50 Funny Relationship Questions

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Looking for funny relationship questions? Want to reminisce? To make each other laugh or smile? And to talk about the funny side of your relationship? The funniest moments or funniest aspects of it?!

Then here’s 50 funny relationship questions for couples, designed to dig into EXACTLY that!

Ask these funny relationship questions or turn it into a date night game – going through them, one by one.

By the end of it, you’re sure to have had many moments “in stitches”, which is exactly what you want… After all, laughter strengthens your relationship in more ways than one!

And what better thing to have a smile and chuckle about, than your relationship itself?!

These funny relationship questions help you to see the lighter side or harder situations, and the pure-comedy-value 👌 of the two of you, as a whole! So let’s get stuck in, shall we?!

how to smile about your relationship

50 Funny Relationship Questions For Couples

In no particular order, here’s 50 funny relationship questions for couples. 

Read it, save it & share it with your partner. 

That way, you can take it in turns to ask a question, finding the ones that you know will get the most giggles!


These aren’t your tough relationship questions. They’re FUNNY relationship questions… designed to be lighthearted and funny!

So to make them even funnier, come up with the funniest answer you can think of! That’s the key here.

You can also turn them into how well do you know me questions by trying to guess your partners answer, which can add even more comedy value, splashed in with a dose of competitive spirit!

So take your pick, make it your own, and enjoy some of our top funny relationship questions!

Let’s go, go, go…

Funny Relationship Questions

1) What would you say, are the top 3 funniest moments of our relationship? (So far!)

2) How about some of the moments that weren’t funny at the time, but you can look back on them now, and laugh?!

3) What things do I do, which make you smile or chuckle, every day? (IDEA: Turn these into cute little appreciation messages for your partner, to remind them, you love all the cute funny sides of them, and more!)

4) What’s something you will NEVER find funny about us?… Really?… Not even a little? 😉 

5) What’s the funniest quality / characteristic / trait / quirk that you think that you have?

6) How about the funniest quality / characteristic / trait / quirk that I have? What things about me, make you laugh or smile? (Come on, there’s got to be some things that are pretty endearing!)

7) What are some things about me which you thought would be funny, but are actually pretty infuriating?! 😉

funny relationship questions

Let’s Keep Them Coming

8) Has there ever been a moment where you’ve thought… “Oh my word, is THIS person really MY partner?!”

(Don’t forget, like we said, these are funny relationship questions – not literal ones. We’re thinking more of answers like: “when you first showed off your dance moves on the dance floor” as opposed to an actual, genuine dig!)

9) What was the first moment you realised you were with someone a little bit quirky / crazy?!

10) In what ways do you think our “crazy” sides, align?! (Psst… Use these crazy date ideas to bring out these crazy sides of you, even more, but in a good way!)

11) What side of you do I bring out, which you actually kind of love?!

12) How long would you say it took me to FULLY be myself around you? (Quirks and all?!) Remember: it takes time to get to know someone fully and completely!

13) And what about you, with I? How soon was you totally-and-utterly yourself around me?!

14) What’s the best thing about having such a close and comfortable relationship, would you say?!

Funny Relationship Questions

15) When was the first time you farted in front of me?

16) What’s one thing you know I do, which I probably think you don’t realise?

(E.G. Picking your toenails on the sofa… Yep, you’ve found those cuttings! They weren’t well-hidden! Challenge: do your bad habits beat these “30 of the weirdest habits”?! You’ll soon see!)

17) What’s one thing you / I do around each other now, that you never thought we would?!

This leads me onto our next funny relationship question….

18) Are there any things you think we do, which are perhaps a little TOO comfortable?! And…

19) What things do you think we do, which others would think are a little weird?! (But we TOTALLY get!?)

20) What’s the funniest thing that you actually love about us?!

21) How would you best describe my [pick something funny here – e.g. singing / dancing/ sleeping]?

funny questions about a relationship

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

22) What cartoon character duo, do you think best reflects the two of us?

23) What celebrity couple / tv show couple, would you LIKE us to most be like?… 

24) … And which celebrity couple / tv show couple do you think we’re ACTUALLY most like? (Often, it’s the difference between these two, that’s the funniest thing!)

25) What are some “Expectations” vs “Reality” relationship comparisons, that are super true for us? EG: Expectation: Falling in love with her luscious locks. Reality: Hair… Everywhere!… Constantly! (Total nightmare!)

26) What was the first, most embarrassing moment, you can remember with me? Something you did, which you found embarrassing, and totally cringed about… For at least a week!?

We’re Over Half Way Through…

27) If you were to think of a funny pet name for me, what would it be and why?!

28) What’s the funniest (or most memorable!) complement I’ve ever given you?

29) Are we where you thought we’d be right now, in our relationship?

(This can be a pretty funny relationship question as hey – things don’t always have a habit of working out how you’d expect, right?! Had these set relationship milestones?! Thought you’d be married, have kids & be super secure by 25?! Think again! On that note…)

30) Are YOU where you thought you’d be in life right now?! (And how does your partner tie into this?)

31) What’s the biggest, yet funniest lesson you’ve learnt about love and relationships since being with me?

REMEMBER: You make these questions more or less funny, depending on how you respond to them!

32) What’s the funniest little thing that I personally have taught you?!

funny questions about a relationship

Funny Relationship Questions

33) Why do you think we get on so well?

34) What’s your REQUIREMENTS when it comes to a best friend? (And of course, the two of you are totally that! :P)

35) What’s been some of the most ridiculously silly arguments we’ve had to date?!

36) What’s one thing you or I have struggled to let go of? (But TOTALLY should have!)

E.G. Grudge-holding for an argument over the dishes… How ridiculous does that feel now?! This may be your sign to learn how to let things go in a relationship, my friends!

37) In what ways are we different? (And yet it still works?!)

38) What’s one thing you think we’re TERRIBLE at (but happy to admit?!)

(E.G. “Well, we’re useless at navigating, like the time we got lost… [reminisce!]…”)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

39) Which time in our relationship, could have been part of a comedy sketch?!

40) If you were to recreate a funny moment in our relationship, which one would you choose and why?!

41) If we were to do a comedy set, talking about our relationship, what kind of things would we / could we, bring into it?!

42) Who is the most scared of [something ridiculous here]?

43) How do you think we’d respond to [a funny / crazy / ridiculous scenario here]?

(Look at different comical situations and use them to reflect on your relationship!)

44) What do you think first attracted me to you? 😉 And what do you think has made us stay together all this time now?

funny couple questions

Funny Relationship Questions

45) What would be the biggest, most romantic gesture, you could possibly think to do for me?!

46) If you were to try to impress me with the most “out there” date (that’s verging on a little wacky!) what would you do?!

47) What do you think are the most loveable things about us? Both as individuals and as a couple?

48) What things do you find cute and loveable about me… which you probably shouldn’t?!

49) If you could read my mind, what sort of things do you think I think, when I look at you? ;P 

50) If we were to have superpowers – what superpowers would you give us? Ones which best reflect us, as the POWER COUPLE that we are? 😉 

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 50 funny relationship questions, guaranteed to bring a giggle… or two… or three! (You get the picture!) – Especially when answered lightheartedly!

I hope this has given you ideas and inspiration for different relationship conversation starters, and how you can talk and reflect about the two of you, in fun ways!

See there’s heaps of FREE Couples Question Games out there and they’re well worth giving a go – because the more you learn about each other, the stronger you grow!

Up next, we’ve got our Couples This or That Questions, Couples Trivia Questions, or – for something a little bit more daring- Couples Never Have I Ever Game!



Funny Relationship Questions
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