13+ (Sweet!) Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

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Wondering if your man genuinely wants to have a baby with you? And if he feels like – actually – he could be ready for one right now?! Then here’s 13+ sweet signs he secretly wants you pregnant, plus – why he’s hiding it!

How Can You Tell If a Man Is Trying To Get You Pregnant?

See, typically you can usually tell if a man is trying to get you pregnant as you’ll have had the conversation about having kids and he’ll have said – he’s ready and he wants them with you.

Deciding to bring new life into the world together is a big deal…

So unless your relationship is toxic, or your partner doesn’t respect you enough – you’ll know your man wants you pregnant, because you’ll want it too, and you’ll both be trying to get pregnant, together.

After all, there’s key relationship milestones most people will typically get through before they reach this point anyway, so it’s unlikely to come as a surprise by the time your man is trying to get you pregnant! 

So what sort of situations will you notice your partner SECRETLY wants you pregnant then? What’s the deal with that?! Well…

signs he's ready to settle down with you

Why He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

There are a number of different reasons why he may securely want you pregnant. The most common tend to be that:

1) He Wants To Feel More Secure

Maybe he’s insecure and afraid of losing you so – although it’s far too soon and it would mean your relationship was moving too fast – he still secretly wouldn’t be sad if, you did happen to get pregnant. 

It would make him feel more secure in your relationship, so he’s craving it because of that. (Although if this is the case, he’s likely to also see kids in your future together anyway.)

Does it mean it’s right? No. Is it “sweet” behaviour? No, not really. But is he entirely thinking straight? No, probably not.

However, at least it’s not coming from a bad place with bad intentions.

And – luckily for the two of you – we’re assuming you do have your head screwed on and won’t be progressing the relationship for the wrong reasons.

So hey – in the meantime, he still loves you, he wants to be with you, and you can spend your time working through the key fun things to do as a couple before you get to that stage.

(And he’ll only look back at this and be thankful that you got to the baby stage at a time that was genuinely right for you! Hindsight is an amazing thing, right?)

2) He’s Ready, Even Though You Aren’t

On the flip side, it could be that you’ve gone through the tough relationship questions and – thankfully – you know you’re both on the same page; you do indeed both want to start a family one day.

However, if your partner is further along and more “ready” for this than you are, that can be another reason why you may start noticing the signs he secretly wants you pregnant.

It’s not a bad thing. He’s not trying to rush you or trick you into getting pregnant. He just couldn’t deny – he would be happy if it happened, and he can’t wait until it happens!

Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

3) You’ve Not Had a Proper Conversation About It Yet

So maybe it’s earlier days, and an actual proper, serious, conversation about having children hasn’t happened yet. 

If your man’s not big on opening up or initiating important conversations – he’s likely not to broach this himself and instead, will keep it in.

Maybe he’s waiting for you to initiate the conversation. Or maybe you both know it will happen one day (kids are on the cards!), you’ve just not properly spoken about it and so you’re unsure what timescale it would happen on.

Regardless, again, this can be another cause for why he secretly wants you pregnant or – like we said – he just wouldn’t be disappointed if it did happen to happen. You see?

Because that’s the thing…

There’s a Difference Between Secretly Wanting You Pregnant & Trying To Get You Pregnant…

In this post, we’re going to focus on the sweet, subtle signs he secretly wants you pregnant (or quite likes the idea of you being pregnant and so he wouldn’t mind if it actually happened.)

We’re not talking about any sort of deceit here, or any wrong behaviour to try to make you fall pregnant, without the two of you openly planning it and wanting it to happen. Okay?

For this reason, there’s a few things that usually come with these signs he secretly wants you pregnant:

  1. He won’t pressure you into it. After all, he’s trying to be “secret” about the fact that he would quite like it to happen now!
  2. It’s not coming from a bad place, with any bad intentions. I said it before but I want to reiterate this again.
  3. He loves you like crazy, he wants you to be the mother of his child (or children) and he just can’t wait for this part of your lives together… But he will wait, obviously. (All in the right time, remember!)

And that’s a key distinction – the signs he secretly wants you pregnant could be better described as the signs he’s excited for when you become pregnant!

signs he wants to start a family with you

13+ Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

So what are the key signs he secretly wants you pregnant? Or the signs he’s super excited for when you are?!

What are the genuine giveaways that – actually – he wouldn’t mind if you made the pregnancy announcement, tomorrow even?!

Well, in no particular order, now we’ve cleared all of that up, we can reveal that…

1) You’ve Spoken About The Future

One of the most obvious signs that he secretly wants you pregnant is if you’ve spoken about the future and you know it’s important to him.

Because you know he wants to have a baby with you, you know that – there’s a good chance – he would be totally okay if it happened.

Like we said above – he may actually secretly WANT you pregnant now, but at the same time, he is still happy waiting. (Even if he’s super excited and patience isn’t something he’s the best at!)

If he secretly wants you pregnant now, it’s because he’s simply buzzing for what’s to come, so it’s a good sign and a nice feeling, that’s for sure.

2) He Regularly Brings It Up

Now if he secretly wants you pregnant, but isn’t being quite so “secret” or chilled about it, you’ll have had the conversation about one day starting a family, but will notice that he often brings it up… And quite frequently too.

Again, in most cases – he won’t be doing it to put pressure on you (unless there is a sense of urgency for it. After all, all women have a biological clock so it’s not an infinite window in which you can have children.)

But in most cases, it will be done quite lightly, saying things like “when we have kids” – which shows it’s clearly on his mind. Similarly…

is he ready to have a baby?

3) He Daydreams About The Two Of You Being Parents

Another super sweet sign he secretly wants you pregnant, is if he can’t help imagining about when you do become parents and have a child of your own.

(If you already have a child and you’re looking for the signs he secretly wants you pregnant again – this will still apply, only it’s not just about the first one, but another – or two!)

So maybe he’ll discuss baby names, or chat with you about what your baby would look like (if / when you have one.) Maybe he even tries to guess whether it will be a boy or a girl, or talks about wanting a boy or a girl – and why.

He’s excited and he just can’t contain it! He may also be testing to gage your reaction and readiness by doing this.

And remember – this still doesn’t mean he’s desperate for you to get pregnant tomorrow, but if it did – he wouldn’t be terrified as such as he’s already getting ready for it in his head. 

More subtle signs of daydreaming – by the way – are more like if he keeps reminiscing about when HE was a kid, or talking about what he’d want to be like as a parent.

So there’s a lot of little giveaways when looking for the signs he secretly wants you pregnant!

4) He Treats Your Fur Baby Like a Real Baby – Even More!

As of 2023, 66% of U.S. households (86.9 million homes) own a pet. That’s more than half!

But pets are actually great for a relationship as they give you – even the smallest little taster – of what it would be like to have the responsibility of a new, little life.

It’s also often the start of a family for couples (whether they go on to have children or not) and makes you feel like far more of a family unit.

Now, naturally, the two of you are likely to treat your pet like your fur baby, but if your partner REALLY does this – it could be a sign that he wants you to get pregnant soon!

He likes being a pet parent and can’t wait for you to be real ones, so he uses your fur baby to show how amazing it would / will be!

Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

5) He “Jokes” About You Coming Off Contraception

A clear sign he secretly wants you pregnant is if he suggests or jokes about you coming off contraception.

Now, we say “jokes” as he will say it lightly, and as if he’s only messing about if he SECRETLY wants you to get pregnant soon. However, if you did genuinely say “okay”, you would see that he was actually being serious with it.

“Jokes” can be a subtle giveaway of true desires and intentions.

After all, they are often used to gage your reaction and see where you’re at with it.

6) He Becomes Very Aware of Your Cycle

Now in some cases, you may find that your partner has even started becoming more aware of your cycle.

Maybe amongst the “jokes”, he asks questions to find out how your cycle does work and at which times you’re most fertile.

He may not go to the lengths to track it, as such, but if he understands how it works, he’s a little more prepared… And probably secretly wishing it did happen by mistake, during this time!

Regardless, if he wants to be more “in the know” and seems to be taking a particular interest in your cycle all of a sudden, it most certainly could be a sign he secretly wants you pregnant, or at the very least, is starting to think about it!

is he ready to have a baby?

7) He Suddenly Becomes More Aware Of Your (And His) Health

Did you know, there are health recommendations when trying for a baby, to increase your chances of conceiving?

These include: cutting down on alcohol, stopping smoking, reducing your caffeine intake, having a healthy, balanced diet and getting to a healthy weight, to mention just a few.

Therefore if you notice he’s suddenly becoming very health conscious and about things that he wouldn’t usually care about – he could have ulterior motives.

On a similar note, he may suggest going on more “natural birth control” (e.g. having a natural cycle and encouraging you to “get off the pill”) for health reasons.

(This can be totally legit by the way… But that would usually come from you, not him.)

Alternatively, perhaps you notice he goes out less and is stepping up more.

Often, men who would like to become fathers stop the excessive partying. They will start to focus on bettering themselves to prepare for parenthood and be the best Dad they can be.

So there’s multiple indicators for this one, but many common signs he secretly wants you pregnant, within it.

8) His Reaction Is Different If Your Period Is Late

So there’s multiple different things that can cause a late period, besides pregnancy, but let’s say your period does come late…

If he secretly wants you pregnant (or would be happy if you did get pregnant, even if unplanned), then his reaction to a late period would be VERY different to the opposite.

See, he’s not going to start jumping for joy or presume it’s because of pregnancy, but you’ll notice that he isn’t scared or panicked.

The chances are- he thinks “what will be will be” and whether it is or isn’t a pregnancy this time, it will be a good thing either way…

This may be quite a difference from any late period scares when you first got together, you might notice, and that’s when you can then compare and see the changes in him and what he wants / is ready for.

I mean, even if you noticed the signs he wants something serious when you first got together – there will still be quite a change and development if he’s genuinely ready for and looking to, start a family with you now.

how do you know if he's ready for kids?

9) He Gets Everything In Order

What else might you notice if he secretly want you pregnancy / wants to have a baby with you soon? Well, he’ll be busy preparing!

This means he’ll want to be financially secure, buy a big enough home with you, maybe get married (especially if he knows it’s important to you that you get married before starting a family together… you may then notice the signs he wants to marry you soon too!)

Essentially, he’ll get everything in place so that when you say you’re ready to have a baby, you’ll actually already both be fully ready, having all the “essentials” in place so there will be nothing holding you back.

When he steps up like this however, it’s actually pretty impressive, right? So you’ve got to give it to him! It’s probably the best action he could take if he wants you pregnant.

And maybe it’s what you need to see in order for things to be able to progress too, so it’s certainly not a bad thing!

10) He Seems Especially Charming

This is one of the funnier signs he secretly wants you pregnant now then…

So if he’s getting everything in order for you both and wants to now “push you over the edge” to feeling ready and at the same point as him, you may start to notice he’s become especially charming!

So maybe he does more romantic gestures or asks you these cute relationship questions to remind you how good the two of you are!

He’s trying to get around you – trying to sweep you off your feet again.

After all, still having that romantic spark and emotional connection is just as important for enabling things to progress, right?

Just bare in mind that this alone, isn’t a sign – unless it’s paired with multiple of the other signs he secretly wants you pregnant.

I mean, we don’t want you jumping down his throat saying “you want to have a baby with me?!” just because he cooks you a romantic meal that night, hey? Ha!

But it’s nice that he’s putting in the effort romantically, particularly if he’s not doing it in a pushy way, but instead a reassuring and sweet way.

Try building on this by asking one of these intimate questions for your partner every day, as this really will bring you closer than ever before!

signs he wants to start a family with you

11) He Gets Very Involved With Other Kids

Another pretty sweet sign he secretly wants you pregnant, is if – all of a sudden – he seems to get more and more involved with friends / family’s children.

So perhaps before, he would kind of leave them to it… Only now, he’s playing with them, interacting with them and – basically – showing you how great he can be with kids and how great he would consequently be with yours!

He also does it for himself too, as now – more than ever – there’s a desire to get more involved. He’s warmed to children, he wants to feel more comfortable around them and is kind of testing the waters for himself too.

Building on this further, you may notice more comments about how great it will be when you have your own children, or how nice it is to see his friends / family with kids, and the value it adds to their lives.

See it could be that he’s subtly selling the idea of starting a family with you, to you! On a similar note…

12) He Gets You Used To Being Around Children

If he secretly wants you pregnant, he’s likely to want to try to speed up the process of you wanting to get pregnant too, by surrounding you with children or families a little more.

So maybe you find yourselves doing more “family days out” with his friends / family who have children.

Or maybe he even offers for the two of you to babysit more. (Then bribes the kids to be on their best behaviour… Just kidding!)

He might even start tagging you in funny baby videos on social media too – therefore giving away that he’s getting more and more “broody!”

But again, it’s not a bad thing that he’s responding in this way. In fact, in a way, it will help you both to feel more prepared when you then get to that stage.

does he want to get me pregnant?

13) He’s Not Afraid To Take “Risks” In The Bedroom (But Only If You’re Happy With This Too!)

Last but not least, our final sign worth mentioning is that – all of a sudden – he’s more of a “risk taker” in the bedroom… And we’re not talking about being more WILD, but instead, more open to “risk” when it comes to protection.

See, he would happily go with or without it. Maybe he jokes about not using protection a little more, or asks if you’d be happy not to use it.

He doesn’t pressure you, but he doesn’t mind taking the chance as he figures “what will be will be.” This is a KEY sign he secretly wants you pregnant… One of the biggest of them all!

As it’s no longer just talking or messing around, but making a decision that could genuinely result in pregnancy happening… And he’s okay with that!

On a similar note – you may notice he’s a little more “active” in the bedroom than usual. He wants to make love more, which makes sense, after all… “You’ve got to be in it to win it!”

Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

Of course there’s other signs he secretly wants you pregnant that aren’t so sweet…

Like – for example – punching holes in a condom to sabotage your protection, or purposely using faulty ones, without you knowing. This can happen. (Believe it or not.)

But we’d like to think – or hope – that you have a healthy, happy relationship that is just naturally progressing at the right pace, so anything like this wouldn’t be of a concern.

What To Do If He Secretly Wants You Pregnant?

So there we have it – 13+ (actually quite sweet) signs he secretly wants you pregnant, or – at the very least – would be happy if it happened.

I hope this has helped to make things clearer. But hey – if you’re still feeling unsure, don’t hesitate to open up the conversation with your partner and ask him… Heart to heart.

Use these quick fire essential yes or no questions for couples if you need to approach it with a lighter tone.

And then build on this further with our Ultimate How Well Do You Know Me Questions Game to understand your partner even more!

Create a relationship that is open, honest and non-judgmental, as that way your partner will always know they can share where they’re at and what they want with you – no matter what.

That’s All For This One

So that rounds up our key signs he secretly wants you pregnant, and what to do about it.

Remember – there’s no pressure here and in most cases, not TOO much of a rush. So breathe, go at the pace that feels right and allow yourself to get excited about the future.

Wishing you many happy times ahead!


Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant
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