101+ (Heartfelt!) Questions To Ask Your Mom

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Looking for different questions to ask your Mom? Heartfelt questions to ask your Mom? Want to keep getting to know your Mom better, strengthening your bond and becoming closer? Then you’re in the right place! Here’s 101 heartfelt questions to ask your Mom…

101+ Heartfelt Questions To Ask Your Mom

In no particular order, here’s 101+ heartfelt questions to ask your Mom, mixing up:

  • Questions about your Mom’s past.
  • Questions which get your Mom sharing her views.
  • Advice questions, that you can always then treasure forever.

Try asking at least one of these questions, every time you see your Mom. It will mean the world to her, to have you taking an interest like this.

These questions are also designed to be the starting point, to inspire other questions you may have. So use them to see where the conversation takes you, and take it all in (and more!)

Questions To Ask Your Mom About Her Past

So without further ado, let’s get stuck in. When it comes to heartfelt questions to ask your Mom, you may like to find out things like…

1) How would you describe your childhood? What were the best things, and the hardest things, about growing up, for you?

2) What was you like as a child? Describe your character!

3) What was you like as a teenager? Describe your character!

4) How did you celebrate your birthday growing up? And what has been your best birthday to date?

5) How did you find school? And what was you like at school?

6) What was your most favourite and least favourite subject at school? And why?

7) Did you have any pets growing up? And what were they like?

8) What nicknames have you had over the years? IDEA: Let’s give each other new nicknames now – secret ones, with secret meanings, between just the two of us!

9) Who has been the best friend you’ve ever had? And why? What did you / do you love most about that friendship?

10) What hobbies did you have growing up? And are there any hobbies you’d like to try or get back into, now?

questions for your mom

Sweet & Funny Questions To Ask Your Mom

11) When did you learn to drive? What was that like? Did you find it difficult?! And what was your first car?!

12) What was your fashion sense like, when you were in your “prime” younger years?

13) Do you think we’d have been friends, if we’d have both grown up together? Why / why not?!

14) What are your happiest memories as a child / teenager?

15) What are your happiest memories of your years in your 20’s / 30’s / 40’s etc? Let’s go through the years and stages and what you enjoyed the most!

16) What are your happiest memories with me? What things have we done before, which you’ve enjoyed the most? (After all, there’s plenty of fun things to do with your Mom, so it’s nice to look back and reminisce!)

17) Have you done much dating over the years? Or have many long term relationships? What did you learn about love and relationships, early on?

18) How do you think you’ve changed and grown over the years?

19) What was you like when you were the age that I am, right now?

20) What was your first job? Your favourite job? Your worst job? And your dream job?!

Deep Questions To Ask Your Mom

21) What would you say you are truly passionate about?

22) What would you say are your most important values / morals? And how do you try to live your life by these?

23) What do you think are the most exciting things about life? And what excites you the most? Name 3 things you’re excited for!

24) What kind of things make you laugh the most? Describe some of the times that you’ve laughed so much, you’ve cried!

25) What are you most grateful in your life right now? And are there any things you’d like more of?

26) If you could go back to any time in your life, what year would it be, what would you most want to do and why?

27) If you had your whole life ahead of you, is there anything you’d do differently, knowing what you know now, then?

28) What were the biggest lesson that you learned growing up?

29) What have been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the last 5-10 years?

30) What does family mean to you?

Interesting Questions To Ask Your Mom

31) What was your pregnancy like, with me? And how did you feel?

32) What was it like giving birth to me? How did that go?!

33) How did you feel when you first held me in your arms?

34) How would you describe me as a child?

35) What do you see, when you look at me now?

36) What are some earliest memories you have of me, that you’ll never forget?

37) What were some of the hardest times, raising me? And what were the most rewarding?

38) Do you have any regrets, or things you’d do differently if you could go back now, when it comes to Motherhood?

39) What’s one thing that you didn’t expect about motherhood?!

40) What wishes would you have for me, if I become a mother?

41) What do you feel most proud of, in your life?

42) What do you feel proud of me for?

Questions To Ask Your Mom

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

43) Do you ever see yourself in me? In what ways?

44) What were your parents like? What did they do? How would you best describe them? And what was your relationship like with them?

45) What was your relationship like with the rest of your family? Siblings? Cousins? Aunts? Uncles? Grandparents even? Who were you most and least closest to?

46) What were your happiest childhood memories with your family, growing up?

47) In what ways do you think your parents shaped who you are? And in what ways do you think you are similar and different to them?

48) What have been some of your happiest memories with me, so far?

49) How would you describe our relationship? How close do you feel to me? Would you / could you feel closer at all? If so, how?

50) How did you meet Dad? What were your first encounters / conversations like?

51) How do you think that you and Dad have changed and grow, both individually and together, over the years?

We’re Half Way Through…

52) How would you best describe Dad?

53) What made you fall in love with Dad? How did you first know when you was in love with Dad? And what do you love about him the most, now?

54) How would you describe what your relationship with Dad has been like?

55) How did you get through the biggest challenges / hardest times in your relationship? And what advice would you give to me, when it comes to overcoming difficulties in a relationship?

56) How did you get engaged? And what was it like being engaged? Did you enjoy that stage?!

57) What were the best, most memorable, happiest parts of your wedding day?

58) When did you know that you were ready to have kids? And how do you think I would / will know, when it’s right? (Does it start with the signs he secretly wants you pregnant, or?!)

59) What kind of mother do you think I would be?

60) In what ways do you think I am similar and different, to both you and Dad? And do you notice any similarities between me and my Grandparents or other relatives?

questions to ask your parents

Deep Questions To Ask Your Mom

61) What is your biggest regret in life? And how could you turn that into a positive?

62) How did you choose my name? Does it have any significant meaning to you?

63) What kind of parent have you always wanted to be? What’s been important to you, when it comes to raising me? What standards / expectations did you put on yourself for motherhood?

64) What would you say is the best way to get through difficult times? What would you want me to always do / remember, when times get tough?

65) What would you say is the best way to be able to truly appreciate the good times? How do you remain grateful, every day?

66) What do you think is the “secret” to living a happy life? And what does happiness look like to you?

67) What are your views on money? And how would you define success?

68) If you could change anything about me (in the nicest of ways!), what would you change and why?

69) What things do you want me to know or remember about myself?

70) What things do you think I am still yet to learn, and how would you say I could best prepare for these?

71) Who were / are your role models and why? Who did you look up to when you were younger? And who do you look up to now?

Interesting Questions To Ask Your Mom

72) What have been the biggest things that have shaped who you are today?

73) What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done? And are there any wild things you’d like to do now?! (Idea: maybe make a 3 wild things – mother and daughter bucket list! Take inspiration from these crazy date ideas.)

74) What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?! And how did you get out of it?

75) What’s been the funniest yet most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?!

76) How many different countries have you travelled to? And what has been the best holiday(s) you’ve ever been on? And, why?

77) What would the perfect day look like to you? Describe it!

78) What would your ideal future look like from here? Describe it!

79) What are 3 things you wish that you knew, when you were my age? Or 3 pieces of advice you’d have given yourself?

80) What have been some of your biggest insecurities over the years? How have you overcome them? What advice would you give to me when it comes to feeling confident in who I am?

81) What do you like most and least about yourself? And why? 

82) What do you think are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? And your best and worst habits? Are there any habits you’d like to develop, or wished you developed sooner?

Questions To Ask Your Mom

Cute Questions To Ask Your Mom

83) What are the nicest complements you’ve ever been given? (Idea – write down three complements on a piece of paper and give them to each other!)

84) What’s your favourite photo of yourself when you were younger? And your favourite photo of yourself now? How about your favourite photo of the two of us? And your favourite photo of our family?

85) What would you best want to be remembered for? And how would you hope to be seen / described? (In hundreds of years to come!)

86) Let’s talk about favourites! What is your favourite: song, movie, book, tv programme, food, drink, animal, etc. These can inspire some great “this or that” questions.

87) What would you say is your “speciality” when it comes to classic home-cooked meals you make?

88) Is there anything you always wanted to do, but never did? If so, why didn’t you? And what 3 things would you say you really want to do in your life from here? (It could be anything at all, big or small!)

89) What’s the biggest risks you’ve ever taken? And what advice would you give to me when it comes to taking risks?

90) What moments have I hurt you the most? Vs. When have I made you feel the most loved? (Young or “old”!)

91) What’s your favourite quote / motto to live by?

92) What makes you feel truly happy? Truly loved? Truly appreciated? And how could I make you feel all of these things?

feel closer to your mom

Onto The Last Ones…

93) Have there been any moment or event that radically changed the way you saw the world? Or any jaw-dropping moments that you could barely believe were real – in the best or worst ways? (Try to find balance and focus on both.)

94) How do you best deal with stress / anxiety / pressure? Throw out a difficult emotion and discuss all! (Let’s talk about top tips for building emotional stability!)

95) If you could change one thing about the world / make one major positive impact, what would it be and why?

96) Are there any mistakes you’ve made in your life, that you’d never want me to make? Or any decisions you wish you’d taken, that you wouldn’t want me to miss out on?

97) What was life like “back in the day” and how is it different to how the world is now, or how it may look in the future? (For better or for worse!)

98) Let’s talk about beliefs! Do you believe in… Ghosts? Aliens? Soul mates? Love at first sight? Life after death? (Throw out anything and everything!)

99) What have been the best and worst parts about getting older?

100) What are your biggest hopes for me, my life and my future? 

101) Share 3 things I don’t know about you, which may surprise me!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 101 heartfelt questions to ask your Mom, as a nice starting point.

I hope this has helped to inspire far more, meaningful conversations for the two of you.

Which question was your favourite? Drop it down in the comments box below.


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  1. One question I would love to ask my mom is about her experience during her pregnancy with me and her feelings at the time. We’ve never talked about this and I’m curious! Some really great ideas in here, thank you so much for sharing!


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