23+ Fun Things To Do As a Couple

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Looking for fun things to do as a couple? Or, fun things you MUST do as a couple, shall we say? Then you’re in the right place. Here’s 23 essential things all couples should do, as a key “relationship stage.”

See, everyone has their relationship vision and is likely to go through the key relationship milestones. But, within these, it’s essential that you have the time to do fun things together.

You can’t just go through the motions to get where you want to be, without having the time to simply enjoy, appreciate and have fun together! You see?

So – in no particular order – here’s 23 fun things to do as a couple, that absolutely should go into your couples bucket list.

23+ (Essential!) Fun Things To Do As a Couple 

Remember – this is just a base, a starting point. 

Have a read of this list and see what stands out to you, then add it to your own.

Really think about each idea / activity and the value you could get from it, even if – initially – it doesn’t sound like it’s “your thing.”

I hope this also fills you with ideas for your own “essentials” when it comes to fun things to do as a couple too.

But to start it off, we’ve got…

1) Learn a New Skill Together

Learning a new skill together is a surprisingly super fun thing to do as a couple. The key is to pick something that neither of you have done before, and learn and grow together.

So maybe it’s something useful like cooking; or more creative like playing a musical instrument.

Whatever it is – pick something that excites you, then help each other as you become better and better in that area. Hey, you may even find it becomes a new hobby for the two of you.

After all, there’s plenty of different hobbies for women in their 20’s, 30’s & beyond! It’s all about thinking outside the box, trying different things and then going for it!

different things to learn with your partner

2) Start a Project Together

On a similar note, you may like to start a project together. DIY Projects are the most common, especially if you’ve already bought a home together and are looking to do it up.

Team work makes the dream work, remember. So have fun, get creative and see what you can achieve! Talking of which…

3) Start a Side Hustle Together

There are so many different side hustles for couples – it’s incredibly exciting.

Find fun and different ways to make money together, on the side. Because sure, at times it will feel like hard work, but when you launch something that you enjoy together – it’s always worth it.

And hey – you can’t deny, some extra passive income on the side would always come in handy!

Imagine all the extravagant date ideas you could reward yourselves with then. Ha!

4) Learn To Dance

Next up – it’s time to get your dancing shoes on, as learning to dance is 100% one of the most fun things to do as a couple… Even if you feel like you have two left feet!

It’s active, cute, fun and something you can do regularly as a couple, until you improve and improve.

Learning to dance is particularly clever (and helpful!) if you’re noticing the signs he sees himself marrying you, and you want that to be on the cards for the two of you, too.

After all, by the time the wedding date did come – you’d then be dancing masters, and could put everything you learnt into action for that super-special first dance.

Dancing also encourages playfulness and intimacy. Talking of which…

Fun Things To Do As a Couple

5) Share Your Deepest, Darkest Secrets…

You’re DEEPEST, DARKEST, SECRETS?! If this is something that scares you… Don’t worry, we’re only kidding.

But a beautiful thing to do as a couple, is to open up to one another, and feel comfortable opening up. It’s one of the biggest healthy relationship habits.

So find ways and times to ask your partner intimate questions. Really connect, share and discuss. The best time to do this is during romantic date nights.

For example, picture this: You’re out, on a late autumn night, stargazing after a long romantic drive. You’re cuddled up in blankets, in the back of a truck, gazing up, just talking and connecting…

Isn’t that the kind of place and time, where you feel like you could ask your partner more meaningful, deep questions, that help you get to know each other more and build on your bond further?

So when thinking of fun things to do as a couple, always see where you can incorporate beautiful moments like these in, where you open up to each other more.

When you pair it with different date ideas, it makes it more fun and exciting and balances out the seriousness of it all. (Clever huh?) So it becomes a win-win.

Intimate Things To Do With Your Partner

6) Have a Weekly Date Day / Date Night

One of the best, most fun things to do as a couple is – by far – setting a weekly date day / date night. 100%.

Then, not only do you have just ONE fun thing to do as a couple, but you’re committing to doing fun things together, consistently.

The best time to do this is now… Before life takes over or your family starts and grows and you have less time as a couple.

And hey – just remember – there are plenty of ways to fit dates in.

See, that’s actually one of the best things about incorporating a weekly date day / date night into your life… It’s super fun finding the time for quality time and pushing to do different dates each time. Talking of which…

romantic things for couples to do

The #No1 Recommendation For Fun Things To Do As a Couple

I want to throw in a super personal recommendation for the ultimate fun thing to do as a couple now, which is to…

7) Create Your Own Couples Date Bucket List

My boyfriend and I started this when we first got together and managed to do 196 date activities in 2 years!

It was hands down one of the best things we’ve done as a couple, as it got us into the habit of doing different things, and as a result – we’ve experienced so much together and have so many special memories to treasure.

This is also the ULTIMATE recommendation as it provides endless fun things to do as a couple, simply within this one suggestion. I mean, when you create a couples date bucket list, you have endless ideas for different activities that you then tick off, one by one.

From watching a show to going on a cruise, trying something like paddle boarding to going to a live sports game. The list could go on and on.

So have a go at creating your own Couples Date Bucket List and do different dates every time it comes to a date day / date night, ticking them off, one by one!

experiences for couples

8) Re-Create Your First Date

Before we move on from date-based things to do as a couple, I want to throw out the idea of re-creating your first date.

Now, if you’re looking for anniversary date ideas, this ones a no-brainer as you couldn’t get anything much more romantic!

Regardless of the occasion however, this one is important. After all, so often we can fall into the trap of getting comfortable or taking your partner for granted…

So by taking you back to the start, it’s incredibly effective for bringing you closer.

9) Plan a Surprise For Each Other

Next up, next up, another thing to add to your couples bucket list, is planning a surprise for each other.

This can be done at different times, but will ultimately – of course – be experienced together.

The “organiser” gets to have the fun of planning something truly special, then seeing their partner’s reaction, and the partner gets the love and joy of the surprise.

Then you swap it around so that the relationship doesn’t feel one-sided… Not on a set timeframe but just with a focus on it, so that you’re each naturally, taking it in turns.

The nice thing about this idea, is it gets you giving and wanting to give more – purely to make your partner happy. It gets you focusing on the all-important task of how to make your partner feel loved.

It also keeps your relationship fun and exciting – no matter how long you’ve been together. So it’s certainly a fun thing to do as a couple, and keep doing; alternating it.

Fun Things To Do With Your Partner

10) Have a Once In a Lifetime Experience Together

Having a once in a lifetime experience together is – undeniably – one of the most fun things to do as a couple.

This will usually be something like a hot air balloon ride, or helicopter flight… Anything you’ve both always wanted and dreamed of.

Save up and experience it together for the first time and it will fill you with memories to last a lifetime. (Literally!) On a similar note…

11) Do An Adrenaline Activity Together

So we’re talking crazy date ideas like a skydive, that you never thought you’d do… ever… but it will become one of the BEST fun things to do as a couple!

Why? Because it will be unforgettable, and you’ll pushing outside your comfort zone, together, showing exactly what you’re both capable of!

Just be bold. Have confidence. And TAKE THE LEAP!

12) Do a Physical Challenge Together

We’re really on a roll with these fun things to do as a couple now, aren’t we? So we have to mention – doing a physical challenge together.

So, something like hiking a mountain or swimming a sea… It has to be within your capabilities of course. (Although part of the fun is also training together and doing what you possibly wouldn’t have thought could have been possible before.)

But set your mind to something that’s going to push you physically (and therefore mentally too) and work together on it, to help each other achieve it.

It’s couple-power, taken to the max. Similarly…

Fun Things To Do As a Couple

13) Raise Money For Charity Together

If you want to combine fun things to do as a couple, with impactful “work” that also makes a difference, then consider raising money for charity together.

So for example, you could still take on a physical challenge but do something like a charity walk, or charity run together.

See, you’re going to make it even more memorable if you take on a challenge that really pushes you and is genuinely difficult… All whilst then being fully worthy of raising money for an important cause.

Remember – raising money is also one of the simple things that makes you feel good, and so you’ll gain not just the great accomplishment by completing the charity challenge, but also gain the extra feel-good factor from the act of fundraising in the process too!

14) Volunteer Together

Now I know what you may be thinking – “When I initially thought of fun things to do as a couple, I thought it would be SOLELY fun things… Like date ideas.” We’ve really been throwing some different things in here, right?

But some of the different things you wouldn’t think of usually doing together, can actually be the most rewarding and enjoyable.

I mean, imagine volunteering at an animal sanctuary together, or helping out at a children’s home (with those who are seen to have so little, but give so much love and joy!)

There are some incredible volunteer programmes for couples. (Many of which are also free or low cost – as an added-bonus.)

Whatever you go for, when you volunteer somewhere that’s important to the two of you, I guarantee it will become one of the most incredible experiences that will, again, stay with you for the rest of your lives.

Fun Things To Do As a Couple

15) Solve Challenges Together

Next up, next up, why not get stuck into solving some challenges together?

Head to an Escape Room as a starting point (did you know they even do VR Escape Rooms nowadays?!) and work together, as a team.

It gets you thinking, whilst also putting your teamwork and communication skills to the test! (Which is always pretty funny and entertaining!)

16) Go Head To Head

On the flip side, if you’re looking for fun things to do as a couple, find activities that bring out your competitive spirit and get you going head to head…

Like go karting or axe throwing, for example. Feed these into your date bucket list (as mentioned above) as it really does add a whole new element!

17) Go On a Road Trip

Talking of bucket list experiences for couples, going on a road trip together is 100% one.

Take a camper van for a unique, testing, but incredibly memorable adventure together. Even if it’s not your thing, make it your thing…

A road trip in a camper van tests your relationship for sure (trust me, we’ve done it!), being in such a small space together for such a long time…

But it’s HANDS DOWN one of the most fun things to do as a couple and something that – we believe – all couples should do at least once in their life! Similarly…

couple experiences

18) Travel Together

Even just traveling, as a whole, getting a flight, jumping from country to country – seeing part of the world together is definitely one of the ESSENTIAL fun things to do as a couple, there’s no doubt about that.

In fact, studies show, travel strengthens relationships and reignites romance amongst couples, so there really are endless reasons, and ample benefits of traveling with a partner… To whatever degree you’re able to do it to.

Of course, you won’t want to do this solely, forever. But it’s an important part and stage, and undoubtably a super fun thing to do as a couple, as and when you can.

19) Make a House, a Home

From traveling, to “settling down”, you can’t always be in different places, so one of the most COSIEST fun things to do as a couple, is to make a house a home.

Whether you’re at the stage of wondering if you’re ready to move in together, or you’ve already been through it all, and bought your first (or even second, or third!) home… You can still make your house feel all the more homely together, and it’s a beautifully fun activity!

Start with the DIY route, seeing what you can make yourself. Maybe try creating some DIY chair cushions, or homemade photo frames, or how about renovating an old dresser?!

You can also get design ideas online, find inspiration from other homes you go to visit, create a mood board then go SHOPPING together (which is a fun thing to do as a couple, in itself!)

See, you can make the space, exactly your own. That’s all part of making a house feel like a home. And it’s one of the things that you have to do together so that you’re both having your say and leaving your mark on it all. Similarly…

Fun Things To Do As a Couple

20) Create a Vision Board

It sounds “serious’ but it is FUN and exciting, and therefore a fun thing to do as a couple…

Because yes, you’ll both have your own goals / dreams / plans and can showcase these individually on your vision board.

But you can then also see how they both align, or how you can make them align. That way, you grow together, rather than ever having to grow apart.

Talking of growth, this leads us onto our next essential recommendation for fun things to do as a couple. See this may not be something you thought of doing together before, but…

21) Take on a Personal Development Challenge

Taking on a personal development challenge may just well be one of the BEST things you do together as a couple.

Here, try our 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge – it’s the perfect starting point!

Then carry it on by making your own Personal Development Bucket List that you can continue to work through together.

See, when you commit to working on yourselves individually, but help and support one another in doing so, there’s endless opportunities to really grow and thrive, as a couple.

You can learn to break your bad relationship habits and do things that will strengthen the two of you, whilst also making you individually feel happier and more content in yourself.

It’s a win, win, all round, and a great habit / practice / focus to get into, that offers so much fun and enjoyment when you really embrace it, and learn to love it!

different things to do with your partner

22) Throw a Party Together

We’re soaring towards the end of our top fun things to do as a couple now, but not without adding a PARTY into the mix!

See, throwing a party together, is an absolute-must, even if you wouldn’t usually think yourselves as the natural party hosts.

All you have to do is gather your friends, family and loved ones together. It’s quality time, with quality people, surrounded by people that you love, in the place that you’ve truly made home.

It can actually feel quite meaningful and symbolic! And hey – you never know, you just may well find that hosting becomes yours and your partner’s “thing!”

23) Go To a Ball!

To finish it all off now then, one of the most romantic fun things to do as a couple, that makes you feel like you really are having your very own happily ever after, is to GO TO A BALL!

Everyone deserves to feel like a Princess, once in a while. So it’s the perfect, beautiful experience to share together that – again – will stick with you for life!

romantic things for couples to do

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – that concludes our mighty list of 23 (essential) fun things to do as a couple.

I hope this has helped to open your mind and fill you with new and different ideas; for different things you can get stuck into and experience together!

Remember, the more you do together, and the more you grow together, the more secure you will feel in your relationship and the stronger it will become.

So really push yourselves, and – most importantly – enjoy yourselves in the process of it!

Good luck! Take care.


Fun Things To Do As a Couple
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