Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

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Want to know how to tell is a guy likes you but is hiding it? The key signs he secretly likes you? The little giveaways that you can look out for? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 10 signs he likes you but is hiding it.

How To Tell If a Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It

It’s time to get to the bottom of how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it. But first up, why might he be doing this? What’s even the deal with that? Well:

1) He Might Know He’s Not Ready For a Relationship

Uh huh, I’m sorry, I don’t want to pop the love-bubble but it’s not always a good sign if he likes you but is hiding it.

It could be that he knows he’s not ready for a relationship and just doesn’t want to mess you around.

The only good thing with this, is at least he’s aware of it and is being mature about it. He’s putting you first, not himself. That shows he’s a decent guy.

The thing is, you can’t try to change his mind. He knows himself better than you do. So if he’s not ready – he’s not ready! And if you try to change that, you’ll only end up getting hurt.

2) You’ve Been There Before and It’s Not Ended Well.

Similarly, it could be an ex that still likes you. This is another common reason why a guy might like you but hide it. See although there’s still feelings there – he knows that’s not always enough.

You didn’t work before, so he’s scared of getting involved again. Maybe he, or you, or both of you got hurt, which is what’s making him keep quiet.

It’s risky. He doesn’t know what’s for the best. So it’s not necessarily a bad thing that – right now – he’s keeping his cards closer to his chest. This leads me onto my next point…

3) He Doesn’t Fully Know How He Feels

It could also be that right now, he’s confused about his feelings. He doesn’t totally realise how much he likes you just yet (maybe he needs to read this article himself!) He could be unaware, or in denial. He’s not ready to put himself our there just yet, which – again – flows on nicely to the next consideration…

4) He’s Unsure About How You Feel

So let’s put it out there straight- guys don’t like rejection. They’ve got egos. In fact, often, they hate the dating knock-backs even more than we do, ladies. They feel them hard.

So if he doesn’t know how you feel, or thinks his feelings aren’t reciprocated by you, it can make him reluctant to share them… or even want to feel them for that matter!

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This is why it’s good to make your feelings clear – to play it cool (but the right way) whilst still being willing to open your heart and mind to others. Lead by example! It then takes this possibility away.

5) It’s complicated.

There’s actually no end of reasons why a guy could like you but is hiding it.

  • Maybe he has other things going on in his life.
  • Maybe he’s already with someone else.
  • It could be that he doesn’t think he’s good enough for you.
  • Or is emotionally unavailable / emotionally immature.
  • Perhaps you’re with someone else.
  • Perhaps you work together.
  • Or maybe you’re currently just really good friends.

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If there’s something that makes it more complicated, then that’s another reason why he may like you but hide it. All of these things? They’re “threats”, they make it more risky. And remember, we are all – to some degree – afraid of getting hurt.

Signs He Secretly Likes You

Whatever it is that’s stopping him from telling you, if you recognise the signs he likes you but is hiding it – just think first, why might he be doing this?

Because like I said, the reason isn’t always a good one, and so this isn’t necessarily something you want to pursue.

What you do from here, will also depend on how you feel. If you recognise the signs he likes you but is hiding it, you’ve been hiding or denying your feelings to, over something like fear, then girl, brush that aside.

Talk to him. Take things to the next level. See what happens. Providing it’s right of course, and you know there’s a good chance he is the right person for you.

Agreed? Okay then. Let’s move on to to how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it…

Does He Fancy Me?

Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding it

So, what are the key signs he likes you but is hiding it? Well:

1) He Wants To Be Around You

First up then, if someone likes you but is hiding it, you’ll find that they want to be around you as much as they can.

So maybe they’ll linger after conversations, find reasons to come up to you, ask you to go to things, to do things – even if in a group situation to take away the date-like feel.

You’ll also find he asks you a lot of questions – not only so he’s with you for longer, but so that he can learn about you. He’s genuinely interested in you. You intrigue him. He wants to find out more.

2) He Gets Close To You

If a guy secretly likes you, he’ll want to get close to you. He’ll get close either intentionally or not. This means leaning in when you’re talking, sitting closely next to you, keeping that eye contact, upping that physical contact.

So it could be a touch of the hand, a touch of the arm, a lingering hand after a warm embrace. There’s something there. You can feel it, he can feel it. It’s just a case of whether or not to act on it further from there.

3) He Doesn’t Talk About Other Women

He’s interested in you, he can’t tell you, but he doesn’t want to put you off by talking about other women.

Even if there is someone else there, he won’t bring her up, or will divert the conversation if you do. He’s in a little bubble when he’s around you, he wants it to be just you and him.

If he is single, you’ll also find that he probably makes this clear or brings it up. But he won’t talk about his dating experiences, or anyone he’s dating or seeing.

Maybe the odd comment of a disastrous date – to test your response and see if you seem to be at all jealous. 

You might find that he also drops hints – like about how lonely he’s been, or how he’s free on a certain night (secretly hoping you’ll suggest keeping him company!)

The truth is, he wants YOU to be HIS woman… but there’s something standing in the way.

Signs He Secretly Likes You

4) He Flirts or Teases You

Another one of the key signs he likes you but is hiding it, is when he subtly flirts with you (noticing the little things and paying you complements) or even more subtly – teases you.

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Joking, messing around and teasing are easy ways for him to flirt, as it’s less direct. You’ll also find that there’s good “banter.” Essentially, he’s showing affection towards you, without being too overt.

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5) He’s Always There For You

If a guy likes you but is hiding it, you’ll often find that, in many ways, he’s become like your best friend. He cares about you – more than perhaps he, or you, even know. But that naturally makes him there for you.

Maybe he’s always offering an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. Perhaps he’s the one person who seems to genuinely take an interest in you, your life, how you feel, how you’re getting on.

Whether he’s your rock, supporting you through the hard times, or just your go-to-guy in a crisis… the kind of guy you know would pick you up at any hours, from anywhere, if you needed him: he’s there and you appreciate it. He makes you feel important.

Or maybe it’s not even that, not to that degree. Maybe he’s just always there when he says he will be. If you make plans – he won’t bail. If you want to do something, he’ll find some time.

He’s reliable, dependable, and this will make the two of you close.

6) He Tries To Impress You

Next up, you can tell if someone likes you but is hiding it, if you find that they try – even more than usual – to impress you. This could be that:

  • He listens to what you say, and takes it on board, wearing things he knows you like.
  • He takes extra time in his appearance when he knows he’s seeing you or you’ll be there.
  • You’ll also find that he drops in his achievements, his accomplishments. He wants you to be impressed with him! He wants to make an impression on you.
  • He’ll also try to demonstrate that he is boyfriend material – again, by the things he says and the way he acts.

See he’s trying to win you over, before he – if he ever does(!) – makes his move. He wants to be sure about how you feel, and so he’s working hard to encourage you to feel a certain way towards him.

How To Tell If Someone Likes You But Is Hiding It

7) He Gets Jealous or Protective

Next up, if a guy likes you but is hiding it, you’ll notice he can actually get pretty jealous or overprotective.

So he won’t like you talking about other guys, he won’t like hearing about you going out with other guys, and if he has to – he’ll ask a lot of questions or find reasons to put them down!

He doesn’t want you to be with anyone else, not really, he’s just not had the courage (for whatever reason) to tell you he wants to be with you. He could also be in denial – fighting his feelings for you.

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Whatever the reason, he’ll come across as very protective – having your best interests at heart and looking out for you. And he is. Because he does care.

But there’s also that ulterior motive because really, he wants you all to himself. And of course, he knows by being there for you, he’s able to get close to you.

8) His Body Language Gives It Away

We’re really getting through these signs he likes you but is hiding it now. So what other key indicators are there? Well, it’s all in the body language!

See, you’ll find that this is very open. He leans in when talking to you, has a relaxed posture with his body pointing towards you. 

You’ll also find that he smiles at you a lot. But not the forced kind of smile, the one you feel, deep within you. The one where the smile reaches the eyes and there’s that connection.

He can’t actually help it. Being around you, naturally makes him smile. But he also wants you to feel comfortable around him.

9) He Tries To Read You

If a guy likes you, but is hiding it, he’ll try to read you. He’ll ask you questions to better determine where you’re at and how you feel… but subtle questions. He won’t be direct. 

He’ll want to know about your love life, he’ll want to know what you’re up to at the weekend, he’ll want to know if there’s anything new in your life.

He’ll also always listen intently as you speak, about anything. He takes it all in, takes you all in.

There will be pretty intense eye contact in most cases, no scrolling through his phone during a conversation, and he’ll always give you a chance to speak – there will be no interrupting or not letting you finish! 

He may also drop hints that he likes you, every now and then, perhaps in a jokey way – just to see how you respond. Or he’ll get closer to you, create more intimate moments, and again, see how you respond. 

Does He Have A Crush On Me?

10) He Acts Differently Around You

There’s actually a lot of different signs he likes you but is hiding it. But a good one to round it up with, is the fact that he acts overall, differently with you, than with others.

If you make him shy, or nervous, perhaps you pick up on that. If he’s more fun and charismatic around you, again, trying to impress, it’s another flip-side indicator.

Maybe he’s kinder, more attentive with you. Maybe he shows you a different side, that he doesn’t show everyone else.

If his feelings have grown for you over time, you’ll also notice the way he is with you, his behaviour towards you, is also different to back at the start.

Perhaps it began as a friendship, and now he’s become kind of awkward. Maybe he’s become more formal and distant, not wanting to “give his feelings away” but unintentionally doing so anyway! 

Or maybe the atmosphere between you is just different now – more intense. There’s something bubbling between the surface, a sexual tension building even perhaps. And you both know it’s there but it’s kind of unspoken.

How To Tell If Someone Likes You But Is Hiding It

There’s other little suggestions and indicators when it comes to how to tell is someone likes you but is hiding it. For example, you may also notice:

  • You often catch him looking at you. Maybe you both can’t stop looking at each other.
  • He makes jokes about liking you. (Testing the water and all that!)
  • He blows hot and cold – confused about how he feels.
  • You’ll get mixed signals. He seems conflicted, and you’re getting this from him.
  • Of course, he always maintains deep eye contact, like we’ve mentioned above!
  • He remembers little details about you. Remembers little moments you shared together. He also never forgets the things you tell him. This is because he’s taking you all in.
  • He follows you on socials and is always one of the first to view your story.
  • He texts back fast. Or finds reasons to speak to you when you’re not together.

Essentially, if you want to know if a guy secretly likes you, look out for the little details that are different to what a friend would be like with you. Look out for the little signs, the extra effort, those intimate moments.

The signs he likes you but is hiding it, are often subtle. There won’t always be huge romantic gestures or declarations of love (that’s usually just for the movies!)

Instead, it’s the little things… the little things that all start to add up!

Hope this makes sense. For further reading you may like:

Take care!


Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

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