125 (Fun & Original!) Dares Over Text

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Looking for dares you can do over text? Funny dares over text? Flirty dares over text? Or just – down right – entertaining dares you can send over text? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 125 fun & original dares to send over text.

These are suitable for friends, singles, or couples (looking for fun texting games to play!) when you’re not together in person.

Simply have a browse, SAVE this article, send it to whoever you’re playing with, and have fun picking and choosing, using the dares you find most relevant and entertaining.

Remember: you can also tweak these dares, to come up with your own. This is simply a guide to fill you with ideas and inspiration. If you are making up your own dares over text…

How To Create Good Dares Over Text

The key to crafting good dares over text is to:

  1. Make them fast, easy and fun to do. This then keeps the game going & flowing.
  2. Make them easy to explain. This then saves time texting. (Something we all want, I’m sure!)
  3. Make them able to prove. (E.G. You need to be able to witness the dare has been done, even when you’re not together.) After all, you’re not there in person and you don’t want any cheating going on at all… This is a serious game… 😉
  4. Make them FUN! At the end of the day, the best dares over text are fun, doable dares – that suit the person and what they’re comfortable with, whilst pushing them enough to feel daring! So always keep that in mind when sending dares over text… And build them up and up in “intensity” as you go along. That’s the best way to go about it!

You can also mix them in with these juicy questions to ask your friends, if you’d like to make it more like truth or dare over text. They’re short, snappy but seriously entertaining too!

125 (Fun & Original!) Dares Over Text

So let’s get stuck in, shall we? In no particular order, here’s 125 fun & original dares to send over text, broken down into key categories.

That’s right, we’ve split up the different types of texting dares to make it super easy for you to sort through. And yes, you can thank us later! 🤪

Texting Dares Over Text

So first up, here’s some texting dares to send over text.

See, texting dares make great dares over text. After all, you guys are already on your phone, and sending a text is easy to do and prove.

You just have to have the courage to do the dare, then take a screenshot and… wallah! So, what kind of texting dares can you do over text?

Well, you could challenge someone to…

1) Text someone TOTALLY RANDOM from your phone book… And say how happy you are that you two are “so close!” (Obviously you’re not, but it will be funny to see how they respond!)

2) Text someone random from your phone book and say, “I can see you!”… With no explanation! (When they reply, you can of course, fess up that it was a dare so as to not freak them out!)

3) Text your Mom and tell her you’ve got “big news”. (If you’re sending this dare to your partner, tell them to say it’s big news about the two of you.) Hype it up and up, to keep her on edge and guessing… Then make it something ridiculously small / silly!

4) Spam your parents with texts of classic poems. Send a text a line, and keep sending them through and through, until you run out of lines or they tell you to stop!

5) Text your Mom a list of all your ex-girlfriends / ex-boyfriends alphabetically. Don’t give any explanation – just send the list, then screenshot me their reply!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

6) Text a random number, sharing one of your deepest darkest secrets! (Whether they receive it or not, is just part of the chance you’ll take!)

7) Private message 3 strangers on social media saying, “I need to tell you a secret… 👀” If they reply, come up with something ridiculous. If they don’t – you can pretend it never happened!

8) Text a friend and say that you’re starting an “Only Fans” account. Keep running with it until they believe you, going with the fact that you’re “worried what people will think” but “have been working hard on my content!” Screenshot their replies!

9) Text the first person in your phonebook a really bad joke. If they don’t reply, text again 30 minutes later and say: “Was it that bad?! Want me to try again?!”

10) Text me… with your eyes closed… See how it comes out, then I’ll guess what you were trying to say! (Psst, to make this a funny dare over text, try to say something they wouldn’t expect you to say too!)

11) Send me the dirtiest text you can think of. 🤪 (No holding back!)

Dares Over Text

Phone Call Dares Over Text

Likewise, phone call dares work well as dares over text, for the exact same reason.

You simply send the phone call dare challenge via text, then they phone you and do it straight away! It’s fast, easy and very funny!

So you could say:

“Phone Me And…”

12) Give me your best chat up line.

13) Share your deepest, darkest fantasies, in the most seductive voice you can!

14) Hum your favourite “love making” song to me! (I’ll then try to guess what it is!)

15) Pretend to be a cold caller… Try to sell me something in under a minute!

16) Pretend you’re making a food delivery. Come up with the longest, most random order you can think of, and try to order it with me!

17) Speak in a different accent. See if I can guess which accent is right, first time. If I get it wrong (but am playing fairly!) – you have to try again, with a different accent!

18) Reenact your favourite movie scene, then I’ll try and guess the movie!

19) Do an impression of your favourite celebrity and I’ll guess who you are!

20) Give an impersonation of what I’M like on the phone! (Don’t worry, no offence will be taken!)

21) Read your latest email to me, in the most authoritative voice that you can! Leave out any mentions of the sender, and let me guess who sent it to you! If I guess right, you get another dare. If I guess wrong, I get double!

Video Dares Over Text

Likewise, sending videos also makes for another great dare over text, as again – you’re already on your phones, you’ve got the camera there in front of you, and it’s instantly sending ‘evidence’ of the dare, right there and then.

Video dares also become great memories as you can save them.

(Just perhaps make a rule beforehand where you promise not to ever share them without permission – otherwise that’s likely to hold people back!)

So what video dares have we got, that you can challenge someone to over text? Well, you could say:

“Send Me a Video of You…”

22) Shouting out of the window, saying (at the top of your voice!) “I LOVE [YOUR NAME] WITH ALL MY HEART!” (This is one of the cutest dares for couples, but can be done by anyone!)

23) Going to the biggest window in your house and dancing crazily for 2 minutes!

The curtains should be open and the lights should be switched on. See how many people see you during that time!

(I’ll do 2 dares in return if you manage to catch the attention of 10+ people! 😉)

24) Doing the Macarena for 15 minutes STRAIGHT! (No joke!)

And yes, I know we said short dares are the best when it comes to dares to send over text, but this one is PURPOSELY long to wind them up!

Have they got the patience for it?! You’ll soon find out!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

25) Pretending to listen to music and really getting into the song… (Facial expressions are everything on this one!) Go all out with it, then I’ll rate it out of 10 for effort!

26) Pretending to be an opera singer… This one, you CAN sing aloud! On a similar note…

27) Singing XYZ, as if you were performing it on stage! (Dance moves may be needed!) Likewise…

28) Doing your best dance moves to XYZ.

29) Finding the spiciest thing in your cupboard then eating a spoonful of it!

30) Pretending to instruct your own cooking show… Only make the SIMPLEST thing!

Texting Dares

“Send Me a Video of You…”

31) Filling your mouth full of water and say your full name… Without laughing! (The not laughing part is the hardest part of it!)

32) Making out with your hand for a full 60 seconds! Really go for it!

33) Doing your most seductive wink, straight into the camera!

34) Trying to open a bag of snacks or candy using only your mouth; hands and feet aren’t allowed.

35) Jumping up and down as high as you can for a full minute.

36) Performing the most flexible thing you could do with your body.

What Else Have We Got?

37) Doing a sit-up for every position you know in the bedroom!

38) Turning the shower onto cold… And standing under it for 30 seconds. (Either in your clothes or your underwear!)

39) Unrolling all of the toilet paper roll in your bathroom… If you live on your own, you have to do this three times, for three rolls. (Just to make it extra inconvenient! Ha!)

40) Pretending to tour me around your home. (The more comical the better! Extra points should be giving for comedy value, on all of these dares over text!)

41) Playing knock-door-run on your neighbours. (Go back after and explain it was “just a dare” if needed, bringing a “peace offering”… After all, happy neighbours = happy life. You don’t want to upset them, right?!)

“Send Me a Video of You…”

42) Drinking the most repulsive concoction you can come up with. (Record the process of you creating it too!)

43) Eating a spoonful of the most repulsive combination of foods, that you can come up with. (Record the process of you creating it too!)

44) Doing your best “chicken dance” around the living room for 30 seconds. (Yep, you will totally look like a mad mad / mad woman, but who cares?!)

45) Sucking a lolly pop as PASSIONATELY as you can!

46) Opening your bedroom window and shouting as loud as you can, “harder, harder, harder!”

47) Doing an angry dance to a happy song!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

48) Going as far down in the splits as you possibly can!

49) Attempting another gymnastic skill.. like a headstand or cartwheel (depending on your ability.) Oh, and by the way – if you don’t FAIL at the attempt, you have to try something harder! 😉

50) Doing the most INTENSE (and insanely entertaining!) hardcore workout for 60 seconds.

We’re talking as many press-ups, sit-ups, burpies, and anything else you can think of – done frantically!

(Extra points for extra comedy-value elements added in! See how much you embrace these ares play a big part in how good they are… So go all out with it!)

Photo Dares Over Text

Instead of a video, you can use photos. These aren’t old photos, they’re brand new ones that the other person has to take, then and there, specifically for the purpose of the dare.

So you could say…

51) Take a picture of yourself in the most cringiest outfit you can find. You’ve got 2 minutes! Go, go, go! (Throw any old combination of clothing on!)

52) Stick your tongue out as far as you possibly can, then snap some pics (all angles!) and send them to me!

53) Write a naughty message on a mirror… Send it me, then keep sending me pictures of it for the next hour to show you’ve left it on! (Pull funny faces in the mirror each time you snap a shot!)

54) Take a picture of yourself, balancing something on your head. (No hands!)

55) Take a picture of yourself going as far down in the splits as you possibly can. (Uh huh, a little multi-tasking is needed for this! Just watch you don’t pull a muscle in the process, too! 🤪)

56) Do an impression of your “O” face, and send a picture to me!

57) Write my name in permanent marker, somewhere on your body. (Put it somewhere it can be hidden if necessary!) Take a picture for proof, when done. Uh huh, there’s no such thing as “out of sight, out of mind, with this one. How about that for a reminder of you, hey?!

58) Take an overly-enthusiastic selfie of yourself going to the bathroom. (We’re thinking thumbs up, big grins!)

Dares Over Text

Photo Dares Over Text

You could also create dares over text, by challenging them to send you a picture of different things. (Either with or without explanations – depending on how mysterious you want to make it!)

These will typically be photos they get from the internet so that they can answer your question without words.

These type of photo dares over text are kind of like “Truth Dares” but they’re easy to throw in and so can work pretty well.

So for example, you could say:

Send Me a Picture Of…

59) Your first crush! (If it’s a celebrity – this is easy. If it’s not – you’ll have to do a little more digging, but hey – that’s where Facebook comes in handy, right?!)

60) Your most embarrassing crush. (Got a soft spot for someone you wouldn’t expect?! Now’s the time to reveal all!)

61) Your biggest fear. (This is where a BIG, FAT, SPIDER is going to hit your screen 🤪 But that’s part of the fun! When it comes to dares over text, it’s more about light entertaining and laughs as opposed to serious, deep questions and answers!)

62) Your funniest role model. (And okay – this one you may need an explanation for!)

63) Your weirdest fetish. 

64) Your guilty pleasure. 

65) The last thing you ate. (And yes, if you wolfed down an entire giant candy bar, you must fess up! That’s all part of these dares over text – complete honesty for comedy value!)

66) Your “spirit animal.” (Sloth, anyone?!)

67) A cartoon character who you think is most like you!

68) The superhero you would totally be if you could.

69) A celebrity you’d love to swap lives with… Just for a day!

Photo Dares Over Text

Or, you could go back to sending actual pictures, but these aren’t of them. Instead, they’re of things around their house or the environment that they’re in when you’re playing these texting dares. So, for example:

“Send Me a Picture Of…”

70) The most embarrassing item you own! (Do I even want to know?!)

71) The worst outfit in your wardrobe…

72) The worst outfit in your wardrobe… That you ACTUALLY still wear!

73) Your most embarrassing pair of underwear. (Bridget Jones knickers, anywhere?!)

74) A random body part… Massively zoomed in… I’ll then guess what it is!

75) The place you spend the most time. (And no, don’t be surprised if you get a toilet sent back!)

76) Your most prized childhood possession… That you still keep. (Old, scruffy, teddy bear?! Cute!)

77) Something you own, that I wouldn’t expect you to have!

78) Something you own, that I wouldn’t want anyone else to know you have! (Don’t worry, the secrets safe between you and me!)

79) The funniest thing you have in your bedroom!

Do you get the gist? Picture dares over texts are fast and easy to send. They’re also great to ease you into the game too, as they’re not as difficult as some of the other dares over text, on this list!

Screenshot Dares To Send Over Text

Next up, we’ve got screenshot dares over text. These are – what they say they are – all about simply using screenshots as part of the texting dare. So you could say:

80) Send a screenshot of the last photos you’ve taken on your camera roll! (No deleting then restoring. Send fast! You’ve got… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Send, send, send!

81) Send me a screenshot of your text inbox without deleting anything. (Let’s see who’s at the top of that!)

82) Send me a screenshot of your phone storage… Any hidden files in there? Any surprising apps? What’s taking up the most space? 😉

83) Prank call a random number and see how long you can keep them on the line. Take a screenshot of the call log after, as evidence!

84) Send a screenshot of your phone history from the last 24 hours!

85) Screenshot your phone history then send it to one of your co-workers… And send me a screenshot of their response! (Will they even know WHAT to say?! You will soon see!)

Funny Dares To Send Over Text

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

86) Send a selfie to someone you haven’t talked to in at least a year, on Facebook or Instagram. Take a screenshot of their reply and send it to me!

87) Google something really  strange, but which you’ve actually really wanted to know… then take a screenshot of the answer and send it over!

88) Write an overly long (and totally emotional!) break-up text message and send it to someone random in your contacts. Send me a screenshot for proof!

89) Change your phone screensaver to a picture of MY FACE! Send me a screenshot when done, then keep sending screenshots, twice a day, for the next 3 days, to show you’ve kept it on there for at least that long!

(Uh huh, if you’re looking for longer dares over text, these turn into more like “challenges” but keep the things fun and entertaining for a longer period of time!)

Social Media Dares To Do Over Text

With social media at your fingertips, giving you access to a whole WORLD full of people to do these dares over text, in front of, it would be crazy not to add some social media dares in!

All of these texting dares can be tweaked, depending on the main platforms that the two of you use. But the great thing about it is:

These texting dares include things you can post on social media, that don’t require you to be side by side, but which you can see if they’ve done it, straight away! (Handy, right?)

So you might say:

90) Change your profile picture to the CRINGIEST one that you can find, and keep it there for 20 minutes.

91) Edit your current profile picture, adding CRINGY text to it. (E.G. Let’s say you’re sending these funny dares over text to your partner. You can then challenge them to edit their profile picture – of the two of you – to have loads of love hearts on it, making it totally “O.T.T!”)

92) Snap a new silly selfie, right now, and upload that as your profile picture for 24 hours.

93) Post a status on your social media page, saying [Make Something Funny Up Here.]

94) Message an “enemy” / or someone you don’t get on with, on social media, saying: “Long time, no see!”

95) Open your social media feed and comment an O.T.T. 3 paragraph comment on the first post (of someone that you personally know), that you see!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

96) Go on Facebook and change your relationship status every hour, for the entire day. It should go from “single”, to “in a relationship”, “single”, to “in a relationship.” See if anyone picks up on it!

97) Change your relationship status to “In a Relationship With” and tag / write a random, funny, celebrities name. (Like Kevin Hart or David Walliams for example!)

98) Like every post of a random person’s Instagram page. (Screenshot evidence as you go along. And no – there’s no going back on this one, as they’ll already get the notifications pop up on their screen!)

99) Update your status on social media using only words that start with the letter “M.”

100) Change your Instagram username to something dirty, then update your story saying, “New Handle. Follow me @UsernameHere The funny thing with this one, is you’ll then see how many people view it!

101) Do a demonstration of “how to kiss”, then post it on social media.

102) Do a sales pitch of what makes you such a “great catch” then post it on social media.

Social Media Dares To Do Over Text

103) Use a friend’s profile picture as your wallpaper for a week. If they ask what you’re doing, just reply and simply say: “What? I just love you!”

104) Start an Facebook / Instagram Live video and give a detailed breakdown of the most boring parts of your day. (And no, you can’t confess it’s a dare within it!)

105) Post the hottest selfie you have (that’s not TOO revealing!) and share with it the caption. “I know what you’re thinking… Damnnnn! 😉”

106) Share a fake engagement announcement on your social media channels.

107) Post a story of a random item in your house, tagging and thanking the brand like an influencer… The more bizarre, the better! 

108) Record yourself telling your FUNNIEST joke, then post it on social media, saying you’re looking to get into stand-up comedy. “What do you all think?!”

Truth or Dare On The Phone

Funny Dares Over Text

Let’s finish off with a mix of funny (but admittedly quite random!) dares to send over text.

So you could ask someone to…

109) Text a random number in your phone, a really “bad” selfie of yourself! Don’t put any text with it… Just send the photo and the photo alone, and see if you get a response.

110) Text their “Number Neighbour!” (This is their phone number with a the last digit, plus or minus one. Say:

“Well hey there, Number Neighbour. Just thought I’d “introduce myself”, as I’m [Phone Number Here]… We’re right next to each other! Just one digit different! How about that then?!”

Uh huh, it’s certainly a text no-one would expect to get!

111) Call my phone, but put it on “speaker phone” then place the phone in your pocket (so I can hear.) Then, head over to a neighbour and ask them if you can borrow 50 cents!

112) Do a three-way prank call to someone so that I can listen! You make up the prank, but I have to be in on the call!

113) Leave 5 funny and entertaining notes around your house (if you live with someone else.) Bonus points for creativity!

114) Shave one of your arms and send me a “before” and “after” picture!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

115) Draw pictures of your top 3 favourite positions in the bedroom!

116) Group text your ENTIRE contact list, that you have an important secret to tell them… 😂

117) Group text your ENTIRE contact list, the most embarrassing selfie you can find… And say nothing with it!

118) Send the last photo on your phone to your ex. (Yikes!) Note: this won’t be a suitable dare over text if you’re in a relationship or dating, but it works well as a dare for friends.

119) Make up a song and voice record yourself singing it. Then, send it to me when you’re done. (Top Tip: To make this extra entertaining, challenge them to make up the song about YOU!)

120) Order me $10 worth of food for delivery. (Whatever you choose to order should be a total surprise… I’ll then just wait to see what I end up with! Place nicely here remember!)

Onto The Final 5 Dares Over Text…

121) Bark at a dog. Uh huh, that’s right – wait until one walks past your house, or go out for a walk to find one, then bark, bark, bark. Video evidence needed for this one, but bonus points if it’s completed!

122) Order two pizzas to your house right now. When someone drops them off, say “That’s one for you, one for me!” And let them keep one.

(Video evidence needed, even if that’s just putting your phone on speaker phone.)

This is actually one of the most original dares over text, but which also works as a random act of kindness! (Just the kind of dares we want!)

123) Face-time me, and let’s have a stare-off. If you crack a smile first, you get TWO dares, if I do – you win and have completed this dare successfully. So… it’s GAME ON! 😉

124) Draw a face around your belly button, take a picture, and send it to me.

125) Draw a unibrow on your face and take a selfie… Send it to me, then keep sending me selfies with it, as you need to keep it there for the rest of the game!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it! 125 (fun & original) dares over text, to fill you with ideas for dares you can send to friends, dates, or partners.

Which ones were your favourites? Which ones stood out to you the most?

I hope this has filled you with heaps of inspiration… And stocks of dares to now use too!

Have fun. And good luck!


Dares Over Text
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