15 Fun Bachelorette Party Games

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Has one of your friends got engaged? Planning a bachelorette party? Looking for bachelorette game ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 15 of the best fun bachelorette party games – perfect for the ultimate hens night. Be sure to make this a night your friend truly remembers!

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Fun Bachelorette Party Games

So let’s jump straight in. Here’s our top 15 fun bachelorette party games. Have a mooch, see which jump out to you, then get ready for the party planning!

1) Prosecco Pong

So let’s start with an absolute classic! Because, let’s be fair, is any bachelorette party complete without good, old, Prosecco Pong? I think not!

How it works? Well it’s simple. Just aim, bounce and get those ping pong balls in your friends glasses to make them DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!

This is a great starting game for a hen night because – well – having to drink Prosecco is nothing to complain about! It just starts to get everyone a little tipsy!

BONUS: If Prosecco Pong is going well, you could also pull out Twerk Pong. That’s right… shake yo’ booty. [Check it out!]

2) Pin The Diamond On The Ring

Another nice, gentle game for the start of a bachelorette party is Pin The Diamond On The Ring.

Grab a cute little pink blindfold to go with this (of course!)

Then it’s a case of taking it in turns, spinning each other around and seeing who can pin closest to the top of the ring!

3) Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Keeping with the ring theme, if you’re thinking of doing a Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt, this set is ready-made and done for you, saving LITERALLY hours of planning and prep!

4) How Well Do You Know The Groom?

Talking of time-saving, you’ve GOT to ask the bride-groom question game at a Bachelorette Party… it would be almost criminal not to!

But instead of writing all the questions out by hand, you can instead buy this set – which not only does it all for you, but also creates a pretty keepsake for your bride to be!

5) How Well Do You Know The Bride?

Another great game to get everyone involved at a Bachelorette Party is a “How Well Do You Know The Bride?” game.

This time, the brides hen party answer questions about the bride, but again – it becomes a great keepsake, not to mention keeping the day all about the beautiful Bride to Be!

You can also combine this with these juicy questions to ask your friends – turning it into a hilarious quiz for the bride-to-be in the process too!

Games To Play at a Bachelorette Party

6) Who Knows The Couple Best Game

Likewise if you like the “How Well Do You Know The Bride?” game, you’ll also love the Who Knows The Couple Best game.

This one’s a little more testing as it’s about the two of them, but it really celebrates their relationship. A great hen party game all round!

7) Bachelorette Bingo

Another fun Bachelorette Party game is ABSOLUTELY Bachelorette Bingo. This is best played when you’re out at a bar.

Bar Bingo is played by observing your crowd and marking the space when you see a corresponding item.

It can be played lightly throughout the night, in between drinks – for an ongoing, fun little extra!

Planning The Bachelorette Party? Don’t forget the Bride to Be Sash, Bride Squad Sashes and Photo Booth Props. You don’t actually need a photo booth. In fact a Selfie Tripod works just as well! But these are essential party extras to make the night especially special!

8) Off Topic Bachelorette Question Game

Right, now we’re a little warmed up – let’s get into the livelier stuff, kicking off with the Off Topic Question Box.

I like this one as the game can be as short or long as you want. You then have a timer and all write your answers down on a whiteboard.

It’s an especially great bachelorette game for parties that include a mix of people and not just one set friendship group. (Mum in Laws can even play too!)

9) For The Girls

Another fun bachelorette party game that’s suitable for everyone is “For The Girls” – designed by the creators of “What Do You Meme?

It’s modern, imaginative and a little different – as instead of just truth or dare questions, you have challenges where you have to do whatever the card says!

It’s well worth checking out as is unsurprisingly, a best seller!

10) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Box

Want to step it up a notch? Then try the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun box!

“Designed by women for women, this is the ice breaker that every group of girls needs. Laugh, Act, Dance, Fake, Truth, Dares… this game has it all, and then some. Just make sure there are no cameras around because it’s about to go down!”

This bachelorette party game is something that you can continue to use time and time again (even after the main day!) as it has 262 cards and 6 categories, suitable for other wild girls nights… And it ends up becoming a nice engagement gift for your friend that way too!

Fun Bachelorette Party Games

11) Bachelorette Party Ring Toss

Let’s step away from the truth and dares for a little while to break it up with some different fun bachelorette party games – including, the one and only party ring head toss.

It’s a little rude, but isn’t that what bachelorette parties are for?! Strap the penis on your head and take it in turns to try to throw the hoops on point!

This games great once the drinks have been flowing and you all start to find the smallest things, the most hilarious! It’s also a surprising one to pull out for the bride-to-be. Uh huh, she won’t be expecting this!

12) Bachelorette Party Drinking Game

Now it would be pretty criminal to have a list of fun bachelorette party games and NOT include a drinking game! Our top recommended one? The “Girls Nite” card game.

It’s got great reviews, is nice and simple, and really gets the party started!

“Even your most vanilla bride tribe member will end up with blushed cheeks once you’re through this game of hilarious drinking cards.”

13) Do Or Drink Dare Game

Another great drinking game, that’s all about fun dares and challenges is “Do Or Drink”.

It’s actually my all-time favourite drinking game and is perfect not just for hen do’s but other occasions too.

If you have a big bachelorette party, this game is probably best suited as you’ll never run out of cards!

14) Bachelorette Party Dare Cards

We’re coming towards the end of our fun Bachelorette Party games list, but can’t round it up until we’ve thrown in some Bachelorette Party Dare Cards!

This set in particular is great – as they’re scratch off ones… which means you never know what you’ll get until you scratch it away. (No peaking or cheating before allowed!)

This makes it even more fun and excitement. With cards ranging from casual to risqué, it creates a really nice mix, whilst still bringing out your each others wild side!

Bachelorette Party Dares

Looking to save money where you can? Then check out our FREE Bachelorette Dare Game, with 75 totally fun and original bachelorette dares.

15) Drinking Dice

Last but not least then, if you want something small and easy you can take out with you anywhere, a Drinking Dice is always a good shout for a Bachelorette Party.

These work especially well as forfeits for those lost Dare Cards. Simply roll and see what the person ends up with. It adds a bit of fun and excitement as opposed to just the standard one sip / shot.

Which Games Will You Play?

So there we have it – 15 fun bachelorette party games, suitable for different types of hen parties, different ages and different parts of the night.

Go all out! Make it really special for your Bride-To-Be. You only get married once (or so you’d want / hope!) So make this night one she will forever remember. She’ll certainly appreciate it!

Got the wedding just around the corner? Then here’s some of the very best wedding gifts for your best friend. (Uh huh, she’ll certainly be feeling the love after this!)

Have fun. Happy planning!


Fun Bachelorette Party Games
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