15+ (Fun & Flirty) Sports For Couples

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Looking for fun and flirty sports for couples, that keep you fit and healthy in the process?! Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 15 sports for couples to play, that will – undoubtably – in turn, also bring you closer. So let’s start from the top, shall we? Here’s why couple sports are so good for you, plus the best ones to get into together…

Benefits Of Playing Sport As a Couple

So before we look at the best couple sports to play, let’s backtrack for a moment and explore WHY playing sport as a couple is so beneficial.

See, we all know that physical activity benefits your body both physically and mentally. That’s a given. And so playing a sport with your partner, benefits you both, individually, in this way.

However, did you know that couples who exercise as a pair are not only fitter and more confident in their appearance, but are more likely to stay together, according to recent studies

Which makes sense, right? I mean, when you play sports together as a couple, you get:

  • Regular time spent together, giving you that all important quality time in a relationship.
  • It’s also likely to develop into a new hobby; a shared passion / interest that can then be enjoyed together. (And in turn, talked about afterwards too, furthermore helping you to connect.)
  • Studies show a positive correlation between adrenaline and attraction. So, basically, exercising with your partner can make you more attracted to each other!
  • Research also shows that couples who take on new and exciting activities together report feeling more satisfied in their relationships and more in love with their partner. 
Couples Sports

How To Make Couple Sports Fun & Flirty

All of these sports for couples have been selected for a particular reason, but – as a whole – if you’re looking to make sports extra fun and flirty with your partner:

  1. Really Get Into It! Have high energy, bring out that healthy competitive spirit, as it will make it far more entertaining and enjoyable. This also means…
  2. No Complaining. Don’t be a sore loser, or complain about how your partner plays, or how tired you are. Most of these sports are just 1 hour – so commit to no complaining, at least for the full duration of it!
  3. Have a Bit of Banter! Activities, and sports as well, are the perfect opportunity to have a little banter with your partner. So joke around. Tease them every now and then, and have fun bringing out your flirty side to really bring to life the chemistry in your relationship.

15+ (Fun & Flirty) Sports For Couples

So, now we’ve got that out the way, shall we get stuck in with these couple sports? In no particular order, here’s the 15 best sports for couples in 2024…

1) Tennis / Badminton

Tennis / badminton are one of the classic sports for couples. They’re simple sports that work well, playing against each other as a 2 player game, and / or teaming up together to do doubles.

With plenty of courts around at local gyms or sports centres, it’s a nice easy sport for couples to get into, playing consistently, with ease, whilst it being nice and affordable too!

Sports For Couples

2) Ping Pong

Ping Pong (or otherwise known as Table Tennis) is actually one of the most popular indoor sports around the world, believe it or not.

It’s an all-year round sport; no matter the weather. It’s also even more accessible, as all you need to do is grab a ping pong table and you can put it in your garage / spare room at home.

This makes it incredibly good value for money and entirely free (once you cover the initial purchase cost) – perfect if you’re looking for free date ideas at home, that bring out your competitive spirit.

Or, as it’s always there – it also works as a last minute date idea if you want to spend quality time doing something you both enjoy.

It’s also a sport that doesn’t entirely feel like a sport, as it’s testing but not physically exhausting. So if you’re looking for something light and fun, this could be one of the best couple sports for you!

Different hobbies for couples at home

3) Volleyball

If you’re looking for more active sports for couples then volleyball could be a good shout! Practice together, just the two of you, then form a team.

Volleyball is commonly known as one of the best beach date ideas, but it can also be played all year round when you do your research and get into it more competitively.

Just be sure to make an epic handshake for when you smash the ball down on the other side!

Summer hobbies for couples

4) Squash

A different sport for couples now then, is squash.

This is similar to tennis in the fact that you’re playing with a ball and racket, but instead of being out on a court (and often outdoors), you’re in a boxed room.

It’s fun, fast-paced and – warning – can get very competitive!

But you’re always guaranteed to have a blast and it can work to be the perfect couple sport if you fancy a little spin on a classic sport you probably grew up with.

Couple Sports

5) Boxing

Boxing is a no-brainer when it comes to sports for couples.

Now it may sound a little daunting, but you can always start with boxercise to begin with (ha), for a fun, light introduction to it.

Boxing is the perfect two-player sport where you can train together, learn together, and develop together… Before you then get in the ring, individually, against others.

It’s a great outlet (often used when you’re looking to feel better after a breakup as it helps you RELEASE all those pent up emotions!) For couples, it too, can release any tension or bad feeling.

There’s also a great deal of art and skill to boxing, so even if you don’t take it to a competitive level – it’s a brilliant sport to do together.

Couples Boxing

6) Martial Arts

Similarly, one of the many types of martial arts could be a good consideration when looking for couple sports to try together.

Whether it’s karate, judo, or taekwondo, practicing martial arts together can be a great way to improve your physical and mental discipline while also strengthening your bond as a couple.

For this reason, it’s definitely one of the best sports for couples to consider.

Couples Karate

7) Running

Next up – it’s running. And hey, here’s a fun fact to kick it off…

Running as a couple can actually step up your s*x life, according to a Brooks Running survey!

The report revealed that 66 percent of runners believe they have more s*x when they run with their other halves, with men (71 percent) being slightly more likely than women (62 percent) to make the connection.

How about that then?!

Running is a popular sport for couples however, as it’s easy, completely free and can become really quite addictive once you get into it.

Run together, motivate each other and notice the improvements in your distance and speed. It’s a really satisfying, measurable sport for couples, you see.

Couples Running

8) Cycling

Running, cycling and walking are three of the best and most common choices among exercisers, so if running isn’t your thing – cycling is certainly a couples sport worth considering instead.

With cycling, you can travel faster and further. It’s therefore the perfect sport for couples if the two of you love getting out and exploring!

All you need is a bike, and you can jump straight on it, right outside your door. Alternatively, you can find routes further afield.

But it’s fun, flexible, tiring (of course), whilst remaining incredibly rewarding.

Couples Cycling

9) Kayaking / Canoeing

On a similar note, if you love the great outdoors – kayaking or canoeing could be the perfect couple sport for the two of you.

It’s active, adventurous and can give you some pretty cool and crazy date ideas, thats for sure. Especially the better you get at it.

Just be sure to grab one of the best travel makeup bags – to stay feeling fresh, even after a few splashes!Oh, and one of the best inflatable kayaks for full flexibility of course!

The more your competence improves, the more your confidence grows too, and then you can really start exploring over waterways! (Exciting times!)

What About Hiking?!

What about hiking, you may wonder? Can’t you just explore on foot? Well yes, hiking is a great activity, but it’s not typically seen as a sport

Why? Well because it’s “recreational, non-competitive activity. Additionally, the lack of spectators and competitors further differentiates it from other recognized forms of sport.

So if you’re looking for couples sports, but still want to incorporate the aspect of exploring – sometimes it just takes a little thinking outside the box!

Activities for couples to do

10) Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is literally the perfect sport for couples, as you actually need a partner for safety reasons, so what better climbing partner to have than your life partner?!

(In fact, with this one, you may feel like they’re your LIFE partner, in more ways than one!)

You can practice rock climbing indoors at climbing centres, but then also take to the outdoors, going out on more adventures.

With this, you get the adrenaline rush which really helps to keep the relationship exciting!

Sports For Couples

11) Skiing

From summer sports for couples to winter couple sports… Skiing is undoubtably one of the best fun things to do as a couple.

But is it a sport?! Well, it’s commonly discussed and debated as it’s also recreational but many argue it is and we happen to agree.

This makes it quite a unique sport for couples as you’ll get a holiday, a social, a sport – all in one!

You can practice at home, on indoor / artificial slopes, before taking to the slopes during the height of the winter months – again, either in your own country or abroad.

It’s a great sport you can work together to get better at. It also provides endless hours of fun, whilst still being a strenuous workout (that’s for sure! You won’t finish a ski session without feeling it in your body!)

Couples winter sports

12) Dancing

Dancing is another sport that’s not always automatically seen as a sport, but it is. In fact, it’s internationally recognised as a sport, as well as being an art form, pretty beautiful thing.

There’s many types of dance styles, which means you’ll never get bored trying different ones.

The most flirty and fun dance style has got to be salsa, but you could go for another duo dance, or a general dance style like street dance – learning how to get better at that, together.

Dance is a super fun sport for couples, as I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s also a way to express yourselves (and so could be a different way to say I love you, communicating with movements and emotion, over words!)

Dance will be particularly helpful as a couple sport, if you’re recognising the signs he sees himself marrying you and you want to be able to put together a breathtaking first dance, together, as a team!

Talking of romantic sports for couples…

Couples Dancing

13) Sailing

Now, sailing is undeniably one of the more expensive sports for couples, but – if the bank balance will allow it – it’s certainly a luxury many believe is well worth it.

See although it can be tiring at times, as you battle the waves – it’s incredibly romantic and rewarding; soaring the coastline, as you demonstrate your excellent communication and teamwork skills!

Many people have sailing as one of their special summer anniversary date ideas, so if you’re able to pursue it as a sport that you really get into, you’re certainly very lucky!

Different Sports For Couples

14) Golf

Next up – we’ve got to throw golf into the list of sports for couples.

After all, it’s not a strenuous sport, as such, but it sure does get the steps in and test your concentration.

It’s a great activity is you’re looking relaxing date ideas, last minute; or have a nice afternoon you’d like to fill together.

Like we said – it’s not completely exhausting, but it is a lot of fun.

You can also practice at the driving range together, and help each other to learn and improve.

Best couples sports

15) Ultimate Frisbee

Anddd, last but not least, it’s ultimate frisbee, which hey – I bet you didn’t expect!

See, “freestyle Frisbee” is a sport and performing art characterised by creative, acrobatic, and athletic manoeuvres with a flying disc. (Ha, imagine explaining that to your friends and family!)

The good thing is, there’s actually plenty of different frisbee games you can play together to mix it up. It’s therefore a fun, light sport, perfect for the two of you, or as a group date idea too.

We particularly like this recommendation as it’s something fun and different.

You can mess around with it quite a lot, jumping and diving to make those dramatic catches, making it super fun and flirty for the two of you!

Activities to do with your boyfriend

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 15 fun and flirty sports for couples, that have many relationship benefits, all bundled into the heath benefits you’ll get from it, as a whole.

I hope this has started to get you thinking about which couples sport you may like to start.

Remember – you don’t actually need to know all of the answers straight away. In fact, this may just take a little “trial and error” to find the perfect sport for the two of you… But that’s actually part of the fun!

Try different sports; see what you get into and enjoy the most, then make it a regular thing.

Good luck! And get excited, because your relationship and your health will only go from strength to strength from here.


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