20 Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

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Want to know how to tell is a guy likes you but is hiding it? The key signs he secretly likes you? The little giveaways that you can look out for? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 20 signs he likes you but is hiding it.

How To Tell If a Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It

It’s time to get to the bottom of how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it. But first up, why might he be doing this? What’s even the deal with that?

See, by recognising the causes of a guy hiding his feelings for you, it then makes more sense to you and is easier to understand.

The reasons why a guy likes you but is hiding it, also give away key signs. So it’s well worth exploring. What sort of causes could there be? Well…

1) He Might Know He’s Not Ready For a Relationship

Uh huh, I’m sorry, I don’t want to pop the love-bubble but it’s not always a good sign if he likes you but is hiding it.

It could be that he knows he’s not ready for a relationship and just doesn’t want to mess you around.

The only good thing with this, is at least he’s aware of it and is being mature about it. He’s putting you first, not himself. That shows he’s a decent guy.

The thing is, you can’t try to change his mind. He knows himself better than you do. So if he’s not ready – he’s not ready! And if you try to change that, you’ll only end up getting hurt.

2) You’ve Been There Before and It’s Not Ended Well

Similarly, it could be an ex that still likes you, misses you, and is interested in getting back with you (although is probably fighting with whether or not it’s the right thing!)

This is another common reason why a guy might like you but hide it. See although there’s still feelings there – he knows that’s not always enough.

You didn’t work before, so he’s scared of getting involved again. Maybe he, or you, or both of you got hurt, which is what’s making him keep quiet.

It’s risky. He doesn’t know what’s for the best. So it’s not necessarily a bad thing that – right now – he’s keeping his cards closer to his chest. This leads me onto my next point.

3) He Doesn’t Fully Know How He Feels

It could also be that right now, he’s confused about his feelings. He doesn’t totally realise how much he likes you just yet (maybe he needs to read this article himself!)

He could be unaware, or in denial. He’s not ready to put himself our there just yet, which – again – flows on nicely to the next consideration…

4) He’s Unsure About How You Feel

So let’s put it out there straight- guys don’t like rejection. I mean, they’ve known for having egos, and these egos – they don’t take rejection well!

In fact, guys often hate the dating knock-backs even more than we do, ladies. They feel them more and can take them more personally.

So if he doesn’t know how you feel, or thinks his feelings aren’t reciprocated by you, it can make him reluctant to share them… or even want to feel them for that matter!

He may like you, but be hiding it – predominantly – because he’s scared of rejection.

This is why it’s good to make your feelings clear – to play it cool (but play it cool the right way) whilst still being willing to open your heart and mind to others.

Lead by example! It then takes the “what ifs” away and therefore any regrets.

5) It’s Complicated

There’s actually no end of reasons why a guy could like you but is hiding it.

  • Maybe he has other things going on in his life.
  • Maybe he’s already with someone else.
  • It could be that he doesn’t think he’s good enough for you.
  • Or is emotionally unavailable / emotionally immature.
  • Perhaps you’re with someone else and so, respectfully, he doesn’t want to get involved.
  • Perhaps you work together, which again – can always make things more complicated.
  • Or maybe you’re currently just really good friends. (So he’s a friend that secretly has feelings for you! This can actually be quite common.)

If there’s something that makes it more complicated, then that’s another reason why he may like you but hide it. All of these things? They’re “threats.” They make it more risky.

And remember, we are all – to some degree – afraid of getting hurt.

So it’s not surprising why he may like you but be hiding it, really. Maybe you’ve hidden your feelings with guys at times too?

It’s just a case of recognising the signs a guy secretly likes you, then deciding what to do about it.

What To Do If He Secretly Likes You

Whatever it is that’s stopping him from telling you, if you recognise the signs he likes you but is hiding it – just first go back to determine why he might be doing it.

Because like I said – the reason isn’t always a good one, and so this isn’t necessarily something you want to pursue.

What you do from here? Well that will depend on how you feel…

If you recognise the signs he likes you but is hiding it and you’ve been hiding or denying your feelings too, then – be brave, push your fears aside!

(Providing you think there’s a good chance he is the right person for you – it’s worth giving a shot, isn’t it?)

Talk to him. Take things to the next level. Tell him how you feel. See what happens.

Life is all about staying true to yourself and being willing to take chances. So shoot your shot and see where it goes.

At least, after this article, you can feel more confident with where his head is at too.

So do we have a plan with all of this? Okay then. Then, let’s move on to to those all-important signs of how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it…

Does He Fancy Me?

20 Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding it

Now we’ve got the essentials out the way, it’s time to look at those all important signs he likes you but is hiding it.

What should you look out for? How do you know if a guy likes you but is hiding it? Well, the main indicators are as followed.

Just note: one or two signs alone, don’t necessarily mean anything. It’s when you get further and further through this list and are finding more and more ring true, that you can more accurately confirm if he likes you but is hiding it! Okay? So…

1) He Wants To Be Around You

First up then, if someone likes you but is hiding it, you’ll find that they want to be around you as much as they can.

So maybe he lingers after conversations, finds reasons to come up to you, asks you to go to things, to do things – even if it’s in a group situation to take away the date-like feel.

You’ll also find he asks you a lot of questions – not only so he’s with you for longer, but so that he can learn about you.

He’s genuinely interested in you. You intrigue him. He wants to find out more. This leads me onto our next key sign…

2) He Tries To Read You

If a guy likes you, but is hiding it, he’ll try to read you. He’ll ask you questions to better determine where you’re at and how you feel… but subtle questions. He won’t be direct. 

He’ll want to know about your love life, he’ll want to know what you’re up to at the weekend, he’ll want to know if there’s anything new in your life.

He’ll also always listen intently as you speak, about anything. He takes it all in, takes you all in.

There will be pretty intense eye contact in most cases, no scrolling through his phone during a conversation, and he’ll always give you a chance to speak – there will be no interrupting or not letting you finish! 

He may also drop hints that he likes you, every now and then, perhaps in a jokey way – just to see how you respond.

Or he’ll get closer to you, create more intimate moments, and again, see how you respond. 

3) He Gets Close To You

If a guy secretly likes you, he’ll want to get close to you. He’ll get close either intentionally or not.

This means leaning in when you’re talking, sitting closely next to you, keeping that eye contact, upping that physical contact.

So it could be a touch of the hand, a touch of the arm, a lingering hand after a warm embrace.

There’s something there. You can feel it, he can feel it. It’s just a case of whether or not to act on it further from there.

4) He Keeps Looking At You

Next up, I want to further highlight the eye contact that is usually always prevalent when a guy likes you but is hiding it.

See, you’ll often catch him looking at you, even if he’s trying to be subtle about it. If he’s shy you may find that they’re sneaky glances, but consistent glances (He just can’t help himself!)

Or maybe you both can’t stop looking at each other! And, on top of that, when you have conversations there’s this (kinda intense) sustained eye contact always there too.

There’s an unspoken attraction and connection, bubbling away underneath the surface…

5) He Tries To Impress You

Next up, you can tell if someone likes you but is hiding it, if you find that they try – even more than usual – to impress you. This could be that:

  • He listens to what you say, and takes it on board, wearing things he knows you like.
  • He takes extra time in his appearance when he knows he’s seeing you or you’ll be there.
  • You’ll also find that he drops in his achievements, his accomplishments. He wants you to be impressed with him! He wants to make an impression on you.
  • He’ll also try to demonstrate that he is boyfriend material – again, by the things he says and the way he acts.

See he’s trying to win you over, before he – if he ever does(!) – makes his move.

He wants to be sure about how you feel, and so he’s working hard to encourage you to feel a certain way towards him.

How To Tell If Someone Likes You But Is Hiding It

6) He Doesn’t Talk About Other Women

He’s interested in you, he can’t tell you, but he doesn’t want to put you off by talking about other women.

Even if there is someone else there, he won’t bring her up, or will divert the conversation if you do. He’s in a little bubble when he’s around you, he wants it to be just you and him.

If he is single, you’ll also find that he probably makes this clear or brings it up.

But he won’t talk about his dating experiences, or anyone he’s dating or seeing (especially if there’s something potentially serious growing with someone – he’ll totally downplay that!)

See, he’ll be okay with you thinking that there’s the “demand” there, and that people want him – but he won’t want you to think that he’s into anyone else or not “available” (just in case you want him to be available for you…)

You might even find that he drops hints – like if he’s feeling a little lonely lately, or how he’s free on a certain night (secretly hoping you’ll suggest keeping him company!)

The truth is, he wants YOU to be HIS woman… but there’s something standing in the way.

7) He May Try To Spark a Little Jealousy

Now if he does mention his dating life, he’ll only do so lightly – talking about the people he’s been seeing and the things they’ve done to see if you get jealous, or have any sort of reaction.

Maybe he’ll test you further by asking your opinion on girls, or asking you what you think he should do in situations.

Just note however – he’ll be careful with this, as like we said, he won’t want to say anything that gives the wrong perception about his availability or puts you off…

8) He Gets Jealous or Protective Over You

On a similar note, if a guy likes you but is hiding it, you’ll notice he can actually get pretty jealous or overprotective.

So he won’t like you talking about other guys, he won’t like hearing about you going out with other guys, and if he has to – he’ll ask a lot of questions or find reasons to put them down!

He doesn’t want you to be with anyone else, not really, he’s just not had the courage (for whatever reason) to tell you he wants to be with you.

He could also be in denial – fighting his feelings for you.

Whatever the reason, he’ll come across as very protective – having your best interests at heart and looking out for you. And he is. Because he does care.

But there’s also that ulterior motive because really, he wants you all to himself. And of course, he knows by being there for you, he’s able to get close to you.

9) You’ll See Moments of Vulnerability

Now, no-one can keep an “act” up forever, so if he likes you but is hiding it, there will be moments when he’ll slip up. So for example:

  • Maybe when he’s fuelled by jealousy, he blurts out something like, “I don’t want you to be with anyone else.”
  • Or perhaps it’s when it’s just the two of you and you’re having a deep chat, he opens up about his relationship fears (which could tie into why he’s hiding his true feelings for you.)\
  • Maybe he even talks about why he finds it difficult to let his guard down or shares other details you wouldn’t expect.
  • It could be when you’re doing something fun together that he looks at you with so much warmth, or let’s slip how fondly he thinks of you.
  • Or maybe he asks more direct questions, more carelessly that reveals what he really wants, like “could you ever see yourself being with me?” (I mean, why would he ask if he hadn’t been thinking about it himself.)

So if you’re wondering if he likes you but is hiding it, because you feel that way too – encourage these moments and create more of the moments where it’s easier for him to drop his guard.

I mean, he could actually be showing early signs of falling for you, and maybe you’re falling for him too. But you both have to allow yourselves to see that it’s happening…

Signs He Secretly Likes You

10) He Flirts or Teases You

Another one of the key signs he likes you but is hiding it, is when he subtly flirts with you.

When it is subtle, it’s difficult to notice, but that’s why you have to look really deeply for the signs he’s flirting with you.

Don’t forget that one form of subtle flirting is flirting by teasing. See, joking, messing around and teasing are easy ways for him to flirt, as it’s less direct.

You’ll also find that there’s good “banter” between the two of you – or more accurately “flirty banter.” Essentially, he’s showing affection towards you, without being too overt.

It goes back to the whole childhood-playground-teasing when a boy likes a girl, right? I guess some things we never really grow out of!

But flirting, in any form – when combined with the other signs he likes you but is hiding it – is a major key.

11) He May Even Joke About Liking You

Similarly to flirting and teasing, another thing he may do is they may test the water by joking about liking you, to try to gage your response.

This will be his flirty banter, or maybe it’s an ongoing joke – said so much – you don’t really think it’s true!

If a guy does things like this, think of it as his coat of armour, protecting him from any rejection…

But do you notice all the other signs alongside it? Is there something between you? Is there likely to be more there?

DARE: Joke back. Tell him you like him too and see how he responds. Two can play that game remember, and if it encourages a little “action” (which is what you want), it’s only a win, win!

How To Tell If Someone Likes You But Is Hiding It

We’re over half way through the signs a guy likes you but is hiding it. Are many ringing true so far? See, on the flip-side, here’s the signs he see’s you as just a friend (but hopefully that’s not the case!) By comparing, you become clearer on how this guy feels however.

So if you’ve done that – shall we keep these signs coming? I think so! Let’s continue…

12) He’s Always There For You

If a guy likes you but is hiding it, you’ll often find that, in many ways, he’s become like your best friend.

He cares about you – more than perhaps he, or you, even know. But that naturally makes him there for you.

Maybe he’s always offering an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. Perhaps he’s the one person who seems to genuinely take an interest in you, your life, how you feel, how you’re getting on.

Whether he’s your rock, supporting you through the hard times, or just your go-to-guy in a crisis… the kind of guy you know would pick you up at any hours, from anywhere, if you needed him: he’s there and you appreciate it. He makes you feel important.

Or maybe it’s not even that, not to that degree. Maybe he’s just always there when he says he will be. If you make plans – he won’t bail. If you want to do something, he’ll find some time.

He’s reliable, dependable, and this makes the two of you, naturally, very close.

13) He Prioritises You

If a guy prioritises you, it’s another clear sign he secretly likes you. After all, he doesn’t HAVE to do these things, and probably wouldn’t do these things for just “any old friend.”

So for example, you might notice that:

  • When he’s around, he ignores any texts or calls on his phone, and gives his full attention to you.
  • He’ll say yes to the things you ask him too (even if he secretly had other offers or commitments – your offer is far more appealing than anything else.)
  • He’ll also make time for you (even when life is super busy) because he wants to spend time with you.
  • Maybe he even blows off things he loves occasionally, for things that are important to you and involve you.

And it’s not to a weird or unhealthy degree. He basically does the things that a boyfriend would typically do – even though you’re not at that stage yet or may never be.

But if he genuinely really likes you, for him – it happens naturally.

14) And Remembers The Little Things

Do you think of this guy as a bit of a sweetheart? Or maybe you’re one of the few who gets to see his softer side? Either way – he touches you by the things that he does.

And sure – he can downplay it and make out these things aren’t a big deal, but you know he doesn’t do it for everyone. The kind gestures, the little thoughts – it’s all for you.

He remembers little details about you or remembers little moments you shared together – and often pops them into conversation, so that the two of you reminisce.

See he’s making a subtle play for you. It’s just baby steps.

Another thing to note? He also very rarely forgets the things you tell him. This is because he’s taking you all in. He’s genuinely and fully engaged.

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15) His Body Language Gives It Away

We’re really getting through these signs he likes you but is hiding it now. So what other key indicators are there? Well, it’s all in the body language!

See, you’ll find that this is very open. He leans in when talking to you, has a relaxed posture with his body pointing towards you. 

You’ll also find that he smiles at you a lot. But not the forced kind of smile, the one you feel, deep within you. The one where the smile reaches the eyes and there’s that connection.

He can’t actually help it. Being around you, naturally makes him smile. But he also wants you to feel comfortable around him.

Does He Have A Crush On Me?

16) He May Blow Hot & Cold

Now things aren’t always nice and dandy if a guy likes you but is hiding it. After all, it’s a difficult situation for him to be in – crushing on someone and having to keep it to himself.

He may also be torn about what to do (which goes back to the reasons why he’s hiding it, as mentioned at the start.)

As a result, you may notice hot and cold behaviour from him – where sometimes he’s the kind, cute, fun-loving guy that you know, and other times, he can be a little mean or distant.

He’s not doing this on purpose and it’s not that he’s playing you, it’s just that he’s confused, himself, and so trying to work it all out. Likewise…

17) You’ll Get Mixed Signals

Mixed signals work hand-in-hand with hot and cold behaviour, but they’re worth highlighting as this is more about him saying one thing, but doing another.

So for example, if he likes you but is hiding it:

  • He’ll talk about you being “just a friend”, yet he’ll do things for you, that clearly “just friends” wouldn’t do – but downplays it.
  • Or he may talk about a girl he’s dating, and makes out that he likes her, but then prioritises you. Similarly if you are dating or have dated in the past, he’ll still continue to date other people, as if it’s “not a big deal.”
  • Likewise, perhaps one day he’s totally supportive of a new guy in your life, but then he makes things difficult for the two of you, or isn’t friendly to him at all.
  • It could be that he wants to be there for you – but then can’t, as it’s too hard when you’re just friends. So maybe he says he’ll always be there (and often he is), but sometimes he’ll also bail out and let you down so you don’t actually always know where you stand.
  • It could be that his hot and cold behaviour is also coming into it. So one day he’ll be texting long replies, consistently, and the next it’ll be short and cold. One day he’ll be making lots of effort and the next he’ll be pulling away.

You see? So if you want to know if a guy secretly likes you, look at the mixed signals you’re getting and where the conflicts lie, then break them down to better interpret what they could mean.

Want to do this together? Then click here for one-to-one dating coaching. (It makes everything far, far easier!)

18) He’s Hot On Your Socials Though

Ahh, social media – how people act on here can reveal so many things! For this reason, we’ve got to mention the behaviour of a guy who likes you but is hiding it.

See, if this is the case, you’ll notice things like him always being one of the first to view your story! Behind the scenes – he’s probably checking your profile daily to see if there’s anything new (particularly if he’s in the infatuation stage!)

He’ll also use the things you share, as an excuse to pop up and create conversation. Uh huh, he’s not sliding into your DM’s constantly for no reason…

He likes you, he enjoys speaking to you, he just doesn’t want to put himself out there enough to tell you that it’s more than just on a friendship level!

19) He’s Responsive

Likewise with social media – you’ll notice that he’s pretty good with texting (even if he does try to play it cool sometimes.)

He puts more effort into your messages, replying in more depth, asking more questions and replying faster in most cases usually too.

This is because, again, he looks forward to your messages. Maybe he also often picks up the phone and gives you a call (even if he doesn’t really “need” to!)

He finds reasons to speak to you when you’re not together, and that’s another key sign he likes you more than just a friend.

20) He Acts Differently Around You

There’s actually a lot of different signs he likes you but is hiding it. But a good one to round it up with, is the fact that he acts overall, differently with you, than with others.

If you make him shy, or nervous, perhaps you pick up on that. If he’s more fun and charismatic around you, again, trying to impress, it’s another flip-side indicator.

Maybe he’s kinder, more attentive with you. Maybe he shows you a different side, that he doesn’t show everyone else.

If his feelings have grown for you over time, you’ll also notice the way he is with you, his behaviour towards you, is also different to back at the start.

Perhaps it began as a friendship, and now he’s become kind of awkward.

Maybe he’s become more formal and distant, not wanting to “give his feelings away” but unintentionally doing so anyway! 

Or maybe the atmosphere between you is just different now – more intense.

There’s something bubbling between the surface. There’s chemistry between the two of you. And you both know it’s there, but it’s kind of unspoken.

Signs He Secretly Likes You

So there we have it – 20 key signs he likes you but is hiding it.

To summarise, if you want to know if a guy secretly likes you, look out for the little details that are different to what a friend would be like with you.

Look out for the little signs, the extra effort, those intimate moments!

The signs he likes you but is hiding it, are often subtle than the clear signs he likes you.

He just won’t usually put himself out there so much, so there won’t always be huge romantic gestures or declarations of love (that’s usually just for the movies anyway!)

Instead, it’s the little things… the little things that all start to add up!

Hope this makes sense. Whatever happens from here, I wish you the best of luck.

Take care!


Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It
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