The Personal Development Bucket List For Self Improvement

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Do you want to get the absolute most out of life and become the best version of yourself that you can be? Then you might like to create a Personal Development Bucket List for Self Improvement.

Unsure where to start? Well, you’re in the right place, as luckily for you, we have heaps of ideas…

In this post, we’ll outline 100 personal development bucket list ideas, picking from the 7 key areas of self improvement. Have a read, see what takes your fancy, add some more of your own… and then pull it together to create your final MASTER Personal Development Bucket List.

See, you can have yearly bucket lists (that you then break down into monthly focuses) or life-long ones. Either way, your Bucket List for Self Improvement should be evaluated and focused on regularly to ensure you keep working on becoming the best version of you.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight in, shall we?

100 Personal Development Bucket List Ideas

Here’s 100 different ideas for self-improvement. In no particular order…

1) Attend a personal development workshop.

2) Attend a personal development retreat or seminar.

3) Get a mentor or a coach.

4) Learn how to meditate and understand the power of mindfulness.

5) Learn how to enjoy alone time… and being the strong, independent person that you are!

6) Do one thing every day that scares you (no matter how big or small!)

7) Take part in a meaningful volunteer programme.

8) Set up and run your own non-profit project.

9) Focus on developing your self-confidence.

10) Learn all about self-love and self-worth.

11) Complete a 30 day challenge of your choice. (If you really wanted to, you could tie this into your personal development bucket list and tackle one small one, each day, for 30 days!) We’ve crafted a few already for you, including a Self Love Challenge, Self Care Challenge and – our most popular – the Self Improvement Challenge.

12) Complete a 365 day challenge of your choice.

13) Get into the habit of waking up an hour earlier than you normally would.

14) Stand up and speak to a group of people.

15) Stand on a stage and speak to hundreds or thousands.

Bucket List For Self Improvement

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

16) Take on a fitness challenge that will test your physical and (more importantly) mental strength.

17) Conquer a fear – like a skydive if your fear was heights.

18) Learn a new language, well enough that you can speak fluently.

19) Start a journal – because a life worth living, is worth recording!

20) Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty.

21) Learn to say “yes” to more things that will push you outside your comfort zone.

22) Overcome your anxiety.

23) Know how to deal with depression.

24) Speak to a therapist or coach about something that’s always troubled you.

25) Start studying something new… just for fun!

26) Break a bad habit. It could be smoking, drinking, excessive eating.

27) Develop an existing strength or talent to become more of an ‘expert’.

28) Learn all about body language and what yours says about you.

29) Set a goal for the number of books you’ll read in a year.

30) Set a goal for the number of audio-books you’ll listen to in a year.

Things To Do, To Work On You…

31) Learn how to better manage stress and relax when you need to.

32) Learn how to work more productively and waste less time.

33) Identify both your strengths and your weaknesses for better self-awareness.

34) Work on improving one of your biggest weaknesses.

35) Get into the habit of writing a Gratitude List every morning.

36) Commit to life-long learning, developing in a new area every month.

37) Do a little solo traveling.

38) Live in a different country for a month.

39) Learn about different religions and the way in which they live.

40) Deprive yourself of five ‘luxury items’ for a week.

41) Learn about Body Confidence and become happy in the way you look.

42) Learn the art and power of forgiveness.

43) Stay single for at least a year (and actually learn to love it!)

44) Don’t use any electronics for a week (yep this includes your phone and the tv!)

45) Donate an organ, or if not – at least give blood.

Personal Development Bucket List

Bucket List For Self Improvement

46) Do something you always told yourself you couldn’t do.

47) Volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day.

48) Visit the elderly to help tackle loneliness.

49) Get clear on your values.

50) Define your life purpose.

51) Write three things every day that you want to achieve… and achieve them.

52) Improve your communication skills.

53) Learn to let go of any pain of the past.

54) Don’t say anything negative for an entire day… or even try for a week!

55) Set something up within the community.

56) Do something good for nature – like litter picking, a beach clean, up-cycling.

57) Campaign for something you’re passionate about.

58) Create a self-improvement plan, starting… now!

59) Do more acts of kindness with no expectations for anything in return.

60) Take time to really get to know yourself. In fact, start here with these top 20 Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better. (Uh huh, really hit the ground running with this one!)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

61) Destroy the habit of procrastination.

62) Become a better, more active listener.

63) Play more strategy games, like chess or othello.

64) Take a self-defence class.

65) Develop a growth mindset.

66) Don’t be afraid to say what you think, in fact, practice speaking up more!

67) Get clear on what happiness means to you then create a happiness plan.

68) Learn how to prioritise and work smarter to better achieve your goals.

69) Build an online community of like-minded people.

70) Nurture optimism.

71) Learn a new hobby – perhaps to sing, play an instrument or dance.

72) Stick to a New Years Resolution… for an entire year!

73) Cut toxic people out of your life. (Do the toxic detox!)

74) Work on improving your leadership skills.

75) Learn how to invest.

Personal Development Bucket List

76) Master your habits.

77) Help in a third-world country.

78) Increase your exercise and develop a new weekly routine.

79) Attend a yoga or pilates class.

80) Learn about affirmations and positive self-talk.

81) Define your own vision of success.

82) Create a vision board for your life.

83) Learn about your mind, emotions and how to better manage them.

84) Learn about diet & nutrition, vouching to cook more and eat healthier.

85) Take a new online class or course.

86) Practice self-care and establishing a better work-life balance.

87) Increase your daily water intake to hydrate your body and mind!

How to become the best version of you

Onto The Final Ones…

88) Develop mindful journaling.

89) Create a new, inspiring work space.

90) Identify any things that are holding you back… then work on them!

91) Get into the habit of writing daily to-do lists.

92) Speak to ten new people who inspire you.

93) Make new friends with like-minded people.

94) Start a new side-business. (It’ll be a massive learning curve that’s for sure! And after all, manifesting money doesn’t come magically!)

95) Use timeboxing to work more efficiently.

96) Reduce the amount of time you spend on social media.

97) Heal your negative self-talk.

98) Join a mastermind group.

99) Watch a personal development video or Ted Talk every single day.

100) Set goals… and then even bigger goals! You’ve got this, trust me!

Your Personal Development Bucket List For Self Improvement

Phew! Well there we have it – 100 ideas for your personal development bucket list. I think that’s more than enough to work with for now.

As you go about developing your list, have a timeframe in mind for when you plan to tick each thing off. Don’t forget to try to get a little more specific on what exactly these goals mean and what ‘success’ would look like in each area.

It’s then important you have some sort of measurement to track your overall improvement – that way you can look back and see how far you’ve progressed.

This will in turn, also help to keep you motivated and drive you to develop further.

Now, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Simply work through things bit by bit and enjoy the process of becoming a better version of you.

Happy bucket-list building! Good luck.


The Personal Development Bucket List For Self Improvement

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