20 Different Virtual Date Ideas: Date Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

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So you’re looking for different virtual date ideas? Date ideas for long distance relationships so that – even when you’re not together – you can still feel connected? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 20 different virtual date ideas, perfect for partners who can’t be together in person.

Different Virtual Date Ideas

Let’s jump straight in with 20 virtual date ideas to get the inspiration flowing…

1) Grab a Drink

Let’s kick off with the most traditional virtual date idea which is to grab a drink… You may not be together but does that have to stop you? I think NOT!

Simply grab your phone, prop it up on the side, grab a glass of wine and have those tipsy chats to your hearts content.

Just make sure you decide on a dress code beforehand – are you going ‘date worthy’ or deciding on ‘comfies?’ Either way, have fun with it!

2) Do a Cook Off or Bake Off

Get that video call going, prop up your phone or computer in your kitchen, and let the cook-off begin! You can make or bake the same thing – or something different.

The aim is to dish up the most impressive masterpiece… and NO, you can’t cheat by trying to distract your component at vital moments!

This is certainly one of our fun virtual date ideas – and it’s something different too.

3) Have a Dinner Date

Okay so scrap the cooking and the pressure. Instead, both pre-prepare a meal, get yourself dressed up, get that table laid, light those candles, pop your phone up opposite you on FaceTime, then… wallah! You have yourself a virtual dinner date!

If you’re looking for lunch date ideas, this one works in exactly the same way, earlier in the day too. So it depends on when you fancy and if there’s any time differences to consider too!

4) Play Dinner-Delivery Roulette

One final virtual date idea for the foodies before we move on is dinner-delivery roulette.

Exchange addresses, set a time for delivery, and schedule your favourite local dish to land on their doorstep.

Make sure your virtual date begins before it arrives so that you can watch each other unbox it!

Just don’t get too jealous if their dish is more your thing than yours… open minded remember, open minded!

5) Do a Fashion Show

One of our different virtual date ideas now and this is actually a version that was listed in our 15 Different Home Date Ideas list. It’s fun, different and will certainly be memorable. How it works?

Well, take your virtual date to the bedroom (ahem) and let them pick out an outfit for you. Then pop them in the video and strut your stuff down to the camera!

Score each other on outfit choices and HAVE FUN with it! Note: this may not be one for a first date idea, but it’s certainly one to throw in there later down the line!

6) Play WORST Dressed

Another different one is a Virtual Date of Worst Dressed.

Take it in turns to throw together your most hideous or outrageous outfit then score each other (how you pull it off plays into it too remember!)

The person with the most points after each round wins and then gives the other person a forfeit. (This could actually be having to wear one less piece of clothing each round… stopping when you get to underwear of course!)

This one is definitely best done with drinks flowing. Just take it as a bit of fun!

7) Head To The ‘Zoo!’

If you’re an animal lover, this will be your kind of virtual date! Some of the world’s best zoo’s are opening up their virtual doors – as well as your local ones.

Tune in for LIVE tours or explore together with your date at your own pace.

Get immersed in wildlife, watching different species get about their daily life, with your date sharing your excitement, right by your side (well nearly!)

8) Go for a Walk

Walk and talk, taking the other person with you! Go somewhere scenic and flip your camera around to show your date the best bits of your chosen location.

It will be like you’re exploring somewhere new together… almost! (Yup, we’ll take what we can right now, hey?)

But regardless, the fresh air, the movement, the change of scenery – it’s something different for your next lockdown virtual date!

Dates For Long Distance Relationships

9) Have a Movie Night

Say whaaaat?! Uh huh, it is possible to do this together.

Netflix now actually has a plugin where you don’t even need to be in the same room, yet can still watch something at the same time. Clever huh?

If you don’t have that, you can also go back to basics with the “one, two, three, okay… press play!” Pick a film that’s pretty lighthearted (so you can still chat easily and discuss at the same time) – but watch together whilst being on the phone.

Chime in with a running commentary or pick up on the best bits. You’ll be surprised with how well this virtual date idea works!

10) Have a Games Night

Not one of the most original virtual date ideas, but it’s common because it’s so easy to do!

There are plenty of online platforms that allow for a games night. Just pick the games you want, map out a schedule and get to battle.

They don’t have to all be virtual – you can try question games, two-person pictionary, truth or dare – whatever you like. Just be sure to keep tallying the score as you go along… there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition hey!

11) Try a Trivia Night

Similar to games, but instead – team up together or take each other on in a virtual trivia night!

That’s right – these virtual date ideas are actually pretty endless, it’s amazing what you have at your fingertips online now – which is why it’s well worth giving some of these things a go.

Virtual dates don’t have to be just a simple phone call!

12) Do a Discussion Night

Next up, it’s discussion night and this is actually one of our favourite virtual date ideas!

Pick a topic, read a section of a book, listen to a section of an audiobook, or listen to a podcast episode / tedtalk.

Do this just before your call – then get together to discuss… or debate (depending on what kind of people you both are!) With this, it means that conversations never run short.

13) Play Pancakes vs. Waffles

This wasn’t our creation but it is a fun (virtually friendly) date idea that also gets you debating.

In fact, this game pretty much exposes core identity values, as you have to pick one forever and one only.

Start with waffles vs. pancakes. If you choose pancakes, waffles are gone forever.

Next, challenge your partner with pancakes vs. french fries… before long you’ll be arguing about whether you want to keep oral sex or public education in this mental jungle of a future you’re designing together!

14) Have a Virtual Party

Okay so this one is going to change virtual date night as you know it!

Set up a video call, get some drinks, play some question games (with drinking as a forfeit), do some dares over text if you’re feeling brave (eek!) Then take it in turns to be DJ and really let your hair down!

Yup… I bet he won’t expect you to suggest that one hey?! Go surprise him!

It’s one of the best date ideas for long distance relationships if you’re looking to really let your hair down and have fun together.

15) Watch a LIVE Show

Talking of live classes, there’s also heaps of live shows, comedy, music, etc, bobbing around online this year – so look at your options for what you can virtually attend.

Can’t find anything you fancy? Then stream something together and watch back at the same time!

You may have to tune in from different homes, but you can still pop that phone up to have your date next to you (on the other side of the screen anyway!)

16) Follow a LIVE Workout Together

I know, I know, since when is exercising for FUN and what if you SWEAT like crazy – that’s hardly pretty is it?! Well, actually it is! It drives chemicals and attraction, whether you think you look good or not.

The other advantage with this being a virtual date over an in-person one?

It’s not so up close and personal so you’ll get the fun of tuning into a live session together (and doing it side by side), but the distance to still look… well, not such of a sweaty mess. Genius huh?!

Virtual Date Ideas

17) Learn a Tiki’s Tok Dance

Keeping on with the fun virtual date ideas – why not learn a tiktok dance together? Set up your laptop with your virtual call running, then use your phone to learn the dance moves.

It will be like having your date / partner learn with you at the same time in the corner of the room. Have a giggle at each other, then get back to the routine!

If you editing skills are pretty neat, you could also record the dance, then put it together so that you actually have a combined effort… think of it as a fun project!

It will also be great to look back on. You may not be able to capture moments together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do it when you’re apart!

18) Get Creative

Talking of projects, another fun virtual date night that will get you doing something different is a little crafts challenge.

It could be origami, textiles, jewellery making, stitching, sewing – whatever takes your fancy!

Do something you’ve both never done before and get creating at the same time… then compare the end result. (Good luck! This one may be trickier than you think!)

19) Go Through Your Favourite Photos

Take a trip down memory lane! Grab an old photo album and turn it into a fun virtual date night. How it works? Well it’s simple!

Each take it in turn to show each other photos and share stories from growing up.

It will help you to get to know each a lot better, bond the two of you even further and guarantees a fair few giggles!

20) Take On The Love Quiz

It’s time to get deeeeep. Take on Forgetting Fairytales very own love quiz together and see how your answers align!

It’s a fast and fun way to get to know your date far better. Do your values match up? What different experiences have you both had? You’ll soon find out!

Which Virtual Date Will You Try Next?

So there we have it – 20 different virtual date ideas to get you started.

Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or simply want to date someone online before you decide whether or not to see them in person, there’s plenty of fun things to do here to keep it exciting!

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Stay safe and well.


Different Virtual Date Ideas

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