What To Do If You’re Spending Christmas Alone

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Spending Christmas alone? Feeling that DREAD? Then fear not. Just because you’ll be on your own, doesn’t mean Christmas Day 2023 has to feel lonely. Here’s what to do if you’re spending Christmas alone, to still make it – actually – a pretty wonderful day!

Spending Christmas Alone

So before we get into the nitty gritty of what to do or what not to do if you’re spending Christmas alone, it’s worth pointing out, that it’s perhaps a little more common than you think.

See, YouGov data shows that “one in nine Americans (11%) spent the December holidays by themselves and one in six spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day alone (16%).”

So although you may FEEL like the only person in the world spending Christmas alone – actually, you’re not.

The thing is, of these people, “one-quarter (26%) of Americans who spent the season alone describe the season as “bad” or “terrible.”

That is three times the number of adults who only saw members of their household during the holidays (8%)”…

It’s not a great outlook, I know. But does that mean that spending Christmas alone has to be terrible? No way! In fact, our mission is to get that statistic down this year, with a few helpful tips! So let’s get stuck in…

What NOT To Do If You’re Spending Christmas Alone

First up, let’s start off with what NOT to do if you’re spending Christmas alone.

These are the things you should avoid because they really won’t help when it comes to making Christmas easier!

1) Don’t Feel The Pressure

Just because you’re spending Christmas on your own, doesn’t mean that:

  1. You need to be this strong, independent woman (or man) who is still celebrating and LOVING it! You don’t need to put on an act or a show, just because everyone else seems to be having a good time.
  2. You don’t actually have to celebrate it at all if you don’t want to – or not in the same way you would if you were with friends or family.

See, the best thing about spending Christmas alone, is that you can spend it exactly how you want.

Don’t feel up for a big Christmas dinner? No problem. Rather read a book, or do things that you enjoy, instead of watching standard Christmas Day TV? Then do it!

There’s no right or wrongs. There’s no musts or requirements.

You do whatever you want to do, and leave out anything you don’t – without feeling any pressure from anyone else (especially not society) to follow the typical days plans.

If you grabbed our self love advent calendar, you’ll have already had that nicely embedded – but just incase… This is your reminder now!

2) Don’t Scroll Through Social Media

If you’re spending Christmas alone, you want to make the most of it, of course. But what you don’t want to do is compare your Christmas to others.

Social media can be pretty bad for this at the best of times, but especially through the festive period – you’ll see more and more posts of people showing off their “picture perfect” lives.

And yes, you are happy for them. Yes, you want everyone to have a good time. There doesn’t need to be any bitterness and resentment.

But watching others Christmas’s play out, filled with the people they love, it’s not going to be the best for your own mental health, especially if you’re conscious of the fact that you’re on your own.

In fact, social media induced loneliness is – in fact – a thing!

So stay off socials – on Christmas Day and the days before / after if you need. You can still text, you can still speak to others, but the scrolling: it’s probably not the best idea.

Remember, our self love advent calendar includes FREE Forgetting Fairytales Community Access, so you can connect with like-minded singles within that, on Christmas Day, instead!

Christmas On Your Own

3) Try Not To Feel Sorry For Yourself

Another massive “no, no” when it comes to what to do if you’re spending Christmas alone, is feeling sorry for yourself.

Maybe it’s not ideal, and – for whatever reason you find yourself in this situation – you wish it would be different.

But it doesn’t have to be like this every year. And could it be worse? Well absolutely! Count your blessings, no matter how big or small.

Decide to change the way you see situations – including this one!

You’re here, you’re alive, you’re (hopefully) well, and I promise you – there’s at least one person in a worse situation than you right now, even if you are spending Christmas on your own!

So shift your perspective. Choose to see it in the most positive light. And certainly don’t dwell on it.

What To Do If You’re Spending Christmas Alone

So what SHOULD you do if you’re spending Christmas alone? What may help to make Christmas Day that little bit easier, if it is just you, yourself and “I”? Well…

1) Get That Blood Pumping

Exercise, as I’m sure you know, releases endorphins – the chemicals that make you feel good. For this reason, there really is no better thing to do on Christmas Day, than get some blood pumping.

For this I recommend getting outdoors. Head out on a nice crisp Christmas morning walk, or if you’re feeling especially energetic – a run even.

Take in your surroundings, breath in that fresh air, feel that sense of accomplishment.

By going in the morning, it really starts the day off right. So even if you don’t particularly feel like it, try to do it. I promise it will help.

Turn it into a solo date idea, if you have to… But make sure you get yourself out!

2) Connect With Friends & Family

Just because you’re on your own on Christmas Day and avoiding socials, doesn’t mean you have to completely close yourself off to the outside world.

  • Can you Skype / message / call friends and family?
  • Is there anyone you could meet up with for a walk?
  • Why don’t you send some “Happy Christmas” messages?

Reach out. Connect. Send your best wishes elsewhere. Maybe even block out some time to celebrate with friends and family virtually. 

I mean, there’s some great Virtual Christmas Game Suggestions. Just plan beforehand, set a time, decide on what you’re going to do… and do it!

In fact, if you’re really organised, you could plan enough with others, to actually not really end up spending Christmas Day alone at all!

Christmas On Your Own

3) Make Mini Plans With Others

Also remember, just because you’re spending Christmas alone, that doesn’t mean you have to be alone the ENTIRE day alone (for most people anyway.)

Again, if you plan properly, you may be surprised at what offers you can get.

  • Are you close with your Neighbours? Could you invite them on a morning walk or an afternoon drink?
  • Do your friends live around the corner? Could you do something with them at some point throughout the day?
  • What about older relatives? Is there anyone else who is spending Christmas alone – who you could check in on? Even if they’re in a retirement home?

There are people out there, more people than you think. The key is to just not be afraid to ask.

4) Volunteer at a Shelter

Another great thing to do if you’re spending Christmas alone, is volunteer at a homeless shelter. Google opportunities close by.

See, there’s nothing better than helping others – especially if you yourself are feeling low.

It will put things back into perspective for you again, spread some festive cheer, keep you company and actually end up being a very heartwarming experience.

See, volunteering is one of the simple things that feels good… At any time of the year… Christmas included! So help yourself by helping others!

5) Get Lost In a Christmas Movie

If you still want Christmas to feel like Christmas, and you want to feel like you’re still celebrating – despite being on your own – a nice thing to do is to get lost in a Christmas movie (or two.)

Christmas movies are typically pretty feel-good, so snuggle up and escape in another story! Think – Narnia for something less family-like, or Elf if you want a little giggle!

Who says you have to miss out on all of those favourite Christmas date ideas, just because you’re spending the main day on your own?!

You could also binge-watch your favourite series or any festive Christmas Specials. Just put your feet up, relax and enjoy being able to take this time out for yourself.

6) Have Lots of Festive Treats

Doesn’t good food make – pretty much – anything better? See, just because you’re spending Christmas alone, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge!

In fact, why not go all out? There’s no one to judge you and you most definitely deserve it. Plan ahead to make sure you’re getting in all the food you want – all the food you’d look forward to.

Enjoy cooking? Great! If not – perhaps get things in that are ready-made or simply oven-cooked. Make your life easier!

spending christmas alone

7) Open Your Presents

Another classic thing to do on Christmas is, of course, to open presents. Now the chances are – just because you’re spending Christmas alone, you’re still going to have things to open!

Whether you do this first thing, or save them for later in the day, still allow yourself to enjoy the present-opening part and feel the love from those who got you something.

You can then send messages to say thank you, and check in on others who you sent gifts too!

8) Buy Yourself a Present

So in the spirit of embracing your independence, why not use Christmas Day to do a bit of online shopping and find yourself a gift you want to treat yourself to?

Post Christmas, there’s lots of sales, and if you haven’t had to spend as much on a big Christmas this year – why on earth not?!

So maybe there’s something you wanted for Christmas this year but didn’t happen to get. Maybe there’s something you’ve wanted for a while now but didn’t think you could justify it.

Or perhaps it’s less about things and next year – you want to make it about experiences.

If so, why not buy yourself a little break away for the New Year? This leads me onto my next suggestion…

9) Make Plans

So maybe this Christmas, it was a little different to others. But… it’s only one day! That’s all.

Instead of getting down about it, appreciate what you do have right now and start to look forward to everything that’s to come.

Map out what you want to do next year, make your very own singles bucket list then map these into plans… Start to get things in the diary.

You can also use Christmas as a time to set goals.

  • How do you want things to be different next year?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • What do you want to have in your life?

Take the magic of Christmas and put it into dreaming about how wonderful next year will be.

10) Do The Things You Enjoy

If you’d rather steer clear from the festive vibes if you’re spending Christmas alone this year – then that’s absolutely okay.

Spend the day doing the things that you enjoy – whether they’re Christmassy or not. Have a bath, paint your nails, do some writing, read a book.

In fact, try reading one of the best books for single women, as these are GUARANTEED to make you feel good!

See, when it comes to the “what” part for how to spend Christmas alone – there’s no right or wrong. Like we said at the start, this is your day, spend it exactly how you like…

And actually, that’s the beauty of spending Christmas alone. You actually can!

That’s All For This One

I really hope this helps to give you even just a few ideas for what to do if you’re spending Christmas alone this year.

Just remember: you can still make it everything you want it to be and more. In fact, this Christmas, it can be memorable.

Why? Because it’s designed exactly for you, shaped by you and will be the Christmas you totally bossed it, even on your own!

Hold your head up high. Stay strong if you’re struggling. And take care.

Wishing you all the very best.


What To Do If You’re Spending Christmas Alone
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