60+ Fun Foodie Date Ideas

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Want a foodie date night? Looking for fun and different foodie date ideas? Then here’s 60+ (totally original!) date ideas for foodies…

What is a Foodie Date Night

So by definition, a foodie is:

“a person who loves food and is very interested in different types of food.”

Foodie date ideas are therefore (you guessed it!) – date ideas that incorporate FOOD!

A foodie date is therefore the perfect date for foodies, as it incorporates a passion into the experience.

And so similarly, organising a foodie date for a foodie, therefore shows how much you care about them, and care about getting involved with what they care about… So it’s a win, win!

Foodie date ideas also make great dates, even for not the avid foodie.

In fact, some of these date ideas may actually start to make you a foodie… they’re such a treat, and so much fun!

So my challenge to you – to plan and schedule at least one of these foodie date ideas, with a partner or a date, and just see how much you enjoy it!

See, it’s important to have plenty of fun things to do as a couple. It really strengthens your relationship and brings you closer.

60+ Fun Foodie Date Ideas (You have to try!)

So, without further ado, let’s jump into these suggestions, shall we?

Here’s 60 fun, quick-fire foodie date ideas, that need little explanation… And instead – just need a date and time to get doing them!

In no particular order, we’ve got…

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date ideas for foodies

1) Cook a 3 course candlelit dinner (together!)

2) Do a cook-off – battling it out, course for course.

3) Or – have a bake-off, to see who can create the best dessert! (The victor can then get the prestigious “golden spoon” to make it extra fun and playful!)

4) Go on a food crawl, having starter, main & dessert at different restaurants.

5) Or simply go out for a romantic meal – trying an old favourite or somewhere new. (This always works well as a simple last minute date idea… But when you choose the restaurant wisely, you can’t really go wrong!)

6) Rate a meal you have at a restaurant. Pretend you’re restaurant / food connoisseurs! 

7) Try a tasting menu at a restaurant. We’re talking 6 / 8 / 10 courses to indulge in. Similarly…

8) Eat out at a Michelin Star Restaurant. (This is always a super special experience, best suited for celebrating special occasions. For instance you may opt for this when looking for foodie anniversary date ideas.)

9) Explore a fresh, local, food market. You could even grab some goodies to then cook with at home.

10) Have fun at a food and drinks festival! They often have music at these events too. It makes for one of the best summer date ideas – whether you’re a big foodie or not!

food and drink events

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

What other foodie date ideas have we got for you? Well…

11) Have a picnic (outdoor or indoor works – depending on the time of the year.)

12) Or a BBQ. This is a classic outdoor date idea when the sun is shining bright!

13) Go fruit / veg picking… Then see what you can make with your freshly-picked goodies! Again, this works all year round. Think – berries in summer, and apples as more of an autumn date idea.

14) Make S’Mores over the fire pit. (You can get a mini indoor fire pit, or a cheap outdoor fire pit, that I guarantee you will continue to use, time and time again, for cute date night ideas!)

15) Have a chocolate tasting date night. (Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!)

16) Do chocolate making! (We did this as a different foodie date idea whilst traveling! It’s super fun & different.)

17) Have a cheese tasting date night. (In fact, you can do this with any types of food really. Simply buy lots of different samples, and taste them all, rating them all, in the comfort of your own home.)

18) Or indulge with a chocolate / cheese fondue date night!

19) Have a takeaway date night. (Mix it up by ordering the takeaway for your partner / date, so they get a surprise when it arrives at the door! How well do they know you and what you like?! You’ll soon find out!)

20) Have a pizza night. Either ordering them in as a bit of a treat, or making your own, from scratch! Talking of which..

Foodie Date Ideas

Themed Dinner Nights For Foodies:

One of my favourite foodie date ideas, is to go “all out” with a themed dinner.

This is where you cook traditional food to a particular country / cuisine, and pair it with a traditional activity (or two!) that matches.

For example, we did a Spanish Date Night – cooking paella then learning to salsa dance.

There’s plenty of different cuisines all over the world, and you can decide how much you want to narrow it down.

The best part of it all is seeing how creative you can get with it.

So see what you can come up with for…

21) French Themed Night

22) Mexican Themed Night. (There’s plenty of taco bar ideas to mix this up every time!)

23) Spanish Themed Night

24) German Themed Night

25) Greek Themed Night

26) Italian Themed Night (Pasta making is an absolute must!)

food dates

27) American Themed Night

28) British Themed Night

29) Indian Themed Night (How much spice can you handle?!)

30) Thai Themed Night

31) Chinese Themed Night

32) Japanese Themed Night

33) Vietnamese Themed Night (Cuisines like this are especially great if you’ve travelled to the country before or it’s on your wish-list!)

34) Turkish Themed Night

35) Lebanese Themed Night

36) Moroccan Themed Night

37) Mediterranean Themed Night

38) European Themed Night (There’s endless different options / sub-categories you can home in on further for this.)

39) Caribbean Themed Night

40) African Themed Night

Feeling unsure which one to go for? You can always use these this or that questions for couples to help you decide!

themed food dates

Fun Foodie Date Ideas:

Getting back with more of the fun foodie date ideas, you can always…

41) Head out for breakfast. (This is certainly one of the classic morning date ideas!)

42) Have a breakfast in bed date. (Maybe surprise your partner to this, as a romantic gesture!)

43) Have a lunch date. As so often it’s dinner dates, so mix it up by changing the time of day. In fact, there’s plenty of different lunch date ideas to mix it up!

44) Go for brunch / bottomless brunch. If it’s bottomless be sure to play these couples drinking games during it! (Because, well… why not, every once in a while?!)

45) Go on a food tour in your local city, or a new city, if you want to explore!

46) Take on a Microwave-Only Meal Challenge, seeing who can create the best dish, cooking only with a microwave!

47) Treat yourselves to a luxury dinner cruise… Combining an activity, and a foodie date, all into one if you’re looking for something super special that says “I love you!”

48) Host a dinner party for friends / family. (This gets you working together to cook the things you love, for the people you love. It’s a win-win, all round!)

49) Recreate a classic family recipe together… Then invite your relatives over to try it! 

50) Take a cooking class, to learn how to cook something new together.

Foodie Date Ideas

Onto The Last Ones…

We’re nearly coming to the end of our foodie date ideas, but not before throwing out some of these final different suggestions. See you could…

51) Learn how to forage. There’s plenty of foraging books if you want to be self-taught and impress your partner / date (providing you learn fully and properly), or jump on a day course as a different foodie date idea!

52) Have a coffee shop date, trying freshly baked goodies, paired with classic coffee. This works as a fast-and-easy first or second date idea, if you’re planning it last minute, but you know you want to see each other! Just be sure to ask interesting questions then, to spice this date up!

53) Do wine / beer / whiskey / gin tasting. Because not all foodie date ideas have to be just food! You can also re-create this at home if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, with this wine tasting game.

54) Do a supermarket shop – grabbing ONLY the foods that you’ve never tried before… Then try them all at home together! This is one of the funniest foodie date ideas, that’s super original too.

55) Have a go at cocktail making! Go head to head, rating on: taste, presentation & creativity!)

food and drink dates

56) Dine in the sky!

Have you seen this before?! It’s perfect if you’re looking for crazy date ideas. Search the closest sky dining experience in your area, or opt for a rooftop restaurant if not.

57) Dine in the dark!

This is another popular unique restaurant experience, best fitting to foodies! Not got a “dine in the dark” restaurant in your area? Then re-create it with blindfolds at home, taking it in turns to cook for each other, and see how the darkness brings out your tastebuds even more!

58) Make a gingerbread house. (This is one of the best Christmas date ideas, but can be done any time of the year!)

59) Grab some street food. Hunt out the best pop-up street food stalls, at local events!

60) Invent your own dish together… from scratch… No recipe books allowed! (Hey, who knows, maybe you’ll end up turning this into your own street food stall, as an extra side hustle idea!)

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – that rounds up our master list of 60+ epic foodie date ideas. I hope this has filled you with excitement and inspiration!

What has been the bestie foodie date you’ve ever done? Let us know by dropping it in the comments box below.

Happy dating… and eating!


Foodie Date Ideas
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