101+ (Seriously!) Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends

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Looking for juicy questions to ask your friends, to keep conversation that little bit spicy? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 101+ (seriously!) juicy questions for friends.

So whether you’re playing a game of truth or dare; or are just hanging out with friends and want some different conversation starters to mix things up – we’ve got it all covered and more.

Just be sure to SHARE this article with them, so they know you’re not randomly asking them these juicy questions out of the blue!

Rules When Asking These Juicy Questions For Friends

Now – before we get into it – some of these juicy questions to ask your friends are a bit “out there”. Therefore, the rules, going into this are:

You don’t have to answer any questions you’re not comfortable answering!

In fact, if you’re looking for juicy questions for friends as you’d like to turn it into a game, consider giving them THREE question “pass cards”

That way, they can decide to skip a question if they want or need.

Don’t add any pressure. This is all just for fun! Agreed? Agreed! Awesome. Then let’s get stuck in with these juicy questions for your friends, shall we?

After all, we, humans will make hundreds of friends in their lifetime, but only 1 in 12 friendships will last. The best way to make friendships long-lasting? Bonding with fun questions like these!

Juicy Questions For Your Friends

101+ Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends

In no particular order, now then, here’s 101+ juicy questions to ask your friends, broken down into three key categories:

  1. Questions about them.
  2. Questions about love and relationships.
  3. Funny juicy questions (because well, what’s not to love about them!)

Then, as a BONUS, we’ve also thrown in some juicy questions to ask your friends, about you, at the end too. (Uh huh, I bet you weren’t expecting that one, right?!)

So be prepared to be entertained!

Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends About Themselves

So when it comes to juicy questions to ask your friends about themselves, you may want to throw out there, things like…

1) What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been caught doing? (And let’s say, it only counts if you were caught doing something you shouldn’t!)

2) How about the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever googled?!

3) What’s the most scandalous photo on your phone?!

4) What is genuinely, your biggest fear? (After all, juicy questions to ask your friends can be serious – they don’t all need to be funny or silly!)

5) Are you a jealous person? To what degree? What would you and wouldn’t you do?! Fess up!

6) What’s the FUNNIEST thing you’ve ever done to try to make someone jealous?

7) What’s the dorkiest thing about you? (This is likely to be something that most people don’t know!)

Here’s an Especially-Juicy One Now Then…

8) How much does your personality change when you’re around different people? Plus – what ways does it change, with who, and why?

9) What makes you feel sexy and CONFIDENT?! (Or do you have to start reading one of these books on building confidence, to top it up?!)

how to have a funny time with friends

10) How often do you find that you compare yourself to others?

11) Do you ever wish you were more like someone else? Who and why?

12) What’s one thing you wish more people saw / noticed about you?

13) Do you have any hidden skills / secret talents?!

(And come on – this isn’t small talk. We’re talking juicy questions to ask your friends here, so encourage them to DIG DEEPER to really reveal something you wouldn’t expect!)

14) What are your guilty pleasures?!

15) How about your pet peeves? What things secretly irritate you the most? And why?

16) How often do you bite your tongue and stop yourself from saying certain things in social situations?! And – BONUS – what’s the last thing you stopped yourself from saying?!

Do You Know The Answer To This One Already?…

17) Do you think you’re right or wrong more often?! And why?

18) Do you prefer being on your own, or around others more? How do you feel about alone time? And how do you usually spend it?!

19) How do you think your closest friends would describe you?

20) How would you most like to be described?

juicy friendship questions

21) If you could change 1-3 things about yourself, what would you change and why? (This may actually be a bit of an eye-opener for the friend listening to the answer!)

22) How would you describe your physical appearance / looks?

23) How would you define beauty, as a whole?!

24) What’s one of the most exciting things that have ever happened to you in your life?

25) What’s the SCARIEST thing that’s ever happened to you / you’ve ever experienced?

Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends About “Love” & Relationships

Moving onto the juicy questions to ask your friends about “love”, relationships and everything related, you may like to throw out there some questions like…

26) What’s the shortest relationship you’ve ever had? 

27) How about the longest relationship you’ve ever had? And did you think they were “the one”?

28) What do you think is the most attractive thing in a person? (Remember, there are ways to find someone more attractive, although we can’t deny – it’s easy to get set on a “type.”)

29) Do you think you have ever, or are still now, been too picky when dating? In what ways? What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve discounted someone for?!

30) Rate your dating skills from a scale of 1-10? What makes you a good date? (Or are you really just kind of awkward on them?!) Let’s discuss!

31) Have you ever had a “friend with benefits” and how did that work out?!

Saucy Questions

This One’s Guaranteed To Keep You Entertained…

32) What’s been your most embarrassing or disastrous date you’ve been on, to date?

33) Have you ever felt like you’ve fallen INSTANTLY & ridiculously head over heels in love with a person?! Smitten at first sight? Who? When? Why? Give us the details!

34) Do you believe in love at first sight? Why / why not?

35) Do you believe in soul mates? Why / why not?

36) What age do you want to “settle down”? What would you like to have in your life and relationships, and by when? Plus how likely do you think it is to happen?

(After all, there’s undeniably the key dating & relationship milestones, but it’s interesting to see if your friends see’s themself following these or not!)

37) Who has been the “hottest” person you’ve ever “pulled”? Describe them!

38) Have you ever sent someone a photo of you, without any clothes on?!

Let’s Throw It Back a Little Now…

39) Who was your first crush? And how old was you?!

40) Who’s the most EMBARRASSING crush you’ve ever had?! (Come on, fess up!)

41) Have you ever had a crush on your siblings friend?

42) Or have you ever had a crush on your friend’s sibling? (And which do you think is worse?!)

In fact, let’s turn this into a quick-fire round of juicy questions to ask your friends, all about… that’s right… CRUSHES!

Spicy Questions To Ask Your Friends

Have You Ever Had a Crush On…

43) A teacher?

44) Someone’s parent?!

45) Or worse – someone’s grandparent?!

46) Someone at least 10 years older than you?

47) Someone significantly younger than you? (Cougar!) 

48) An partner’s friend / sibling?

49) A friend’s partner / ex?!

50) A friend of your own?! (After all, it happens. You should notice the signs your male friend has feelings for you, too, you know!)

51) Your boss?

52) A colleague?

Spicy Questions

Back To The Juicy Questions…

53) What was your first kiss like? (Turn this into a funny dare for your friend, making them do a demonstration of what it was like!)

54) Have you ever thought you was in love, but when you look back, you realise you wasn’t?

55) How many times have you been dumped and how many times have you had to dump someone? (Remember, there are ways to reject someone nicely, it doesn’t always have to hurt SO bad!)

56) What’s the biggest lesson your last relationship taught you?

57) What was the first ever date you went on? What did you do and how did it go?!

58) How many people do you think you’ve kissed?

59) Do you think it’s okay to kiss on the first date? Why / why not?

60) Do you think you’re a good kisser? Rate your kissing skills out of 10 and back it up with the “techniques” that justify the score, just for a bit of fun!

61) Have you ever kissed someone who is the same gender as you?

62) Have you ever questioned your sexuality at all? (This may be a juicy question only really suitable for you and your closer friends. After all, it’s quite a deep question to ask!)

juicy friendship questions

Ready To Push The Boundaries a Little Bit?…

63) How many people have you slept with then?! (How about that for a seriously juicy question to ask your friends then?! Just make it clear – there’s no judgements here!)

64) What’s the riskiest place you’ve slept with someone?! (And please, please, don’t say it’s one of the fun places to hang out with friends!)

65) Have you ever had a one night stand?

66) How about a 3-some? And… umm… thoughts on it?!

67) What’s the WILDEST thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom? (Without going into so much detail that it grosses your mate out!)

68) Have you ever flirted with someone you shouldn’t? Who? When? Why?!

69) What’s your go-to flirting technique? (In fact – bring those dares out again! Challenge them to give you a demo!)

Funny Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends

Looking for some more funny juicy questions to ask your friends? Then we’ve got you covered. Why not ask something like…

70) What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received… And followed?!

71) How about the most ridiculous lie you’ve ever told?! (This is one of the more juicy questions to ask friends as it reveals how good of a liar, they really are – especially if they got away with it!)

72) What things do you secretly do when no-one’s looking?!

73) What’s something WEIRD that actually kind of turns you on?! (This question may take some serious honesty now! Hats off if your mates fess up!)

Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends

74) What’s the first thing you think of when you think about MEN?!

75) Who was the last person that you had a dirty thought about?

76) What’s the oddest fantasy that you’ve ever had?!

This One May Make Them CRINGE…

77) Have you ever caught your parents doing something they shouldn’t? Or something you seriously didn’t want to know about / think about?! (Now’s the time to bring it to light!)

78) How about your siblings? What’s the worst thing you’ve accidentally caught them doing? (This is an especially juicy question to ask your friends if you know their brother / sister, too!)

79) Is there anything hidden under your bed right now?

(And no, if you’re playing this game whilst hanging out with friends at home – this does not give you permission to check!)

80) Have you ever sent an embarrassing text to the wrong person by accident? Who did it go to, what did it say, and what was their reaction?!

81) Have you ever tried to “slide into someone’s DM”, only to be… well, kind of rejected?!

(There’s no shame here! I mean, it sucks being left on read, but it’s just the way it goes! At least you shooted your shot!)

82) How many selfies does it usually take to get the “perfect” selfie when you go to take a picture of yourself?

(In all seriousness though, you should totally work on feeling confident in the way that you look. One or two should actually be enough!)

Juicy Questions For Friends

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

83) What would your parents say if they went through your phone and looked through all of your photos?!

84) What was the last thing you got in trouble for?

85) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in public? And what made you want to do it?!

86) What’s the most bizarre text you’ve ever received? And from who? Why?

87) Have you ever done something embarrassing… But no-one ever found out?! Well, now’s the chance to get it out! (Ha!)

88) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done or would do, in your life?

89) What’s the most awkward silence you’ve ever had? With who? And why?!

90) What kind of small-talk do you think is the WORST and most mind-numbingly boring?! (Thankfully with these juicy questions, there will be none of that with you and your friends!)

Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends – About You!

And now for the final section – juicy questions to ask your friends about you…

91) What was your (honest!) first impression of me when we first met?

92) How do you think most people perceive me and why?

Juicy Questions To Ask Friends

93) In what ways do you think we’re similar, and in what ways do you think we’re very different?

94) Who do you think gets “checked out” more – you or me?

95) What do you admire most about me? And why?

96) If you could put me on a blind date with anyone, who would you choose and why?!

97) What do you think is my best and worst habit?!

98) Are there any things I do that secretly annoy you? (Ha! Make sure you make it clear – you won’t take any offence with any of these answers… But it is pretty juicy and interesting to find out, right?!)

99) What’s one thing you’ve caught me doing – which I probably think you don’t know?!

100) Are there ever things you wish you could say to me, but don’t?! 

101) Is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask me? (Uh huh, you’re spinning these juicy questions to ask friends, back around now!)

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 101+ (seriously!) juicy questions to ask your friends.

Remember – this is just the starting point! I hope this fills you with ideas with yet more juicy questions to add into the mix, because hey… Conversation never needs to get dull!

Asking fun, different and spicy conversation starters only helps to bring you all closer, whilst of course, also keeping you entertained!

So don’t hesitate to mix it up every now and then!

Feel like you know your mate pretty well? Then use our ultimate how well do you know me questions to really put it to the test, next!

Have fun.


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