125+ This Or That Questions For Couples

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Want to get to know your partner better? Looking for some fun ways to pass time together? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 125+ this or that questions for couples. The best this or that couple questions to discover exactly how well you know each other – and learn something new!

What Are This Or That Questions?

So before we jump in with our this or that questions for couples, let’s just take a step back…

I mean, what are this or that questions? Never heard of them before? Well, really, they’re quite simple.

They’re just short, snappy questions, where one person is given the choice of two options and they have to pick which they prefer, or would choose in that situation.

They are also often commonly referred to as “would you rather questions”, only would you rather questions tend to be longer and more about specific – wild and crazy – scenarios!

Why Are These So Good?

This or That Questions are great for couples as they create conversation.

They’re fun, light, but actually genuinely gets you getting to know your partner better… no matter how long you’ve been together!

You can ask them when you’re lounging around, ask them when you’re all snuggled up, and just take it in turns.

  1. Go for fast-paced – where you’re given 10 seconds to pick your answer and discuss after.
  2. Or, go slow-paced, in a more relaxed environment, where you discuss why you chose what.

Whatever you prefer – depending on what you’re playing it for and what kind of atmosphere you want to create!

This Or That Questions For Couples

For our this or that couple questions, we’re going to mix up different topics and categories for a nice mix. Simply read through the questions, one by one.

Want to turn it into more of a game?

Then why not grab a whiteboard and guess what you think the other person will say?

You can give 1 point for every question you guess right then tally it up then swap it around.

Alternatively you can – again – use that whiteboard, but both answer the questions together, then turn them around to do a “big reveal” after each one, seeing where your similarities or differences lie.

If you want to add in some forfeits, choose from one of our (epic!) dares for couples – for questions that are guessed incorrectly.

Or, turn it into a couples drinking game in a similar way. Uh huh, there’s plenty you can do!

So let’s give it a go…

this or that questions for couples

125+ This Or That Questions For Couples

Here’s 125+ of the best this or that questions for couples.

No matter how you use it, whether you turn it into a game or not, try to work your way through these this or that couple questions… and just see what you can discover!

1) Movies or books?

2) Reality shows or documentaries? 

3) Board games or card games?

4) Singing or dancing?

5) Bath or shower?

6) Messy or tidy?

7) Painful truth or comforting lie?

(This could actually lead onto some of the tough relationship questions, that might be hard but you really should ask! It’s important to be on the same page, after all.)

8) Phone call or text message?

(Maybe you already know this one if your partner has a habit of leaving you on read!)

9) Instagram or Facebook?

10) TikTok or Youtube?

11) Photos or videos?

12) No TV or no social media?

13) Eat in bed, or food banished from bed?

14) Phone in the bathroom or no phone in the bathroom?

15) Sleep on back / front or sleep on side?

(Again, you can nicely tie questions like these into the ultimate couples question game if you like. Just fire out the this or that questions and see where they take you!)

questions to pass the time away

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

16) Sleep with a slit of light or sleep in complete darkness?

17) Socks or slippers?

18) Zip up hoodie or pull over hoodie?

(Okay, so it’s not one of the most deep questions to ask your partner, but it’s got to be asked – right?!)

19) Sauce on the side or sauce on top?

20) Take-away or meal in a restaurant?

21) Split the bill or take turns paying?

22) Share food or each have your own food?

(This will come in seriously handy when it comes to your next foodie date night!)

23) Clean up as you cook or clean up at the end?

24) Thin crust or thick crust on pizza?

25) Sweet or savoury?

26) Fruit or veg?

27) Pepsi or coke?

28) Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

29) Sausage or bacon?

30) McDonalds or Burger King?

31) Smoothies or milkshakes?

which do you prefer questions

This Or That Couples Questions

32) Muffins or cupcakes?

33) Tea or coffee?

34) Hot drinks or cold drinks?

35) Wine or cocktails?

36) Pub or bar?

37) Summer or winter?

38) Morning or night?

(Be sure to get planning those morning date ideas if they say morning, over night!)

39) Snowball fight or sledding?

40) Run or gym?

41) Weights or cardio?

42) Countryside or city?

43) Beach or mountains?

44) Sunset or sunrise?

45) Hogwarts or Narnia?

(Could this be one of the funny questions to ask your partner that leads to a massive debate?!)

46) Swim in the pool or swim in the sea?

47) Short hair or long hair?

simple conversation starters for couples

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

48) Straight hair or curly hair?

(Psst… Think about this one for yourself, if you’re looking to recreate yourself. Find a look that feels most like YOU!)

49) Piercings or tattoos?

50) Lend money or borrow money?

51) Growth or security?

52) Money or love?

53) Make lots of money or make a huge impact on the word?

54) Marriage or career?

(This is an interesting one – especially as marriages have been having the biggest decline in decades!)

55) Career or travel?

56) See the future or change the past?

57) Be financially bankrupt or emotionally bankrupt?

58) Be skilled or popular?

(Just remember, you don’t ever need to feel unwanted. “Popularity” is often over-rated!)

59) Smart or sporty?

60) Snowball fight or water balloon fight?

61) Being too hot or too cold?

62) Ice cream or ice lolly?

63) Ice cream in a cone or in a cup?

this or that questions for couples

We’re Half Way Through…

64) Fake Christmas tree or real Christmas tree?

(This can make decision making easier when it comes to Christmas tree shopping – one of the absolute-must Christmas date ideas… Of course!)

65) Newspaper or online news?

66) Computer games or video games?

67) Bad breath or body odour? (Eww!)

68) Coughing or sneezing?

69) Being crazy tall or crazy short?

(Although of course, you should totally learn to feel confident about the way you look, no matter what, my friends.)

70) Live music or live comedy?

71) Online shopping or in store shopping?

72) Working as a team or working alone?

73) Flat-mates or live alone?

74) Volunteer at a nursery or a retirement home?

75) Have the ability to talk to animals or become an animal?

76) Cats or dogs?

77) Adopt a puppy or adopt a baby?

78) Five children or no children?

79) Dream car or dream wedding?

(If they say dream wedding, build on this more with some cute relationship questions! Because hey – it’s nice to picture it all, every once in a while. And fingers crossed, it’s soon to come!)

80) Big family or small family?

simple conversation starters for couples

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

81) Stay at home parent or breadwinner?

82) Fireplace or fire pit?

83) Planned trips or spontaneous trips?

84) Vacation or staycation?

85) Weekends or holidays?

86) Night in or night out?

(This may be influenced by the life stage you’re in and the relationship milestones you’re currently working through!)

87) Cruise or travel by plane?

88) Train or bus?

89) Convertible or mini van?

90) Work in the office or work from home?

(Psst, perhaps you may like to explore some of these side hustle ideas for couples to get you both working on something positive and profitable, together, too!)

91) Finish work early or start work late?

92) Theme park or water park?

93) Zoo or aquarium?

couples would you rather questions

This Or That Couples Questions

94) Mini golf or bowling?

(Psst, you can actually use this or that questions to come up with some fun last minute date ideas! Think of two date ideas, lightening fast then say: this or that?!)

95) Christmas or birthdays?

96) New Years Eve or Valentines Day?

(Remember, you can make both occasions, equally as special. Especially with these New Years Eve ideas for couples – try out one of these next year and see how it influences your decision!)

97) Experiences or physical presents?

98) Cute card or funny card?

99) Diet soda or regular soda?

100) Mild or spicy?

101) Sweet candy or sour candy?

102) Lunch or dinner?

(This is an interesting one. If they say lunch time, you should 100% throw out some of these different lunch date ideas!)

103) Breakfast or no breakfast?

104) Happy songs or sad songs?

105) Save money or spend money?

106) Modern or antique?

107) Introvert or extrovert?

108) Give or receive?

109) Play it safe or take risks?

110) Skydive or bungee jump?

(Warning- this may lead you to start planning some seriously crazy date ideas!)

simple conversation starters for couples

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

111) Loose the ability to see or to hear?

112) Be invisible or able to read minds?

113) Be a hero or a villain?

114) Have an adult’s mind in a child’s body or a child’s mind in an adults body?

115) Be born in the future or the past?

116) Be famous or an average person?

117) Famous online or in real life?

118) Money or free time?

119) Cremation or burial?

120) Personal chef or personal trainer?

(If your partner says personal chef – perhaps you could “pretend” to be theirs for the day, as a romantic gesture!)

121) Change personality or change looks?

122) Have perfect teeth or perfect hair?

123) Cheat on someone or be cheated on?

124) Be friend zoned or ghosted?

125) Cuddle in the morning or cuddle at night?

This Or That Questions For Couples

So there we have it- 125+ this or that questions for couples, to get you started.

Simply have a read and use these as inspiration, tweaking them with slightly different alternatives to make them your own!

These question games are great for building intimacy – especially the longer you’ve been with someone – as it brings that mystery and excitement back.

See, there’s always still new things to learn about your partner – it’s just about pushing yourself to spend that quality time in a relationship, and delve deeper into them again!

Did you find you got a lot of these questions right? Awesome!

Then step it up with our ULTIMATE how well do you know me questions game. (Uh huh – this will really put the two of you to the test!)

We’ve also got our Classic Couples Trivia Questions which goes down well too.

So have a mooch. There’s plenty to choose from there. And keep having fun!


125 This Or That Questions For Couples
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