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Feeling heartbroken? Struggling to get over your ex? Want to feel happy and whole again? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Breakup Section of Forgetting Fairytales covers “all things breakups”, helping you to heal and grow.

How To Improve Yourself After a Breakup

How To Improve Yourself After a Breakup

Want to become a better person after a breakup? Learn from your mistakes? Focus on growing as a person from your past relationship? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how to improve yourself after a breakup, turning – what could be seen as – a negative, into a positive, and feeling far happier…

How To Feel Better After a Breakup

How To Feel Better After a Breakup

Tired of hurting? Want to know how to feel better after a breakup? Want to know what you have to do and what it truly takes? Then here’s 20 steps to feel better after a breakup. If you follow this – step by step – you will feel not just back to your “normal self”…


Feeling bogged down by dating? Want to meet the right person? Have better experiences? Find “the one” to build a life with? Then you’re in luck. See once you’ve learnt “How To Become Happily Single”, the Dating Section of Forgetting Fairytales, includes our Top Dating Advice to help you find love, far faster and easier, and attract (then keep) the kind of relationship you really want and deserve.


Having issues in your relationship? Or perhaps you’re simply looking to strengthen it? Then our Relationship Section includes groundbreaking Relationship Advice, focusing on building healthier, happier, long-lasting relationships that grow with you as you do. We’ve also got plenty of Date Ideas and Couples Questions & Games to keep you entertained along the way too… So you’ll never be short of ways to have fun & connect!

How To Show Someone You Love Them

How To Show Someone You Love Them

How do you show you love someone, with more than just words? How do you show someone you love them with actions – and the actions that will mean the most to them? Well my friends, in this post – we’re going to break it all down. Here’s how to show someone you love them,…

Tough Relationship Questions

50 Tough Relationship Questions

Sometimes, you have to ask the tough questions (even if you don’t necessarily want to hear the answers), to address the things you need to, and come out of it stronger. Tough relationship questions can therefore build trust, encourage openness, improve communication and overall, create a happier, healthier relationship.  The thing is, couples can often…


Last but not least, it’s all about Self Love. See, no matter where you are or what your relationship status, self-love is an essential, ongoing practice and area of development, that cannot be forgotten about when creating YOUR OWN happily ever after. So browse our Signature Self Love Section on Forgetting Fairytales, for guides, ideas and inspiration to fill your own heart with more love and happiness than ever before!