31+ Best Beach Date Ideas

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Looking for the best beach date ideas? Want to get all set and ready for Summer?! Or maybe you’re going on holiday with your partner and want some cool and different date ideas for the beach? Whatever it is – we’ve got you completely covered with the 31+ best best date ideas, including the ultimate romantic beach date for 2023!

31+ Best Beach Date Ideas

So let’s get stuck straight in, shall we? In no particular order, here’s 31+ of the best beach date ideas that you can map into your Summer Date Bucket List!

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1) Go Swimming

Let’s start nice and simple with these beach date ideas, throwing in an absolute classic which is – of course – going swimming in the sea!

Now always stay safe. Don’t swim out too far. In fact, always stay where your feet can comfortably touch the floor where possible.

Then paddle around and jump the waves together! You’re bound to have a WHALE of a time!

2) Play Beach Games

Next up – playing beach games is another great thing to do whilst at the beach.

From Ultimate Frisbee to (my personal favourite!) – Bucket Ball; the Slammo Roundnet Game to good old, Beach Bocce – to mention just a few. And that’s the thing…

There’s countless games you can play at the beach, making your beach games date different every time. (If you want that anyway!)

Make the most of where you are, get those “beach vibes” going, and HAVE FUN together!

Being fun and playful in a relationship is so important. So really let your hair down!

Fun things to do at the beach

3) … Or Board Games / Card Games

On a similar note, playing board games or card games is another great beach date idea. My personal favourite is Uno Splash, as it’s simple, fast-paced and insanely fun!

But you can play anything and everything, and it’s always that little bit different when playing these kind of games at the beach!

4) Play Beach Sports

Want to bring out your fun, flirty and competitive sides?! Then why not play some classic beach sports as a beach date idea?

Couples sports are great for bonding (trust me, it will work wonders for the two of you!)

Beach volleyball, beach handball and beach soccer are often the most common beach sports. But you can also create your own sports and turn it into a championship!

Play different rounds of different games, each with point scoring systems and tally them up to see who’s crowned the Beach Sports Champion of the day!

This makes a great group date idea, if you’re also heading to the beach with friends / family too. Although don’t rule it out if it’s just the two of you!

5) Or Try Some Water Sports

Looking for some more wild or crazy date ideas? Then jump straight in at the deep end (not necessarily, literally!) with some water sport beach activities!

If you’re looking for adrenaline waterspouts, opt for something like surfing or flyboarding. If you want something more gentle (but still adventurous and exciting!), have a go at kayaking, paddle boarding or something similar.

Try to do something you’ve never done before, together…

After all, studies show new, exciting experiences create greater levels of satisfaction in couples, so it genuinely makes a difference and helps to make your relationship stronger!

Things to do at the beach

6) Have a Beach BBQ

One of my all-time favourite beach date ideas, is to have a beach BBQ.

Now of course, you have to check that this is allowed as different beaches have different rules. But if you are – simply grab a Disposable BBQ, cosy up, and get ready to indulgeeeee.

WARNING: People will walk by and be totally envious of you, but that just shows what a great beach date idea it is!

If you time it right, this can actually be the ULTIMATE romantic beach date!

See if you go for sunset, eat as you watch the sun go down, cosy up with beach blankets and light sparklers from the embers…. It becomes truly magical!

Like the sound of that?! Then another similar romantic beach date idea is to….

7) Or Dinner at a Beachfront Restaurant

Beach BBQ sound like too much hard work?! Then why not treat yourselves to a fancy dinner at a beachfront restaurant instead?!

This will always prove popular if you’re looking for foodie date ideas.

Good food, good company, in a beautiful location – what more could you want?!

In fact, planning this would be a very romantic thing to do for your partner if you’d like to surprise them with a different beach date day / night!

9) Go Fishing!

From fresh fish served up on your dinner plate to… Sea fishing, to see if you can catch one yourselves! (Don’t worry, you’ll put it straight back in if you do!)

Now, sea fishing is a CHALLENGE. (Trust me, we’ve tried it!) But it’s fun, exciting and pretty relaxing at the same time, making it a super different beach date idea you should certainly consider!

Just don’t be disheartened if you don’t catch anything… I mean, at the end of the day, you’ve already got the best catch bagging your partner, right? 😉 And yes – you can totally use that flirty joke whilst you’re there if you do run with this beach date idea!

10) Or Snorkelling

Fishing not for you? Prefer to see them than catch them or eat them?! Then, grab yourselves some snorkels and immerse yourself with the underwater world that way instead!

8) Have a Beach Picnic

Load up your picnic basket (or a more practical alternative is this epic picnic backpack, with a cooler, fully integrated!) and hit the beach for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner!

See there’s plenty of ready-made, snack-y picnic foods you can take with you. Or, you can get extra creative and make it themed… Taco Beach Picnic anyone?!

This is one of the best lunch date ideas and you can make it anything or everything you want, mixing it up each time!

romantic things to do at the beach

Beach Date Ideas

We’re flying through these beach date ideas, but don’t worry – there’s still plenty more to come! See, there’s endless ideas when you get busy brainstorming it. So how about some different beach date ideas to throw into the mix for you now then?

11) Do a Beach Scavenger Hunt

A great, creative, beach date idea is a Beach Scavenger Hunt… And no, this is NOT just for kids!

Simply create a list of “things you could at the beach”, arrive, set your timer, and then head off to see which one of you can find the most.

It’s comical, actually very entertaining and fast-paced too, making it a simple, easy (but different!) beach date idea to add into the mix. On a similar note…

12) Go on a Treasure Hunt

Want to step up the scavenger hunt idea?! Then grab yourself a metal detector (the mini metal detectors are a fraction of the price, but still find cool things!) and get yourself hunting around for hidden treasure! Warning: you may even be surprised at what you find!

14) Cover The Coastline on Jet Skis / Speed Boat!

Want to step it up a notch? Well, depending on the beach you head to – renting jet ski’s or a little speed boat, could be an option.

It’s a great alternative to exploring the coastline on foot and allows you to take it all in, from a different perspective. Talking of which…

15) Go Paragliding!

If you’re looking for beach date ideas that push you outside your comfort zone, why not soar through the sky, with beach paragliding or parasailing? That’s one way to make a beach date memorable, right?! And what a way to feel ALIVE!? On the flip side…

16) Or Deep Sea Diving

From up in the sky, to down in the depths below – scuba diving could be another exciting and different high-adrenaline date idea to do from the beach!

13) Take a Coastal Walking Path

If treasure hunts aren’t your thing, then how about EXPLORING?!

Beach walks are great, but you can actually go one step further by taking the coastal walking paths around them, to venture further afield whilst still staying on the coastline.

It’s beautiful, tranquil, and you can still keep the beach as your base; flopping down to chill on it after a nice, long, adventure!

Beach Date Ideas

17) Fly a Kite

“Let’s go flyyyy a kite…” (For any Mary Poppins fans!)

If you don’t want to be underwater or up in the air, kite flying is another light alternative, that’s unique, special and therefore memorable!

Simply grab a kite (anything from a dragon to a butterfly to a SHARK!) and try your luck – seeing how high and far you can get it!

Warning: We did this as a beach date idea before and flying a kite is not as easy as you may think, but it is a lot of fun!

18) Go on a Boat Cruise

Another nice, simple, relaxing activity is to go on a boat cruise. These vary – from sunset cruises to wildlife cruises. Just browse what they have to offer in the area, before you head for your beach day and that’s another super sweet and special date you can get planned!

19) Watch The Sunset

A beach date idea that requires 0 planning (just a little research if anything!) – is to find a quiet, secluded beach, and head there for the sunset!

Use this to get in that all-important quality time in your relationship. Bring blankets, cosy up, and ask deep questions or intimate questions, whilst taking it all in! On a similar note…

The Most Romantic Beach Date Of All Time?!…

One of the most romantic beach dates around is…

20) Stargazing!

Stargazing is always a romantic date idea, but doing it at the beach, and doing it PROPERLY, could possibly make it one of the most romantic date ideas of all time!

See, you want to find a special spot – a place on a beach that feels like YOURS!

Take a hot flask with warm drinks, blankets (as always!) and go all out by grabbing a pocket telescope (so you can see even more!)

These don’t cost a lot, but make all the difference!

You can then gaze into the sky, feeling like you’re escaping this world for a little while; just you and your loved one. It’s super special!

romantic things to do at the beach

Beach Date Ideas

We’ve reached the final section of our beach date ideas… Which one has been your favourite so far?!

Remember to not just read this – but to get these into your diary to make sure you make them happen! Making memories with your loved one is everything…

And what better time to do so than now?!

21) Watch the Sunrise

You’ll often hear about sunset date ideas, but how about heading to the beach to watch the sun rise?! This is a great morning date idea and a very different thing to do!

You’ll also end up having the beach entirely to yourself in most cases… Which is super cool.

In fact, if you’re looking for how to celebrate an anniversary – this could be the perfect morning date idea to start the day!

22) Beach Yoga Or Meditation

Another great way to start the day, is with beach yoga or meditation. Find a quiet spot on the beach, pitch up and get those “zen” feelings flowing!

There’s plenty of couples yoga poses you can incorporate in, and the beach is the perfect location for meditation (when its quiet) as you already have the relaxing wave sounds to pair with it.

Recommended Read: How To Get Into Meditation (Spoiler: It’s not as hard as you think!)

23) Beach Massage

One of my favourite beach date ideas, is hitting the beach for a couples massage!

Again, go early, try to find a quiet beach and take it in turns to massage each other whilst listening to the waves!

If a back massage feels too sticky, go for foot massages or hand / arm massages… And remember, you can always wash off in the water afterwards!

Beach tents are also cheap, but effective, for providing much-needed shade, a little privacy and better comfort during your day!

Regardless, this is a very romantic beach date idea, and one which is completely original too, so be sure to add it to your Beach Date Bucket List!

24) Beach “Book Club!”

Another different beach date idea (whether you do this as a one off or a regular thing through the warmer months) is a Beach Book Club!

This is perfect if you like reading. It also makes a great last minute date idea if you can simply head out with a good book, then take some time to discuss it!

Rent a beach bed or find a nice spot on the sand and grab some inflatable loungers. The comfier, the better!

Beach Date Ideas

25) Drawing / Painting

Going to the beach is already pretty beautiful and relaxing, so why not build on that even more, by grabbing a painting kit or drawing pad, and seeing who can paint / draw the scene better!?

This is a great CREATIVE beach date idea, and perfect if you’re looking for different things to do in different places! On a similar note…

26) Photoshoot / Video Making

Capture the moment and get creative, creating cute, funny video clips during your beach day!

You could run along the beach, swim in the sea, do cartwheels, be picked up and swung around – the options are endless!

From there, you build a montage of “moments at the beach” and pull it into an end video for your memory bank.

Psst, a Selfie Tripod with Wireless Remote Button is going to become your new best friend for this project!

Videos not your thing? Then you can do the exact same thing with photos then put them into a photo album.

A beach is certainly the perfect setting for this romantic date idea, and you could turn it into “your thing” duplicating this, the different places that you go!

27) Make Sand Sculptures

Ever seen sand sculptures at the beach and thought “wow, that’s cool!”? Then why not work together, having a go at creating your own?!

It’s like Sand-Castle-Making-Extreme – but for adults. And I CHALLENGE YOU, to give it a go!

28) Send a Message In a Bottle

Another different and creative beach date idea, is to send a message out in a bottle.

This could be written for your partner (because imagine if they ever found it!) or written to a stranger to find it… And then you can think of your own ideas / themes.

Just make it right then, by doing some litter picking on the beach after, as you don’t want to contaminate the sea, so balance it back out!

29) Go Horse Riding Along The Beach

Ever fancied horse riding?! Then beach horse riding is that… But EVEN BETTER! After all, it’s like something from the movies, right?!

Simply find the closest beach that offers beach horse riding tours – or treat yourselves to this experience when you next go on holiday. I promise, you won’t regret it!

beach activities

30) Make The Most of Beach Events

Running out of beach date ideas and different things to do?! Then make it easier for yourself by looking at what’s on in the area already.

Are there any beach parties, pop up beach movie nights, or different beach events?

Then go along and attend, turning that into your beach activity! Talking of “events”, that leads us onto our FINAL beach date idea…

31) Have Your Own Little Beach Party!

Why not tie many of these beach date ideas in together, to create the ULTIMATE beach day / night date, with your own little beach party.

This can be for just the two of you, or with friends.

But you’ll have food, drinks, games, challenges – the lot; all packed into one! What a date that will then be to remember!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – that round up our 31+ favourite beach date ideas for 2023.

Feeling unsure which beach date to go for? Then you can always use these this or that questions for couples to help you decide!

I hope this has filled you with ideas for different things you can do on the beach now anyway.

All that’s left is to get out there – have fun, go all out and keep making special memories with your loved one!

Wishing you all the best.


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