you become stronger.

We want to expand your knowledge, help you to become the best partner that you can be and build the deepest, most fulfilling relationship with the right person.

And if it turns out you’re in the wrong relationship – we’ll give you the courage to walk away and start afresh.

Then at the core of all of that, there’s wellness and personal development. This is ongoing, no matter what stage of your life you’re in. Why? Because this is what’s going to help you become the best version of yourself: personally, professionally, socially, financially, and of course, within your relationships. I truly believe that we are all capable – and worthy of – an extraordinary life. We can make all of our dreams come true – but not by wishing, by taking action. Start writing your story. Before that? I guess you might like to hear a little about mine…


Now we’ve got the blog concept out the way, I guess it would be a pretty good idea to introduce myself. My names Ell, and I’m your fairy godmother… Joking! Like we believe in that. But I would genuinely love to support you on your journey because for me personally – I’ve had a pretty rocky one when it comes to love. In fact, I think it’s fair to say I’ve not had the best track record with men.

At the age of fifteen, I was assaulted by someone I thought I could trust. It was a huge trauma that forced me to hit rock bottom, questioning everything and everyone. I then got into my first serious relationship at sixteen, hoping to heal, only for it to break down two years down the line, being told he’d also cheated on me. Brilliant. A real kick in the stomach. By nineteen then, I thought my luck was turning… I met a man who would finally make me feel whole again. I got engaged at twenty two, was planning my dream wedding set to be married by twenty five and truly felt ready to settle down and start a family. Only it didn’t get that far… because my hopes were ripped apart, I discovered just lie after lie and was forced to walk away and re-build myself once more. Uh huh, epic sob story, I know… 

But actually, everything that’s happened has only helped to shape me into the strong, determined woman I am today. My views haven’t been tainted, I’m still a hopeful romantic, only now, I also have a load of kick-ass knowledge to go with it. Why? Because I’ve finally been able to learn from my past experiences, I’ve realised the mistakes I’ve made, I’ve taken responsibility for my mind & my life and have turned all my past struggles into strength.

After countless hours of learning, developing, studying and growing, I’m excited to share everything I’ve learnt. I want to support you on your personal journey – starting with first, loving yourself, second, finding someone worthy of giving your love too, and then third – making that love last. So what do you say? Are you in or are you in?