Why You NEED a Christmas Self Love Advent Calendar for 2023

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Looking for different advent calendars? Ones that are GUARANTEED to bring love and joy, day after day?! Then a Christmas Self Love Advent Calendar is most certainly the answer! 

Whether you’re buying one, or making your own (for free!), here’s everything you need to know about these one-of-a-kind advent calendars and why – actually – it couldn’t be a better idea for Christmas 2023!

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What Is a Self Love Advent Calendar?

So, first off, if you’ve never heard of them before, you might be wondering – what on earth is a Self Love Advent Calendar?

Well, it’s just one of the many different types of advent calendars around nowadays. Only instead of your daily chocolates or treats, you get a daily self love gift.

This can be anything – from physical products that encourage self love / self care; right the way to digital self love products that get you better practicing habits that increase the level of love you have for yourself.

They’re a pretty new thing, there’s no doubt about that. They’ve come out in line with the rise of online advent calendars as a whole. So why might you want one?

Self Love Advent Calendar

What Are The Benefits Of Them?

A self love advent calendar offers is one of the best “gifts that keeps on giving” when you create or buy the right one. See, a good self love advent calendar will:

  • Genuinely increase your levels of self love!
  • Increase your happiness and confidence.
  • Break BAD habits that are holding you back!
  • Make you feel good in yourself in a way that actually lasts!

It’s focused, specific, and offers so much more value than many of the other advent calendars, that just fill you up with an extra treat a day, or stock you up with a meaningless gift.

(I mean, don’t get me wrong – if it was a Lindt Advent Calendar or a Premium Beauty Box Advent Calendar, I’d definitely be tempted! But the same advent calendars year in year out, can certainly tire!)

How Do I Make a Self Love Advent Calendar?

You can make your own self love advent calendar by reading – and then applying – techniques from self love articles and pulling together a selection of self love gifts to treat yourself to.

For instance, we love this “little reminders” keychain and can’t get enough of this stunning self love ring (how beautiful and meaningful is that?!)

You also can’t beat this hilarious “You’ve F***ing Got This” Hidden Message Bracelet” and these Bad B*tches Self Love Affirmation Cards are guaranteed to lift you up.

However, no matter how good these products are, this does – undoubtably – take away the element of surprise when you have to put it together yourself.

So – the alternative is – you may like to do this with a family member or friend…


Then you create a self love advent calendar for them, and they can create one for you. This tends to work better. Other than that you might like to look to buy a ready-made one…

Self Love Advent Calendar

Where Can I Buy a Self Love Advent Calendar?

Now, luckily – we couldn’t have made it easier for you! Over at Forgetting Fairytales Coaching, we’ve created our very own Self Love Advent Calendar for 2023.

This includes:

  • 25 Days of Self Love Gifts from 1st December – 25th December (including a bonus gift on Christmas Day, itself!)
  • PLUS: When you enrol, you’ll also gain 1 month FREE ACCESS to Forgetting Fairytales Private Community. Here, you’ll connect with everyone else taking on the Advent Calendar Challenge, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can keep you accountable and really help you to “feel the love” for yourself this festive season!

See, we’ve pulled together the most powerful self love guided activities and resources to create an advent calendar that’s both fun and incredibly effective!

So what are you waiting for? Find out full details by visiting our store, and make your decision from there!

Special Launch Offer

PSST: ACT FAST! To celebrate the launch of Forgetting Fairytales Coaching Online – we’re offering 75% OFF all products in October, 50% OFF in November and 25% OFF in December. So sign up now for a price that will never be beaten!

That’s All For This One

Feeling inspired? And tempted to try a self love advent calendar this year? I hope so!

If you have any questions beforehand, be sure to drop them in the comments box below. If not, I look forward to welcoming you to our community and joining you from 1st December 2023.

(That’s right, I’ll be there, chatting along with you!)

My very best wishes…


Self Love Advent Calendar
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  1. A self love advent calendar… Amazing. I found this on Pinterest and I have immediately signed up! It’s sounds like just what I need and I can’t wait to start using it during the holiday season!


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