How To Celebrate National Boyfriend Day

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National Boyfriend Day is on the calendar! But what is National Boyfriend Day? When is National Boyfriend Day? And what on earth do you do for it?! Well my friends, in this post, we’re going to break it all down – getting you fully equipped and prepared! Here’s how to celebrate National Boyfriend Day.

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What Is National Boyfriend Day?

So let’s start from the top. What is National Boyfriend Day? Well, it’s – as you’d have guessed – a day designed solely to recognise and appreciate the boyfriend you have in your life.

Yes we have Valentines Day, but that’s an even split. It’s about celebrating your love more than anything.

The difference with National Boyfriend Day, is it’s ALL ABOUT HIM! And let’s be honest, doesn’t he deserve it?

Think of everything he’s stood by you through, all the big and small things he’s done, all the romantic gestures…

National Boyfriend Day is a chance to show how much you appreciate all of that, and give a little back, without it being random or out of the blue (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

How Did National Boyfriend Day Come About?

If you’ve never heard of it before and are wondering how long National Boyfriend Day has been around and why it came about, well it actually started because National Girlfriend Day launched prior to it.  

See, National Girlfriend Day was originally designed to celebrate the gal-pals we have in our life – our very best girlfriends! It then evolved to the double meaning of celebrating romantic relationships too.

From there, it then made sense – and was only fair – to launch National Boyfriend Day (of course!)

When Is National Boyfriend Day 2021?

National Boyfriend Day is now an annual thing, just like Mothers Day, Father’s Day – only this one – like we said, recognises the lovely boyfriend in your life. 

So when is National Boyfriend Day? Well it’s the 3rd October.

Uh huh, where National Girlfriend Day is in August (the 1st to be exact!), National Boyfriend Day comes a couple of months after that… But don’t be too hard on your man if he forgot your “special day.” 

Lead by example as they say, and start to make National Boyfriend and Girlfriend Day, more of a thing in your life!

What Day Is National Boyfriend Day?

This year National Boyfriend Day will be falling on Tuesday: Tuesday 3rd October 2023.

It’s not on the weekend (damn!), but it’s close enough that you can celebrate the weekend before, for it, and it will still be pretty fitting.

How To Celebrate National Boyfriend Day 2023

So let’s look at how to celebrate National Boyfriend Day. What should you do for National Boyfriend Day? What’s the norm?

Well, it’s the same as any other recognition occasion. You’ll usually have:

  1. A card.
  2. Some presents.
  3. Maybe a little treat.
  4. Quality time together.

Unlike Valentines Day where you’re both celebrating your love, on National Boyfriend Day, you’re celebrating your man.

So here’s a few ideas for things you can do on National Boyfriend Day 2023…

What To Do On National Boyfriend Day 2022

Here’s our recommended guide for how to celebrate National Boyfriend Day 2023.

1) Start It Off With Breakfast

If National Boyfriend Day lands on a weekend, the perfect way to start the day, is by cooking breakfast in bed for your man.

As mentioned, this year – it unfortunately does not – but you’re going to bring those celebrations forward a day… or get up extra early to make him breakfast in bed before work (whatever suits you!)

Know his favourite, bring it up to him with some juice and coffee, then treat yourselves to a little lie in (if possible!) where you just sit and chat and enjoy each others company.

It’s a kind, thoughtful, romantic thing to do for your boyfriend, that is PERFECT for National Boyfriend Day!

This will work especially well if your boyfriend’s love language is “acts of service”, as you should always show someone you love them, through the ways that make them feel the most loved!

What Is National Boyfriend Day?

2) Get a Card & Some Presents

National Boyfriend Day is not as big as a birthday, but just like Valentines Day – a cute present or two always goes down nicely. It makes it more of an occasion.

Our very favourite present for National Boyfriend Day has HANDS DOWN got to be one of these LoveBooks. You can bring your relationship and all the reasons why you love your boyfriend to life, with these fully customisable story books. It’s absolutely perfect!

If you’re not together for National Boyfriend Day, another great option is to use these personalised mail art series – sending story postcards as a series. Again, it’s very clever!

Other great gift ideas for National Boyfriend Day include:

Just little gifts like this that say, “I love you, I appreciate you, and I wanted to get you something small to remind you!” You can also throw in some of these funny gifts to make him smile!

If they are small but special, a nice time to give them might be in the morning after breakfast.

3) Go On a Day Out

For the rest of National Boyfriend Day then, you should make it all about your man! If he’s flat out at work, you may vouch for some cute home date ideas on the evening.

If not, a day out is always a no-brainer for memory-making, but don’t go for just any day out… plan a day out you know he’ll love!

For instance, you could grab some football tickets, find a fun food / drink festival, head out on a hike… whatever he enjoys, incorporate that in.

It shows you listen, you care and are making a conscious effort to make today all about him!

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How To Celebrate National Boyfriend Day 2021

4) Spend Some Quality Time Together

Whatever you decide to fill your day with on National Boyfriend Day, that evening – keep the romance going!

Cook or order in his favourite meal, light candles, get a hot bath ready for him. Make him feel like a KING for the day!

You should also use this opportunity to spend time just talking. So you could try our most-popular couples question game (it’s free!), or ask your boyfriend some of these cute relationship questions.

Make this time and this day, about him, and the two of you. Keep getting to know your man, keep that excitable inquisition that you had at the start! Because that’s what will keep you strong.

5) Tell Him How Much You Love Him

At the end of it all, make sure you tell your boyfriend just how much you love him. Make him feel appreciated and adored.

See there’s plenty of different ways to say I love you, which may better express how you feel.

These can be said, verbally, or even left in some cute little love notes for him – which also adds an element of surprise and keeps your relationship playful!

Ultimately however, the goal of National Boyfriend Day and the best way to celebrate National Boyfriend Day is to make him feel completely and utterly LOVED!

Go into the day with that intention, and you can’t really go too far wrong.

Happy National Boyfriend Day!

So there we have it – what National Boyfriend day is, when National Boyfriend Day is this year, and how to celebrate National Boyfriend Day with your man this year. I hope this helps!

Wherever you are in the world, whoever you’re with – sending you both my very best wishes.


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