30 Self Date Ideas: Solo Dates To Get Stuck Into

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All the single ladies, all the single ladies, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES… and even the non-single ones! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, I’m going to throw a load of self date ideas at you and I challenge you to try at least one in the next week! Why? Because it’s good for you. It will build your confidence, your independence and really help you grow as a person. Solo dates don’t have to be daunting or scary. It’s more about doing your own thing and enjoying your own company. Unsure where to start? Don’t worry, you soon will!

Your Self Date Wish-List

I’m going to share some of my favourite self-date ideas to get that inspiration flowing. I’m sure it will give you heaps more. This is just the starting point!

So pick the ones you like and start scheduling them in your diary. Or – better yet – you can even use it create a cute little self date wish-list that you can tick off one-by-one.

The only ‘rule’ I have when self dating? Forget your phone! Just like when you’re on a date with another person – you wouldn’t be staring at a screen the whole time, so avoid messaging others or scrolling through social media when you’re on your solo date.

This time is for YOU, to enjoy doing your own thing, even just for a little while. And if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it properly. Right? So let’s jump straight in…

30 Self Date Ideas

1. Hop on the train and head to a new city. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and have fun exploring!

2. Visit a museum. Admire a little art, be blown away by science or technology, perhaps learn more about a part of of the past. Wander around at your own pace and see what you can learn.

3. Go on a bike ride. But not the kind you do for a workout. Go on a longer one – taking it slow and steady, stopping somewhere scenic for a drink and snack along the way.

4. Take a picnic out somewhere pretty. Need I say more?!

5. Do a day-trip to a National Trust. Fresh air, old buildings, fascinating history, and there’s almost always a good walk for you to get stuck into!

6. Have a little shopping spree, treating yourself to something nice, GUILT-FREE.

Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

7. Take in the views on a good afternoon hike… let’s get that heart pumping!

8. Throw your diet out the window for a cheat day and treat yourself to all your favourite foods! Nom.

9. Find some cute cocktail recipes and have a go at making them yourself whilst home. Blast some music whilst making them. Have a little dance around!

10. Go to a workshop, or event. No company? No problem. You’re not going to let that stop you!

11. Head to the cinema and buy the BIGGEST BAG of popcorn available, munching on it shamelessly throughout the movie. (Uh huh, there’s none of that ‘pretending’ to be full, I know you’ve got a little more in you than that!) Or…

12. Have a movie night or Netflix binge, with nibbles, a duvet. And remember – no scrolling through your phone!

13. Why not grab a glass of wine somewhere with outdoor seating? Lap up those rays, whilst sipping on alcohol! You can do some people-watching if you pop your shades on too. Genius, I know!

Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

14. Treat yourself to some flowers, because… why the hell not?! Find a local flower shop or farmer’s market and then have fun making an arrangement to match your room.

15. Book a ticket to the theatre. Found a musical? All the better! That means you can hum along to your heart’s content. Talking of singing…

16. Go to see some live music, or if you’re feeling brave – a bigger concert or gig. You’re actually bound to meet some other people there, especially when grabbing a drink at the bar. We’ll allow it with this one. It’s good to be social! Talking of bars…

17. Watch some local sport at a stadium or ground. Never been before? All the better. It’s good to try different things. You never know – you may become a raving fan!

18. Treat yourself to breakfast, or cook up the full-works at home, with coffee, juice and a good magazine. (I mean, how often do we actually do that for ourselves?)

19. Have lunch or brunch at your favourite cafe.

20. Go on a spa day, or have a home pamper night. It’s time to feel more ZEN!

Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

21. Indulge in a three course dinner at home, if you enjoy releasing that INNER CHEF! If not, go for a takeaway, followed by some ordered-in dessert. You deserve it!

22. Do a mini home photoshoot, and get some boss pictures that actually make you feel pretty damn hot! (Work it gurrrrl.)

23. Head to the local park or riverside with a good fiction book and allow yourself to zone out for an hour or so.

24. Buy an experience day and find the next available slot to do it (instead of forgetting about it and letting it run out!) It could be something adventurous, something foodie, or even a short break away.

25. Get lost in nature. Check out a nature reserve, go for a walk through the forest, head into the countryside. The mission? Finding GREENERY! Fun Fact: Green is actually good for you. Here, have a read of this and this to find out why! Surprising huh?

26. Have a games night – playing virtually, either against a game, computer or other people.

27. Do something creative! It could be painting, drawing, photography, pottery, baking, gardening or… croquet even. The choice is yours. Do something that interests you, intrigues you or excites you!

Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

28. Have a comedy night, watching some local improv, a stand-up, or simply playing back some comedy shows on your laptop. It’s good to have a giggle!

29. Zone out for a little while with some yoga, meditation or even a day retreat.

30. Last but not least, go and escape somewhere scenic and watch the sun go down. Listen to the world pass by around you, and just take a moment to appreciate the here and now…

So there we have it…

There’s 30 self date ideas to get stuck into. Whenever you’re self dating, particularly when you’re out and about amongst other people – never feel self-conscious, feel empowered. It’s not weird. It’s awesome. And I promise you will learn to love it. (I know I do!) So the only question I have left for you is, which one are you going to do next?!


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Self Date Ideas | Solo Dating

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