15 Different Home Date Night Ideas

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Looking for different date night ideas at home? Different things to do on the evenings, when you’re stuck in with your loved one? Then here’s 15 home date night ideas to get rid of your boredom and spark up that romance. Mix things up, add a bit of excitement! It will work wonders in your relationship.

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15 Different Home Date Night Ideas

So let’s get stuck in, shall we? Here’s our top suggestions right now, when it comes to different home date night ideas.

1) Give Each Other a Fashion Show

It’s time to get dressed up because you’re on a mission to IMPRESS tonight!

Get showered, do your hair, do your makeup and instruct your partner to go all out too. Get the drinks flowing, the music pumping. It’s then time for a fashion show!

How it works? You create a number of different categories.

For example: Day Wear, Night Wear, Bed Wear, Beach Wear. You then each pull together your favourite outfit in this area and take it in turns to strut your stuff!

Your partner then rates your outfit out of 10. However it’s not just based on what you wear, but also how you deliver it!

Confidence is therefore key and the more fun you have with this the better! Get a little flirty. Reignite that spark and feel the romantic chemistry!

At the end you can also swap it around. So you dress your partner in outfits for each category and they rate the outfit you created out of 10.

The person with the most points at the end wins. And the winner gets to decide what their partner wears the following day, for the whole of the day.

(So you could stitch them up in something cringy, or they could get you prancing around in something they like!)

It’s different, it’s hilarious and is bound to bring you both closer. So give it a go! #CreatedByEll #MyFeaturedDateNightIdea

2. Themed Food & Travel Night

Love food? Love travel? Then combine the two!

Pick a country. Either one you’ve always wanted to go to, or your favourite place that you’ve traveled with your partner. Then, go all out with the theme!

One of you cooks – it’s got to be a famous recipe from that country! Then the other decorates.

So you could have a Mexican night with fajitas and sombreros. An Italian night where you make your own pizza together. Or a Spanish night with paella and flamenco dancing (olay!) 

You could even go one step further and start planning your next trip there together. Which leads me onto my next home date night idea…

3. Get Bucket List Planning

Home Date Night Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love having things to look forward to!

For a different home date night idea, get comfy with your loved one and start building a couples bucket list… all the places you want to go, things you want to do, experiences you’re desperate to have. 

You can have one master list for the two of you, or create a few lists – one individual one each and then one joint one. (After all, it’s good to have your own lives away from the relationship too!)

Then -and this is the real fun part!- start putting a few things in your diary for what you’re going to do when. It’ll encourage you to do more as a couple which will in turn make your relationship stronger!

4. Paint and Prosecco (or Paint and Pints!)

Another one of our different home date night ideas. Get some drinks in, buy some cheap paints and get a little creative!

This could be in painting each other (Risky but fun! Let’s hope neither causes offence!) Or, if neither of you are the most creative, you could try a Paint By Numbers Canvas Print.  

At the end, you’re then left with something pretty beautiful that you can hang up on the wall too! 

5. Couples Come Dine… Just The Two Of You

So if you don’t want to do Couples Come Dine as a group date, you can still do it just the two of you and the benefit of this is that it’s then DOUBLE the fun, because you actually get two date nights instead of one!

I therefore recommend doing over a Friday and Saturday. It’s basically like the TV Show “Come Dine With Me” but between the two of you.

How it works? Well:

  1. You take it in turns to host a dinner date night for the other person. 
  2. You then mark each other – not just with one overall score, but with three… One for cooking, one for entertainment and one for romance!
  3. Each category will be marked out of 10 so you’ll have a total score out of 30. 
  4. The person with the most points, wins, and gets their partner cooking for them for the next week as a reward! No tactical voting here remember 😉

It’s fun, it’s simple and it also pushes the other person to pull out all the stops for you, which is always nice!

6. Tasting Night

Home Date Night Ideas

So if you’re a bit of a foodie and liked my Couples Come Dine idea, then the Tasting Night is probably for you too!

In a nutshell, you pick a theme. It could be wine, ice cream, chocolate, cheese. Whatever you like.

Then buy in a selection of the chosen category and go through rating them all. Have fun with it. You are food and drink connoisseurs for the night! 

You could even spice things up a bit by labelling the food or drink (with a sticker underneath the plate), mixing the plates up and then trying them blindfolded… That way there’s no bias and you can try to guess the flavour or brand alongside it.

You can make your own rules up as you go along… It’s your home date night, so make it your own!

7. Games Night

Games night may not be that original, but it’s a classic right? Some of the best games for couples include:

  • Talk, Flirt, Dare, Date Night Box Set: Different games for different levels of intimacy, specifically made for home date nights.
  • Our Moments: This game is packed with different conversation starters, which means conversation will certainly never get dull on date night!
  • Fog Of Love: This is a different one now! Fog of Love offers a chance for you and your partner to navigate awkwardness and problems in a relationship outside of your own (though you may draw parallels; just be ready!) There’s different versions. For example, The Original, For Male Couples or For Female Couples.
  • Truth Or Dare: Another fun one to add a bit of excitement back into the relationship, is this Truth or Dare game, designed for couples. Including 50 questions and 50 challenges, there’s plenty to keep you busy.
  • Sussed: Another hilarious question! I think I’ve nearly got through the whole pack of this, I’ve played it THAT many times! There’s also the X Rated Version, which is perfect for couples.

As you’ll see, I’ve picked my favourites, which specifically revolve around relationships and communication.

Why? Because I think it’s a great way to build on yours and bring the two of you closer!

8. Have a Laugh with a Home Karaoke

Get some fun back into the relationship! Remember how much you make each other laugh!

To do a karaoke night properly, I actually recommend buying a little karaoke machine.

You can get one of these for less than 50 dollars. You connect via bluetooth and then sing to your hearts content… duets and everything!

The best part of this? No-one else will be watching so you can really let your hair down together!

And yes, it’s a small investment – but if you think about the usual alcohol spend on top of it, you’ll be sure to get your use out of it within just 1-2 goes.

9. Have a Little Pampering

This is one of my favourites now! And I especially love it because the chances are your partner is SO not used to this, which makes it even more amusing.

Have a bath, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and do a little home pamper night together.

We’re talking washing, cleansing, toning, moisturing, face masks and – if you’re lucky – you may even be able to convince your partner to pluck their eyebrows.

(Hilarious if they’ve never had them done before!)

It’s simple, affordable yet great for bonding and making you feel closer to your partner.

Home Date Night Ideas

10. Start Your Own Book Club

This is perfect if you both love reading and want to do something together more regularly. The answer? Starting your own exclusive couples book club!

Pick a different book every month – this can be from a genre you both enjoy, a personal development topic, a book specifically on relationships (something like how to communicate better for instance would be pretty cool!) or a mix!

You both read it in a set period of time, then get cuddled up on the sofa to discuss it!

It’s certainly quite an ‘intellectual’ evening, but what better thing to do than learn and grow together?… Or at the very least, just debate something a little bit different!

11. Have a “Night At The…”

It could be basketball, football, rugby, horse racing. Put a game on record, get some nachos and hot dogs in (to really get into the spirit of things!) and then cheer on a team.

You could even place bets between the two of you. Or turn it into a drinking game with something funny like… every time a football player rolls on the ground dramatically, you have to take a drink!

It’s just something different to do together, and if your partner loves sports, it’s a way for you to enjoy something that they do… whilst actually spending some quality time together. It also doesn’t have to cost a penny. Added bonus!

This is why you’re onto a winner with this home date night idea! AND you’ll win brownie points for suggesting it… You can thank me later 😉

12. Keep It Simple

If you’ve had a hard week, or things have been a bit full on recently, one of the best home date night ideas is to just have a cosy night for the two of you. 

Put both of your phones on the side, switch off the tv, light some candles and grab a glass of wine. Complement this with pyjamas, blankets and relaxing music playing in the background…

You could even create a music playlist together with all your favourite songs. Cute right!

See, you don’t actually have to do a lot. Just spend some quality time together, talking about anything and everything! It will bring you so much closer and may be just what you need.

BONUS: You could even turn this into a TV and Takeaway Night. Order in your favourite takeaway (no cooking, wahay!), find a good movie on Netflix and have the ultimate chilled night in!

If you want to make it a little different, you can also go for a movie genre you wouldn’t usually pick. So if you get scared easy, go for a horror (it will end up being pretty funny!)

Or if you usually go for light-hearted stuff, find a movie you can really get your teeth stuck into. You may be surprised and actually end up liking it! Variety is good for the relationship.

Home Date Night Ideas

13. Write Each Other Love Letters

It’s time to get deep and ignite your inner Romeo and Juliet! Light some candles, get the mood going then sit together and write each other letters.

Don’t worry, you won’t be opening them straight away! You then set a date where you’ll read them (pop it in your diary!) which will then create another date night in the future.

The great thing about this is it encourages intimacy. It get’s the two of you reflecting how you feel, expressing your emotions and fully appreciating the other person.

It’s also a beautiful free date idea at home, that’s meaningful and romantic… Not to mention the fact that the letters will then make a great keepsake at the end. (It’s a date idea that keeps on giving!)

14. Do a Home Escape Room

So you said you were looking for different home date night ideas right? Well this one is certainly that. You know the big escape room trend? Well you can now bring that at home with these escape room kits…

The perfect one to get you started? (Highest Rating On Amazon): EXIT The Abandoned Cabin

“After your car breaks down, you are looking for shelter for the night. Luckily, you find an abandoned cabin in the woods near the road. But the next morning, the door is locked! Iron bars on the windows prevent you from escaping. You discover a book and a strange disk… Can you solve the riddles left for you by the deranged cabin owner and escape the cabin…”

I also have this box set, which has four different escape room games to keep you going! Definitely recommend.

15. Have a Fight!

Last but not least, it’s time for a FIGHT! And no we’re not talking about punching or kicking!

Instead, I’m thinking more along the lines of a water fight (little pistols only! Something like this will do the job), pillow fight or if you’re feeling like something a little messy… a whipped cream food fight!

It boosts your adrenaline, gets your heart pounding and sends that dopamine through the roof, which helps to mimic the feeling of falling in love again! 

It’s also guaranteed to give you a LOT of laughs, whilst keeping your relationship playful – which is why it’s actually one of my top home date night ideas!

Unleash the child within you again. Go on… I dare you!

So there we have it – 15 fun and different home date night ideas. Why not pick one for this weekend?

Enjoyed this? Can’t wait? Then also take a look at our Top 20 Weeknight Date Ideas. Uh huh, if you’re not already BURSTING with ideas, you soon will be!

Have fun. Take care.


Home Date Night Ideas
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  1. These suggestions are SO ADORABLE! I absolutely love them! I’m lucky that I’m quarantined with my husband, but mostly our nights end with us drinking wine and watching movies (nothing wrong with that). But these ideas are so creative and fun, we’re definitely going to have to do some. I especially love the fashion show and the home based escape room. I love escape room! It never would have occurred to me to do one at home. Thanks!

  2. The fashion show makes me laugh because my husband would be absolutely ridiculous and come up with the most outrageous outfits. I like the escape room idea too! Great idea for a blog post. 🙂


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