365+ How Well Do You Know Me Questions (The Ultimate Quiz!)

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Want to play the ULTIMATE How Well Do You Know Me Quiz? Looking for fun and different how well do you know me questions? Then you’re in the right place! Whether you’re looking to play with a partner, friends, family, or as a fun TEST for someone you’re dating – we’ve created 365+ “how well do you know me” questions to suit all!

How To Play The How Well Do You Know Me Quiz Game

When it comes to the How Well Do You Know Me Quiz Game, it’s really quite simple.

All you do it take it in turns to ask the questions below, to whoever you want to play it with. However, you can either:

  1. Take it in turns to answer different questions. E.G. You ask question 1 and your partner answers question 1, before you reveal the answer. Then they ask you question 2, and you answer that, and so on.
  2. Or, you can BOTH ask each other each question, and you take it in turns to reveal the answer that is true for you.

This quiz can be played as a competitive game – tallying the number of questions you each get right, to determine who knows who better.

Or, you can simply use them to create conversation and bring the two of you closer.

See, we’ve purposely given you 365+ questions here – so that you have a different how well do you know me question, for every single day of the year!

So get into the habit of having more meaningful conversations, every single day. Little and often, little and often… Then watch your relationship continue to flourish and grow!

Does that sound good? Awesome! Then let’s get stuck straight into the How Well Do You Know Me Quiz!

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

The Basics & Background

Let’s kick off the how well do you know me questions, with some throwbacks to childhood, mixed in with some basic facts… that you really should know!

Get ready to test your memory. Let’s go, go, go!

1) When’s my birthday?

2) What star sign does that make me?

3) Do I believe in star signs? (To any degree?) Why / why not?

4) What’s my middle name? (If I have one?!)

5) Where was I born? (Bonus points if you know the hospital name!)

6) What was I like as a baby?!

7) Where did I grow up? What town / city / county?

8) Did I like where I grew up? Why / why not?

9) What colour hair did I have as a child?

10) Did I have a babysitter growing up? And did I like them?

11) How old was I the first time my parents let me stay home alone?

12) What was the name of my primary school? And / or, secondary school?

13) What grades did I get at high school? (Roughly!)

14) What was my favourite subject at school? And why?

15) What was my LEAST favourite subject at school? And why?

16) Did I have a favourite teacher? And if so, why did I like them so much?!

17) Did I have a lot of friends at school? Why / why not?

18) Who was my childhood best friend? (And when / why / how, did we lose touch?)

19) Did I ever have a lucky number? If so – why? And what is it?

20) What was my favourite colour as a kid? And is it the same now?

21) What hobbies did I have as a child? How did I spend my free time?

22) What chores did I do, growing up? (If any?!)

23) Did I get an allowance as a child? (Bonus points if you know how much!)

24) What was the first job I ever had? And how much did I earn from it?

25) Did I do any other things as a teenager to hustle some extra money in?! (If the answer is yes for both of you, it may be time to get back to this with these side hustle ideas for couples!)

How well do you know me questions for couples

26) What was my greatest achievement growing up?

27) Did I ever take centre stage in any school plays? What school plays did we do?

28) At what age did I get my first mobile phone?

29) What age did I think I was REALLY grown up? 😉 

30) Do I think that I tried to grow up too fast? In what ways? What things did I do?

31) Was I shy or sociable growing up? Describe my character as a child, compared to now!

32) Which parent was I closest to, growing up?

33) Did I have any grandparents growing up? And if not – what age did I lose them?

34) Do I have any relatives that I don’t / haven’t ever / no longer, see? And if so, why?

35) How many relatives do I have? (Counting cousins, etc, too!)

36) Which sibling was I closest to, growing up? (Where applicable!)

37) What’s the age difference between me and my siblings? (Where applicable!)

38) Who did I most want to be like when I grew up? (Any role models / idols?)

39) Who was my biggest celebrity crush, growing up?!

40) What was my dream job, as a child? (And yes, you can say astranaught!) 

41) What was the worst trouble that I got into as a child?

42) Was I brought up in a certain religion?

43) How has my childhood shaped the person that I am today? (See, the British Science Association states that “Our Childhood Makes Us Who We Are”, so it could well be even more influential than you may think!… Food for thought.)

44) What was my favourite TV show as a child?

45) What pets did I have growing up? (Bonus points if you remember names!)

46) Do I have any particular childhood memories I will always treasure?

47) What was my favourite thing about my childhood?

48) What do I think is the hardest thing about growing up?

49) Is there anything I miss about childhood? Anything I’d go back to, have and appreciate more, if I could?

50) If I could go back to any age in my life, which age would I go back to, and why?

How Well Do You Know Me Quiz

How Well Do You Know Me NOW?

Let’s move it forward a little now, asking some fun questions which test how well they know you now (and vice versa!) Remember – each question opens up conversation for you to learn more.

51) How do I best like to spend “alone time”?

52) Do I enjoy alone time? Why / why not?

53) Am I more introverted or extroverted?

54) How confident would you say I am, and feel, on a scale of 1-10?

55) What’s my favourite movie? (Or If I don’t have one in particular, my favourite genre?)

56) How about my favourite TV show? (If I had to pick just one I could watch and never get bored of!)

57) Do I like reading? And if so – what kind of books? (Thumbs up from us if it’s one of the Top 10 Relationship Books!)

58) If I went back to study one subject (say, at Uni), what subject would I choose to study and why?

59) What’s my favourite sweet food?

60) How about my favourite savoury food?

61) Do I have a favourite restaurant? Either locally, or one I’ve been to before, that always stuck with me? (And yes, you can “use this to your advantage” now; this could well become a cute anniversary date idea… if you have a celebration soon coming up! Permission fully granted 🤪)

62) What do I spend more money on – “things” or “experiences” and why?

63) What’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought? And do I think it was worth it?!

64) What’s my favourite fruit?

65) And how about my favourite veggie?

66) What’s my go-to / favourite snack?

67) What’s my favourite non-alcoholic drink?

68) And my favourite alcoholic drink?

69) What foods can I not eat / not stand to eat?! 

70) Will I take leftovers home when I eat out? Or eat left overs from a meal I cook?

71) What’s my favourite sweets?

72) How about my favourite chocolate?

73) What’s my favourite meal of the day? Breakfast? Lunch? Or dinner?

74) What’s my most and least favourite season of the year? And why?

75) If I could move to any country in the world (and take all my friends and family with me), where would I move and why?

ways to bond with your partner

76) What’s my favourite day of the week? And why?

77) On a scale of 1-10, how much do I enjoy my job?

78) If I could do any job in the world, what would I choose to do and why?

79) What kind of things make me laugh the most? And how would you best describe my sense of humour?

80) What’s my favourite kind of music?

81) Do I have a favourite band or music artist?

82) What would be my go-to song to “sing my heart out to” in the shower?

83) What music do I NOT like? And why?

84) What’s my favourite chore? (And no, don’t say I hate every one of them, or “don’t ever do them! I know flirting by teasing is a thing, but maybe leave it out on this occasion 😉)

85) What’s my favourite animal? 

86) Which animal would I say is most like me?! And why?

87) Would I say that I’m a sporty person? Why / why not?

88) What’s my most and least favourite sport?

89) Am I more of an early bird or night owl?

90) What three things couldn’t I live without?!

91) Do I have any “pet peeves”?

92) What is the first thing I do in the morning?

93) How about the last thing I do before I fall asleep at night?! Do I have a cute evening self care routine you can’t help but notice?!

94) How many different countries have I visited to date?

95) What’s been my favourite place that I’ve visited?

96) What three things / experiences are top on my “bucket list”?

97) How about three places I’ve always wanted to go?

98) What’s the most daring adrenaline activity I’ve ever done?

99) How about the most unique experience I’ve ever tried?

100) Am I more of a “beach holiday” or “mountain holiday” gal? (And yes, if I say beach, that does give you permission to get planning the most adorable beach date ideas for the two of us! 😛) On that note…

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

How Well Do You Know Me Questions About Love

Next up let’s have some “How Well Do You Know Me” questions above love, as these always stir up some juicy / interesting / debatable topics!

101) Would I say that I’m a romantic person? How romantic, on a scale of 1-10?

102) Do I believe in soul mates?

103) Do I believe in love at first sight?

104) How about “destiny”? Do I believe that everything happens for a reason, when it comes to love? Why / why not?

105) How old was I when I had my first kiss?!

106) What age was I when I first fell in love? (See questions about dating can actually be interesting and insightful… They don’t have to be a complete no-go area, if you’re using them to learn new, valuable things about each other, like you will be with these how well do you know me questions!)

107) How did I first know that I was in love with you? (If this isn’t something that you’ve spoken about before, it provides a great opportunity to open up, and ask these more intimate questions that bring you closer!)

108) Do I fall in love quickly or slowly?

109) Does love scare me, or excite me more? And why?

110) How many times have I had my heart broken?

111) How many hearts do you think that I’ve broken?!

112) What do I think constitutes as cheating / unfaithfulness?

113) Would I ever be able to forgive, if you cheated on me?

114) What do I think is worse – an emotional affair or a physical one? And why?

115) What is my attachment style?

116) What is my love language? What makes me feel the most loved?

117) How do I tend to show my love / give my love to others?

118) Do I get easily jealous in a relationship? And why, do you think this may be?

119) Can I be clingy in a relationship? And why, do you think this may be?

120) Can I be controlling in a relationship? And why, do you think this may be?

121) Do I feel secure in a relationship? Why / why not? And what does it take for me to feel secure?

122) How faithful am I in relationships? And how important is this to me? + why?

123) What values do I pride myself in, when it comes to relationships?

124) What do I think creates and sustains PASSION in a relationship? And how important is this, to me?

125) Do I struggle to trust in a relationship? Why / why not?

understanding your partner

126) On a scale of 1-10, how loved do I feel by you?

127) What are my fondest memories of us? (Click here for more cute relationship questions to get the two of you reminiscing!)

128) What do I do when I’m mad at you?!

129) Do I hold grudges or am I able to let things go?

130) What do I think is the best thing about being in love?

131) And what do I think is the worst / hardest thing about being in love?

132) What’s the worst breakup / dating / relationship experience I’ve been through? And why?

133) What has been the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from my past relationships?

134) What do I think creates a truly healthy relationship? 

135) And what do I think are the signs of a toxic relationship? What things don’t I want or won’t I tolerate?

136) Do I have any dating / relationship “icks” or pet peeves that totally put you off?

137) What sacrifices do I think that you should / shouldn’t make in a relationship?

138) In what ways do I think / feel like I’ve grown / changed since we first got together?

139) What do I value more – a physical connection or emotional connection? And why?

140) In what ways do I think that I’m a good partner?

141) In what ways do I think that I can be a better partner? Are there any bad relationship habits do I need to break?

142) What are the most important things to me, when it comes to a romantic partner?

143) How hard do I think it is to find and attract your ideal partner? And why?

144) Have I ever doubted whether or not you’re the right person for me?! (This may sound like a tough relationship question, but it doesn’t have to be make or break! Communication is always key!)

145) What’s my views on marriage? Is this something that’s important to me? Why / why not?

146) Do I want to have children? / Do I want to have more children? Why / why not?

147) What do I think is the ideal timescale for key relationship milestones?

148) Am I where I thought I’d be, right now, in my love life? In what ways do I feel on track or off track, or could I feel on track / off track, and why?

149) What’s my vision for a relationship? Let’s say in the next 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 etc, years.

150) Do I feel like we’re both on the same page in terms of what we want in this relationship and where we see it going?

do you know your partner

Quick-Fire How Well Do You Know Me Round

Let’s throw in a fun, different quick-fire round for these how well do you know me questions.

How it works?

Simply rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for the following characteristics, then see what your partner rates YOU and how close it matches up with how you see YOURSELF!

So, what have we got? Well…

On a Scale Of 1-10, How…?

151) Funny do you think that I am?

152) Kind do you think that I am?

153) Serious do you think that I am?

154) Stubborn do you think that I am?

155) Ambitious do you think that I am?

156) Adventurous do you think that I am?

157) Charismatic do you think that I am?

158) Intelligent do you think that I am?

159) Honest do you think that I am?

160) Loyal do you think that I am?

On a Scale Of 1-10, How…?

161) Positive do you think that I am?

162) Creative do you think that I am?

163) Organised do you think that I am?

164) Patient do you think that I am?

165) Forgiving do you think that I am?

166) Responsible do you think that I am?

167) Loving do you think that I am?

168) Brave do you think that I am?

169) Hardworking do you think that I am?

170) Selfish do you think that I am?

Liked this round? Want to do more of this style of how well do you know me questions? Then here’s 350 different character traits for additional ones you can throw in!

That’s right, the how well do you know me quiz, is here for you to make it your own!

get to know your boyfriend better

Funny How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Next up, we’ve got some funny how well do you know me quiz questions for you.

After all, laughter makes the heart grow fonder and healthier as they say. So funny questions to ask your partner, are a total no-brainer. 🤪

171) If I came with a warning label, what would it say? 😉

172) What was the worst hairstyle I’ve ever had? And how on earth did I end up with it?!

173) Are there any childish things that I, admittedly, still really enjoy doing?

174) What’s the longest I’ve left my legs, without shaving?! (For women only, this one, in most cases!)

175) What’s the most I’ve ever eaten in one sitting?!

176) What is my funniest little habit? Or weirdest little quirk?

177) Who is my favourite superhero?

178) How about my favourite movie character?

179) If I could have any superpower, what would it be, why and how would I best use it?! (Uh huh, we love entertaining hypothetical questions for couples, like this. Go all out with your imagination! 😉)

180) If I could jump back or forward to any period of time, which year would I live in and why?

181) Would I be the first or last to go in a Zombie apocalypse and why?

182) When did I stop believing in Santa Claus? And why?

183) What kind of things would I do if I was the President for the day?

184) Would I let fame go to my head if I was famous? Why / why not? In what ways?

185) If I became famous for 1 thing, what would it most likely be?!

186) Who is my SECRET embarrassing celebrity crush? (You could even turn this into a couples never have I ever round, with different funny celebrity suggestions and see if either of you have ever crushed on them… even in the slightest! You may well be surprised!)

187) Or my TOP celebrity crush right now? (And no, there’s no need to feel threatened 🤪)

188) What noise helps to send me to sleep?!

189) What noise do I hate the most?! (We’re thinking, chalkboards!)

190) What word do I use too often?

191) Have I ever sang karaoke?!

192) If I could step into any band as lead singer, which band would I choose?

193) Have I ever gone streaking or skinny dipping?! (If not, why not turn that into a crazy date idea, just the two of you?! ;P)

How Well Do You Know Me Quiz

194) What’s the WILDEST thing I’ve ever done?

195) What is the silliest thing I’ve ever done when I’ve been drunk?!

196) Have I ever shoplifted? To any degree?!

197) What is one thing I would always put off doing if I could?

198) Do I believe in aliens?

199) Do I believe in ghosts!?

200) If I could haunt one person as a ghost, who would I choose and why?!

201) What conspiracy theories have I totally gotten into in the past?

202) What could I debate, all day and all night long, (and definitely win any debate on!)?

203) What is something I hope my kids / future kids, never find out about me?

204) On a scale of 1-10, how good do I think my cooking skills are, honestly?!

205) What’s the worst thing that I’ve ever cooked? A disaster meal?!

206) What is something silly that I am actually really good at?!

207) What’s the most random thing a stranger has ever said to me?

208) How about the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever said to a crush? (Maybe it was you, during the early days of dating. Ha! We’ve all been there! 😉)

209) What’s my go-to position sleeping? In fact, throw this in as a funny couples dare: demonstrate how I usually go to sleep, vs how I usually look once I wake up!

210) Do I have any secret, hidden talents?!

211) How long does it usually take me to get a “boss” selfie? In fact – how long, and how many photo attempts? 😉

212) What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me?

213) Did I ever have an imaginary friend growing up? Or do I have one now?! (No judging!)

214) How often do I talk to myself?!

215) How often do I “dance like no-one’s watching”?

216) What would the exact opposite of me be like?

217) What would it be like if there was TWO of me?!

218) Would I rather spend a day with my parents or your parents? (Eek!) More than half of married people say that in-laws cause relationship rows, so hopefully you guys don’t fall into that!

219) What’s the funniest thing that most people don’t know about me?

220) If I went to jail for something ridiculous – what would it most likely be for?!

fun things to do with your boyfriend

How Well Do You Know Me (On a Deeper Level)?

Looking for more serious how well do you know me questions? Then let’s throw in some deeper ones now.

221) What do I like most about myself? And why?

222) What do I like least about myself? And why?

223) Am I fully in tune with my emotions and how to feel my emotions? To what degree?

224) Are there any things I’m trying to change about myself? And are these good or bad things?

225) How much do I value self improvement? And do I use this in a healthy or unhealthy way?

226) Do I have any deep regrets? If so – what and why?

227) What do I think are some of the BEST decisions I’ve made in my life?

228) What do I think are some of the WORST decisions I’ve made in my life?

229) And what event in my life has shaped me more than anything else? In what way?

230) What do I consider to be my biggest weakness?

231) Is there anything that I think / know holds me back in any areas of my life?

232) What are some goals that I’m currently working on, right now?

233) What are my ultimate goals that I’m working towards?

234) How clear am I on what I want to do / achieve / have? How committed and focused am I on them, too?

235) Are there any things you think I want to do / achieve / have, that I’ve perhaps not said to you / anyone before?

236) What’s truly important to me in life?

237) What are my key values / morals?

238) Out of the 6 human needs, which 2 are the most important to me? Why? And how does this influence my life? (Psst, if you’re unfamiliar with the power of the 6 human needs, swatting up on this is definitely something to add onto your personal development bucket list!)

239) Do I care what people think of me? To what degree?

240) Do I compare myself to other people? To what degree?

241) What is my biggest fear? (And let’s dig a little deeper than saying “spiders!” Here, use these deep questions to ask your partner to open up these kind of conversations further!)

242) What is my biggest insecurity? 

243) Or what little things do I actually feel quite self conscious about?

244) What do I feel most proud of in my life so far?

245) What’s the biggest obstacles I’ve overcome? Or the worst experience of my life? And how did I get through it?

get to know your wife better

246) What things make me truly angry? And why?

247) How do I deal with sadness?

248) Are there any things that I struggle with, day to day? (This could be one of the most eye-opening how well do you know me questions. For this reason – it’s an important question and gives you / your partner, the opportunity to open up and share.)

249) How is my mental health, as a whole?

250) How is my physical health? (We’re not just talking fitness or weight loss, etc. There are actually many different things that can affect your physical health.)

251) What do I feel most grateful for? And how often do I stop to appreciate these things?

252) What’s one thing I wish I had more of in my life? And why?

253) What’s one thing I think you could never have enough of in life?! (In a good way! It could simply be one of the simple things that make you feel good!)

254) Who would I say I am most like – my Mom or my Dad? In what ways? And do you agree?!

255) Did my parents have a good relationship growing up? And how did my parents relationship influence / affect me, my life and the way that I see the world?

256) What qualities / traits do I admire most in other people? And why?

257) Do I feel confident about the way that I look?

258) Do I feel confident in myself and my abilities?

259) How much self love would I say that I have for myself? (Unsure about this one yourself? Then here’s 25 essential self love questions that will help make it clearer.)

260) On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think that I “BACK MYSELF”!?

261) What things do I do, as an act of self care and why is this important to me?

262) What’s one thing that not many people know about me? (Note: now may also be a good time to share things that are important, that you perhaps haven’t been ready to speak up about before, too.)

263) What situations / things, make me feel most like myself? And do I find it easy / difficult to fully and completely be myself?

264) How would I, personally, define myself?

265) How do I want others to see me? And why is this important to me?

266) If I had 0 limitations to what I could do / experience / have, what would I want most and why?

267) In what ways am I then same and in what ways am I different, when I’m around other people, vs, when it’s just you and me?

268) Do I find it easy or difficult to open up? And why?

269) How often do I express my emotions or how I really feel?

270) What’s the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in my life so far? And what taught me each of these?

how well do you know your partner

How Much Do I Care About Questions

Let’s have another quick-fire round with these how well do you know me questions now. Only, this time, you’ll be asking your partner how much you care about certain things.

The answer can be on a scale, as a percentage, or a summary of how much they think, that can be described to you. (It’s totally up to you!)

You then decide how accurate you think their answer is, based on what you’ve written down / think for yourself.

Now, some of these questions, may make you, yourself, think… But this is a good thing!

Here’s more questions to get to know yourself better, to expand your own awareness, and ensure you’re living a life, true to you, and the things that are important to you, if you find this valuable.

In the meantime, ask both yourself and your partner…

How Much Do I Care About…?

271) The environment?

272) Politics?

273) Giving to charity?

274) Volunteering my time?

275) Spending time with loved ones?

276) Doing things that I enjoy?

277) Being successful?

278) Traveling?

279) Stepping outside my comfort zone?

280) Standing up for what I believe is right?

How Much Do I Care About…?

281) Freedom and equality?

282) Money?

283) Being healthy?

284) Being a kind person?

285) History?

286) Religion?

287) Technology? / Social media?

288) Learning?

289) Self improvement?

290) Staying true to myself?

get to know your partner better

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Continuing on with our how well do you know me quiz, here’s a mix of random how well do you know me questions for you now; about anything and everything.

Have a read, take your pick, and see which questions it can inspire you to come up with!

291) What’s my favourite type of flower?

292) How about my go-to comfort food / food of indulgence?!

293) What is my favourite board game?

294) What would be my ideal way to spend a day?

295) Describe my dream wedding! (Uh huh, here’s a how well do you know me question that really shows how well you’ve been listening, right?!)

296) Describe my dream house!

297) Do I have any birthmarks?

298) What about any scars?

299) How do I feel about structure and routines?

300) What makes me feel the most ALIVE?!

301) Do I have any allergies?

302) Who do I speak to the most on the phone?

303) Who are the 5 people that I am closest to / my top 5 best friends?! (And yes, you can be one of them! In fact 50% of long term couples say that their partner is their best friend!)

304) When did I learn to ride a bicycle? How old was I?

305) How charming do I think that I am?

306) How often do I feel like I get what I want?! 

307) What kind of things / tasks do I procrastinate the most?

308) What is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in?

309) How many boyfriends / girlfriends have I had in my life?!

310) What is the most fun I’ve ever had on New Year’s Eve? (Challenge: Use these romantic New Year’s Eve ideas to make your next one together… the best one yet!)

311) What holiday season do I like the most and why?

312) How old was I the first time I set foot on a plane? Where did I go?

313) What’s the best and worst job I’ve ever had?!

314) What’s the best present I’ve ever received from someone?

get to know your girlfriend better

315) Have I ever had to stay in hospital? 

316) What’s the worst thing I’ve been to the doctors for?!

317) Who was I named after?

318) Do I like my name? Why / why not?

319) Have I ever played an instrument? If so, which ones, and to which degree?!

320) If I could peak into my future, would I have a look?!

321) Where do I see myself in 5 years time?

322) How many piercings do I have / have I had? And when did I have each of them?

323) Do I have any tattoos? If so – what are they and what do they mean? Uh huh, those all-important meanings makes this one of the potentially trickier how well do you know me questions!

324) What kind of things do I like talking about the most?

325) Do I like meeting new people?

326) Do I have any favourite boys and girls names?

327) What family traditions did I grow up with, that I still carry on with today?

328) Would I rather have a big family or a small family?

329) What’s a relationship red flag for me?

330) How do I deal with difficult situations? Face it head on, or want to hide / run?!

331) Do I prefer being “big spoon” or “little spoon”?! (Fun Fact: Many men actually like being little spoon! Here, they reveal why! Cute, huh?!)

332) What turns me on?

333) What makes me jealous?

334) Name all the nick-names I’ve had, that you can think of! (And yes, you can include some of the cute nicknames you’ve given each other 😛)

335) How well am I able to take instruction or follow rules?

336) Have I ever collected anything (e.g. cards, stamps, toys, etc.)?

337) What kind of things do I spend the most time thinking about?

338) How well do I manage my time?

339) What motivates me the most?

340) What has pushed me outside my comfort zone the most?

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Final How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Can you believe it? We’re onto our final round of how well do you know me questions.

For this last section, I’m going to throw some faster, snappier, “this or that” style questions, and “yes or no” questions, perfect for when you’re playing the how well do you know me quiz, but are short on time.

So, answer this…

Do I…?

341) Have strong leadership skills?

342) Speak any other languages?

343) Have a good memory?

344) Have high self awareness?

345) Trust my own judgement?

346) Care about the impact I have on the world?

347) Own anything of sentimental value? If so, what?

348) Fixate on the past?

349) Face my fears?

350) Have a life motto? If so, what is it?!

351) Spend more money or save more money?

352) Value marriage / family more, or a career more?

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Do I…?

353) Value growth more, or security more?

354) Overthink / worry, or under-think / overlook things?

355) Have a set daily routine? If so, what is it?

356) Think about others more than myself?

357) “Let my hair down” enough? And if yes – how so?!

358) Have a good work-life balance?

359) Believe in myself enough?

360) Take feedback on board? (Both the negative and the positive!)

361) Feel like I make the most of my time?

362) Prefer nights out or nights in?

363) Have a plan for retirement?!

364) Prefer dressing up or keeping it casual?

365) Prefer ASKING others about themselves, or being asked about ME?! (The good news is – these how well do you know me questions, gets you doing both! Woohoo.)

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 365 how well do you know me questions, to create the ULTIMATE how well do you know me quiz, that you can play, every single day!

Liked this? Then be sure to try our (FREE!) Couples Trivia Questions or Classic Couples Question Game. Uh huh, that’s right. There’s plenty here to keep you busy and bonding!

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  1. Ohh this is such a comprehensive list! These how well do you know me questions make such a fun game for couples in general but also at bridal showers to put the bride on the spot! Definitely one of the best lists I’ve come across, so much fun. Thank you!

    • I love this idea. My husband and I have started working through these questions (I bookmarked this page and keep coming back to do a few at a time with him), and I definitely think these would be super fun for a bridal shower or girls night, too. Good thinking.

      • I’m so glad you like it, ladies, and are finding you can use these questions for multiple things, with multiple people. That’s just what I wanted! ❤️ Thank you so much for commenting. All the best, Ell x

  2. This is definitely the best how do you know me roundup I’ve seen. Thanks Ell. Lots of fun and different questions in here as always. Hours of entertainment!

  3. My husband and I used to play a game like this when we were on road trips. It is a great way to pass time while in the car! We were never very creative about coming up with questions and would run out pretty quickly… So this list is great since there are so many (and so many we haven’t ever asked before too!) We’re all stocked up for our next road trip now, thank you.

  4. Fantastic list! My fiance and I started on this last night and it was both fun and illuminating. So many little details we never thought to ask each other before. Thanks!


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