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My 30 Day Fitness Challenge: For Weight Loss (In Progress)

My 30 Day Fitness Challenge: For Weight Loss (In Progress)

30 Day Food & Fitness Challenge

Hey guys, so I’m carrying straight through from my last 30 day fitness challenge, and extending it to last 60 days. The difference is? This time I’m getting stricter on it. I’m no longer focusing on fitness for mental and physical wellbeing, but more-so now to get rid of those extra pounds! At the end of this 30 day fitness challenge for weight loss, you should therefore see a pretty cool transformation… hopefully! See, the late night sweet snacking will be gone for good (eek!) and I’ll really be stepping things up to see exactly how far I can push my body and mind! So let’s see where we’re at…

My 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I started the last 30 day challenge to help myself mentally. I also wanted to get into healthier habits, because as a writer – it’s easy to sit on your bum all day, lose track of time and find you’ve only done about 50 steps, most of which came from going back and forth to the fridge all day! So, to go from that, to being physically active every single day – it was a real achievement. If you haven’t already read about it, CLICK HERE. I broke it down day by day to track my activity.

My Plan for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge For Weight Loss

Like I said, this time the focus is different. With this 30 day fitness challenge for weight loss, I will be focusing on both what I feed my body and how I work my body, equally. I will closely monitor my diet, alongside increasing my workouts to see what progress I can make physically.

Time-wise, it’s going to be a struggle – as I’m still juggling two businesses and the creation of my first book… But, there’s no excuses. I can still make this happen. This is a long-term lifestyle change that I also want to implement, so it’s going to benefit me in that area to.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not a health and fitness guru, and I would never try to be. But if I’ve learnt one thing, it’s that the way you treat your body, massively affects your mind. So to become the happiest version of yourself, health and fitness plays a fundamental part, which is why I think it’s relevant to feature this on my blog.

My 30 Day Food and Fitness Challenge: Daily Tracker

DAY 1:

So I jumped straight into the challenge this morning, kicking it off with a 12.73km morning cycle. I’m not going to lie, it was a bit of a struggle! I’d done a 10km cycle and 3.5km field run the day before and my legs were aching right from the start… So I’m happy I made it around! I also did 16,375 steps over the course of the day, which is equivalent to over 10km.

Day 1
Day 1 Steps

DAY 2:

Today was all about the walking! I did a mighty 21,887 steps over the course of the day, which is 15.4 km. A good third of that was from the walk I did (route tracked below), then the rest was done around the house and garden.

Day 2
Day 2

I then tried an 11 minute Les Mills HIIT taster session and my word – THE SWEAT! Crazy. I was actually laughing to myself in parts because I certainly looked nothing like the guys on the video, but – it was fun. I’ll definitely be doing it again. Here’s the link if you’d like to try it. Last but not least, I finished off with a 10 minute abs workout as my tummy is my problem area. The lady chat literally non-stop, which was a little irritating at times, but her exercises were great and because they change every 30 seconds, it did go pretty fast!

DAY 3:

Storming into day 3 with some absolute record-breakers – this was my longest cycle to date and probably in my fastest ever speed… especially when you compare it to how I started out last month. 21km cycled – not a bad effort hey?!

fitness challenge day 3

DAY 4:

Just steps for my daily exercise today! To be honest, work was flat out and by the time I finished on the evening, I didn’t have a great deal of energy. But, I did stay active throughout the day – as you’ll see – and finished off with a family walk on the evening. The end result? 14,296 steps, which works out to about 8.9km covered.

Hopefully this lighter day will also make me full of beans for tomorrow! It’s good to mix up the intensity I think. 

Day 4

DAY 5:

Not a bad day! Today I did a 13.4 km cycle and 10,432 steps (6.8km) – just through consistent walking throughout the day. As you can see, I track my steps and cycles on different devices to make sure no steps are recorded when bumping around on my bike. This makes it more accurate and allows me to separate the activity.

Day 5 of fitness challenge
Day 5 of fitness challenge

DAY 6:

Today I started off with a 10.18km cycle in the morning with my Mum. I also just about managed my 10K daily steps – hitting 11,939 steps at the end of it there which works out to be 7.4 km.

weight loss challenge

DAY 7:

Today I tried a 30 minute Power Yoga Flow workout in the morning (which had me aching for days after!) I also did 5K steps which was about 3.4km walked.

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End Of Week 1 Summary:

In my first week, I’ve cycled 57.38, walked 52.2km and done 50 minutes of workout videos. Not a bad start although definitely room for improvement.

PROGRESS: I have actually noticed some weight loss already (eek!) Or should I say had. Because I’ve got to admit -Bank Holiday then came after this and I drank a HELL of a lot of alcohol which resulted in some trashy eating and feeling completely wiped out for the following days which took me off my schedule… oops. I’ve learnt my lesson now though, have paused the challenge for a couple of days, and am now picking it back up – with a bigger belly, and a new temporary alcohol ban!

DAY 8:

All back on track with the challenge now, I’m pleased to say! Today I did 16,339 steps, which equates to 10.8km – 6 of which were done on a family afternoon walk. I also did a 30 Minute Cardio and HIIT Workout on the evening, which well and truly finished me off!

Day 8

DAY 9:

So today I did another 14,688 steps which is 8.9 km. This was actually only done from pacing around the house whilst working on my phone – which is pretty insane to think that you can cover that distance inside!

I also did an 8.5 km cycle (I promise!) but I took my Mum’s phone out to track it because I didn’t want any steps to be picked up on my phone by the bumping around… it was low on battery when I left, so I knew I was taking a risk 😉 I was so close to making it home, them BAMN – blank screen! Scuppered. Luckily I was able to see the distance before it switched off though.

That’s all so far – check back tomorrow to follow along with my daily progress! You can also use the subscribe form at the bottom of this page to be notified of the end result. I’ll pop the before and after shots over in an email for you, along with the biggest lessons I’ve learnt through the 30 day fitness challenge for weight loss. Hopefully it will help and inspire you a little!


30 Day Food & Fitness Challenge
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