150 Cute Contact Names For Your Boyfriend

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Looking for cute contact names for your boyfriend? Want to be FILLED with inspiration for what to save your partner as on your phone, and how you can tie it in with what he saves you as?

Because hey – this is different to nicknames for your boyfriend. Nicknames are more set in stone, they’re said out loud.

When it comes to cute contact names for your boyfriend – you have far more options.

So let’s get the inspiration flowing! Here’s how to craft the perfect contact name for your boyfriend with our master list of 150 cute contact names.

Uh huh, you’re going to be full of ideas by the end of this!

Because that’s the great thing about this list – we’re not just going for quantity but also quality.

What could you actually save your boyfriend as in your contact list? What would you WANT to name him as? And what’s fun but original? Well my friends, we’re here to share all…

Cute Contact Names For Your Boyfriend

Before we get into the cute contact names for your boyfriend, let’s first establish where and how you can save your boyfriend as a contact… or change his name to something cuter!

The most popular places are:

  1. Within your phone.
  2. On a messaging platform, like WhatsApp.
  3. Within an email contact.
  4. And in some cases – you can also change them on social media.

Depending on your platform, there’s going to be slightly different ways to go about it – but typically, to change a contact name, you want to tap on it, press “edit” or “settings”, and can then do so from there.

Here’s some useful guides to help you if you need:

So there’s plenty to get you started. As you can see, there’s actually more places to use these cute contact names for your boyfriend than you may have initially thought!

What To Put With It

So you know what it is, you know where you can put it, but one more thing before we get into the list? Well, you’ve got to take a cute couples selfie to go with the new nickname!

A cute couples selfie or, a daft picture of your partner messing around – one which you’d only have to look at to naturally make you smile.

It just completes it perfectly, right? So, ready… steady… CHEESE!

Do it now, do it now. Take a fresh one if you don’t already have one! Be fun and playful with it!

What to save your boyfriend as on your phone

150 Cute Contact Names For Your Boyfriend

Let’s get stuck in with those cute contact names for your boyfriend now then.

We’ll fire them straight through, in no particular order – but group them into categories to get you thinking. Sounds good? Awesome.

Here’s 150 cute contact names for your boyfriend then. Which one will you choose? πŸ‘€

Cute Contact Names For Him

First up, let’s start simple with cute contact names for your boyfriend that are based around what he is to you. So you might save him as…

1) My Man

2) My Boy

3) My Bestie ❀️

4) My One & Only ❀️

5) My Boo 🀍

6) My Bae

7) My Baby 😍

8) My Babe

9) My Everything 🌎

10) My World

11) My Life ❀️

12) My Prince

13) My King

Mens phone contact names

14) Prince Charming ❀️

15) My Forever πŸ’

16) My Happily Ever 🏰

17) My Soul Mate

18) My One True Love ❀️

19) My Hero

20) My Hunk πŸ”₯

21) My Love 

22) My Dear

23) My Other Half πŸ’

24) My Diamond

25) My Rock ❀️

What To Save Your Boyfriend As In Your Phone

Incorporating Emojis

Many of these cute nicknames for your boyfriend already have some emoji incorporated in there.

They make great add-ons for the end of your boyfriend’s contact name, to highlight what he means to you.

You could however – just to throw it out there – save your boyfriend in your contacts list, solely using emojis.

So for example, you might like to let the emojis do all the talking:

26) 🌎❀️

27) πŸ’β€οΈ

28) πŸ‘‘β€οΈ

29) 🀴❀️

30) πŸ’‹πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦πŸ₯°

31) πŸ‘¨πŸ˜

32) πŸ”₯😍

33) πŸ‘«β€οΈ

34) πŸ’β€οΈ

35) πŸ—οΈβ€οΈ

36) πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜πŸ₯°β€οΈ

Boyfriends contact name

Emoji Contact Name Meanings

Cute contact names for your boyfriend including emojis, are super clever.

They incorporate the emojis guys use when they like you, but go one step further to have even more significance. For example…

Can you try to guess the meaning from these? Some are pretty obvious. For instance, “My King” in emojis would be something like πŸ‘‘β€οΈ, or “My World” 🌎❀️.

Then there’s the longer ones, or different ones – that are more unique to you. You, after all, give them the meaning. Talking of which…

Bonus Idea: Using Emojis To Add Meaning

Here’s a little personal story for added inspiration…

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he’d add a new emoji next to my contact name, every week that passed, which had meaning and told our story.

It was super cute. I know, I know, I found myself a real gem.

The best thing is – these weren’t always just about the dates themselves, but cute little moments to remember.

So for example, one of the first times he came over to my house, before my family had met him, when he put his shoes back on to leave – he left a couple of great big footprints!

Now I lived alone at the time, so there was no way these footprints were mine…

So I told him how I was rubbing frantically on the floor with my foot to hide them, before my parents came over. It was a funny moment and must have stuck with him.

So that week he added a foot emoji next to my name…

Now, if you’ve been in a relationship a while, you can’t constantly keep adding new ones on every week, but you CAN add a new one, then delete an older one.

It adds a lot of romance into the relationship; not to mention keeping things fresh, fun and exciting! It’s certainly something to think about anyway…

What To Save Your Boyfriend As In Your Phone

Cute Contact Names For Your Boyfriend

Before we move on from the emoji front, I want to throw out there, the option of saving your boyfriend as a heart. He does – after all – have your heart, right?

But it’s cool to be aware of the fact that different hearts have different meanings… And there’s actually far more out there than you may have realised!

So you’ve got… (In order of popularity)

37) ❀️ (Red Heart)

38) πŸ’• (Two Hearts)

39) πŸ’œ (Purple Heart)

40) πŸ’™ (Blue Heart)

41) πŸ’” (Broken Heart)

42) πŸ’– (Sparkling Heart)

43) β™₯️ (Heart Suit)

44) πŸ’“ (Beating Heart)

45) πŸ’› (Yellow Heart)

46) πŸ’ž (Revolving Hearts)

Husbands contact name

47) πŸ’š (Green Heart)

48) 🀍 (White Heart)

49) πŸ–€ (Black Heart)

50) πŸ’— (Growing Heart)

51) ❣️ (Heart Exclamation)

52) πŸ’˜ (Heart with Arrow)

53) 🧑 (Orange Heart)

54) πŸ’ (Heart with Ribbon)

55) πŸ’Ÿ (Heart Decoration)

56) 🀎 (Brown Heart)

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of their meanings, created by Emojipedia! You can then select the heart that is most fitting for your man and use that as your cute contact name for him.

Psst, are you using these love hearts to show and express your love for your partner, but haven’t said those three all-important little words to him just yet? Then jump on over to our guide of how to tell your boyfriend you love him. It’s sure to help!

Couples contact names

What To Save Your Boyfriend As In Your Phone

Let’s move on now to some cute contact names for your boyfriend that are simple classics. Titles more than anything.

Note: The hubby reference isn’t literal. If he’s still your boyfriend, you use this one when you’re basically saying – that’s what I see him as.

I am 100% committed and know we’ll get there.”

It’s also a phrase like you’ll often hear men refer to their partners as their β€œMrs” even if they aren’t. It’s a similar thing.

Although, here’s the top 10 signs he sees himself marrying you if you are interested in finding out! (Eek!)

57) Hubby

58) Husband ❀️

59) H.U.B.B.Y.

60) Honey ❀️

61) Honey Bun

62) Baby Boy ❀️

63) Baby Boo

64) Boo Boo ❀️

cute contact names for your boyfriend

65) Mr ❀️

66) My Mister πŸ₯°

67) Boyfriend

68) Boyf 😘

69) B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D.

70) Future Hubby πŸ₯°

71) Fella ❀️

72) L.O.M.L. (Love Of My Life)

73) Whole Heart ❀️

74) Last Love ❀️

75) Forever & Always ♾️

76) F&A ♾️

77) Baby ❀️

78) Lover 😍

Couples contact names

Cute Contact Names For Your Boyfriend

You can also use descriptive words to create the contact name for your boyfriend. Now, you’ll be better than I am at coming up at these…

What do you tell him all the time? What do you think of him when you see him, or speak to him, or spend time with him?

These can all become pretty cute contact names to save your boyfriend as. They’re also super original when you do it this way, too.

79) Handsome 🀍

80) Good Lookin’

81) Gorgeous πŸ’

82) Mr Gorj 😍

83) Mr Dapper

84) McDreamy

85) Mr Dreamy 😍

86) My Dream ❀️

87) My Rock πŸ’

what to save your boyfriend as on your phone

88) My Sunshine β˜€οΈ

89) Clever Cookie 😍

90) My Inspiration 😍

91) Cutie 🀍

92) Cuteness 😍

93) Sweetie 🀍

94) Sweetheart

95) My Sweet ❀️

96) Dimples

97) Muscles 

98) Hunky ❀️

99) Champ ❀️

Cute Contact Names For Your Boyfriend

What To Save Your Boyfriend As In Your Phone

Let’s move onto some more original ones – funny or quirky cute contact names for your boyfriend. Your challenge? To think of how you could adapt them, or create your own!

100) Mine, All MINE ❀️

101) My Forever Match ❀️

102) My Forever Man ❀️

103) Affinity ❀️

104) Snuggles

105) Cuddles ❀️

106) Teddy 🐻

107) Pumpkin

108) Cherub

109) Jelly ❀️

110) Sweets ❀️

111) Sugar

112) Snuggle Bug πŸ₯°

113) Snuggle Baby

114) Honey Bun

115) Honey Pie πŸ₯°

116) Bubble πŸ₯°

117) Boo Boo ❀️

cute contact names for your boyfriend

118) Cupcake 😍

119) Big Spoon πŸ₯„

120) Bubba

121) Boo Bear

122) Papi ❀️

123) Buddy πŸ’

124) Big Guy πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯😍

125) Hot Stuff

126) Hottie

127) Foxy πŸ”₯

128) Mr Fox

129) Absolute FIRE 😍πŸ”₯

130) My Heart Throb πŸ₯°

131) My Flame πŸ”₯😍❀️

132) C.A.P.T.A.I.N.

133) Casa πŸ₯° (Short for Casanova)

134) PIC. ❀️ (Short for Partner in Crime)

135) Peanut…

matching couples contact names

Cute Matching Contact Names For You and Your Boyfriend

… Peanut. That’s pretty cute isn’t it? Which actually then leads me onto our final section of cute contact names for your boyfriend.

See, if you want to be really connected with it, you can actually make his and yours match up!

So you could do this simply by him having something like: πŸ‘Έβ€οΈ and you having 🀴❀️

That would work as matching contact names. Or, you can go for something a little more creative. Here’s a few ideas to finish off, to get you thinking… (Emojis can also go with all of these too!)

136) Peanut and Butter

137) Sweetie Pie and Cutie Pie

138) Doughnut and Danish

139) Salt and Pepper

140) Double and Trouble

141) Mr Funny and Miss Bunny

142) Cutie and Pie

cute matching contact names for couples

143) Prince and Princess

144) Romeo and Juliet

145) Tramp and Lady

146) Charming and Cinderella

147) Mickey and Minnie

148) Beast and Beauty

149) Ken and Barbie

150) Choccie and Biccie

That’s All For This One

So there we have it! 150 cute contact names for your boyfriend.

Feeling inspired? Know what you’re going to set his name as now? Whatever you go for – remember, you can swap and change it as much as you like. Just have fun with it!

If you liked this, you may also like to get inspiration from our Matching Bios For Couples next. Uh huh, the two of you are going to be linked on EVERYTHING by the end of it!

Remember, there’s different ways to say I Love You – both with actions and with words, and small sweet gestures is definitely one way to meet both of these, so it really is a win, win.

Have fun creating!


Cute Contact Names For Your Boyfriend
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