25 Totally Free Date Ideas At Home

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Looking for free home date ideas? Things you can do with your partner in the comfort of your own home, without it costing anything at all? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 25 totally free date ideas you can do at home.

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25 Totally Free Date Ideas At Home

So let’s get stuck straight in, shall we? Here’s 25 totally free date ideas you can do at home. In no particular order we’ve got…

1) Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed is an absolute classic home date idea and one of the best foodie date ideas, when you really appreciate every mouthful that you indulge!

There’s also the plus-side that this date idea is entirely free… Not costing you anything extra other than what you’d already have got in to eat!

It’s a romantic gesture you can do for your partner, which works especially well for making them feel loved, if their love language is “acts of service”.

You can even take it in turns to make it a more regular date idea. Why have a breakfast date out, when you can have it in bed?!

The question is – what will you cook up, when it’s your turn to make something?!

free morning date ideas

2) Indoor Picnic

Keeping with the cookery theme, another – more original – free home date idea is an indoor picnic.

This can be breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even a “nibbles” style dinner. Our personal favourite is at lunch, as we happen to think there should be more lunch date ideas (mixing up the time of day you date!)

But, again, you’ll still be using food you already have in, or would have to get in, which means it costs you nothing extra… However it’s quirky, different and really quite romantic.

Simply grab a picnic blanket and maybe some extra cushions to make it super cosy; lay everything out like you would on a sunny day outside; and instead – cosy up in the comfort of your own home!

3) Cook Off / Bake Off

Looking for something a little more competitive? Then why not do a cook off, or bake off?

To keep it as a free date idea at home, you can spice it up even further (although maybe not literally!) by adding the rule of only being able to create something with things you already have in the kitchen.

Uh huh, that’s right – you have to work with what you’ve got and will then see who can come up with the best creation! That certainly helps to keep your relationship fun & exciting!

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4) Games Night

Another free home date night idea, that keeps a bit of healthy competition flowing, is – of course – a games night. Now there’s heaps of games to choose from…

From board games to card games, right the way to question games.

Some of our most popular are:

All of these are completely free to play, designed and created, by us, for you. (And played by us, too. My boyfriend and I love a good games night!)

You can even make up your own games.

I mean, something like the “ABC” game can be flirty and fun. To play, you simply take it in turns to find items around the house, beginning with A… B… C…etc.

The most creative item wins and you can then give forfeits to the loser.

This can be something fun like, “take off an item or clothing” or “put another item of clothing on (until you can barely move!)” for every game you lose!

There’s so much you can do. In fact, there’s pretty endless ideas when it comes to a couples games night!

Mix it up with funny games, naughty games and romantic games – based on the kind of “vibe” you’re looking for, for the night.

5) Pamper Night

Looking for more of a chill-out, than the competition? Then a pamper night has got to win as one of the best free date ideas to do at home, with this in mind.

I mean, it’s got everything: the romance, the quality time, the intimacy, the relaxation. Perfecto!

And hey – remember, there’s plenty of things you can do when it comes to how to make a bedroom more relaxing, so that you’re really turning it into a “zen den!”

Simply run a hot bubble bath, light some romantic candles (to kind of “set the scene”!) and do things like: face-masks, exfoliating, massages, the lot.

You can either go for an “intimate” vibe, or a fun one. In which case, you may even like to make it a little wild and playful with a bubble fight! Talking of which…

inexpensive home date ideas

Cute Free Date Ideas

6) Make a Den!

Making a den isn’t just for kids. It can be super sweet and romantic – especially when you then cosy up inside, with your favourite drinks and nibbles.

Make it together, use fairy lights and blankets and lots of pillows. In fact, why not have a pillow fight in the process? It’s a great way to keep your relationship playful!

After that, you can then settle in for the night and do… well… whatever you want in it!

Watch a movie, play card games or even just have a heart to heart, asking some deeper questions or more intimate questions (ones you wouldn’t ask every day!)

When done properly – this date idea genuinely brings you closer. It’s also a fun, different and fabulously free date idea at home! On a similar note…

7) Camp Out In Your Back Yard!

If it’s not too cold, and you’ve got a two-man tent – you may want to scrap the den idea and instead, do exactly the same thing – outside, in your own garden.

Why travel for miles when you have space right on your doorstep?!

Make a fire (if you have a fire pit), toast marshmallows, play music, do a little stargazing. Some of the best date ideas are actually priceless… in more ways than one!

free date night ideas at home

Different Free Date Ideas At Home

8) Have a Fashion Show

Next up, it’s a totally different home date night idea, now then. In fact, it’s pretty much an original date idea CREATION! See…

“It’s time to get dressed up because you’re on a mission to IMPRESS tonight!

Get showered, do your hair, do your makeup and instruct your partner to go all out too. Get the drinks flowing, the music pumping. It’s then time for a fashion show!

How it works? You create a number of different categories.

For example: Day Wear, Night Wear, Bed Wear, Beach Wear.

You then each pull together your favourite outfit in this area and take it in turns to strut your stuff!

Your partner then rates your outfit out of 10. However it’s not just based on what you wear, but also how you deliver it…

Confidence is therefore key and the more fun you have with this the better! Feel confident in the way that you look! Get a little flirty. And really reignite that spark!

This is just one of our different home date night ideas. Liked this? Then we’ve got plenty more! Uh huh. Date night at home, can be free AND exciting… You don’t always have to do the same things!

9) Get Dressed Up… To Stay In!

On a similar note to the fashion show, why not get dressed up… to stay in?

See, sometimes the “being able to get dressed up” part, is a big part of date night, but you can actually still do this when staying at home!

You can still make the most of the hair, makeup, and boss outfit, by doing something romantic – you’re just making “staying in” the new “going out.”

After all, it doesn’t really matter where you are. It’s more about who you’re with and what you’re doing.

So cocktail making at home, instead of out? You can still get dressed up! Candle-lit meal / drinks at home, instead of out? It’s the same thing!

Don’t fancy getting dressed up as such… then get dressed in ANYTHING, and have your own mini home photoshoot. Strike some poses, get some new photos for the wall and have fun with it!

TOP TIP: You can use this Selfie Stick Tripod to take photos that look like they’re taken by other people.

This also includes a little button which you can press to take the photo, so there’s no worrying about getting the timing spot on!

It enables you to have professional looking photos (nearly!), for a TINY fraction of the price!

things to do with your girlfriend at home

10) Do a Workout Together

Feeling pent up? Like you’ve got a lot of energy? Then you don’t have to sit around just because you’re at home. See another great free date idea at home is to do a workout together.

This could be anything from a couples yoga video (OMMM!), to boxing it out; a fun Zumba class (if you can convince your partner to get into it!) to a hard-core cardio session.

The great thing is – the options are endless, as you can tap into the many guided workout videos available online, for free, simply by browsing YouTube. Likewise…

11) Learn To Dance!

Dancing is always a fun and flirty date night idea. And, again, if you learn via Youtube, making the most of all of their free content, it doesn’t have to cost you a thing!

So one night you could be doing a little salsa together, the next you could be bopping out with a street dance!

You could also learn a cute couples routine – in any style. We’re thinking the final dance on Dirty Dancing – that ones perfect for couples! Or perhaps go with something to match the season…

For example, a great FREE Halloween date idea is to learn the “Thriller” dance. Uh huh, it really helps you get into the spirit of things, whilst bringing you and your partner closer.

fun flirty date night ideas

Free Date Ideas At Home

We’re flying through these free home date ideas now, coming up to the half-way point. (Eek!) So what else have we got? Well…

12) Have a Good Sing!

From dancing, to singing – it’s time to let your guard down and really have some fun with your partner, with this free date idea at home!

Whether you have your own karaoke machine or not – blast your music, get the words up and sing your heart out.

It’s good to let your hair down a little, especially with your partner. After all, you should be best mates as well as “lovers!” On that note…

13) Have Your Own Party… Just The Two Of You!

Group dates are brilliant, and it’s good to be able to mix up what you do – with who. But at the same time, you don’t have to rely on others to have a really great time!

Wanting a night in, but having to stay at home to save money? Well why not bring the party TO YOU, with your own two-person party?!

Create a fun playlist, blast that music again. Maybe even make some cocktails (or mocktails!) or play couples drinking games… and let’s not forget those saucy couples dares!

Again, you’ll only be using things you already have in your house, so it’s a great free date night idea at home that you will – undoubtably! – enjoy!

free date night ideas at home

14) Movie Night

Now we couldn’t talk about free home date night ideas, without mentioning the classic movie night, could we?

It may not be something you want to do every day, or even every week, but snuggling up on the sofa and getting stuck into a good movie is a great free home date idea every now and then…

And when you haven’t done it for a while, it actually makes it even better!

Bit of a movie fanatic? Then you could make movie night a regular thing by taking it in turns to pick the movie and then ranking / reviewing them!

See there’s always something you can do to turn the typical home date night, into something a little bit different, or more interesting!

15) Create Your Own Book Club

Okay so here’s a PLOT TWIST, right?! Love reading? Or perhaps getting into audiobooks?

Then why not create your own book club between the two of you, scheduling a cosy afternoon every month or so, to discuss the “book of the month”, as a free date idea at home.

You can read books you already have or would be reading anyway, making even more use of them by turning it into a date idea!

Or grab a FREE Audible Trial or FREE Kindle Unlimited Trial to get unlimited books or audiobooks, for absolutely nothing.

(I use Audible for all of my audiobooks and I absolutely love it, so couldn’t recommend more!)

Book Club Date Night

Fun, Free Date Ideas At Home

16) Make Videos!

Now your love story is more special than any other out there, so why not capture moments in your lives, by making videos as a free date night idea?

These can be fun little ones, copying TikTok videos or trends. Or, you could even do something like “a day in the life os us!” funny video.

This is especially fitting if you’re taking on a couples DIY project – like a bathroom refresh in a weekend for example!

It turns what could be seen as a CHORE, into something FUN!… And you can look back at the transformation (win, win all round!)

Not only is creating videos pretty funny to do at the time, but it becomes amazing to look back on, in weeks, months or years to come!

It’s also a great way to get quality time in a relationship, focused purely on the two of you… Whilst being silly, productive or playful – whatever you’re in the mood for!

Either way, this is one of our most unique free date ideas at home… and we can’t get enough of it!

17) Watch a Comedy Show

Talking of things that are funny – watching a comedy show is another great free date night idea, guaranteed to bring laughter.

The best thing is – you can always find comedy… From funny social media accounts, to YouTube videos sharing FREE comedy show play-backs on there.

Then of course, if you have Netflix or Prime TV (one month free trial here!), there’s always comedy shows available on there.

So, bring more laughter into your lives; even when the budget is tight!

how to find free date ideas at home

18) Draw Each Other… Titanic Style

Another thing that will always bring a few giggles (even if it shouldn’t!) is a little drawing session… Where you take it in turns to draw each other, Titanic style!

It’s a super different free date idea at home, that’s also very intimate, making it great for keeping the chemistry alive in your relationship!

19) Create a Cute Scrap Book

From portraits to printing photos – creating a scrap book is one of the sweetest creative craft date ideas to do at home.

See, everything’s online nowadays, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a physical book, with all your photos together, in one place?

It’s really beautiful to look back on and great activity as you create it. (So it’s pretty much a win, win!)

All you need is a printer and some time. You can then go through all of your old photos together, finding your favourite ones and talking about the good times you’ve had!

It’s a lovely activity, especially when you then piece it altogether. It’s also another simple, free home date idea that helps you to feel closer to your partner too.

Couples Scrap Book

Free Date Night Ideas At Home

20) Get… Crafty!

Whilst we’re on the creative flow, why not take on a little DIY / Craft Project as a free home date idea?

In fact, some of the things you may make or do, not only cost next-to (if not completely) nothing, but also add value to the two of you!

For example, my boyfriend and I have recently got a Maine Coon kitten and had great fun creating a Cardboard Cat House for our little man!

In fact, we’ve made heaps of things for him, which have all turned out to be really enjoyable activities – especially when you have fun music on in the background!

See, there’s plenty of things you can make with things already there, in your home. Take these Cardboard Adult Crafts for example. From furniture or decor, there’s so much you can do! And it’s a really rewarding date idea too.

21) Or Cuddle Up & Get Bucket List Planning!

Are there things you really want to do as a couple? Places you want to go? Experiences you’d love to have? Activities you really enjoy doing and want to do more of?

And maybe you have goals; a relationship vision. Then a great free date idea at home, is to sit together one afternoon or evening and map it all out into your very own Couples Bucket List!

It’s positive, productive and exceedingly exciting!

productive home date ideas

22) Start a New Hobby Together

Feel like you’re flying through these free date ideas? Then why not start a simple new hobby together – something you can do together at home, repeatedly?

So it could be writing, poetry, learning a musical instrument together or learning a new language. The options are endless!

The great thing is? Then you’ll always have something to do together and you know it will be something you enjoy!

23) Chill Out To Music

When looking for free date ideas at home, you can actually keep things pretty simple.

I mean, when was the last time you put your feet up and simply chilled out in one another’s company, listening to music?

This is a great free date idea, especially if your love language is quality time.

Have a short attention span? Then mix things up by creating a playlist together – a playlist which reflects the two of you and your story so far, expressed through songs and words!

You see? You really can take simple date ideas and tweak them slightly to find different things to do, to keep you busy at home!

Free home date ideas

24) Scavenger Hunt

It’s the might date idea #24, and – I must admit – I have a bit of a soft spot for scavenger hunts!

See, they really are one of the simplest date ideas, 100% free, whilst remaining both romantic and fun. They also allow for full creativity and spontaneity.

All you have to do if create clues in notes and hide them around the house. These can lead to presents or saucy surprises – whatever you like.

But it’s a brilliant free date idea at home if you want to be more spontaneous in your relationship and keep your partner on their toes (in a good way!)

25) Stargaze From Your Bedroom Window

Last but not least then, out final free date idea at home (for now!), is stargazing… even simply out your bedroom window.

This works especially well if you live in the countryside and get a clear view of the nights sky. If not, grab some star projection lights or see how you can make your bedroom magical!

With this, have some heart to heart conversations – ask the tough relationship questions that will bring you closer, but also ask cute relationship questions too.

It will make you feel so wonderfully connected, especially when you create the right environment for these kind of conversations.

See, the good thing is – free date ideas not only make you work with what you have, but also help you to appreciate what you have. As you certainly don’t need money to do that!

What Free Date Ideas At Home Can You Come Up With?

So there’s 25 fun and original free date ideas at home, to get the inspiration flowing.

What other free home date ideas can you come up with? Drop them in the comments! We’d love to hear.

Remember: it’s not about what you do all the time, but instead – what you have.

There are endless fun, free date ideas when you’re open minded and creative. So it’s all about thinking outside the box!

Hope this has helped. Enjoy!


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