200+ Fun & Different Dating App Questions

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Wondering what questions you should ask on a dating app? Looking for fun and different dating app questions that you can easily pull into conversations, no matter what stage you’re at? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 200 fun & different dating app questions.

For ease of use, we’ve broken these down into the following categories:

  • Questions To Ask on a Dating App If You’ve Only Just Matched
  • Funny Questions To Ask On Dating Apps (to keep it light and fun!)
  • Flirty Questions To Ask On Dating Apps (to ignite that romantic spark!)
  • Different Questions To Ask On Dating Apps (so that conversation never gets dull!)

What Questions Should You Ask On Dating Apps?

See, when it comes to questions to ask on dating apps, you want to have a real mix. Yes, initially, there’s going to be a degree of “small talk” as you get to know a person –

Who are they? What do they do for work? What do they do for fun?

You need to know the “basics” as you are starting from scratch. (Of course!)

The thing is – if you ask ONLY these questions on dating apps, and bombard them with these standard dating app questions all in one go… They’re going to switch off. 

I mean, the average number of Tinder conversations for women is 464 and for men, is 218. That’s a lot of conversations, both sides!

If you end up asking the same questions as everyone else, you’re reducing your chances of getting a response.

So even early on, you want to throw in these different dating app questions, to keep it fun, engaging and flowing!

(This is one of the most essential dating app tips when it comes to driving success on dating apps!)

What questions should I ask online dating?

200+ Fun & Different Dating App Questions

So let’s get stuck in, shall we? Here’s our 200 favourite dating app questions.

Have a read, see which ones stand out to you, see which ones you’d find fun to talk about, then add them into your next chat!

Dating App Questions (If You’ve Only Just Matched!)

Let’s start with some dating app questions that you can send if you’ve not long been matched.

See, you can still have fun and ask different dating app questions. You just want a mix of the “norm” with ones that aren’t too random or “out there” when it’s still early days!

So, in no particular order, you may like to ask things like…

1) What’s your most DREADED question on dating apps? Any that you get time and time again?!

(We may as well address the “elephant in the room.” After all, aren’t you here – looking for dating app questions because you too, tend to get the same ones?! Questions about dating can be super fun however… And are relatable too!)

2) What things do you like to make time for every day?

This can also lead onto the conversation of how much time they have, to also see if they’re looking for something serious and have enough time to actively date you!

3) How do you like to spend your weekend? (Let’s see how closely we align!)

4) If you could travel back in time (either to a different era, or a time in your life, specifically), what year would you choose and why?

This could be a potentially personal question to ask a guy – depending on whether they give you a deep answer back in response. But it’s up to them how much they share, and at each stage.

So see how they choose to take this one! “The ball is in their court”, as you’d say!

5) Who is your FAVOURITE person on this planet? (Of course, in time – that person may very well be me 😉)

6) How would you describe yourself in just three words? (Choose wisely, choose very wisely!)

You could also suss out what they’re looking for, by asking them to describe their ideal partner in 3 words too! Are they clear on what they want or do they go for standard, safe, answers here?

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

7) Are you satisfied with your work or job? Do you enjoy it? Do you think you’ll do the same thing for the foreseeable?

8) Do you have any goals you’re working towards right now? Both long term or short term?

These can be life goals, work goals, fitness goals, anything! It’s a great dating app question to ask if you’re already on the topic of what you’re up to / what you want to do.

You see? So pick the questions that flow naturally so that it’s more of a conversation than an interrogation!

9) Do you have any pets or want any in the future? And did you have any growing up?

10) Are you an animal person? What’s your favourite animal (if you have one) and why? ❤️

11) How old were you when you got into a relationship for the first time?

This is a really interesting question to ask on dating apps, as it shows if you share a similar relationship history or not, and how “experienced” they are, compared to you!

12) What things do you most like and least like about yourself? (Let’s get a little deeper here, shall we?!) And do you feel like these are the things other most like / least like about you too?!

Dating App Questions For New Matches

13) Are there any specific qualities you are looking for in your partner? Any which you find particularly hard to find?

14) When was the last time you laughed hysterically? And what was it that made you laugh this way? (Comedy night? Funny friend? Embarrassing moment?!)

15) Do you have any DEEP, DARK… REGRETS in your life?! (Or regrets when dating?! That works too! 🤪)

Notice the way we type this one. See, you can actually ask deeper questions on dating apps, but make them more light hearted by the use of punctuation, capitalisation & emojis. Clever huh?!

16) What wrong assumptions do people often make about you? (If any, of course!)

17) What’s the worst lie you’ve ever used, to get out of a date before?

You may also like to add something jokey like:

“You tell me yours, then I’ll tell you mine. And yes, I know, we’ll now know each other’s go-to excuses, but I feel like we’re at the point where actually – we can probably just be honest with each other if we’re not feeling it! 🤪”

18) Where did you grow up? And (more interestingly!) what was your most favourite and least favourite thing about growing up there?

Online Dating Questions

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

19) Do you have any all-time favourite movies?

Note: never ask a question for the sake of it. If you’re not big on movies and aren’t going to know (or be especially interested in) whatever they answer – don’t ask it.

Ask some of the other dating app questions instead. Always go with what interests you the most! These questions should be unique / personal to you!

20) Do you have any secret talents that no-one (or at least, few people) know about?! 👀

21) What’s the most valuable thing in your life that you wouldn’t sacrifice for ANYTHING?!

Essentially you’re finding out if they have any prized possessions here, but the stories behind them are likely to be very interesting and often, pretty insightful too!

22) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why? 🌎

23) How do you think your closest friends would describe you? And how would this vary between how you might describe yourself?!

24) What’s your favourite time of the year and why? Are you more of a snug winter guy or a hot summer girl?! [Of course change the gender to suit here!]

Initial Dating App Questions (That Are Still Pretty Fun!)

25) What’s one dish that you could never refuse eating?! And what do you love most about it?! (Nom, nom, nom!)

25) What kind of things make you feel proud of yourself? I mean, what things would make you go to bed, thinking, “yep, that was a good day!”

26) What’s the biggest or best piece of advice you’ve ever received? (And did you actually then manage to follow it?! 👀)

27) What’s the “dumbest” question you’ve ever been asked? (Let’s hope it’s not one that I’d ask, hey?!) 😂

28) I know it sounds like a pretty standard question, but what kind of music do you listen to?

Note: this is a great way to ask a common dating app question, but in a different way – so that it sounds more genuine. If it’s often asked, state this fact!

You can also then lead on to sharing your answers on the topic too, to get it going a little better.

29) How do you usually spend your time alone? And do you like / need alone time, or prefer to be around others? (Let’s see how closely we align!)

30) Okay, here’s a big one. I DARE you to answer with complete honesty here 😉 When was the last time you felt embarrassed? And why? What happened?!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

31) Is religion something that’s important to you?

Now, this may sound like a full-on dating app question, if you’ve not long matched. But it could be important to throw out there fairly early on if it is one of your key qualifying questions when dating.

32) Are you a grudge-holder or do you think you’re able to let things go fairly easily? 👀

33) What do you think is the best and worst thing about getting older? And do you feel your age? (Whatever that’s supposed to feel like!)

34) What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship?

35) Who’s been your biggest celebrity crush of all time? And do you have any embarrassing ones you don’t mind ‘fessing up to, too?!

36) Is there anything you miss about being in love? 🥰 What do you think is the best thing about it?!

37) Have you ever given something up, that you wish you hadn’t?

And hey, here’s not the time for him to bring his ex into it, giving away that he’s clearly not over his ex! No, no, no! That’s not what we want.

Instead, expect answers more relating to sports or goals or dreams or unfulfilled achievements… Although he may not go too heavy early on!

Dating App Questions

Dating App Questions For New Matches

38) What’s been the best day of your life and why? And no – you can’t say, matching me! 😉

This is the perfect example of how to use flirty jokes to lighten – what could be seen as – a pretty deep question, whilst still directly conversation to things that are more interesting to you!

39) Do you believe in luck? And what’s the LUCKIEST thing that’s ever happened to you?!

Again, you could say, “matching me, right?!” Ahem. But yes… let’s move on from that one!

40) Are you a sporty person? What’s your favourite sport to both play and watch?

This is an especially great dating app question if you’ve matched with someone who appears pretty active as it’s then taking an interest in the things that they enjoy. = Extra “brownie points” for you!

41) Where do you go and what do you do, when you want to chill out? (Ommmm 👌)

42) How do you like to celebrate your birthday? And do you prefer planning your own birthday’s or other peoples?

43) Do you use social media often? And which channels do you use the most? (Don’t worry, I’m not here to “stalk” you! Just wondered if you’re FOR or AGAINST social media?!…)

Don’t forget to add your opinion to your own question, when asking these dating app questions. This helps to make it more casual and prompts better, more in depth responses.

Onto To The Last Ones… (For this section!)

44) Do you have any special or unique hobbies? Or have you ever?

I mean, there are plenty of different hobbies and – actually – the more unique the better, as it makes things more interesting!…

Anyone up for fossil hunting for instance?! It could be a pretty seen as a pretty crazy date idea – that’s for sure! 😉

45) Have you done much traveling? And I know, I know, everyone talks about this, but I want to know what YOU’VE done.

This is a great line, especially if travel has shaped you as you can continue to mention this!

See any dating app questions can be strong ones if they’re relevant to you and you know you can create interesting conversation from it.

46) Did you travel much growing up? Or get to go on family vacations much? If so – which was your most memorable one?

47) What’s your favourite way to spend quality time with a person?

48) What do you think is the most important thing a person should understand about their partner?

49) Is there anything you can’t live without?

50) What’s the hardest thing you’ve given up in your life? EG last month I tried to give up chocolate… Bad idea. I repeat, bad idea! 🤪

Funny Dating App Questions

Next up, let’s look at some funny questions to ask on dating apps – to keep the conversation light and fun. You need these, no matter what stage you’re at.

They should however, still be mixed in with more thought-provoking, meaningful questions too.

After all, you don’t want it ALL silly or ALL serious… It’s all about having a balance of different dating app questions.

So have a read, see which ones stand out to you… Then add them in.

Uh huh, you’ll be well and truly prepared after this!

51) If you could get a superpower, what would it be? And NO – you can’t say invisibility or something we’ve all heard before. The only valid answer here is something that hasn’t been thought of before! 😉

52) Have you ever had a crush on your best friend’s partner, sibling, or… parent even?! YEP, it’s all coming out now, right?!

53) If the world was going to end in the next three days, what ridiculously silly things would you have to squeeze in before?!

54) If you could jump into anyone’s life and live it for a week, who’s life would you choose?!

55) If you could play one of your favourite movie characters, what would it be?

(And this is where they come out with something totally unexpected too! 🤪)

What questions should I ask a new match?

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

56) If you were granted 1 wish from a magic genie (and yes, we are actually going there with this, so go with it, go with it!) – what would you wish for and why? Bonus points if it’s something crazy!

57) What’s the funniest thing you ever did in school?

58) Okay so – let’s say you lost the ability to talk and could only communicate through animal sounds… Which animal would you choose and why?! 💁‍♀️

It’s not for everyone so always gage the kind of character that you’re speaking to, to know if they’re more likely to find this ridiculous or funny(!)

But some of the funniest dating app questions are actually the most random…

So if conversation is flowing and you want to throw some mad questions in – make up your own like these and see how they go down!

59) If you could only eat one type of meal for the rest of your life (but it wouldn’t cost you anything… you get unlimited amounts of this meal!), what would you go for and why?!

60) What’s the best joke you’ve got up your sleeves then? Let’s have it! 😂

And hey – hopefully this is the moment where you both realise you share the same love of “Dad jokes.” Match made in heaven, right?!

61) Do you have any weird phobias or ridiculous fears that you’re brave enough to admit?!

Funny Questions To Ask On Dating Apps

62) What is your funniest childhood memory?

63) If you could replace your any of body parts with any celebrity then whose would you choose and why?

(And yes, you can laugh out loud, literally, if you’re speaking to a guy who says he’d like to have Kim Kardashian’s bum!)

64) What’s been the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever been jealous of?

(And again – no – you can’t judge if he says Kim Kardashian’s bum! Ha!)

65) What do you think would be the most insanely out-there and over-the-top first date you could surprise someone with?

(And no, I’m not hinting at getting any of these big gestures for ours, don’t worry! I just want to see what you’re made of here 🤪)

66) What’s been the cringiest outfit you’ve ever worn? Both at home and in public?

This is a great dating app question if you’re talking about the possibility of going on a first date and he / she is weighing up what to wear.

Can you see how all of these questions can tie in together to create a conversation that just flows and flows?

67) What was the silliest fear you had as a child?

68) Do you have any silly or embarrassing fears now?!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

69) Are you a big dreamer? And if so, what kind of things do you usually dream about, or is it TOTALLY random?!

Note: if you have some funny dreams, now’s a great time to share them! A mad one you had last night maybe?! It’s sure to make your match smile if you explain it comically!

70) What’s the biggest waste of money you’ve ever spent?! 💁‍♀️ Overpriced pair of knock-off sunglasses maybe? (Oh we’ve all been drawn in by the knock-off’s before!)

71) If you could be famous for ANYTHING, what would you be famous for?

72) What do you think could be the worst possible thing you could end up being famous for?! … And how likely would that be to happen for you?! 😉

73) Do you have any funny or quirky habits?

74) Have you ever taken a pretend “sick day” at work? (Tut tut!) And if so, how did you spend it?

75) If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you HAVE to do?!

A little creativity with this question always makes it ridiculously funny!

how to keep a conversation going on dating apps

Funny Questions To Ask On Dating Apps

76) Have you ever cooked a meal that has gone horribly wrong? And did anyone eat it? (Not even the dog!? Wow… Just, wow! Ha!)

77) If you had a warning label attached to you, what would it say? 😂

78) If you could telepath a secret message to strangers, what would it say?!

79) What do you think would be the WORST non-painful “punishment”? E.G. Tickling has got to be high up there, right?!

80) What’s been your biggest dare-devil moment to date? 🙌

81) What was the CRAZIEST thing you ever did at school? (Bonus points if no-one ever knew about it except you and your best friend!)

82) What’s been the least helpful someone has ever given you? And did you actually follow it?!

83) What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever given someone? And how on earth did you ever think it was a good idea?!

84) What’s the strangest chat up line you’ve ever heard? (Like… really?! You thought that would work?!) [For smoother chat up lines, click here!]

85) Confession time! Did you ever steal candy as a child?! 👀

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

86) Okay so this is a big one! Would you rather be a weak superhero or a powerful villain?! 🦸

Note: You can make almost any light-hearted dating app question far funnier by hyping up the question with extra (verging on O.T.T. expression beforehand.) Like for example:

“A deal breaker question now…” (When it’s not. It’s something silly!) Or: “I know this may be insanely hard to admit but…” (Again, another totally unexpected question here!) You see?

87) Quick fire now…  Eat in bed, or food banished from bed? (CRUMBS IN BED?! AHH. NO!)

Fast, “This or That” questions actually make great dating app questions. Especially if you turn it into a bit of a game! They’re also very fun and entertaining too, so you can never go too far wrong with them!

88) What animal do you think most accurately represents you? And what animal would you most want to be vs. what animal are you – probably – most similar to?!

89) You’re home alone… What would you most likely do – sing your heart out or dance like no-ones watching? (I guess… because they aren’t! 💁‍♀️😉)

90) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done to grab your crush’s attention? (Which… presumably… didn’t work?!)

91) What’s the funniest non-cuss you’ve used? (For example, I think mine was: “sweet mother of mackerel!” Shall we make up our own?!)

92) What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever thought when on a date? (And have you therefore ever got the secret giggles on a date and had too try to hide it?!)

Onto The Last Ones… (For this section!)

93) Have you ever genuinely tried to use a cheesey pickup line on someone? And how did it go down?! Did it work?!

94) What’s the scariest horror movie you’ve ever watched? And how did you cope? Did you scream? (Be honest! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about here! 😉)

95) If you were on the cover of a magazine, what headline would you most like to be on it? And what headline do you think would be most likely to be on there? Ha!

96) Is there any world record you can break, want to break, or have tried to break, even?!

Uh huh, it may all come spilling out now! This dating app question may reveal you’ve found yourself a serious yoyo champion record-holder, hey?! How cool is that?! 😉

how to keep a conversation going on dating apps

97) What would you do if you had the ability to be invisible for a day?

Again, the more creative these answers, the more entertaining they become!

98) What’s the WORST movie you’d ever had to sit through? And did you make it to the end without falling asleep or switching it off?! (Please don’t say it’s my favourite movie, please don’t say it’s my favourite movie!) Talking of which…

99) If you could be a Disney character, what would it be and why?

100) Who do you think would be the BEST and WORST person to get stuck in an elevator with?!

Flirty Questions To Ask On Dating Apps

We’re half way through our fabulously fun, dating app questions. So let’s turn the temperature up a little now, shall we?!

Here’s 50 flirty questions to ask on dating apps now then, to ignite that romantic question and avoid him seeing you as “just a friend”

101) So, do you believe in love at first sight?! Is it a thing?! Could it really be?! (And what on earth are you going to do when you meet me, if so?! 😉)

102) What’s your love language? Here… let me guess… Physical touch by any chance?!

102) What would be your idea of the perfect date? (And no, this question isn’t just for me to get pointers here, I swear! 😛)

Notice how you make these dating app questions more flirty yourself, by the way you ask them and the way you write them… Plus the things you add.

Remember, there’s emojis guys use to flirt and emojis guys use when they like you… So tap into these and send the same back!)

103) Which body part do you find most attractive on another person? (And do I seem to have the attributes you desire there? 😉)

104) Which personality traits do you find the most attractive? (Because hey – if you’re looking for a funny [guy / gal] I’ve certainly got that! Ha!)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

105) Have you ever thought about kissing a stranger? (Be bold. Be brave! Stictly speaking we won’t be TOTAL STRANGERS when we first meet anyway 🤪)

106) What is your WORST FEAR on a date? (Don’t worry, I promise I’m not too scary 😉)

107) What are your biggest turn-offs? (Just so I can make sure I don’t do anything “wrong!” 🤪)

108) Do you think it matters who makes the first move when dating? 💁‍♀️

109) So how would you feel if I went in for a kiss when I met you?! 😉

Remember, people move at different paces. If you’re ever wondering “why hasn’t he kissed me yet?!” not every reason is a bad one!

110) So… Naughty texts – are they your thing or not your thing?! 💁‍♀️😉

111) What do you prefer… kisses or cuddles?

112) What would you choose… crazy night out with me, or cute night in together at home?! (Think carefully… Think very carefully 😉)

113) Which part of your body do you like to be kissed the most? Any secret soft or sensitive spots? 😜

114) What three things do you think make the PERFECT first date? And yes, one of them can indeed, be ME!

Flirty Dating App Questions

115) What makes you a great date then? You give me your “sales pitch” then I’ll give you mine! 😉

116) What thing intrigues you about me the most?

117) If you could ask me ANY question, with no judgements, just straight answers back… what would you want to know and why? 👀

118) What would you say is your go-to flirting technique?

119) Have you ever tried flirting with a person and they’ve not even realised?! 😅

120) What do you think is the hottest outfit colour? And yes, I may well keep that in mind when deciding what to wear on our date next week 😉

121) What do you find hotter – hair up or hair down?

122) How important is chemistry to you then? 👀

123) How do you know when you have chemistry with a person? 🔥 What does it feel like to you?

What questions should I ask online dating?

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

124) What other types of connection are you looking for in a person?

125) Am I ticking many boxes for you so far? 😉

126) Are you a “public displays of affection” kind of guy, or more comfortable in private? 😜

127) What would you rate your confidence on a scale of 1-10 – 10 being, yes, I 100% back myself? (And so you should by the way!) 😉

Notice the added complement in there? Complements are best dropped in to make them more casual. So see where you can slip some in!

128) Do you think you’re a bit of “a catch”? 😉

129) What do you think seems to be the most attractive thing about me, so far?

130) If you had the superpower to read people’s minds, who would you choose to read first?! And no – don’t say mine.

I know I’m incredibly intriguing but that would be SUCH a waste and I’m not 100% sure you’d want to be able to know everything I’m thinking anyway 🤪

Flirty Dating App Questions

131) What do you think will be the first thing I think when I see you? And what do you think you’ll think about me?!

This is a great flirty dating app question if you’ve not yet met, but already have plans to. Get the excitement flowing for the upcoming date… and get the flirty vibes in place from the get-go!

132) Are you more or a morning person or a night owl? And what keeps you up at night if you always go to bed late?! (I can think of some good ways to pass time, here, you know! 😉)

133) PJ’s… Or no clothes in bed?! What’s it got to be?!

134) Okay… Challenge… Want to play “Never Have I Ever” with me?!

There’s actually heaps of fun Never Have I Ever questions you can ask on dating apps!

135) If you were to perform one type of dance to try to seduce your date, what would you go for? A little salsa? Maybe street dance? What do you fancy your chances at?! 😉

136) What makes you the most nervous when dating? Come on… Be honest! 😉

137) Do you think I’ll get you all hot and flustered on our date?! 😜

138) If you could choose one name for yourself, what would it be and why?

139) If you had to make up a nickname for me, based purely on what you know and see so far, what would you go for?!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

140) Would you rather face-time or voice-call right now? And yes… I guess this is a proposition 😉

This is a great flirty dating app question you can use to progress your conversation further and take it to the “next stage” of having a call.

141) Are you a big dreamer?! What’s the WILDEST dream you’ve had in the last week? No holding anything back! 🤪

142) Do you have many… fantasies? If we’re getting… deep now here? 😉

143) What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done or, would want to do… For that special person… One day… Wink wink, nudge nudge. Ha, just kidding!

144) Do you think I’m flirting with you!? 😳😉

145) What would you rate your own flirting skills, then?!

Onto The Last Ones… (For this section!)

146) What do you think is the most attractive physical feature on a person?

147) Would it be TOTALLY RISKY to ask what you’d rate my looks, or what you’d rate your own? (I don’t know how honest we should be here, without offending of coming on too strong 🤪)

148) If you have to scrap one item of clothing every day – which one would you get rid of?!

149) Have you ever played strip poker or… strip “anything” as a game?! And no… That’s not an invitation. Not just yet anyway! 😉

150) What would you do if you were here right now, with me?

Remember: your flirty dating app messages should vary based on how long you’ve matched with this person, how well you know them, and what you’re looking for right now.

If you’re ready for a relationship and want to attract someone on the same page, you should always be mindful of how you come across and what it may seem that you’re looking for.

how to create interesting chat on dating apps

Different Questions To Ask On Dating Apps

We’re flying through these dating app questions now, so let’s move into the last category in this post, with 50 final different questions to ask on dating apps… If you’re simply looking for ideas or inspiration!

See, conversation doesn’t have to get dull. It’s just about mixing it up… without making your questions TOO random!

After all, there’s got to be some sort of limit when it comes to questions to ask someone you’ve just met / have only recently matched with!

151) So… Do you like cooking? And do you do much cooking for both yourself, and others?

Adding “so” at the start of a question, is a great way to ease into… well… any question!

152) What is the biggest gift you have given someone? And to who?! 🎁 

This isn’t about seeing what you could get, but gage what how “giving” they are as a person. Remember, something big doesn’t have to be based on the amount of money spent! You can also remind them of this!

153) Is your work very stressful? And if so, how do you then de-stress?

This can be a relatable question, sharing how big of a part it plays in your life. Or, you might be asking purely down to inquisition.

154) So, what are you looking for right now? (If you don’t mind me asking!)

Adding “if you don’t mind me asking”, avoids any dating app questions being too intrusive. It’s also light and friendly. So always consider what softening words you can add in, when you may need.

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

155) If you could make one law in the world, what would it be?

156) If today was your last day on earth (YIKES!), how would you spend it? (And no, I won’t be offended when you say… well not on this dating app. Ha! Don’t worry, I get it 😜)

157) How long has it taken you to realise what you’re really looking for in a partner? Or have you always kind of known? (And if so… how?!)

This is a great dating app question to see how clear your match is, about what they’re looking for, and what things have shaped / influenced them.

Remember – don’t bombard your match with question after question. Instead, wait for them to respond, then lead it into the next question.

E.G. in the example above – ask how, once they’ve answered. Don’t go for the triple question in one go!

158) Who do you live with then, or do you live on your own? And how do you find that?

159) Is there anything you think that holds you back?! 🤔

160) Is there anyone who inspires you to move forward in life or in any similar way?

161) What was your first impression of me, when you first matched with me? And what was your first impression when you first met me? And have any of these impressions changed the more that you’ve gotten to know me?!

162) Do you have a close relationship with your parents?

Different Dating App Questions

163) Do you have any brothers or sisters? And what are they like? Similar or different to you?

Notice that with each question, you don’t have to move onto a totally different question from there.

Each question can lead to another related question and another and another; complemented with your own answers to these questions too.

So that’s how you really gain momentum when asking dating app questions and keeping it flowing!

164) How often do you get to see your friends? And where are they all from?!

165) If you could go anywhere in the world with your friends, where would you go and why?

166) If you were to jet off solo traveling – how do you think you’d find it? Or how did you find it, if you’ve been before?

167) Do you find it difficult creating conversation on these dating apps? (No dig! I’m really enjoying speaking to you. I just wondered if you ever get burnt out with it all, too?)

168) What are your all-time favourite foods?! And please don’t say something standard like sweets, crisps and chocolate. I want to know BRANDS if it really is that! 🤪 Give me more, give me more! 😉

169) Is there anything you totally can’t live without? (And yes, I know. You soon will be saying me! 😉)

170) What sort of things are you really good at then? (Keeping this convo nice and tame… for now! Think of what you’d tell your Grandma, that’s the kind of level I mean. Ha!)

Dating App Questions

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

171) What’s one new thing you’d love to get into?

172) Do you use social media often? Why / why not?

173) How do you like to celebrate your birthday? And what’s the “norm” each year? (Plus of course – when is your birthday? Do you ahem one coming up?!) 🎉

174) What’s some of the nicest things you’ve ever done for someone?

(This could be a partner, a friend, a family member or even a stranger! Because hey – there’s heaps of random acts of kindness you can do every day!)

175) How do you typically spend your time off work? And do you get much time off work?

176) What are the most important things when it comes to dating someone?

177) When was the last time you cried, and why?

With this one, you may like to lighten it with a little flirting by teasing, adding in an extra line like: “And no, I totally won’t judge if you cried at a sad movie… or a soap show, even! 😉”

178) Do you think you could ever do a long-distance relationship?

This is a casual, conversation starter on dating apps if you DON’T live far apart, but could be a dealbreaker if you DO!

Remember, long distance relationships do work – but only if you put the work in! They’re also not for everyone, so it’s worth weighing this up (if you need to), early on!

Different Questions To Ask on Dating Apps

179) If there was one thing you could change in your life, what would it be?

180) Who do you go to when you need advice? (Or is it different people, for different things?) Which people are you closest to in your life, for this reason, and why?

181) What do you think determines more – luck or hard-work?

182) What has been the luckiest day of your life, so far, and why? (And yes, I know, matching me may come into it! You knew that, the minute I sent my BOSS opening line! 😉)

183) What type of outfit do you wear the most? (And – no, I won’t judge if you say your PJ’s!)

184) Do you have any bad habits, no-one knows about? Or which you’d hate to admit?! Uh huh, I’m really testing you now, right?!

185) What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had, and what was it? (Feel free to voice note it me, if easier! I feel like this could be a long one! 🤪)

186) Are you a morning person or night person?

Onto The Final Ones…

187) Would you say you typically think more positively or negatively? And how do you deal with negativity or negative thoughts?! (As hey – the world, isn’t always the happiest of places, right?!)

188) What’s the hardest physical challenge you’ve ever done in your life? And are there any physical challenges you’d like to take on?! 💪

189) What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt from your personal experiences? (Without getting too deep here 😉)

190) Are you more introverted or extroverted? And how do you typically act in group environments, vs. one-to-one?

191) Do you think you come across as a confident person? In which ways? And does that genuinely reflect how you feel on the inside too?

192) What would you do if you had the chance to go back, 2 years, in time? 👀

193) How do you spend your free time after work everyday? (And no – you don’t have to try to make it sound more interesting. I just want to know what you genuinely do! 😉 )

Adding little comments like this on the end, keeps it real and open. Because hey – it’s easy to feel the need to try to impress on dating apps, so if you make it clear, you’re not fussed about that when asking dating app questions, you get a far more honest and real response!

dating app questions

Different Dating App Questions

194) What are your thoughts on astrology? Do you think it’s accurate or true?

195) How about astronomy? Does outer space, scare or excite you?!

196) Is there any thing you want to learn in the next couple of years? Or anything new you’re currently learning?

197) Are there any hobbies you used to have, that you want to get back into? Or any hobbies you think you’d really enjoy / would love to try?!

198) Are you still in touch with your childhood friends? And if no – why not? (Don’t worry, there’s no judgements here!)

199) If you could be an incredible singer or an epic dancer, which would you choose? (And yes, I know, you will probably say you are already both! 🤪)

200) What’s one thing that would make you nervous about meeting me?!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 200+ fun & different dating app questions.

Pick and choose, or tweak these questions to come up with your own! Either way, I hope this has given you lots of ideas for different dating app questions now.

Remember – dating doesn’t have to be dull. There’s plenty of things you can do to spice up conversations to make them more interesting. So have fun with it!

Good luck.


Dating App Questions
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