23+ Creative Craft Date Ideas

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Looking for creative date ideas? Fun and different craft projects for couples, you can do from the comfort of your own home? Then here’s 23+ of the very best creative craft date ideas, perfect for couples to get stuck into. That’s right – by the end of this, you’ll certainly never be short for ideas of different things to do!

Why Creative Craft Date Ideas Work So Well

Creative craft date ideas are actually one of the best types of dates. Why? Well because:

  • They provide you with ample things to do and try, which are still simple and in most cases – affordable too. (So if you’re looking for different date ideas, they’ll really stock you up!)
  • You can do them in the comfort of own home, which makes them nice and easy.
  • This also means it doesn’t matter what the weather is – creative craft date ideas are always there; come rain or shine. They’re not going anywhere!
  • What’s more, when you’re doing creative date ideas that you really enjoy, it’s not just a “one hit wonder”, you can do the activity across multiple days or weeks, or do it over and over again, simply with a different project! This means there are always endless date ideas to keep you busy through the longer autumn / winter months, whilst stocking you up on that much needed quality time in a relationship.
Creative date ideas

23+ Creative Craft Date Ideas (You Have To Do!)

So, now you’re sufficiently convinced about why you (totally) should consider scheduling some of these creative craft date ideas, let’s get stuck into the suggestions, shall we?

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. That means that I may make a commission if you click through and purchase.

Without further ado – here’s our 23+ favourite creative craft date ideas for 2023.

Challenge: Have a read, pick an activity, then schedule it into your free time together, within the next week.

See, when it comes to creative craft date ideas at home, you may like to do some…

1) Drawing

Starting with a classic creative date idea, you can never go too far wrong with a sweet little drawing date!

Grab a beginners drawing kit, so you get all the right papers, then have a go at either:

  1. Drawing objects in front of you.
  2. Taking your drawing pads somewhere pretty and scenic (like a lake or the beach) and having a go at drawing the setting.
  3. Taking it in turns to draw each other… Titantic style.

Whichever you pick, it’s one of the best last minute date ideas, if you’re unsure of what to do, but want to do something fun, flirty and – kind of – romantic!

After all, all you really need (at the lowest level) is a pencil and paper. Then you can do it anywhere, anytime!

Craft Date Ideas

2) Painting

Similarly, painting is another classic alternative when it comes to creative date ideas.

All you need is a beginners painting kit and you’ll be all set and ready to go!

This is another one you can do in the same way as drawing – painting things, settings or each other. It’s one of the most relaxing date ideas, that makes you feel like a real pro!

You may well find that it becomes a nice little pastime, and if you really get into it, you’ll see yourselves improve and improve.

Craft Date Ideas

3) Paint By Numbers

If painting sounds a little tricky, then Paint By Numbers is certainly the perfect alternative.

For this you can grab one each, or just get one painting that you do together. (After all, with tiny numbers to paint in, it’s going to take you a while to complete anyway!)

Just sit back, relax, paint away and see your masterpiece – slowly but surely – come together.

We did this as part of our mighty dating challenge, painting a Christmas Paint By Numbers piece, that we then had as Christmas decor.

It was one of our favourite Christmas date ideas and just shows how you can make any of these craft date ideas themed but making things that fit the season.

arts and crafts for couples

4) Diamond Painting

Similarly, Diamond Painting works in the same way – except for, instead of dabbing paint, you dab mini diamonds into place, to create a piece of art.

It’s just as affordable, and yet you can create some genuinely beautiful diamond painting art with it, that – if you choose wisely – you can then use to put up in your own home.

Imagine that – when friends and family come around to your home and they complement your artwork. You can then actually say:

“We made it ourselves!” Cool or what?!

arts and crafts for couples

5) Pottery Painting

Pottery painting is HANDS DOWN one of the most popular creative craft date ideas and with good reason!

It’s fun, simple, quite therapeutic and you can actually use the item that you’ve painted at the end (making it practical too!)

Simply grab some unpainted pottery (whether that’s a plate, a bowl, a vase, a mug – take your fancy) and some pottery painting paints, and you will be well underway.

Or, with this complete pottery painting kit, you have air dry clay to make what you want, then paint it afterwards, for the complete process. Speaking of which…

Creative Craft Date Ideas

6) Pottery Making

Pottery making in itself, is also a creative craft date idea, fully worthy of a spot on this list.

SCULPD Pottery Kit is my recommendation when it comes to making modern (actually very cool!) pottery at home.

And again – you can make it from scratch, then paint it yourself, completing the process from start to finish.

The alternative is to grab a pottery wheel kit (which is heaps of fun and very affordable too), so it depends which type of pottery takes your fancy.

I mean, there’s even such a thing as clay painting which combines clay pottery making with painting… (It’s super cool, I know!) So you’re never short for choices.

Creative Craft Date Ideas

7) Spin Art

Next up, it’s time for spin art… And this has got to be one of the most unique creative date ideas at home. I mean, have you even heard of it before?! Well now you have!

This is a painting technique using a simple spin art tool, and I know what you’re thinking…

“Surely I’m going to be COVERED in paint?!”

But it’s actually not all that messy. Instead, it just creates cool, patterned, colourful art, that’s perfect if you’re looking for different craft date ideas.

arty dates

8) String Art

Similarly, there’s string art, which is another less-heard of craft; making yet another creative craft date idea.

Again, for this one – all you need is a string art craft kit to get you into it. But you can make truly beautiful pieces…

My favourite is this Marynee DIY Flower Pot String Art Kit. (How pretty is that?!) You can literally use it to prop real flowers in. It’s mightily impressive!

Or for something typically seen as more “unisex”, this Hot Air Balloon String Art Kit is incredibly cool. You could work on something like this together, as a couple, for your next craft date night.

crafts for couples

9) Candle Making

Going back to the more popular craft date ideas now then, we can’t forget to mention candle making.

After all, candles are something you can use together afterwards too, and it’s a super fun process when it comes to making them.

Just find yourself a candle making kit and have fun, feeling like some sort of SCIENTIST – picking the colours and fragrances that go into it!

It’s one of the most memorable, creative date ideas that you’ll certainly get excited to do again and again!

Hey, who knows- maybe it’ll even turn into a couples side hustle for the two of you- making and selling candles on the side, for money and for fun!

candle making

10) Embroidery / Cross Stitching

Next up, it’s the classic cross stitching and this has always proven to be a popular craft at home.

In fact, it’s one of the most surprising hobbies for women in their 20’s, but it’s just so relaxing… and addictive, too!

Once you have your own embroidery starter kit – the “world’s your oyster”, you can create what you want!

But the starter kits with guided templates always come in handy too…

My favourite is this Beginners Enjoy Your Life Set of 3 Embroidery Kit, but there’s plenty for you to choose from, so be sure to have a mooch!

cross stitching

11) Jewellery Making

Get the feeling that your man sees himself marrying you? Want to drop an extra hint?! Then jewellery making could be the perfect craft date idea for you.

I mean – how soon is too soon to propose anyway?! (Ha!)

All jokes aside, it’s one of the cutest creative date ideas for couples, as with a simple jewellery making kit in hand, you can come up with whatever you like!

Make something together, for each other. Or go matching with this paracord bracelet making kit. (It’s just a little more masculine, you see!)

couples jewellery making

12) Knitting

Next up – it’s knitting or sewing. And I know what you’re probably thinking about this craft date idea… “How old am I?!”

But hey “move over Nana!” – studies show more and more young people are taking up knitting, because hey – you can’t deny, it is rather therapeutic.

So this is certainly one of the more “out there” creative date ideas that’s kind of like, “don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.”

After all, you may well be surprised! And can stock up on some woolies for winter whilst doing it too. (How about that then?!)

different craft activities fro couples

13) Crocheting

Another similar, yet seen-to-be-more-socially-acceptable-at-this-age craft activity, is crocheting.

And hey – just to throw it out there – if you’ve noticed the signs he secretly wants you pregnant, or you are in fact, expecting your first baby together (eek!), there are so many adorable baby clothes and cuddlies that you can make with this activity!

See, crochet is basically like knitting… But EASIER. As it uses a single hook to hook the loops together directly on the piece, as opposed to long needles to form the loops, moving a set of loops from one needle to another.

All this basically means is you can create some pretty cool stuff – with far less frustrations! So what are you waiting for?! Grab your crocheting kit and get going with it!

cute craft activities for couples

14) Scrapbooking

If you’re looking for free date ideas at home that are still creative and cute, then scrapbooking is most certainly your answer!

Simply scroll through your photos, pick and print your favourite ones, then organise them in a cute couples scrapbook.

This is actually one of the best creative anniversary date ideas, if you’re looking for something sweet and intimate, to make you reminisce, remember and feel closer than ever before!

Make it EVEN BETTER by asking these intimate questions to your partners, as you create it.

Or, if you’re feeling brave – play our ultimate how well do you know me questions game, whilst you print and stick. It will make the process go even faster and make the night, all the more memorable! (Uh huh, you can thank me later!)

creative date ideas

15) Soap Making

From scrapbooking to… Soap making! Yup, I bet you didn’t expect this one in here, but it’s undoubtably a fun and different craft date idea, that’s actually nearly as popular as candle making!

After all, soap making brings out your inner scientist again, and is nice and easy to make when you have a soap making kit.

Mess around with different smells, colours, shapes and sizes, then dot them around your own home! That’s right, forget ever having to buy soap again, with this creative date idea!

creative date ideas

16) Mosaics

FUN FACT: Did you know that mosaics are actually an ancient art form first appearing in Mesopotamia in the third millennium BCE?! Mind blowing, I know.

So bring a little history to your doorstep with your very own mosaics kit.

Craft anything from coasters to candle holders, or experiment with mosaic tiles to create your own artistic mosaic wooden tray.

Like most of these craft date ideas, there are endless options for different things you can make together with it.

But that’s actually one of the best things about these creative date ideas…

Every time you can not only try a different craft, but also get super creative, creating something new together, from it!

fun projects for couples

17) Sand Art

Something a little bit different now then – is sand art.

Now the cool thing is, sand art can literally be used in your home, filling fake planters for a stylish, special touch.

Or, with a sand art kit, you can make almost anything.

It’s simply about using different coloured sand, to create patterns that look like art! Clever right?

sand art

18) Dream Catchers

On a similar note, when it comes to practical creative date ideas, you can always have a go at making dream catchers.

Dream catcher kits are very affordable, yet it means you can get crafty together, making something beautiful and meaningful – especially if one of you suffers from bad dreams.

Show your love and support for your partner, with an activity that also turns into a gift.

It also provides an opportunity for the two of you to ask more deep questions on the topic of dreams, then delve deeper from there…

wind catchers

19) Pressed Flower Art

We’re storming through these creative craft date ideas now, but not before we mention pressed flower art.

Pressed flower art involves drying flowers and flattening, or pressing, their petals and leaves.

The process of pressing flowers omits light and extrudes moisture, helping to preserve the natural colour and beauty of the flower. (It’s really quite extraordinary!)

Just grab a Professional Flower Press Kit (don’t worry, they’re not very expensive.)

That then makes the process SO much easier, and it also gives you a place for the two of you to store all of your work.

COST SAVING TIP: Don’t forget, you can actually get wild flowers to save on buying them for this craft date idea too. I mean, there’s plenty of weeds with purple flowers, pink flowers, blue flowers, white flowers – you name it. It’s just about knowing what they are, where to find them and what you are and aren’t allowed to pick!

Psst, on the flip side – this is also actually one of the cutest wedding gift ideas for your best friend as flower pressing is also a popular way to preserve a wedding bouquet!

Creative Craft Date Ideas

20) Origami

Next up – we can’t forget to mention origami when it comes to creative date ideas at home.

Origami can be as simple or as challenging as you want / choose to make it. It’s also one of the simple activities you can do together, on any night of the week – that beats watching television!

Simply grab an origami kit and have a go at making something different each time.

Pair this with funny questions to ask your partner, and you’re guaranteed an entertaining couple of hours!


21) Leather Crafting

Leather crafting is one of our more unique craft date ideas, but – interestingly – there are actually plenty of easy leather crafts for beginners, to keep you busy.

From a bowtie to a keychain, coasters, right the way to a wallet – the list goes on and on.

You could even make your boyfriend a new belt, once you’ve mastered the skill together. How practical, yet thoughtful is that?!

Just grab a leather tool kit, and you’ll be amazed by the creative power then at your fingertips!

Trust me – this will be one of the creative date ideas you’ll do time and time again.

crafts for couples

22) Woodworking

On a similar note, woodworking is another practical craft date idea.

It’s also likely to particularly appeal to your boyfriend / husband – especially if he’s a hands on “mans man” kind of guy.

The chances are – he’ll already have the tools for this one. You can then just grab a nice little woodturning kit, to make any finishing touches to the things that you make.

Most woodworking projects are for things you’ll have or use, around your house, so it’s one of the best creative date ideas if you’re looking to move in together, or already have a new home!

fun diy for couples

23) Wooden Model Kit

Then of course, you can always grab a model kit. Model kits require no “building” as such. It’s simply about piecing together small pieces.

Take this car model kit for example. (How cool is that?!)

There’s plenty of different ones about, to suit yours and your partners interests. And it’s a craft date idea you won’t do over one night, but multiple nights / days.

This makes it a “date that keeps giving!” and you’ll feel super proud by the time you’ve finished (that’s for sure!), whilst working together on something seriously cool.

model kit

BONUS: Any DIY Project

Our final (BONUS!) recommendation when it comes to creative craft date ideas, is to simply take on a fun DIY project with your partner.

The list for this really could go on and on… There’s endless fun couple DIY projects. But that’s what you want! Just pick something new to make then have a go at it together.

It may test your communication skills and patience (uh hum), but – like many of our other creative date ideas – it’s sure to be rewarding in the end.

fun diy for couples

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 23+ craft date ideas you have to try in 2023.

These are all creative date ideas you can do at home, remember, which means – it doesn’t matter what the weather! You’re all good, regardless!

Stay busy. Get focused on something. And don’t forget to pair these date ideas with good conversation…

See there’s something about being able to switch off with these craft date ideas. It makes conversation – in turn – flow easier, and less intensely. So make the most of it!

What are some of your favourite creative date ideas? Let us know by dropping it in the comments box below.

Thanks for reading.


Creative Craft Date Ideas
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