21+ Fast, Easy & Fun Lunch Date Ideas

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Looking for fast, easy and fun lunch date ideas, you can actually do with your loved one? Different midday date ideas that are easy to squeeze in? Then you’re in the right place! Here’s 21+ (genius!) lunch time date ideas you have to do.

What Makes Lunch Dates So… Lovely?!

Lunch dates really can be very lovely. The thing we love most about these lunch date ideas is:

  1. It fully makes the most of the time you have.
  2. You end up making more of an “occasion” out of the lunch break you’d have to have regardless.
  3. It’s a clever way to find time for quality time.
  4. It breaks up the day in the perfect way, helping to keep you connected! 
  5. These lunch dates are generally pretty cost effective.
  6. They’re also during the middle of the day – when you’ve still got a lot of energy, vs. at the end of the day where you may be a little more tired.
  7. Then, of course, they’re also perfect if you’re a fan of our foodie date ideas, as they all incorporate food in some way. (Yum!)
fun lunch ideas for couples

How Our Lunch Date Ideas Have Been Designed

We’ve created a list of – actually doable – realistic lunch date ideas, basing them on you having an hour or two, in the middle of your day, free to go on a lunch date.

Some are shorter, some are longer. And you can pick accordingly, based on whether you’re looking for lunch date ideas in the middle of your working week, or whether you’re looking to do a lunch date on the weekend.

For this reason, you can also make them shorter or longer, accordingly too. So tweak it to make it best work for you.

Our Challenge: Pick one of these lunch date ideas to do NEXT WEEK. Decide, plan and schedule it to make it happen. We promise you won’t regret it!

21+ Lunch Date Ideas (You Have To Do!)

So let’s get stuck in, shall we? Here’s our top 21+ lunch date ideas you can tweak to make your own. In no particular order, if you’re looking to turn a lunch break into a lunch date, you could…

1) Meet Up For Packed Lunches… Made By Each Other

So this one is best fitting if you’re young professionals, working from home, and looking for lunch date ideas during your working week.

In the morning – instead of prepping lunch for yourself, secretly prep a lunch for your partner.

Fill it with all their favourite things (and maybe a few extra surprises – like cute, funny lunch-box notes!)

Then, come lunch time, swap lunch boxes and watch as your partner uncovers what you’ve pulled together for them.

Forget your phones this lunch time, and don’t even think about checking emails, either. Instead, it’s just about the two of you, tucking into a tasty lunch, made with love by your “partner in crime!” 

It’s simple, sweet and therefore – undoubtably – one of our favourite lunch date ideas.

Original lunch date ideas

2) Lunch Time Picnic Date

A classic lunch time date idea is – of course – getting together for a sweet romantic picnic.

So, instead of making packed lunches for each other – create a mighty picnic for you both to share and be sure to INDULGE!

If it’s summer time and you’re looking for summer date ideas, you can take the picnic outside. However, even if it’s winter, an indoor picnic can be a sweet, special date idea too, you know?

So this is a midday date idea that actually works all-year round.

Romantic lunch ideas

3) Boozy Picnic Lunch

If it’s the weekend – it’s worth noting that you can take a simple, classic lunch time picnic date and spice it up with “bottomless” drinks, music and games.

Get your guitar out, make your own “vibe”, play the “how well do you know me question game” (it’s our most-popular for couples.

Or if it’s a Saturday, why not throw in some couples drinking games, with couples dares as forfeits (of course!) The benefit is, you’re unlikely to have a hangover the next day, as you’re doing it earlier in the day!

It can be a fun, different and unexpected lunch date idea to throw out there, so – on the right occasion – it can actually work very well. (Think birthdays, or simple anniversary date ideas, for example!)

Fun lunch ideas

4) Lunch Time BBQ

Talking of picnics, a BBQ is another popular lunch time date, as instead of cold goodies, you get to fire up the flames and treat yourselves to burgers, sausages, the lot!

If you’re doing this as a weekend date, you may like to make it more romantic by doing a beach bbq. It’s certainly something different (and therefore extra memorable.)

Because hey – there’s heaps of creative beach date ideas, you really should make the most of!

Surprisingly, it’s also a lunch date idea you can actually do all year round. Here, check out how to “grill and chill” with a super-cool winter bbq! It’s all about thinking outside the box!

Different lunch ideas

5) Coffee Shop Date

Prefer buying something over making it yourself? Then a coffee shop date is a simple lunch date idea that you can’t really go too far wrong with.

Grab a toastie and a hot chocolate. (In fact, if it’s autumn date ideas you’re after, you can try the seasonal pumpkin spice flavours! That makes it extra cute and cosy!)

It’s a great midday date idea you can fit in, any time, any where. 

You can also hunt out the independent coffee shops for the fun of trying different places, whilst supporting small businesses. There’s plenty around!

On a similar note, another of the classic lunch date ideas has to be…

midday date ideas

6) Lunch Break Date at a Restaurant

If you’re looking for something more filling or fancy, you can always grab lunch at a restaurant together, and have more of a meal.

Uh huh, romantic meals don’t have to just be at night time. And again, it’s a great way to break up your day and go back to your afternoon feeling happy, rested and refreshed!

You can mix up the different types of food you choose for your lunch break date, making it different each time.

For example: one week you could go for a Mexican lunch, the next – Spanish Tapas; perhaps another you fancy Japanese Sushi… You get the gist!

Lunch Date Ideas

7) Lunchtime Stroll

Want to walk and talk? Fancy getting a little active on your lunch break? Then incorporating a walk into your lunch date is a great idea.

Find somewhere close, locally, to walk around together at lunch-time, stopping for your sandwiches at a pretty spot you find on the way.

There’s actually many benefits of breaking up your day with a lunchtime walk break, so not only are you finding time to spend with your loved one, but you’re doing something positive and productive at the same time together too. Similarly…

midday date ideas

8) Lunchtime Workout

A lunchtime workout may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of lunch date ideas, but it’s actually got a lot of “plus sides” to it!

  1. It gets your daily exercise in.
  2. You hold each other accountable by planning it as a date and therefore, having to stick to it!
  3. It helps to keep you healthy and fit!
  4. It actually gives you MORE energy for the rest of the day, as movement is closely linked to energy!

You can do a fun lunchtime workout that’s good for couples – like boxing or cycling. Whatever suits you!

And remember, you should eat within 2 hours of your exercise session anyway, so it’s a no brainer to re-fuel with food afterwards.

different things to do in your lunch break

9) Go For a Drive

Fancy getting away, just for a little while? Then jump in your car and go on a drive together as a different lunch time date idea.

See where the road takes you, pulling up somewhere scenic for a tasty packed lunch. On a busy, stressful day, it may be just what you need.

Make the most of the time together by asking your partner deep questions that really get them opening up about how they feel and what they think about things.

Maybe save the intimate questions for evening dates. But see what the “vibe” is like!

See, sometimes the simplest dates are the best; helping to keep you close and connected.

different things to do at lunch time

10) Grab Lunch at a Food Truck!

Are you a bit of a foodie? Like trying different things? Then have a hunt for different food trucks / pop up street food stalls in your area.

Find them, then try them… Together, as a different lunch date idea!

Some cities even have several food trucks in the same place. This means you can try a spread of food for your date. Talking of which…

fun things to do on your lunch break

11) Go To a Food Festival

If there’s a food festival on close by, you should 100% plan ahead, heading over at lunch time on your weekend off, to try a whole load of different foods that are sure to fill you up at midday!

Food festival always make for a great date idea as you have – of course – the great food, but also a fun, lively atmosphere, and often good music playing too.

Head over just the two of you, or with friends / family if you’re up for group date ideas to make it that little bit different and more sociable!

Lunch Date Ideas

12) Burger & Bowling

Next up – how about a Burger and Bowling lunch date?! 

It’s fun, different, incorporates an activity in there with it, and can still be done within the space of an hour (if needed) as you can bowl whilst your food’s cooking!

We love this midday lunch idea, as it also works as a great last minute date idea if you know you wanted to go on a date that day, but haven’t got heaps of time and haven’t yet locked in what you want to do.

This idea could also be tweaked to create an even longer list of lunch date ideas. For example:

  • A quick meal & mini golf.
  • Ice skating and “indulging!”
  • Go-karting & kebabs (even!)

You see? Think of fun, fast combinations to come up with your own food and activity lunch time date combos (you’ll really love!) Talking of activities…

fun lunch dates

13) Pizza Making!

So we all love a classic pizza night. It’s one of the best cheap / free date ideas at home!

But a super fast, easy, fun and different lunch date idea, is to have a go at pizza making in the day…

It means you have a fresh, tasty lunch to tuck into afterwards, but a fun, playful activity that you can do together to create it, too.

You could even step it up with a pizza making competition if you want – making individual pizzas and scoring them in terms of appearance, taste and creativity!

See, it’s well worth thinking how you can think outside the box with your midday date ideas, as you can always add extra elements in to make the dates different! On this note…

Fun Lunch Date Ideas

14) Take Your Lunch To…

For an endless list of lunch date ideas, you can take your lunch to different places, mixing it up each time. So, for example, you could have a:

  • Romantic riverside lunch.
  • Exciting waterfall lunch.
  • Lunch at a nature reserve.
  • Lunch up a mountain!
  • Wonderful woodland lunch.

The list could go on and on. You simply pick the setting and find a place close by to go to, taking your packed lunch with you, and picking according to the amount of time you have that lunch time.

You could also make it themed, so again – for example – for your riverside lunch may have salmon sandwiches or at the woodland, you may take a grilled cheese and mushroom sandwich. You see?

Or if you want to be more spontaneous in a relationship, you can write all the locations on a piece of paper and draw one out on the day of the lunch date for a last minute surprise of where you’re heading!

Different Lunch Date Ideas

15) Go For Lunch With a View

Another absolute-must when it comes to the best lunch dates for couples, is going for lunch with a view.

The best rooftop restaurants are more likely to have availability at lunch time, or even a lunch time menu to make it a little bit cheaper. (If you need.)

But it’s undoubtably one of the fun things to do as a couple – treating yourself to experiences like these.

See, sometimes it’s better to save money to then be able to spend more on something truly special and memorable. So have a browse through with your partner – looking for different places you can go…

Or, book somewhere up for your partner as a sweet, romantic gesture.

romantic lunch dates

16) Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is another different and special midday date idea, because – not only do you then get your sandwiches at lunch time, but you also indulge in scones and cakes, as well!

It’s a luxury for sure, and not something you’d do every day. But it’s certainly a lunch date idea to throw in every now and then…

Even if you’re not massive tea-drinkers, there’s usually other tasty alternatives for you there too! On a similar note…

Afternoon Tea Date

17) Indulge With a Dessert Lunch!

Do you both have a bit of a sweet tooth? Then scrap lunch and head over to a dessert shop for one of the most fun and different midday date ideas.

Go for ice cream, crepes, cake – whatever takes your fancy!

This is one of our favourite lunch date ideas as it just feels so… NAUGHTY! But in the best of ways.

It can also be done any day, any time, with or without an occasion.

I mean – cake breakfast as a morning date idea on your birthday?! I think so!

different midday date ideas

18) Do a Virtual Deliveroo Lunch Date

Now, if you’re looking for virtual date ideas, if you’re in a long distance relationship or working in different locations in the day, but still want to be able to connect – then a Deliveroo Lunch Date is the perfect answer!

Simply set a time and order a lunch for your partner, to be delivered over to them. It’s like Deliveroo dinner roulette, but done at lunch time instead.

Just be sure to video call each other at the delivery time, so you can see each other uncover what you’ve ordered. 

It’s sweet, fun, and another way to make someone feel special in a long distance relationship.

virtual lunch date ideas

19) Go on a Wine / Beer Tour

Next up, next up – it’s a lunchtime beer or wine tour. Because, hey, midday date ideas don’t have to be SOLELY based around food.

At these sort of experiences they usually offer a selection of nibbles to go with it… And you can always grab a bite to eat after (when you’re feeling extra merry, of course!)

It’s just a different experience and a great way to break up the day; especially on the weekend.

Think – early finish Friday to kick off the weekend with this lunch time date idea. Or a Saturday afternoon – instead of doing the norm, mix it up a bit!

romantic lunch dates

20) Do a Food Tasting Lunch Date… Blindfolded Even!

Alternatively, if wine / beer tasting isn’t your thing, you can always have a super fun and creative food tasting date, just the two of you!

This can be out at a restaurant, trying different things on the menu- or at home.

Simply grab different foods you’ve never tried before, and taste them together; either on their own or within a recipe.

If you really want to spice it up a touch (just hopefully not with chilli peppers!), you can do BLINDFOLDED taste testing! How about that then?!

It’s fun, different, exciting, and hey – may even help to ignite that chemistry between the two of you (even more!)

lunch ideas for couples

21) Make Lunch Together At Home

Last but not least, let’s not forget that you can always go “back to basics” when it comes to lunch date ideas, and simply pop your phones down and make lunch together at home.

If you both work from home, this can even be a daily thing… So that no matter how busy you get, you know that you’re always getting quality together.

(Which is not only important as a whole, but is particularly effective in making your partner feel loved if that’s their love language!)

lunch ideas for couples

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 21+ different lunch date ideas you can actually do.

I hope this has filled you with ideas and inspiration… Not just for what you can do, but that you totally should make better use of your lunch times; whether you’re together or apart!

Doing and experiencing different things in a relationship is vitally important for keeping you close as connected. So really make the effort to spend more quality time together and pack those much-needed date days in!

See, it doesn’t matter how long you have – you can always make best use of your time.

What midday date ideas have you thought of as a result of this?! Let us know in the comments box below.

Have fun! Happy dating.


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