30+ Genius Self Date Ideas (Solo Dates You Have To Do!)

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Looking for self date ideas? Solo dates you can go on… completely by yourself?! Then you’ve come to the right place…

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, I’m going to give you some of the very best(!) self date ideas at you and I challenge you to try at least one in the next week!

Why? Because it’s good for you! Solo dates build your confidence, your independence and really help you grow as a person.

They also don’t have to be daunting or scary as you think. (Believe it or not!)

And these solo date ideas are specifically designed to TAKE THE FEAR AWAY, and instead – get you going out, doing your own thing and enjoying your own company. Woohoo!

Your Self Date Wish-List

Remember: this is just some of my favourite self-date ideas – to help get that inspiration flowing. This is just the starting point!

So have a read, pick the ones you like and start scheduling them in your diary. Or – better yet – you can even use it create a cute little “Self Date Wish-List” that you can tick off one-by-one.

That shows ultimate focus and commitment. (Yay. Go you!)

The only ‘rule’ I have when self dating? Forget your phone! That’s right…

Just like when you’re on a date with another person – you wouldn’t be staring at a screen the whole time, so avoid messaging others or scrolling through social media when you’re on your solo date.

This time is for YOU, to enjoy doing your own thing, even just for a little while. And if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it properly. Right? So let’s jump straight in…

30 Self Date Ideas

In no particular order, here are some of the very best self date ideas, to start to get you into it.

1) Have a City Day Trip

First up, first up – why not hop on the train and head to a new city?! Go somewhere you’ve never been before and have fun exploring!

This makes for a great solo date, as with so much going on in a city – there will be plenty to keep you busy.

In fact, the chances are – you probably won’t even NOTICE you’re on your own (you’ll be enjoying yourself so much!)

And the added benefit is – as much as we love a new city for a fun place to hang out with friends, you won’t be told where to go, or slowed down by anyone!

Instead, you create your own schedule and map out the day, doing whatever you want to do. Which is pretty neat, right?!

2) Visit a Museum

A full day trip a bit much? Then when not opt for a trip to a local museum? It’s fun, different and gives you a clear focus, as again – there’s so much to look around and take in.

Admire a little art, be blown away by science or technology; or perhaps learn more about a part of of the past. Wander around at your own pace and see what you can learn.

self date ideas

3) Go on a Bike Ride

Any form of exercise is a great solo date idea. Why? Well because it starts releasing your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters – endorphins

With an extra dose of “good vibes” flowing through you, it makes you enjoy your solo date EVEN MORE!

Opt for a longer, more scenic bike ride, taking it slow and steady – so that it feels like a treat, as opposed to a workout.

You can even stop somewhere scenic for a drink and snack along the way, and take it all in. After good, getting out in nature is also good for your mind. On that note…

4) Go For a Picnic

Picture this – your favourite foods, a cute little blanket, beautiful open, green space, and a good book… Doesn’t it sound idyllic?! Well it actually is!

Picnic dates are one of the simplest, but sweetest solo date ideas, and they’re common lunch date ideas, so you’ll blend in perfectly – wherever you go!

5) Explore a National Trust

If you fancy a day trip, but want to avoid the city – exploring a National Trust is a pretty great shout and alternative.

You’ve got fresh air, old buildings, fascinating history, and there’s almost always a good walk for you to get stuck into! What more could you want?!

6) Go on a Shopping Spree

Solo dates can be daunting; there’s no denying it. So if you’re feeling a little unsure – why not go on a shopping spree?!

You don’t have to go WILD, as such, splashing out on the best designer crossbody bags or the most expensive branded purses! (Eek!)

But I hereby give you permission to treat yourself to something nice… GUILT-FREE! (After all, that’s a form of self love!)

The great thing about this self date idea, is you’re taking a normal activity, doing it by yourself, but bulking it out to make more of a day out of it…

So it gets you into solo dates, a little easier and more naturally.

Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

7) Go on a Hike

It’s time to get that heart pump, pump, pumping… Only this time – it’s not doing it for a guy because you’re falling for someone too fast.

Nope. We’re getting your heart racing FOR YOU, as this hike is all about and for, you!

Walking and hiking is something that people often do alone – and some prefer to do alone too… So it’s a great solo date idea if you’re worried about feeling self-conscious.

After all, when you’re out in the great outdoors, you don’t have to be!

Just make sure you’re safe, and your navigation skills are up to scratch (so that you don’t get lost), then head out hiking and take in all of the incredible views.

The sense of satisfaction you’ll get from it at the end makes it all the more worth it!

8) Have a Pamper Night

Did you know that you don’t actually have to go out of the comfort of your house, to do a solo date? Uh huh.  

A solo date simply involves you treating yourself in the same way you would someone you care about, which means you really can do anything!

Pamper nights are always fun, so this one had to be added into the mix.

Have a hot bath, grab a face-mask, do your nails, spruce up that skin… The lot! You’ll feel far better after it, in more ways than one.

Oh, and don’t forget the relaxing music to go with it… Ommmm.

WARNING: You may end up liking this solo date idea so much, you’ll end up making it a weekly evening self care routine!

9) Do Your Own Cocktail Making

Next up – it’s cocktail making. And while we don’t encourage excessive drinking on your own… One or two can be fine. (And fun too!)

Find some cute cocktail recipes and have a go at making them yourself whilst home. Blast some music whilst making them and have a little dance around!

You can always go for cocktails if you want something alcohol free.

And yup.. I’m saying it… Aint no party like a solo date party! 😉

how to enjoy your own company

10) Go To a Workshop or Event

No company? No problem. You’re not going to let that stop you!

If you’ve found something online that you want to go to – go to it… And walk in there with your head held high! (Have confidence my friends!)

There’s likely to be more people there on their own too (so never worry about that) and you can try starting a conversation with a stranger for an extra confidence-boost from that after!

Prefer to use it for quality alone time? Then that’s okay too.

Just remember – everyone will be more occupied with what’s going on to notice who a person is or isn’t attending with, making this another strong solo date idea for you, my friends.

11) Head To The Cinema

Next up – why not go on a solo self date cinema night?!

Again, everyone will be staring at the screen or settled into their own seat, to be concerned about you. So this is one of the easiest self dates idea.

Grab the BIGGEST BAG of popcorn whilst you’re there, munching on it shamelessly throughout the movie.

(Uh huh, there’s none of that ‘pretending’ to be full, I know you’ve got a little more in you than that!)

Or, if there’s nothing showing at the cinema that you fancy…

12) Have a Home Movie Night

How often do you treat yourself to quality time, curled up on the sofa? If the answer is – “not enough!” then this is a great starting solo date idea for you!

Grab duvets, get into your comfies and treat yourself to some nibbles.

Just remember – no scrolling through your phone! That’s the rule!

This time is entirely about you, for you. So a social media ban at the same time, is the only way to make this an actually-qualified self date idea.

13) Go Out For a Drink

Why not grab a glass of wine somewhere cute with outdoor seating?

Lap up those rays, whilst sipping one of your favourite drinks! You can do some people-watching if you pop your shades on too. Genius, I know!

The purpose is to go a place you’d want to go… And realise that you can still go on your own.

Be bold, be brave. Stop comparing yourself to other people, or caring so much about how you look and what others may think.

The more you push outside your comfort zone like this, the easier it will become and the more you’ll grow. So the key – is to simply take the plunge and go for it!

Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

14) Treat Yourself To Some Flowers

A flower date?! Really?! Well yes, yes indeed. Because… Why on earth not?!

Find a local flower shop or farmer’s market and then have fun making an arrangement to match your room.It’s a unique solo date idea that says…

“I want these. I deserve these. And I’m not relying on anyone else to get me them! Instead, I’m going to have more fun with this myself!”

If you hate being single, this is a super empowering solo date idea, that puts YOU back in control…

Remember, it’s not even possible to feel unwanted, when you want, value and appreciate yourself.

So incorporate compassionate gestures like this into your solo date ideas, to really take the benefits to the next level!

15) Go To a Theatre Show

Book a ticket to the theatre. Found a musical? All the better! That means you can hum along to your heart’s content. Talking of singing…

16) Check Out Some Live Music

Go to see some live music, or if you’re feeling brave – a bigger concert or gig.

As far as anyone else is concerned – you could be waiting for a friend, or with a friend who’s popped to the bathroom. Or… they could just realise you’re here on your own because you love the artist… WHICH IS INSANELY COOL!

The great thing with this solo date idea is that you’re actually bound to meet some other people there, especially when grabbing a drink at the bar.

And actually – we’ll allow it with this one. It’s good to be social!

17) Watch Live Sport

Why not watch some local sport at a stadium or ground?! Never been before? Then that makes it all the better. It’s good to try different things. You never know – you may become a raving fan!

And even if you don’t – you’ve done something different with your day, by yourself, which is something to feel incredibly proud about!

solo date

18) Have a Breakfast Date

We’ve all got to eat, right?! Which is why food dates can make some of the best self date ideas.

No-one looks over at someone eating and thinks… “how strange.” If they notice you, they just think, “that’s cool. We’ve all got to eat!”

The good thing about going out for breakfast, is it’s less daunting than dinner. (Which is why it’s forever proven to be a popular morning date idea.)

You’ll also often see people eat breakfast alone at cafes and restaurants (more so than any other meal), so you won’t feel alone. This makes it a great starting solo date idea!

Go all out, getting the full works… And don’t forget orange juice and coffee too!

You could even take a magazine. (I mean, how often do we actually do that for ourselves?) It’s time for you – totally well spent!

19) Or a Lunch or Brunch Date

When you’re ready then, we also recommend stepping it up to a sit-down lunch or brunch date!

FEELING BRAVE? Then you could even try and eat in a restaurant alone for dinner.

It may sound daunting – but sometimes it’s necessary anyway! And it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think!

20) Go on a Spa Day

We’re storming through these solo dates now, but not without mentioning a spa day!

Is this a little out of budget? Then a pamper night at home works too, so see what you can do.

Either way, it’s all about looking after yourself, calming your mind and emotions, and treating yourself to some quality self-care!

Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

21) Indulge in a 3 Course Dinner (At Home)

Put your cooking skills to the test and release that INNER CHEF!

So often, the effort you’d put into others, you wouldn’t put into your self. But why? Why not?!

You deserve a banquette, so cook up a storm for yourself as an extra-special solo date, one of the days. If you’re struggling – you can always opt for easy pre-prepared oven-cooked foods…

Or if you really have to, order in! Just make sure you’re treating yourself the way you deserve too…

And hey, get dressed up a little. No slouching in your PJ’s for this self date idea!

22) Head To a Local Park

Next up, it’s one of the simplest solo date ideas… But one we can’t get enough of!

Head to the local park or riverside with a good fiction book and allow yourself to zone out for an hour or so. Choose from one of the best books for building confidence if you want to make it a little more productive, at the same time.

Ultimately however – it’s quality time, spent with yourself, for yourself.

WARNING: Just be aware that once you start doing this – you’ll want to do it more and more!

23) Buy an Experience Day

Buy an experience day and find the next available slot to do it (instead of forgetting about it and letting it expire! Who’s guilty of that?!)

It could be something adventurous, something foodie, or even a short break away.

Either way- make sure it’s something that excites you… Then go for it, make the most of it and enjoy every minute!

24) Explore a Nature Reserve

Get lost in nature! Check out a nature reserve, go for a walk through the forest, head into the countryside… Or anything similar!

The mission? Finding GREENERY! Why? Well because – fun fact – Green is actually good for you. Here, have a read of this article and this article to find out why! Surprising huh?

GET IN THE GREEN! It’s a solo date idea that’s guaranteed to make you feel better!

things to do on your own

25) Games Night

A games night is a popular group date idea, but did you know you can also use it as a solo date too?!

See, if you enjoy a good game – play virtually, either against a game, computer or other people. Clever huh? Talk about “thinking outside the box!”

If this isn’t already a hobby of yours, this makes it work better… As you’re then doing something you wouldn’t usually do. (Which is where solo dates make you grow the most!)

26) Comedy Night

Want something to lift your spirits? To make you laugh or giggle? Then a comedy night is always a great shout, when it comes to self date ideas.

Find a comedy show on TV at home, and do the same thing as you would with a movie night. (This is always the safest, easiest bet.)

Or – if you’re feeling brave – find a local comedy night and watch some improv or stand-up comedy.

(Don’t worry about the comedian picking on you… As you’ll already have a BOSS response, with the fact you’ve CHOSEN to come out on your own!)

27) Do Something Creative!

It could be painting, drawing, photography, pottery, baking, gardening or… croquet even. The choice is yours. Do something that interests you, intrigues you or excites you!

You never know, it then may even develop into a new hobby of yours… Giving you REGULAR self dates, essentially.

So try as many different, creative things as you can think of, to discover what you enjoy the most!

28) Do a Mini Photoshoot

Work it girl, work it. If you want a self date idea that actually makes you feel confident about the way you look – opt for a solo mini photoshoot.

All you need is a phone, a selfie stick or a selfie tripod and it makes this easy as pie.

Get some boss pictures that actually make you feel pretty damn hot! Because trust me – you are. And you deserve to feel that way too!

Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

29) Yoga, Meditation or a Retreat

If you’re working on becoming emotionally stable, or looking to improve yourself in any way – then incorporating yoga or meditation into a solo date, is always going to support you with this.

New to this? Then why not find and invest in a retreat?! These are often went on by individuals and will make you grow beyond belief!

Uh huh, self dates can actually be pretty transformational when you pick wisely… Trust me!

30) Watch the Sun Set

Last but not least, a self date idea that you can do anytime, anywhere and will want to do again and again… Is heading out somewhere to watch the sun set.

It’s simple, but beautiful and you can always build other things into it – like a picnic, reading or photography even.

Just watch the world pass by around you, take it all in, and take a moment to appreciate the here and now. Ommmm. Yes, we’ll end with that one I think!

That’s All For This One…

So there we have it – 30 self date ideas to get stuck into, and start to get the inspiration flowing.

Whenever you’re self dating, particularly when you’re out and about amongst other people – never feel self-conscious, feel empowered.

It’s not weird. It’s awesome. And I promise you will learn to love it. (I know I do!)

So the only question I have left for you is, which one are you going to do next?!


Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating
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