20+ Best Weeknight Date Ideas

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So you’ve got a busy schedule – but still want to find time for your partner, or fit in some dates to try to FIND that ideal partner? Good stuff, I like it. But what do you do? What are the best weeknight date ideas?

Midweek dates that are enough to be special, but not too much to wear you out during the working week?

Well my friends, you’re in luck! As we’re going to run through our top 20 after work date ideas, that are actually possible, easy and feasible.

Disclaimer: Please note, there may be affiliate links within the post.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, I will never recommend anything that I haven’t personally bought or “approved.”

20 Best Weeknight Date Ideas

So what have we got for you? What are the best weeknight date ideas? Well let’s get stuck in!

1) The Classic – Go For Dinner

So first up, we’ve got to start with a classic. Now, there’s going to be lots of different weeknight date ideas in this list, but the classic dinner date can’t be discounted.

Why? Because, of course, everyone’s ‘gotta eat!

So whether you use this as a romantic gesture – heading out with your partner as a treat after work to save the chore of cooking and cleaning, or you head out on a date with someone new – dinner is fitting in pretty much any situation…

Mix up your restaurants and try somewhere new to keep it a little bit spicy! But it’s a weeknight foodie date idea you really can’t go wrong with.

BONUS: Want to make things a little different? Do a mini restaurant crawl! Go for starter, main and dessert, at three different places! Rank each one out of 10 and decide what’s your favourite!

This is one of the most popular foodie date ideas. But it just shows…

A little creativity when it comes to weeknight date ideas, goes a long way in keeping your relationship fun & exciting!

2) Treat Yourselves To Dessert

Talking of food – I want to throw out the option of making dessert night into a date! Now this is especially good if one, or the both of you, have a sweet tooth.

Go to a dessert shop, try everything and anything from the menu – indulging to your hearts content!

An alternative? Doing a bake-off at home – each having a go at creating the most delicious sweet-treat, then trying them both to see who is crowned the Baking Champion!

Either way, after a long hard day, you deserve a bit of comfort eating… And don’t even feel bad about it! (Honestly, you really shouldn’t!)

3) Nice & Easy – Go For Drinks

Going for drinks does too, still make it onto the list of the best weeknight date ideas. Why? Because:

  1. It’s a great date idea – particularly during the early stages of dating when you’re looking for something light, casual and relaxed.
  2. It’s a nice way to wind down after work.

Now we’re not suggesting getting through the bottles mid-week, but being able to get dressed up, break up your working week and have a cocktail or two – it’s still a very nice treat.

ALTERNATIVE: Don’t feel like going out? Why not have a home cocktail night? It gets you creative, saves some money and is still just as fun (if not more!)

Simply grab this cocktail kit & recipe set (included) and you’ll be all set & good to go!

Psst… This is one of the best Summer date ideas. Think Pina Colada in the kitchen... It’s nearly as good as being in paradise, right?!

romantic things to do after work

4) Go To An Escape Room

Next up, next up, we’ve got an escape room suggestion!

Now I know what you’re thinking, won’t we have done enough concentrating at work?! Maybe so. But this is different! 

Yes it gets you thinking, but they’re also fun. You’re moving around, solving puzzles, working things out. And better yet – working as a team.

Escape rooms are also pretty exciting, which why they still “fit the bill” as a great midweek date idea.

Psst, don’t forget – they also do home escape room kits if you want to stay in the comfort of your home! These are pretty cost effective too!

5) Have a Games Night

If the idea of an Escape Room tickles your fancy, you’re also likely to be tempted by a mid-week games night.

The great thing with this? You don’t need to drink. No booze = mid-week friendly. It’s also fun and the perfect example of a great FREE date idea at home.

See, whether you go for board games, card games, video games, or mix it up – you’re almost certainly guaranteed to have a few laughs!

On that note, you may also like to try (our fabulously free!) Ultimate Couples Question Game, Mighty Couples Trivia Game or – a little bit risky – Couples “Never Have I Ever” Game. Uh huh, you can thank me later!

6) Go To An Arcade

On that note, a trip to a local arcade is always a good shout.

These tend to be open pretty late – which is ideal if you don’t finish work until 6pm onwards. There’s still time to get back, get fed and get ready.

Arcades are not only full of different games, but most also sell food or drink so you can make a real outing of it.

It’s fun, kind of romantic and great for all relationships – old, blossoming and new!

7) Have a Pamper Night

Another great weeknight date idea now then, is 100% a pamper night. Blow away all the stresses of the day together! 

For couples, we’re talking – hot bubble bath (shared, or separate, whatever you prefer!), face-masks, massages – the lot!

To help with the massage part, this muscle massager makes your life so much easier! I highly recommend. Don’t forget the aromatherapy oil too! (Uh huh, you’ll feel like a real pro!)

Looking for weeknight date ideas if you’re still dating?

Well, a pamper night still suits for an early-days date if the two of you are comfortable. Just maybe leave out some of the things that require more openness and intimacy.

Instead, vouch for face-mask fun (this mud mask is my favourite – great value too!), maybe nail painting (where appropriate) and relaxing “spa vibes” with music, candles and magazines.

Use it as chill-out time together, and an opportunity to get to know each other better.

Talking of which…

After work date ideas

8) Play a Couples Question Game

Here – start with our FREE Couples Question Game. We’ve also got a lighter “This Or That Question Game For Couples”, or some Cute Couples Questions (my personal favourite!)

For those dating, try these 100 Different Things To Talk About When Dating, or again – the “This Or That Questions” listed above will also be suitable for you – it’s nice and light and fun.

Remember, there are essential things to talk about on a first date (and beyond!) so incorporating questions into a midweek date, in a fun & easy way, is a really great shout.

The most important thing is that you’re really engaging… Making this midweek date idea all about quality time, spent together, getting to know each other better and further building on your bond.

9) Have a Movie Night

Talking of chilled weeknight date ideas, a movie night is another option.

In fact, we’re pretty sure it’s the only time “Netflix and Chill” is ACTUALLY allowed. (There’s no excuses for it on the weekend!)

Instead, snuggle up, pick a movie you’ve not seen before and either head out to the movies, or bring the cinema at home to you?! Popcorn and iced drinks are always a must!

[Click here for THE CUTEST Home Popcorn Maker- amazing, I know!]

10) Go On A Walk

Full of beans? Want to do something that requires a little more energy?!

Then going out for a walk, is still, a very good weeknight date idea. Romantic too, if you’re able to strike lucky and catch a sunset!

It doesn’t matter what the time, nor what time of the year it is. In Winter, simply wrap up, hold hands and take a couple of torches – or opt for well-lit paths. 

In Summer, well, the days are longer which is all-the-more-reason to make the most of it, extending your day with an evening stroll before tucking in for the night.

Walking dates are also good for… What? TALKING!

In fact, you can have any deep chats or heart-to-hearts without the intensity of sitting right opposite each other. 

So don’t be afraid to use this as an opportunity to ask those all-important questions.

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Weeknight Date Ideas

We’re flying through these weeknight date ideas now, with classic suggestions tied in with creative twists. So what else have we got? Well…

11) Have Some Healthy Competition

Bowling, ice-skating, indoor rock-climbing, laser tag, mini golf, pool, go-karting. Gee – why not consider axe-throwing even?!

There are plenty of activities that make great weeknight date ideas, whilst incorporating a bit of healthy competition.

See, what you want is something to do that takes you out of your usual environment and gets you going head-to-head.

It’s fun – and keeps your relationship playful… or, “breaks the ice” if this is a first / second date.

Fun things to do after work

12) Play a Sport

Now providing it’s not a first date (in which case you’d probably avoid this one), playing a sport together is another great weeknight date idea.

See, for the same reason as above, it creates some healthy competition!

You’ll also get the added benefit of those endorphins flowing (the feel-good chemicals that run through your body during and after exercise!)

Plus, if you have an office job and are sat behind a desk all day – it’s good to get moving after!

Play a game of tennis, badminton, squash – whatever you fancy. Finish it off with a smoothie and snack. If you enjoy it, you could also make it a more regular thing!

13) Go To a Game

Into sport? Up for doing something different? Love all things with a good atmosphere? Then going to a game has got to be one of the best midweek date ideas!

Scour your local sports clubs and see what you can find. Not only do they get your heart racing, but they also provide great conversation starters – which is always handy, whether you’re on your first date or I-don’t-even-know-how-many date.

It’s just a case of doing a bit of digging to see what’s on. But the benefit is- mid-week games are usually cheaper, whilst still offering a different evening activity!

BONUS: Consider going on a double date or group date, if you want to mix things up a little more. There’s plenty of group date ideas to mix up those mid-week dates. For example…

14) Go To a Pub Quiz

Want to put your general knowledge to the test? Then a pub quiz is another great midweek date idea. Swat up before you go then work together as a team.

Pub quizzes offer a light, fun atmosphere, where you can still have a couple of drinks – but it goes with an activity, there’s another focus. It also offers lots of talking points (of course!)

And if you do a little research – you’ll often find themed pub quizzes. So, for instance, questions about Disney, Friends, Star Wars, Christmas even!

See what’s going on in your area then head on over with your partner or date!

15) Learn a New Skill

Another great evening date idea is to learn something new.

Whether that’s by taking a class together, following along to an online video tutorial or “learning as you go” – with a “totally winging it” attitude!

The most important thing is that you’re doing it together.

BONUS: Building on this further, you may even like to teach each other something.

  • So let’s say your partner works in construction – why not teach you how to make something, or make something together (and the process of doing so, will, of course, also expand your skills and knowledge in this area!)
  • Or let’s say you’re an absolute boss on the piano? Why not teach your partner a few tunes? 

This works better if you’re a couple as opposed to one person “taking the lead” early on when you should be focusing on getting to know each other.

However, if you do want to try it as a date idea as time goes on – go for short, simply things to learn, and alternate it between one date then the other.

weeknight date ideas

16) Listen To Music

What next, what next? Well, we’ve got to add some music to the list!

Whether that’s snuggling up at home, blasting out your favourite tunes, or heading out for a live music gig (always a win!), it doesn’t have to be a wild night.

But it is a great midweek date idea, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work!

17) Watch a Show

So we’ve touched on movies but what about shows? See although many events run at the weekends, you’ll still find ones in the week.

Scour the internet, have a look at what you can find!

Consider not only theatre shows – musicals, plays, etc, but also music – like the opera. Or pantomimes, the circus, a comedy show even.

There’s quite a variety when you really think about it!

Find something that’s not necessarily your thing? Then why not try it out anyway?! It’s always a new experience!

18) Go Wine / Beer / Food Tasting

A different after work date idea now – is wine / beer / food tasting – whatever’s most your thing. This can be out at a restaurant or bar.

Again, do your research, you’ll often be amazed at what your can find! Or, your own DIY version at home.

Uh huh, you’ll either impress your date with the effort you’ve gone to – and the fact that you’ve thought of something different! – or mix things up in your relationship if you have a partner.

Pick a theme, grab a tasting board if you’re going for food – and get mini sweet or savoury nibbles to indulge. You could even do this blind-folded if you really want to ignite their senses!

Going for drinks? Then get a selection of wines, beers or spirits. There’s some pretty quirky sampling trays for this too if you want to make it a regular thing.

You can either go for fun or sophisticated – perhaps sophisticated if you have work the next day, sitting back and trying the samples at a relaxed pace!

Want to turn it into a bit of a game? Then try guessing if blind-folded, or rating if not. What’s your favourite taster? And how does that align with your date? You’ll soon find out!

19) Cosy Up Around a Fire

We’re heading towards the end of our weeknight date ideas now, but not before we add in this “bad boy!”

See, there’s just something rather magical about fire, right?

If it’s the Summer – a nice fire pit outside, toasting marshmallows is the perfect weeknight date idea.

Stuck in winter? Then instead, opt for an indoor fire pit, or – if you have a fire yourselves – that also does the job! Snuggle up with comfy clothes and hot chocolates!

This is one date you can never go wrong with. Especially if you add the finishing touches of good drinks and nibble treats!

weeknight date ideas

20) Take a Drive

Last but not least then, let’s finish with an absolute cracker, which is an after-work drive.

Now hold up, hold up, I know what you may thinking – I drive enough just to GET to work, why would I want to do more driving after? Well, because you can make it romantic!

Either drive somewhere beautiful and watch the sun set. Or wait until it goes dark.

You can then get blankets, hot drinks and nibbles, cosying up in the backseats (or even better – on the back of the truck, if you have a truck!) and do a little star gazing!

Want to really spark up the romance? Then put your car beams on, play some music and dance in front of it – like you’re on stage!

This is best done in a secluded spot, so again, it isn’t suitable as a FIRST date, but it’s an absolute show-stopper and night to remember if you’ve built enough of a bond to do this together!

Be bold, be brave, do something differently. But most importantly – keep dating in the week! Dates don’t have to just be done on weekends!

The Best Weeknight Date Ideas

So there we have it! The best weeknight date ideas – 20+ after work dates that you can actually easily do!

Which ones took your fancy? What are you thinking of doing next? Take your pick!

And if you’re looking for more ideas but are more of a “last minute gal!”, check out these 50 Fun Last Minute Date Ideas to choose from (it really allows for a little spontaneity!)

Have fun. Enjoy!


Fun Weeknight Date Ideas
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