50 Fun Last Minute Date Ideas

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Looking for fast, easy, yet FUN last minute date ideas, so that you can stay spontaneous and forever “seize the day?!” Or maybe you’ve got a new date opportunity, but it’s pretty short notice?

Well my friends, you don’t have to miss out! Here’s 50 last minute date ideas, suitable for both those dating and in a relationship.  Uh huh, impromptu dates just got a whole lot easier!

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What Can You Do on a Last Minute Date?

So I know what you’re thinking, what do you do on a last minute date? Or should I say, what can you do on a last minute date? Are there really many options?

Well yes, there’s actually more you can do than you think!

Whether you’ve just got a new dating app match that you really click with and you want to seize the day, or you want to break up a lazy Sunday afternoon with your partner, what you need to look at is:

  1. What can I do that I don’t need to book far in advance?
  2. How can I utilise the things that are already doing on?
  3. What’s on my doorstep that I can actually make the most of here?
  4. How can I get a little creative with this?
  5. And most importantly – how can we get that much-needed quality time from this?

By simply asking yourself these questions, I guarantee, you’ll already start to get the ideas flowing for last minute date ideas. But let’s build on this now by throwing out a few suggestions…

50 Fun Last Minute Date Ideas

Time is of the essence, so let’s get stuck straight in with last minute date ideas, that are actually pretty easy to do anywhere, anytime.

1) Go on a Walk

It’s simple. It’s easy. In fact, it’s actually a bit of a classic when it comes to dates!

The best part is? There is always somewhere new you can go on a walk. This means you can always keep it a little fresher and more exciting. So get out there – go explore!

Walks also help to make conversations run smoother. You’re walking side by side as opposed to staring directly at one another.

This enables deeper chats to flow with less pressure… Another added bonus!

2) Go on a Hike

If walks are a little too standard and relaxed, then step it up a notch by going on a hike.

This is a great last minute date idea, as again – there’s always somewhere out there for you to explore, not to mention the fabulous views and sense of accomplishment once you reach the top!

3) Go on a Bike Ride

Keeping with the active theme (I hope you’re full of energy!), a bike ride is another option when it comes to last minute date ideas – especially if you already have your own bikes.

Just hit the road together (and hopefully your date will help you up the hills if you’re struggling… or at least wait for you at the top!)

If you don’t have bikes, find somewhere you an hire them. This usually doesn’t require pre-booking. Just do a quick search in your local and surrounding areas! Job done!

Another alternative? Skate boarding, roller blading – anything like that. (Especially if one of you is already pretty good at it.)

You’re then taking an interest in each other’s interests and are guaranteed to have a laugh!

Spontaneous Dates

4) Rent a Kayak

Another fun activity that usually doesn’t require pre-booking, is kayaking / canoeing.

Now this one makes a particularly good Summer date idea (especially if you’re prone to falling in!) but it can too, still be done year-round in most places.

Glide across the river, take it all in. It’s a very relaxing and romantic date idea – and something different to do too!

5) Have a Picnic

Picnics are always a cute date idea – and one that can be easily pulled together after a quick visit to the supermarket (perfecto!) Get some nice goodies together, find a pretty spot, and enjoy!

If the weathers bad, an indoor picnic at home works just as well. In fact, it can actually be even more romantic because of the uniqueness of it! (Be sure to still get the blanket out!)

6) Create Your Own Afternoon Tea

Whilst we’re on the topic of food, an afternoon tea is always a delight… but many of these need to be booked in advance (especially at the good venues!)

Does this need to stop you however? Absolutely not. Because a DIY afternoon tea is actually one of the perfect last minute date ideas! There’s the effort there, whilst still being feasible…

7) Go Out For a Meal

What else have we got? Well – going out for food. That’s always a no brainer. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner- there’s always something for any time of the day!

8) Cook a Meal at Home

The alternative to going out? Staying in! We all have to eat, right? So it won’t be too much of a change to cook for two instead!

Put your culinary skills to the test by whipping up your favourite recipe. Grab a tasty dessert to finish it off nicely. You could also make this more fun by making it a themed night…

So for example – Mexican night means grabbing some sombreros and putting on some lively music, whilst having your date around for food!

Uh huh, who says that last minute date ideas can’t be original and exciting?!

Cute Dates To Do At Home

Last Minute Date Ideas

9) Do a Restaurant Crawl

Talking of originality – another great last minute date idea for the avid foodies is a restaurant crawl (or the stay at home alternative which would be a takeaway trio!)

How it works? Well it’s simple. Pick three different restaurants and grab a starter at one, a main at another, and a dessert at the final third one!

Go for a set theme, or “travel around the world” with different foods from different countries.

So you could stop at a Spanish restaurant for a tapas starter, hit up an Italian for a pasta main then head on over to a classic American diner for a tasty dessert.

Rate each place as you go along. Creative huh?!

10) Go For Dessert

If you’re not looking for much, and are short on time, then a date at a dessert shop always goes down a treat (excuse the pun!)

In fact, if either of you have a sweet tooth, it couldn’t really make for a better last minute date idea. A sweet treat, in sweet company. Perfecto!

11) Go For a Drink

Grabbing a drink may not be original as such, but let’s be fair – it is a classic date idea, that you can do pretty much anywhere, no matter how much (or little notice.)

Simply mix it up by heading to a new bar – or find a spot somewhere scenic… Like a pub on the river on a nice Summer’s day. Sounds pretty idilic, right?

12) Make Cocktails

Ready, steady, shake, shake, shake! Cocktail / mococktail making always makes for a great last minute date idea.

You can grab a kit here with free same day / next day delivery. This really makes it an extra special experience (and more memorable too!) so I highly recommend.

If you don’t have a cocktail making kit (and don’t want one), there’s still plenty of recipes you can still do without however, so you don’t have to miss out.

Whichever option you go for, cocktail making is cost-effective, fun, and also very entertaining. So why not give it a go?!

12) Do a Cook Off / Bake Off

Up next, I want to throw in the suggestion of a cook-off / bake-off, as again – all you need to do is whip to the supermarket to get some ingredients.

Or, if you’re looking for free date ideas at home – set the challenge of using what you already have in, and seeing what you can come up with!

Pick a recipe or two, or design your own completely from scratch!. You can then see who can craft the tastiest treat!

Make the same thing, or do two different things, it’s entirely up to you. This is a super flexible last minute date idea. It’s also one of the most popular foodie date ideas.

And hey – if you want to turn it into more of a competition, rate on:

  1. Taste
  2. Appearance
  3. Creativity

This always steps it up a notch and makes the “final masterpiece” all the more impressive, whilst bringing out your competitive, playful side!

Last Minute Date Ideas

13) Grab a Takeaway

To finish off the foodie last minute date ideas (for now), I want to mention a simple takeaway night.

These work especially well if you’ve had a busy week, and don’t have takeaways often. (As they’re then far more of a treat!)

Snuggle up on the sofa with your favourite foods and focus on quality time.

14) Take an Online Class

What else have we got next then? Well, you can always learn something new together by taking an online class.

From dance to crafts, sushi making to creative baking – there’s plenty to choose from. So have a browse and get stuck in!

(The more unique, the better… anyone for karate?!)

15) Head To a Local Event

So if you’re looking for last minute date ideas, I highly recommend checking local event listing websites and social media channels, to see what’s going on in your area.

Scour through and go for the best possible option… even if it isn’t something you’d usually go to!

It makes things a little more interesting then, and you may well actually be surprised at what you find and how it goes! On this note…

16) Try an Activity You’ve Never Done Before

Another great way to fill time, is to find an activity (it could be anything and everything!) The one rule? The two of you have NEVER done it before.

Now maybe you end up doing something a little absurd, but at least you know it will be a memorable date idea.

The great thing with this one – is if the focus is on simply doing something new, you will always find something, as many activities, you can even just do in the comfort of your own home.

Then there’s activities that may have last-minute availability – like axe throwing, archery, a trampoline park even. Just look around and see what you can find!

17) Go To The Cinema

Looking for something a little less wild? Then don’t forget about the cinema!

So often it’s just about “Netflix and chill” or streaming things online, but going back to basics is certainly under-rated as you get the huge screen, the atmosphere…

Not to mention the hot dogs and pop-corn, which all help to make it feel more “date like”.

So see what’s on and consider giving the cinema a go – even if it’s a different genre movie that you usually probably wouldn’t see!

Classic Date Suggestions

Last Minute Date Ideas

18) Go Bowling

Another classic date idea that you shouldn’t forget about when looking for last minute date ideas, is good, old, bowling! It’s fun, easy to book onto, and brings out your competitive spirit!

19) Play Darts / Pool

Talking of competitive spirits, why not find a local pub or venue that has dart boards and pool tables? You can then battle it out to see who is best, and it’s cheap, easy entertainment!

20) Hit The Closest Retro Arcade

Now here’s a different one – heading out to an arcade / arcade bar. Arcade bars are growing in popularity… pretty rapidly too!

A wide leg jeans outfit would go perfectly with this setting! (Here’s how to style wide leg jeans for a few pointers!)

The great thing about this date, is you get the fun of the games (many of which are classic throw-backs), good atmosphere and (hopefully!) good company too! It’s a bit of a win, win.

21) Head To a Casino

Want to step it up a notch? Then a spontaneous casino night can also make for a surprisingly good last minute date idea… even if you’ve never stepped foot in one before!

You don’t have to book them, you can play whatever you’re comfortable with, and it can actually end up pretty exciting (when it’s just a one-off!)

22) Have a Games Night

We’re flying through these last minute date ideas now! So what have we got next?!

Well a games night is always a good one – with endless options of what to play, and ease of always finding something!

Whether it’s done just the two of you, with two player games, or you see who else is around and turn it into a spontaneous group date – both work well!

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Easy date ideas

23) Do a Discussion Night

A discussion night, or a drink and discussion night… although, be warned when alcohol is added in – sometimes it can turn into more of a debate!

But this is a nice, easy last minute date idea, that focuses purely on good company, quality time and interesting conversation!

Simply pick a topic (we’re talking aliens, policitcs, conspiracy theories, human rights issues – whatever takes you fancy really!)

Or you could go for deeper, more personal questions or more of a couples-themed trivia quiz. There’s endless options.

Unsure where to start? Then have a read of these 200 Interesting Questions to get the ball rolling. One thing I will say, is I think you’ll be surprised how entertaining this date idea is!

24) Do a Quiz Night

Talking of questions, let’s not forget about a quiz night! Find one at a pub, in your local area. Or do one together online, at home.

Teaming up, always brings you closer. How well with you get on?!

25) Visit an Aquarium or Zoo

We’ve reached the half-way mark for our last minute date ideas, so here’s one for the animal-lovers now… Take a trip to an aquarium or zoo!

With these, you don’t tend to have to book in advance, yet they make actually quite romantic dates, that are also very fun!

Last Minute Date Ideas

Let’s keep these last minute date ideas coming. You see? Next time someone says it’s “too short notice” to plan something, you can say no, no, no! There’s more to do than you may think, right?!

26) Drink & Draw

So let’s storm into the second half of last minute date ideas with… drum roll please… Drink & Draw. (And yes, it is as self-explanatory as it seems!)

Get some drinks in (alcoholic or not), grab some pencils and paper and go full on “Titanic-mode” by drawing each other!

That too much? Then draw different objects and see who’s comes out best! It’s so simple, yet surprisingly fun. On a similar note…

27) Paint & Prosecco

Paint & Prosecco also makes for a great date idea – especially when you’re working on short notice.

It’s exactly the same as Drink & Draw, but this time, with the more luxury drink pairing of Prosecco, and some proper paints, making you feel like a real artist!

CONSIDER: Instead of painting each other, you can also paint somewhere beautiful / scenic, like the lakes, mountains or beach.

This is one of the best beach date ideas if you’re looking for something different actually, and it gets you having some fresh air, outdoors!

Last minute date ideas

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

28) Get Into Arts & Crafts

If you’re liking these creative last minute date ideas, then I would definitely encourage you to think outside the box with other crafty activities!

I mean, check out these 15 craft ideas for couples. There’s plenty of projects you can take on (and complete!) in a night – with little planning required before!

You may also like to try things like, pottery, origami or knitting even – different date ideas like these are great for spontaneous get-stuck-into-anything characters!

29) DIY Wine or Beer Tasting

Next up, we’ve got wine or beer tasting. As it’s last minute, there may not be venues that are hosting this when you need it, but fear not – as you can actually do this yourself at home.

This can be done either at a venue or with a Virtual Wine Tasting Class or Virtual Beer Tasting Class. Both of these are totally fun and unique!

The other, “DIY” version can be done as followed:

  • Simply pick your alcohol.
  • Buy different types of that alcohol (just one can / small bottle of each.)
  • Pick drinks that you’ve never tried before.
  • Then rate each one!

You can still do the sipping and smelling… as if you were a real wine / beer connoisseur. Gin and whiskey (or any spirit for that matter actually) can also be done in the same way.

But it makes for a super fun, and original last minute date idea. Highly recommend!

30) Cheese or Chocolate Tasting

Another nice last minute date idea, keeping with the tasting theme, is Cheese Tasting or Chocolate Tasting at home (depending on if you prefer sweet or savoury.)

This will work in the same way as DIY Beer or Wine Tasting, but of course instead of the alcohol – you grab different types of cheeses or chocolates to try instead. (Nom, nom, nom!)

31) Have a Romantic Night In

Another option if you’re weighing up last minute date ideas, is to simply have a romantic night in.

Set the scene with romantic candles, get extra blankets out ready to cosy up on the sofa and then do something simple but special…

Like making S’Mores or dipping marshmallows in chocolate (the alternative if you don’t already have a chocolate fountain!)

That then becomes the “main attraction” as such, but it is of course also paired with great conversation and quality time together… Something we all need!

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Romantic last minute dates

32) Listen To Music

Another easy last minute date idea, is simply chilling out, listening to music together.

This could be in the day, outside – good music, good vibes, maybe adding in a BBQ or something too.

Or, it could be on the night – getting together, blasting your favourite hits and having fun with it!

You may even find you end up singing your hearts out, having a dance or turning it into a bit of a karaoke night! (How about that then?!) Just see where it takes you!

BONUS IDEA: If you’re doing a last minute date based around music, you can always create a fun game of “Guess The Song!”

Take it in turns to pick a song, play the first 10-15 seconds of it, and your partner wins points if they guess it right, before you swap it around and vice versa.

That always proves to be a rather entertaining little extra!

33) Puzzles & Popcorn

What else have we got for you now then? Well, a “Puzzles and Popcorn” night can always be fun!

Never heard of it before? Us neither. We made it up!

But doesn’t it sound catchy and won’t your partner / date be a little bit impressed when you suggest it?! Uh huh, you can thank us later!

Simply grab some nibbles, find some puzzles, and tackle them together! This can be anything from a cross-word style game, to a jigsaw puzzle. The choice is yours.

Our favourite? This Custom 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, that you can create, using a picture of the two of you… How cool is that?!

34) Comedy Night

Looking for a laugh? Then a comedy night is always a no-brainer, and… you can actually do one at home (even if there’s no local gigs on that day / week.)

Do you have to stand up and try to make your date / partner laugh? Nah. (Well unless you want to!) Instead, simply find stand up comedy online and watch it on there.

It’s amazing how many options the internet gives you now, isn’t it?!

35) Movie Night

Whilst on the topic of watching things, we can’t miss out a classic movie night.

Yep, it may not be quite as good as the cinema – but it’s more intimate when you do a movie night at home… and you have far more choice so you can find something you’d both genuinely enjoy.

It’s another great idea, that really is easy to plan – particularly with very little to no notice at all!

37) Pamper Night

Ommmmmm. Has it been a hard week? Then a pamper night could be JUST what the two of you need!

Simply grab some face-masks (or a deep sea mud mask – that’s my personal favourite!), utilise all the things you already have at home (like cleansers, moisturisers, etc)

And hey – if your partners feeling brave, maybe even see if you can pluck their eyebrows or wax their legs!

You can make it as fun, or romantic as you like. Have a bath? Then be sure to utilise this whilst you’re at it too. Just get ready for the date to get a little steamy!

Last minute date ideas

Last Minute Date Ideas

36) Pizza Night!

Now I know what you’re thinking… you’re back on the foodie suggestions?! Seriously?! Well yes, yes I am. Because a pizza night is FUN!

Scrap ordering or buying in. Instead, get some dough and have a go at making your own pizzas.

It’s fun, easier than you think and actually ends up (usually!) being far more delicious too!

38) Do Your Own Photoshoot

Okay, so here’s one for the couples now! Looking for different things to do? Feel like you’ve done a lot already? Then how about doing your own couples photoshoot!

This can be done outdoors or indoors – whatever you prefer. All you need is a phone tripod (you can pick one up as soon as the same day next day on with a free Amazon Prime trial) and you can take pictures together, as if someone else was taking them. Clever huh?

Just have fun with it, and get creative with different sets and poses. It certainly helps to bring out your playful sides!

39) Do a Photography Day!

Couples shoots not your thing? Then here’s something you can all do… a photography afternoon!

Just head out somewhere beautiful – phones or cameras at hand, and really see / appreciate everything around you!

Snap shots, do a “photo challenge” to see who can get the best one and have fun with it.

This is a really different date idea – but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – these can actually end up being the most memorable ones!

40) Workout Together

A workout… as a date… really?! Well for those of you that think it sounds more like torture than fun, doing a workout can still make for a great (and different) date idea.

It’s especially good for fitness fanatics, but you can try anything to suit your level and preference.

Take Zumba for instance – that’s guaranteed to get some laughs… and there’s always plenty of classes on at different gyms and halls, pretty much daily. So you’ll never be short on choice!

Different dates to go on

41) Create a Scavenger Hunt

We’re into our final 10 last minute date ideas now, so it’s time to throw in a Scavenger Hunt! And no, these are not just for Easter… or for kids!

Scavenger hunts are actually super cute and romantic. (Just what we want right?! Especially if you want to wow with a last minute date!)

All you have to do is hide clues or objects for your partner / date to find.

These can either be random, or linked together in a set order, with an end “prize” which could then be a romantic date for that night, or a “token” to be used, like a “massage on me tonight!”

It’s fun, allows plenty of room for you to make it your own, and turns – what would usually be a pretty-lame last minute “do what you can” sort of date – into an exciting surprise!

So if you want to wow them – certainly see how you can incorporate this!

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42) Go On a Treasure Hunt

Now here’s one you may not have thought of or possibly even heard of before, but if you search “treasure hunt” then pop in your closest city, you’ll be surprised how many are about!

What makes this such a great last minute date idea?

Well because they’re different, but also digital – so you usually just purchase a treasure hunt online and it then comes through automatically on your phone for you and your date to then follow! (Ideal!)

43) Play A Two Player Sport

On the flip side from team work – let’s now throw out a last minute date idea that gets you going head-to-head! We’re talking, going for a game of badminton, tennis, squash or volleyball even.

Just give your local sports centre’s a call and see which places have a court free.

Nothing available? Then if you have your own equipment or are close to some shops, you could also find a field or quiet paved area and just play a lighter version of the game together there.

44) Go Swimming

Let’s get your partner / date in some cute swimwear! Hit a local pool or beach and have a splash around.

This isn’t something that you usually have to book (which again, is always a win for last minute date ideas!) plus it is – of course – usually always heaps of fun!

Spontaneous date ideas

Last Minute Date Ideas

45) Build a Den Together

Talking of fun – building a romantic love den together will certainly turn up the heat a touch, whilst taking you back to your childhood days! (A weird combination there, I know!)

For how to build a den – click here and scroll on down to date suggestion number 4.

This runs through everything – from what you need, to how to build it. At the end? It actually looks pretty cool!

You then have 2 parts to this date – the building and the chilling. (And actually, I don’t know which part I prefer the most!)

It’s undeniable that snuggling up together in there after really is rather cute, however! And it’s certainly a pretty impressive last minute date idea!

Throw it out there, I dare you!

46) Start Your Own Book Club

Now here’s a nice idea, and a great example of how you can tap into shared interests / passion to turn it into a creative (and more regular) date!

Both like reading? Then why not start your own book club?

For the first session, you simply talk about the best books you’ve read so far and pick the next book (that you’ll both read at the same time) for your next book club date.

Every date, it repeats like this – book discussions and selections. It’s a little more intellectual but very interesting, and of course still fun!

47) Be a Tourist In Your Own Town

We’re into the final few last minute date ideas (eek!) Haven’t they come around fast?!

So if you’re looking for things to do at short notice, why not simply head out in your own town, and do all the things that most people would come to do – but you never really do yourself.

Like – visiting a local museum, checking out a local attraction, doing the most popular activity.

And if you’ve covered your own area – branch out to a local town / city closest to you! You’ll be sure to find at least a few things to do.

48) Go On a Day Trip

If close to home doesn’t appeal to you, then jump in the car and explore somewhere new together!

This doesn’t need to be planned in advance. In fact, it’s better when it’s not – it makes it more exciting and spontaneous.

Simply find somewhere that’s always appealed to you both, or pick a random place on a map and head on over. (You can research things to do on the way!) How about that then?!

49) Go Star Gazing

Had a long day? Or been on an adventure already together maybe? Then the perfect way to finish any evening off – is with a little star gazing. (Especially on a clear night.)

It’s romantic and actually not cliched! So certainly be sure to fit this one in!

Want to make it extra special? Then telescopes aren’t actually out of the question…

I have this one at home and it’s affordable, yet incredibly magical, giving you countless date nights. Couldn’t recommend more!

50) Simply Go For a Scenic Drive

Last but not least then, if all else fails and you’re short on things to do – why not hop in the car and go for a scenic drive?

It could be in the day or at night, and it doesn’t even matter how far (or not far) you go.

Just put your music on, sit back, relax and take everything in. You can even stop at a beauty spot for some food or a bit of a dance in front of the headlights!

Pretend it’s just the two of you in this mad, crazy world. And enjoy every minute!

That’s All For This One!

So there we have it – 50 last minute date ideas to fill you with inspiration.

There’s plenty of different things to choose from there, so you’ll never have to be left with nothing to do, and can always say “YES!” to a date (and yes to life too!)

Take care. Have fun!


Last Minute Date Ideas
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