Top 20 Couples Drinking Games

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Looking for the best drinking games for couples? Fun drinking games that the two of you can play during your next date night at home? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a roundup of the very best couples drinking games – to spice up your relationship and make “staying in” the new “going out!”

Disclaimer: An Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. There may be affiliate links within the post. (Although not many – most of these games are 100% free!)

Top 20 Couples Drinking Games

So let’s jump straight in with our top 20 couples drinking games. In no particular order, you’ve got…

1) Two Truths, One Lie

Two Truths, One Lie is always a great game full stop. How well do you know your partner? How well do they know you? And what can you learn about each other? It’s great fun!

Playing this is simple (and actually pretty self-explanatory!):

  • You take it in turns to say three statements – two of which are true, one of which is a lie.
  • The other person then guesses which ones are real and which one is not.

To turn it into a drinking game – you just add drinks / shots. So every time you get an answer wrong, you have to have a drink.

Every time you get an answer right, either there’s no drinking forfeit for yourself, OR (to add more alcohol into it) you can set it so that your partner has to have a drink. And vice versa!

The truths and lie that you choose can be random and unrelated, or to do with a set topic. It’s entirely up to you. But that’s the great thing about it – it’s fun and flexible!

2) Most Likely To…

Another great Couples Drinking Game is “Who Is Most Likely To…” How to play? Again, it’s pretty simple!

  • Ttake it in turns to share “Who Is Most Likely To” scenarios.
  • Without looking at the other person’s answer, you then write down who you think, is most likely to do that particular thing. It will either be “that’s me!” or “that’s you!”

Now here comes the fun part. See one of the things I love most about this game, out of all of the others, is that you’re actually working together as a TEAM!

  • If you both write the same answer, it’s a match and you don’t have to drink. (High five instead!)
  • If you write different things however – you both have to take a drink!

How well do you know each other? Are you both on the same page? You’ll soon find out!

This drinking game can be as calm or wild as you like – just make sure you discuss the answers after each round as that’s when the “juicy stuff!” really comes out!

3) Couples Quiz Game

If you want to go one step further with the whole “how well do you know each other” idea, you can also try a couples quiz – turning that into a drinking game.

So you’ll ask questions like:

  • Where did we first meet?
  • What were you wearing when we first met?
  • Where did we have our first kiss?
  • What’s my favourite colour?
  • How about my biggest fear?
  • What’s one thing that most people don’t know about me?

You make these up – ask whatever you want, but which you think your partner should know! Or just work your way through these couples trivia questions.

If they say the right answer, they’re safe, they’re good. If they get it wrong, they have to drink!

Take it in turns to ask the questions and you can keep this one pretty light and informal – no need to write the answers down!

This can actually be quite a romantic game for couples, which makes us have a particular soft spot for it, when it comes to couples drinking games!

4) Straight Face

Another nice simple one next then, and that is “Straight Face.”

With this one, you certainly can’t be shy with eye contact as the whole game resolves around looking at each other! 

How To Play:

  • Take it in turns to have a 30 second timer where you have to try to make your partner laugh.
  • You can do anything – tell jokes, pull funny faces. Anything except touch them. That’s right, tickling would be cheating!
  • At the end of the round, if you manage to make your partner smile, they have to take a shot. If not, the shots for you!
  • For a helping hand in making your partner giggle, you may like to grab these “You Laugh You Drink” cards – they’re perfect and very original!

You can actually create different rounds for different types of things, and adjust the timer as the game goes on (so that you have more or less time to make your partner smile / giggle!)

Or, you could battle it out with your partner to see who’s first to crack a smile – and that person then takes the drink.

It’s fast, easy to play and can be played for as little or as long as you like. I especially like this one when you’re getting ready together, before you go out.

Just a few 1 minute rounds and you’ll be extra merry by the time you leave!

5) “I’m Going To The Bar…”

So you’ve probably all heard of the “I’m Going To The Supermarket” game – where you take it in turns to add in another item, then have to repeat the list from the top, going around and around without getting it wrong…

Well “I’m Going To The Bar” is just like this, except you play it as a drinking game with your partner.

  1. Take it in turns to say “I’m going to the bar and ordering…” then pick a drink.
  2. As each of you adds on a new drink, you have to repeat it again, but start from the top. So for example it could be. “I’m going to the bar and ordering a beer.” (Him) You’d then say: “I’m going to the bar and ordering a beer and a Pina colada.” (Great choice!) He’d then have to say “I’m going to the bar and ordering a beer, a Pina colada and a vodka and coke…” You see?
  3. Continue this, adding on a new drink each time, until one of you forgets, misses out a drink or says the wrong thing!
  4. The person who’s first to make a mistake has to have a shot and it’s then onto the next round.
  5. Feel free to get creative on different rounds with different things you could get at a bar.

We guarantee with this one, you won’t need many rounds before you’re feeling rather tipsy, and laughing your way onto the next game!

Couples Drinking Games

6) Never Have I Ever

Let’s move onto the classics as another great couples drinking game is “Never Have I Ever.”

With this one, you’re actually in luck as we’ve actually made this super easy for you by creating 150 Couples Never Have I Ever Questions. Uh huh, you don’t even have to make up your own!

There’s heaps of inspiration there to get you started!

See that’s the thing about “Never Have I Ever” – it’s usually a little wild. Often, this game is played in groups… and most couples won’t want to hear some of the things that get revealed!

That’s why we’ve created 150 couple-friendly questions (that are still pretty juicy!) Be sure to give it a go!

7) Flip & Sip

What else have we got when it comes to the best drinking games for couples?

Well Flip & Sip is another good one – that, again, allows you to get a little wild when it’s just the two of you.

The great thing is, it’s also fast-paced, which means you can do one round or multiple rounds, whenever you want, even if you’re in a rush!

How To Play:

  • Grab a coin.
  • Take it in turns to flip it.
  • Your partner then guesses if it’s heads or tails.
  • If they guess right, they’re safe and it swaps to your turn.
  • If they guess wrong, they have to have a sip / do a shot, then try again.
  • Now this is where it really gets juicy, because you can also play it where – if they guess wrong a SECOND time, they have to take off an item of clothing before it moves onto your turn again!
  • Play it until one / both of you are left wearing nothing… by which point, you’ll both also be pretty tipsy too!

8) Couples Question Game

Whilst we’re on the topic of free couples drinking games, we also must throw out there, our FREE Couples Question Game.

This game is sober friendly but can also very easily be turned into a drinking game by guessing the answers that your partner will say and taking a drink if you guess it wrong.

Like many of these games – it’s a great way to bring the two of you closer and continue to get to know each other (no matter how long you’ve been together!)

So you’ve got questions like…

  • What would be your dream job?
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  • What’s your favourite chocolate bar?
  • Do you think you’re an optimist, pessimist or realist?

It’s also split into categories: Questions About You, Questions About Me, Questions About The Relationship and Questions About Love – so there’s a real mix!

9) Couples Drink Or Dare

What works hand and hand with truths? Well of course, dares! The best couples dare game? I’m not being biased but it is 100% ours: Drink or Dare. 

We’ve pulled together the very best couples dare cards for you and your partner including:

  • Dares you can actually do.
  • Dares that are fun and original.
  • AND, dares that definitely bring you closer!

If you’re looking for a bit of a wild night in, then this is definitely the couples drinking game that you want.

10) Drink & Draw

It’s time to release your inner artist! This couples game drinking game is a little similar to Pictionary, Drawing Without Dignity or (my personal favourite): Gutterhead

Except with this one, you’re making it completely your own! (This is the DIY version!)

Simply take it in turns to draw a picture. This can be in rounds. EG:

Round 1: An item in the house.
Round 2: An activity you can do. Or…
Round 3: A scene of someone doing something.

You also make up your own rules. So as a standard – for example – you shouldn’t be able to write any text on your diagrams. However, you may also like to add rules like: “draw this round with your left hand” or “draw this round whilst standing up, walking around!”

You see? You can get totally creative and make it more difficult as you go on! 

It might be a good idea to also set a time limit and either allow your partner to guess as you draw, or give your partner a certain number of guesses at the end.

How it becomes alcohol-fuelled? Well because every guess they get wrong – they have to have a drink. Or, you can play it as, every guess they get wrong, you pour a little more drink into their glass.

This makes a nice change to the other shot-orientated drinking games. So play it however you like!

Drinking Games For Couples

Fun Drinking Games For Couples

How are you getting on? Have you decided which couples drinking game you want to play next? Let’s keep them coming. Yup, there’s plenty of choice!

11) In The Doghouse

What else have we got when it comes to the best drinking games for couples? Well, we can’t leave our “In The Doghouse.

This game? It’s like a WILD version of “Mr & Mrs” and it’s not for the fainthearted!

100 question cards (expansion packs available), with some pretty hilarious and revealing answers to be expected!

The great thing about this game is they have a sober-version as well as an adaption designed specifically for drinking. (Just what we want / need!) Click here to check it out.

12) Pizza Box

Okay, so you’ve had a pizza. You’re moving onto games. You’re looking for couples drinking games… And now we have it… The perfect answer… The pizza box game!

How To Play:

  • Take the empty pizza box (or a large sheet of paper if you actually didn’t have pizza!)
  • Take it in turns to toss a coin on it.
  • Every time you toss the coin, you draw a circle around the coin (it can be the same size or bigger, it’s up to you, but you have to have the coin in the middle!) and write a rule within it.
  • You both take it in turns to keep doing this. Each throw you should “step it up” with what you write!
  • If your coin lands within any circle, at any point, you then have to do whatever is written in it! What you write is entirely up to you. It could be drinking challenges, couples dares, funny challenges, or something a little bit “saucy!”
  • If your coin lands outside of the pizza box (or paper) as you try to dodge the circles, you automatically have to take a shot. It’s as simple as that!

Continue playing until you want to “reset” it and start again!

13) The Question-Answer Game

We’re storming through our drinking games for couples now (woohoo!), so let’s throw in a risky one… which is… drum roll please… the “Question-Answer Game.”

This one? It’s designed SPECIFICALLY for couples.

In fact, you couldn’t get more couple-y, as the game is based around questions about your relationship… but looking at the future, as opposed to giving testing questions about the past!

So you might ask things like:

  • What shall we eat for dinner tomorrow?
  • Can we get matching pj’s for Christmas?!
  • Where shall we go on holiday next?

These ones are pretty simple, huh? Nice and light. However you also want to lead into the bigger ones, like:

  • When shall we move in together?
  • When do you think you’ll be ready to start a family?
  • Do you think we’ll get engaged?!

Yikes! I know! But the great thing is – it gets questions out in the open that perhaps you were a little afraid to ask before!

Where the drinking comes in? Well that’s up to you. You can add celebratory shots when the two of you agree on the answers, or forfeit “down your drink!” if one of you isn’t able to answer.

This can be pretty fun too as you can throw some naughty questions in there! Again, with this one, you’re able to completely make it your own!

14) Buzzed Blocks

Okay so we can’t have a list of couples drinking game, without including one that has some element of Jenga in! Jenga is, after all, a classic.

You can play it sober. Or, you can play it when drinking – getting too parts of it: the fun of the game and the drinks because of what you draw!

Now there’s lots of different drinking versions for stacking games. However, one of my favourites is Buzzed Blocks due to the suitable mix of blocks – relevant for couples.

How it works? Well you stack up your tower and take it in turns to take out blocks. On each block, you’ll have a challenge.

So it could be: “Tell An Embarrassing Story”, “Make a Rule”, “Twerk or Shot!”

This means that there’s games within the game. (Awesome!)

The goal of the game, is also to get through it without knocking the tower down, and you can set it as the person who does this – has to down the rest of their drink!

Click here for more details + a speak peak into the different challenges.

15) Spin The Bottle

Next up then, we have to throw in the classic “Spin The Bottle”, although as this is now a two-player couples drinking game, instead of spinning it to see who it lands on, you spin it to see WHAT it lands on.

So, you could lay out different items like chocolate, whipped cream or random concoction’s and if it lands on one of these, you have to do a certain thing!

The alternative – which is far easier and more fun (in my opinion) is to utilise our couples dares.

So write out your dares on pieces of paper, lie them face down around the bottle and whichever piece of paper it lands on – you either have to do that dare or take a drink, in exactly the same way as it works without the bottle.

The difference is, you have this extra element of surprise. You could also make some of your own cards to mix in with them which don’t get replaced when you land on them.

So for example:

  • Drink a Shot
  • Take a Sip
  • You’re SAFE!- have water!
  • Oh okay then, grab a couple of sweets instead!

See there’s plenty you can do with it.

Fun home date night ideas

16) Speed Facts

A great drinking game for couples that have been together for a while, is speed facts. And actually, there couldn’t be a faster, easier game!

  • Take it in turns to fire out facts about each other. So it could be: “Your favourite colour is blue.” “You used to wet the bed when you were little!” “You quit college at 17.” Go as risky, funny or easy as you please!
  • You’ll say a fact about your partner, then your partner will say a fact about you. It goes back and forth, back and forth.
  • If one of you repeats something they’ve already said – they have to drink.
  • Or if one of you says something that isn’t true – they also have to drink.
  • Drinks should also be given out for any delays. (So no pausing or hesitation!)

As you can imagine, it gets harder as you go on… and more boozy! But it’s another different couples drinking game that’s well worth a try!

17) These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Another game that – in all honesty – is going to get you drunk pretty fast, is “These Cards Will Get You Drunk.Yes, that’s actually the name of the game!

It’s therefore a pretty fitting couples drinking game if you know you want to get the drinks flowing, and fast!

This game includes 100 cards – all of which are very different. From “Tell a joke. If your partner doesn’t laugh, drink!” to “Flip a coin. If it’s heads, you drink, if it’s tails – your partner does!”

This game can therefore be played as a couple, but it’s also really great for when you have friends around too – so play it by yourselves but also save it for when you’re with others.

Talking of cards…

18) Do AND Drink

If you want a really wild couples drinking game you may like to play the DIY Do and Drink game – where there’s no way out, you have to do both!

What You Need To Do:

  • Get a new, normal pack of cards. (Ones that are specifically tweaked for this game!)
  • Label each odd-numbered card with a body part and each suit with an action. Get creative – the naughtier the better. After all, it’s only the two of you there!
  • Every even-numbered card is the number of shots you must take. Every odd number card is the action you need to do with it!

A PD rated example of this: you may have to “KISS” (action) “Your partner’s cheek” (body-part) on the odd card and then the number 6 on the even, which would be to do that then have 6 shots!

Now if this sounds a little too heavy for you, you can do it with a normal drink and change “shots” to “sips”. It may make the game last longer!

But this is certainly a fun and creative couples drinking game, giving you full reign on what you do and just how naughty you go!

19) Drinking Roulette

Want a couples drinking game that’s simple and totally-not-at-all-testing-on-the-mind?! Then Drinking Roulette could be your answer.

With this one, all you have to do is spin the wheel and drink whatever’s in the shot glass that you land on.

It could be wine, water, spirits or even a random, gross concoction that you and your partner had heaps of fun making (although drinking it will be a different story!)

It’s as simple as that. That is it! Ahhh, yes, sometimes it’s nice to keep it easy!

20) Hide & Drink

Okay, we’ve made it onto the very last of our top 20 couples drinking games… So what have we got for you?!

Well we’re going to finish with a different one, which is “Hide and Drink!”

How It Works:

  • Write different drinking challenges on small pieces of paper and wrap them around coins, securing with sellotape.
  • Take it in turns to hide these coins in a room. (No peaking from the other player!)

NOTE: Some of the drinking challenges should be kind. Like: “Create your favourite cocktail!” Or funny, like: “Okay, you can make ME a random drink and I have to drink it!”

You should also have one’s that really get you drinking, like “Take a shot!” or “Down your drink!” This means, some are good, some are “bad” and you never know what you’re going to get!

  • Once your partner has hidden the coins, you have to hunt around until you find one. Whatever coin you find – that’s the one you have to do!
  • You then swap it around and you hide the coins, your partner finds one and takes on that challenge!

Again, if you want to throw in some naughty dares or flirty challenges – you absolutely can! Make it your own and unleash your playful side!

The Best Drinking Games For Couples

So there we have it, our top 20 couples drinking games!

There’s plenty for you to get stuck into there. Have fun. Be sensible. (Remember, it’s good to be MINDFUL when drinking too!) But don’t be afraid to let your hair down a little…

Take care. All the best!


Couples Drinking Games
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