How Flirty Are You? (QUIZ) + Flirting Tips

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Flirting can be heaps of fun, when you’re doing it for the right reasons and don’t put too much pressure on things. It’s great when dating, because it helps build the romantic spark you need to take things from being ‘just friends.’ How flirty are you? Find out with our Flirting Quiz. If you find you’re not quite up to scratch – fear not, because we then have 10 top flirting tips to help you out…

How Flirty Are You? The Quiz…

See how flirty you are with our hand-crafted quiz. Here’s the questions…

Question 1:

If someone wolf-whistled you whilst walking down the street, what would you do?

A) Look over and smile
B) Ignore it but you kind of liked it really
C) Get annoyed – how dare they?
D) Look at them and wave, or shout something back

Question 2:

If you were out clubbing and saw someone you fancied, would you…

A) Try to get eye contact with them.
B) Inch your way closer and start dancing in front of them.
C) Go over and approach them – what have you got to lose?!
D) Admire from a distance then leave it at that.

Question 3:

Let’s say you’re in in a relationship, and another guy starts chatting you up at a bar, do you…

A) Tell him instantly that you’ve got a boyfriend and don’t reciprocate any interest.
B) Talk to him, but make sure it’s definitely only friendly over flirty.
C) Have a little fun with it. You know you wouldn’t cheat, but you feel that glint in your eye.
D) Ravish the attention. He’s hot! And you just can’t help yourself…

Question 4:

You work with someone you fancy and they come into the office on ‘dress down day’ looking particularly sexy. Do you….

A) Think it, but not say it.
B) Pay them a casual complement, like “nice jacket – looks good!”
C) Sit on their desk and tell them how great they look. Make a noticeable play for them.
D) Keep looking over and making excuses to make conversation.

Question 5:

You’re giving online dating a go, and there’s a match that you really fancy. He sent you a message, paying you a complement. How would you most likely respond…

A) Say thanks, with a little wink then carry on the conservation.
B) Disagree with him and change the subject! 
C) Complement him back.
D) Say something provocative to try to entice him in even more!

Question 6:

Let’s say you’re in a relationship, and you want to plan a romantic night in for you and your partner. Do you….

A) Get into your comfies and have a movie night.
B) Cook a nice meal, with candles and chocolates.
C) Wear something sexy, play some games and have some drinks.
D) Slip into something raunchy and give him / her a night to remember!

Question 7:

You’re on a coffee date, and you’re sat on a small table, pretty close to your date. You definitely fancy them, but it’s only the first time you’ve met. Do you… 

A) Feel uncomfortable and create a bit of distance between the two of you.
B) Stay where you are but keep that eye contact. You can feel a bit of a spark!
C) Match their body language, leaning in closer when they do.
D) Tell them how much you’re enjoying their company and see if they want to do something after. You’ve got to seize the moment, right?!

Question 8:

You’re on another date, and the guy you fancy is trying to make jokes. In all honesty, they fall a bit flat. Do you…

A) Stare blankly back at them. Poor effort! 
B) Smile back. At least they tried!
C) Laugh out of politeness. It will make them feel good.
D) Laugh and joke back. Your banter’s good enough to carry the two of you!

Question 9:

Generally speaking, when you’ve tried to be flirty with someone before, how well would you say it usually goes?

A) Pretty well. They always flirt back… or are already flirting with me.
B) It’s okay, I’m not totally confident, but I usually seem to get something back.
C) Not great to be honest. I don’t think I’ve quite mastered it.
D) Umm, I can’t even remember the last time I tried to flirt!

Ten Fun Flirting Tips

How did you get on with our quiz? Want to up your flirting? Well, you’re in luck, because here’s ten quick-fire flirting tips to improve your ‘performance’ and ignite that inner flirt. Let’s get started…

1. Get within close proximity.

So you’re out, you see someone you kind of fancy, let’s say you’re at a party or a bar. Awesome – the right time, the right place. You then need to go one step further (literally!) to make sure you’re in their eye-line. This will then enable you to implement the following flirting tips, and – hopefully – find things escalating through the stages…

2. Start With Some Eye Contact

Eye contact is everything! It will not only grow your confidence but I think you’ll also be pretty surprised by how much conversation it can spark off.

When you see someone you’re attracted to, look over, get eye contact and then hold it – for at least 15 seconds… And I know, this feels like a lifetime when you’re actually doing it! But when you hold it for that long, you’re indicating that you’re actually kind of interested and almost inviting the other person over to talk to you.

If you can stick it out for 15 seconds, give them a little cute or cheeky smile before looking away. It will work an absolute treat!

3. Draw Attention To Your Lips

There’s actually a whole body language entirely based on your lips and the way you use them to be more seductive! But to keep it short and snappy for this little post, your lips checklist for flirting includes:

  • Making sure your lips are all puckered up (so get the gloss at the ready!)
  • The odd lick of the lips or bite of the bottom lip also works a treat.
  • Pursing or pouting is also good, but only when used properly. It’s all about the gestures you give. Match this with some sexy eyes and you’ll have those guys / girls on their KNEES!
How Flirty Are You?

4. Add Some Physical Contact

The ‘accidental’ touches, the brushing of arms, the hand on the shoulder, the touching of legs or feet. It’s all very subtle, but when there’s already a little chemistry there, the slight contact only heightens these feelings.

Why this works? Well because touch feels good and makes the person being touched feel special.

It’s pretty easy to add in naturally as well. For example, when someone tells a story and you agree with them, just lightly touch him on the arm as you share that you understand. Simple, you see?

Talking of touch, it’s also pretty flirty to play with your hair or fidget with an accessory. It’s not just a sign of nerves but ‘preening’ to show your interest.

5. Work On Your Body Language

Body language is our secret weapon because it will communicate things without the need for words. Start simple by matching body posture. So when he leans in, you lean in. When he pulls back, you do the same. Don’t make it super obvious – keep it natural. But it will then make him more comfortable and show you’re on the same level.

Reading body language is also important when flirting – both with becoming aware of the impression that you give off, and reading your dates. So for example, crossed arms give off a vibe of being closed off. Leaning away also appears a little stand-offish.

You don’t want to intrude your dates personal space, but you do want them to feel comfortable, just like you yourself want to be able to feel comfortable but can adjust the way you sit or stand to feel this way. Read into it. It’s pretty interesting. And become more aware.

6. Wear Things That Make You Feel Sexy

Now just to make things clear, this isn’t for their benefit, it’s for yours. The sexier you feel, the more flirty and seductive you become, because you’re more likely to have that confidence. To feel empowered and and go after what you want!

It could be something simple like changing out of your Bridget Jones knickers and into a little lacy number. Or, picking an outfit that you find flattering and which looks good. It makes all the difference and you’ll find you naturally want to up your flirting game. 

How Flirty Are You?

7. Pay Them Complements

There’s the whole ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ thing, which is fine. And it’s true in a way – this is why you shouldn’t ever chase guys

But everyone likes to feel good, which is why a few light-hearted complements don’t go amiss when it comes to flirting. It kind of tests the waters a little when you get their response, not to mention showing your interest / appreciation.

They can be subtle praises of efforts or accomplishments, or more flirty comments like, “my word, you’re so frickin’ hot!” Go for what flows naturally, based on how close the two of you are, and the situation. But certainly don’t be shy to dish a few out! It will give their ego a little boost and make them notice you more.

8. Use Words Wisely

The way you speak to someone makes a difference with how flirty you come across… but it’s not just complements that make a difference. Try to make the person laugh, match their sense of humour. Don’t be afraid to tease them a little. It’s like the typical playground boy fancies girl thing isn’t it? But giving them a bit of ‘banter’ is a great way to flirt (especially when you combine it with the eye contact, use of touch etc.)

Really put an effort in with the conversation and find things that you have in common to build on that connection. Another simple trick that helps? Saying their name. It’s a way of making them feel closer to you and actually really builds a bond.

9. Smile More

Being all sultry is all well and good, but you know what’s missing with it? Being approachable. Showing your interest. Smiling is therefore one of the simplest and easiest of all the flirting tips, yet it’s actually fundamental. Aside from this, a smile also makes you far more attractive (even if you don’t like your own!) So don’t be afraid to give off a big beamer!

Another good idea when it comes to upping your flirting game? To laugh, often – especially at their jokes. This shows you’re happy and get their sense of humour. It also boosts their confidence and helps the both of you to relax.

How Flirty Are You?

10. Have Confidence

Last but not least, there’s confidence. Because just like smiling – there’s nothing more sexy than someone who knows who they are, and are not afraid to show it!

Be you, be happy, stay calm. Go out there with the outlook of having fun. It will show your best version of yourself and attract like-minded people back to you. So hold that head up high and go strut your stuff!

You don’t have to be the loudest, you just have to not shy away. Put yourself in the opportunities where things can happen with guys / girls you’ll like, and the rest will flow from there.

So there we have it, ten fun flirting tips to get you started, following out ‘how flirty are you?’ Quiz! How did you get on? Drop your results in the comments box below. And subscribe for more fun quizzes and dating / relationship tips!

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Have fun flirting!


How Flirty Are You?
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  1. Girl I am trying these tips out! I love your post and the quiz was so fun! I got pretty flirty so definitely room for improvement 😉

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  4. I am so bad at this quiz because I don’t really flirt – so I got ‘not at all.’ Better start applying some of these tips I think!

  5. Good tips, being confident is a key to have a good conversation and flirty to almost anyone you come across.

  6. Back when I used to dating game (I found my partner now!), I used to buy drinks for the guy I want. I found the confidence worked the best. Men love women who are confident and know exactly what she wants!

  7. this is a good post, even for married couples! You should always flirt with your spouse! Really great tips – thanks!


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