20 Best Funny Wedding Gifts

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Looking for funny wedding gift ideas? “Little extras” that you can give to the Bride and Groom to make them laugh after their big day? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 20 (totally original!) funny wedding gifts to give your newlywed friends!

Pair this with something special, or give them some money towards the wedding (as a kind gesture). You then have the perfect mix of funny and sweet! #TotallyNailedIt

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Top 20 Funny Wedding Gifts

Let’s get stuck straight in, shall we? Here’s some of our all-time favourite funny wedding gifts, to get the inspiration flowing…

1) Hangover Survival Kit

So we’ve got to kick off the funny wedding gifts list with this Hangover Survival Kit. I mean, could there be anything more relevant!?

After one-too-many Proseccos, celebrating the night before, the newlyweds will thank their lucky stars to get this kit the following morning when they’re opening their presents and cards!

Just be sure to also grab Hangover Supplies to fill inside. It’s a fun, thoughtful, but actually very-much needed gift!

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2) The Newlywed’s Instruction Manual

Next up, it’s the Newlywed’s Instruction Manual and this is one of the BEST funny wedding gifts as it’s so hilariously unexpected (but again, actually pretty handy!)

You’ve exchanged your vows, cut the cake, and danced your first dance. Now what? The wedding may be over but the marriage has just begun.

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3) Wine “Protectors”

Now, we all know what’s supposed to happen on the wedding night, which is why this one makes such a perfectly fitting wedding gift!

As the new Bride and Groom open it, they’ll be like, “they got me… WHAT?!” only to realise it’s not what they think!

See this is simply a different way to protect wine (that’s been half opened!) It’s practical, fun and guaranteed to get laughs!

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4) Reversible Couples Pillow

On a similar note, we’ve got these hilarious “Tonight” / “Not Tonight” pillows, because – let’s be fair – married life can not always be quite as romantic as in the early days and, well, we all need a break sometimes!

It’s original, certainly won’t be what the Bride & Groom expected to get, and therefore makes a great funny wedding gift!

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5) Funny His & Her Apron Set

Another of our favourite funny wedding gifts are these hilarious Set of Two Aprons!

They joke that it’s “all down hill” after the wedding day, right? After all, it’s too easy to get comfortable and “let yourself go” a little bit.

But with these “bad boys” none of that matters as you’ll always have that dream body! (That’s the thought process behind this wedding gift anyway!)

[Click Here To Shop] – it could genuinely come in handy! 😉

6) “Joined At The Hip” Undies For Two

Want to make a joke about how they’ll now be “joined at the hip!?” Then these Undies For Two will do the trick! It’s a fun, novelty present, but one which makes a super funny wedding gift. Well worth checking out. [Click Here To Shop]

7) Funny Husband & Wife Mugs

Now, pretty-much EVERYONE loves their morning coffee, but make sure they get the facts straight with these hilarious Husband & Wife mugs (perfect for newly weds!)

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8) Married Life Colouring Book

Now married life will not always be plain sailing. There are SURE to be moments of intense frustration, so get your newly weds prepared with this hilarious little Married Life Colouring Book.

With creative designs like, “Takes out the trash, acts like he’s cleaned the whole house!” and other relatable phrases; this gift certainly breaks up the other “classic” wedding gifts they’ll be getting, and will 100% bring a few giggles! Talking of which…

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9) New Husband & Wife VooDoo Doll

If you’ve got a fiery couple “on your hands”, then one of the best funny wedding gifts you can get them is this New Husband & Wife Voodoo Doll set. Now hold up, hold up, I know it sounds a little scary! But it’s only lighthearted really! You have funny phrases to prod to, like:

  • “Take the trash out yourself!”
  • “Don’t squeeze my love handles!”
  • “Tell me you love me!”
  • “Kick your Mother out!”

It’s hilarious, original, and a brilliant addition to any wedding gift!

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10) Marital Bliss Game

Want to get your newly weds prepared with a funny wedding gift that EASES the stress, as opposed to highlighting it?!

Then this Marital Bliss Game will do the trick!

Full of missions and rewards, it’s a fun game they can actually play… whilst also giving it as the gesture like “you may need this!”

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Funny Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples

11) I Do, I Do What She Says

Now we all know who the REAL boss is… in pretty much every relationship (why, it’s the woman of course!), which is why these “I Do” / “I Do What She Says” glasses are such a funny wedding gift idea!

We clearly know which way around they’re meant to go, but allow them to “battle it out” and choose! On that note…

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12) Funny “What My Wife Wants” T-Shirt (For Him)

Is the Groom worried about being “whipped” when he reaches married life? Then wind him up with this hilarious tee!

“I’m a grown ass man, I do what I want… (Cross through I want and replaced with…) MY WIFE WANTS!”

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13) His Money, Her Money, Piggy Bank

What happens after a wedding? Well, things become EVEN MORE official, financially. “What’s yours is mine” as they say!

A funny wedding gift is therefore this connecting His Money, Her Money, Piggy Bank – personalised by name. Anything the Groom drops in, goes to the Bride instead. (Oops!)

It’s original, unexpected and will certainly stir up a few laughs!

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14) Customised Wedding Bobbleheads

Now if you want a funny wedding gift that will REALLY surprise them, you might want to go “all out” with a Customised Bobble Head of them!

Just check you know what the dress and suit will look like, send the designer a picture of their faces, and they will be BLOWN AWAY with one of these to open after the big day.

It’s unique, special… and kind of funny having a little mini version of you! The question will be: “should we put it on the mantlepiece or bedroom?!”

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15) Funny Just Married Socks (For Him)

What other funny wedding gifts have we got? Well, we can’t get enough of these “Game Over” Just Married socks!

They make a great “little extra” funny gift to add in for newly-wed couples. (And are even better if the Bride / Groom likes gaming!)

By as a pair, or just for him / her. As we’ve also got some other cool things to go with it…

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16) Funny Honeymoon T-Shirt (For Her)

If you’re getting the Groom some funny “Just Married” apparel, then we’ve also got to throw this funny honeymoon t-shirt into the mix!

This is great for the down-to-earth couple (who would actually wear this!) “I got one!” it reads!

It’s just perfect for when jetting off after the big day.

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17) Couples “Just Married” T-Shirts

Looking for matching honeymoon t-shirts that the two of them can both take away (and egg each other on to wear!)? Then these personalised ones certainly do the trick!

Put the date and the surname on, and challenge them to wear them abroad! If not, they’ll still make a great keepsake, so it’s a funny wedding gift that really is a win-win!

[Click Here To Shop] – Available in 29 different designs/ styles.

18) Silly “Just Married” Socks

Another simple, yet brilliant set that you can get for couples are these Silly “Just Married” Socks. Need we say more? I think not! [Click Here To Shop]

19) Married AF Candle

Talking of cute little added extras, this “Married AF” candle is sure to bring a smile to your Bride and Groom’s face…

In fact, every time they then go on to light it, they’ll be able to say, “That’s right, that’s us!”

It’s sweet, fun, yet straight-talking, which always brings the funny factor!

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20) Marriage Survival Kit

Last but not least, let’s round up our funny wedding gift ideas with the Marriage Survival Kit.

Packed full of games and goodies, you can never go wrong with this one!

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So There We Have It…

That rounds up our top 20 favourite funny wedding gifts. Which ones took your fancy? Or personally made you laugh / smile? As that’s the route you want to go down!

Hope this has helped to make your wedding-present-buying that little bit easier.

Good luck!


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