50+ Fun Halloween Date Ideas

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So Halloween 2023 will be here before we know it, which means the festivities will soon be in full flow! Looking for different date ideas for Halloween? Halloween themed date ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 50+ fun halloween date ideas to add into your Halloween Wish-List, filling you with different date suggestions this season!

50+ Fun Halloween Date Ideas

Here at Forgetting Fairytales, we LOVE #Halloween. So here’s our ultimate list of halloween date ideas for 2023.

This includes some of our top favourite seasonal dates to do at Halloween; and totally originally Halloween date ideas.

Uh huh – there’s definitely going to be some in here that you won’t have seen before!

So, have a read, see what takes your fancy, then get planning – mapping them into your diary, one by one.

Disclaimer: An Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. There may be affiliate links within the post.

1) Head To a Halloween Haunted House

So our first halloween date idea has to be, the classic haunted house! What exactly this is?

Well it’s a house or building said to be inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased, who may have been former residents or were otherwise connected with the property. (Spooky, I know!)

If you google “Haunted House By Me”, you’ll see a whole list of options show up – thanks Google!

These range from larger tourist attractions, to smaller venues. Most will offer some sort of tour or experience.

But have a search, see what you can find and get something booked up… It’s certainly a Halloween date that will bring you closer, hanging onto each other in sheer fear!

2) Or a Amusement-Park’s Halloween Fright Night

Another ready-made Halloween date idea, is to make the most of “Fright Night” or special Halloween events that amusement parks have.

Not only will you be screaming on the roller coasters, but off them too! But it’s a super cute Halloween date night!

3) Pick Your Own Pumpkin

Next up, we’ve got another classic halloween date idea, which is, of course, to head to a Pumpkin Patch and pick your own pumpkin!

It’s cute, fun and very seasonal. This is also only part 1 of the date. Part 2 has then got to be…

4) Pumpkin Carving

Whether you head to a pumpkin patch together or just grab one from the supermarket – pumpkin carving has got to be one of the best halloween date ideas.

Clear a space in your home or garden, make some spooky drinks, put on some music and carve to your hearts content!

You can even turn it into a pumpkin carving competition between the two of you – posting your pumpkins on social media afterwards and asking your friends and family to vote who’s is the best (without them knowing who carved what!)

You can then set a halloween-themed “prize” for the best pumpkin carver. It just adds a bit of extra fun to the date and keeps your relationship exciting!

In fact, there’s plenty of couples couples pumpkin carving ideas to choose from, proving that pumpkin carving is most definitely not “just for kids!”

Pumpkin Carving Date

5) Pumpkin Painting

Similarly to Pumpkin Carving, you’ve also got the slightly easier version of Pumpkin Painting.

You can do this on a separate day, as a separate date. Or – do both at the same time! It’s entirely up to you. Regardless, pumpkin painting is definitely an activity you’ve got to do!

6) Have a Halloween Lunch Date

If you’ve been busy prepping your pumpkins, you may as well put them to good use by turning the left-overs into a meal.

Lunch date ideas are seriously under-rated. I mean, they really help you to make FULL use, of the ENTIRE day.

Think – pumpkin soup for lunch, cosying up, in front of a warm fire!

It’s simple, but sweet – and perfect if yours or your partner’s love language is quality time.

It’s also perfectly fitting if you’re looking for Halloween themed foodie date ideas to get stuck into! Talking of which…

7) Or a Halloween Dinner Date

There’s also plenty of pumpkin dinner recipes you can do on the evening. This is similar, but a little less casual and a little more romantic.

If pumpkin’s aren’t your thing, you can also get creative crafting something like “spaghetti and eyeballs” for dinner… (i.e. it will be MEATBALLS, but hey – who’s to know?!)

Or, go for a traditional Thanksgiving-style meal, because – as you’ll soon see – the two are very closely linked. Anything that gets you using typical Halloween cuisine (like pumpkins!)

Thanksgiving Meal

Cute Halloween Date Ideas

Did you know that halloween date ideas can actually be pretty cute?!

Uh huh, it may be a scary holiday, but not everything you so has to be frightful!

I mean, as an absolute must, you should always…

8) Decorate Your Home Halloween-ey

Another way to make the most of your pumpkins, is to instead, use them as decor. Cue our halloween date idea… drum roll please… spending the evening making your place look spooky!

If you’ve already moved in together – this is perfect. If not, pick one of your houses / rooms and have fun going all-out on that halloween theme.

We’re talking fake cobwebs with spiders (pretend of course!), maybe some flying bats, scary ghosts, zombies – the lot. There’s plenty of Halloween decorations to choose from.

Get creative. See what you can do with it. Then get ready for story time…

9) Read Halloween Ghost Stories

A different halloween date idea is to cuddle up on the sofa and read scary stories! These don’t have to be TERRIFYING as such, but interesting and thought provoking!

On a similar note, conspiracies are also always good if the two of you like a good mystery to solve / debate. Or, going one step further, why not…

10) Have a Scary Story Competition

You could also have a scary story competition, where you create your own ghost story (or similar) and see who can come up with the scariest one!

Combine “facts” with parts of stories you’ve heard before, with your very own “fiction”, completely made up by scratch!

It’s a really different Halloween date idea, but this only makes it all the more memorable!

Things to do on halloween

11) Go on a Halloween Ghost Hunt

Now it’s not for everyone, but if you do (potentially!) believe in ghosts and don’t find it too scary, you could go on your own ghost hunt as a Halloween date idea…

Or find one happening in your local area! (This may make it a little easier!)

See ghost hunts can actually be pretty interesting, as whether you think it could be real or not, you learn a lot of the history you – possibly – had no idea about, within the streets that you walk every day!

12) Watch a Scary Halloween Movie

Another great Halloween date night? Watching a scary movie! There’s so many to choose on, you won’t be short for choice. Set the scene, get some nibbles in, cuddle up and try not to screeeeam!

A scary movie night at home, adds to the intimacy. The other option is…

13) Catch a New Scary Movie at the Cinema

There’s plenty of new horror movies that come out around Halloween, so why not be one of the first to watch it together.

Getting out, in front of the big screen, only makes it a more immersive experience however, so be prepared to FEEL THE FEAR!

14) Or Go To a Drive In Halloween Movie Screening

Want to step movie night up a notch further? Then why not find a Halloween movie drive in, or open air movie screening?

There’s often plenty on around this time of year – all set for the season!

Bring hot chocolates in a flask and snuggle up in blankets together, to make it extra special. Just search your local area ahead of schedule to make sure you don’t miss them!

The great thing with this Halloween date idea, is the halloween movies that are usually on, are usually family friendly.

We went to Hocus Pocus last year (although I must admit, I did scream at that!)

Halloween Date Ideas

Different Halloween Date Ideas

As you’re reading through this list – how many of these halloween date ideas have you already done, and how many have you never done before?!

Make a note of the DIFFERENT halloween date ideas you can try with your loved one, as it’s all about experiencing new things together!

See, no matter how long you’ve been together, there’s always new ways to celebrate halloween. I mean, why not consider one of the following…

15) Have a Harry Potter Inspired Dinner Party

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then Halloween is the perfect excuse to do a Harry Potter themed dinner party (just for two!)

You can have pumpkin pasties, shepherd’s pie, treacle tart, and spiked pumpkin juice.

Floating candles can totally be added as decor and YES, you can say to “stop being a Moaning Myrtle” if your partner isn’t quite as enthusiastic about this date idea as you’d like!

16) Play Halloween Themed Games

Do you both love a good games night? Then why not do a Halloween themed games night whilst you’re at it?

Think Halloween Pictoniar, Halloween Charades or even go for some light and fun printable Halloween riddles with answers.

The good thing is – you can turn almost any classic game into a Halloween version when you add a few rules in. Plus, there’s plenty of free extra ones on the internet all ready-made for you.

Want to order some in? Then use a FREE Amazon Prime Trial to get them delivered as soon as the next day. Some of my favourites for a Halloween Date Day / Night includes:

These are just light, fun Halloween games. But there’s plenty of darker Halloween games if you prefer!

17) Have a Halloween Trivia Night

Halloween trivia night is another great Halloween date idea. It’s different from our classic Couples Trivia Questions.

Instead, this can be played through a ready-made creepy trivia game, or you can find a list of Halloween themed questions and take it in turn to ask each other ones, then tally up to see who got the most answers right!

We’re talking questions like:

  • Is pumpkin a fruit or vegetable?
  • In which country did Halloween originate?
  • What was the name of Dracula’s sidekick?
  • Which actor played Dr. Frank-n-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
  • According to superstition, a person born on Halloween has what particular ability?
  • How many pieces of candy does the average household give to each trick or treater on Halloween?

They’re light, fun, and actually end up teaching you a thing or two!

Halloween Trivia Game

18) Or Play Scary Video Games!

Next up, next up – forget scary movie night, how about having a scary video game night?! There’s plenty of horror games you can play.

It’s fun, different, far more immersive than a movie night and really will have you on the edge of your seat! (Top tip: turn the lights off whilst playing – it only adds to the effect!)

19) Have a Halloween Party

Feel like a bit of fun? Want to let your hair down? Then one of the funnest Halloween date ideas is 100% to have a party…

Whether you host it for others, utilising these epic Halloween party invitation wording ideas to pack your place out, or have it as a party just the two of you – the choice is yours!

You’ve got your decorations set (if you did the date suggestion above!) so all you need is to get some couples costumes at the ready, and you then combine this with:

  1. Epic music.
  2. Halloween games.
  3. Creepy, themed drinks/ cocktails.
  4. Good music.
  5. Maybe a few couples drinking games.

And you’re all set! This leads me onto my next suggestion actually…

20) Make Some Halloween Themed Drinks

There’s some awesome Halloween cocktail recipes out there, that are actually pretty simple and easy to make at home. This makes the perfect halloween date idea – taking a night out, in.

From the Vampires Kiss, to Eyeball Snot-Tail (gross name but tastes good!), the classic Halloween Punch to Beastly Blackberry & Bay Lemonade Mocktail (for the non-drinkers).

There’s so many themed halloween cocktails you can try. So get ready to really shake things up with this Halloween inspired date night!

Psst, not a drinker? Not to worry! There’s heaps of Halloween themed non-alcoholic cocktails you can try. Or even Halloween themed coffees or hot chocolates so there’s plenty to choose from!

Cute Halloween Date Ideas

21) Do Some Halloween Baking

Had fun making Halloween cocktails? Then why not try some Halloween baking?

From Eerie Eyeball Pops to Spider Biscuits, Kiwi Slime Pie to Pumpkin Cheesecake – again, there’s plenty to try. You could even make it a tradition – baking up a different goodie each year.

The great thing about this halloween date, is it’s one of the few morning date ideas you can actually do, whilst keeping with the “creepy” theme!

This means you can start the day with halloween baking and still go on to do more of the other halloween date ideas, for a jam-packed complete day!

22) Or “Boogeying” – Halloween Style!

One of the most fun (yet different!) halloween date ideas, is to have a little dance!

Learn Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller” routine together. There’s heaps of Beginner Dance Tutorials which break it down, step by step, making it easy to follow.

It will be sure to bring you closer and have you in a lot of giggles… especially if you really get into character with it! Matching thriller costumes?! Why not?!

23) Have a Halloween Karaoke Night!

From singing to dancing, our next halloween date idea is – of course – a karaoke night.

This can be done out at a local pub / bar (if you’re brave enough) or you can grab a karaoke machine for yourselves (which isn’t actually too expensive) and sing your hearts out in the comfort of your own home!

Simply pick a Halloween Karaoke playlist and give it your all! (There’s no space for shyness with this one!)

24) Or Just a Halloween Night Out

 The great thing about Halloween? There’s usually PLENTY going on! So make the most of the club events, bar events and parties and go on a night out together – really let your hair down!

fun things to do at halloween with your boyfriend

Fun Halloween Date Ideas

All halloween date ideas tend to be pretty fun, but here’s some of our TOP-RATED halloween dates for the MAXIMUM fun-factor now then…

25) Go on a Zombie Pub Crawl!

An INGENIUS Halloween group date activity is a Zombie Pub Crawl, paired with these fun couples dares to make it even more wild and playful!

How it works? Well it’s as self-explanatory as it seems! All make a pact to dress up as zombies and go from one to another in fancy dress!

You could, of course, do this just with your partner. (Eek!) Although you’d have to be pretty brave to do this, as you may get a few stares…

Unless of course, it was on Halloween weekend when everyone’s dressed up anyway! Talking of which…

26) Do a Couples Halloween Photoshoot

Love fancy dress? Got those matching outfits ready? Then make the most of it by turning date night into a couples shoot!

From sexy couples halloween outfits to scary halloween costumes, right the way to funny couples matching costumes – there’s plenty to choose from.

You could actually make this a seasonal thing – your thing you do not just at Halloween, but Christmas, Easter, and so on. How it works? Well it’s simple?

  1. Get into your outfits.
  2. Set the scene with extra decorations.
  3. Take it in turns to take fun pictures!
  4. And also have pictures together.

You can then turn these into a collage, to print out and put in a memory book.

It’s cute, fun, different and so nice to look back on. Give it a try!

couples halloween photoshoot

27) Make Your Own Halloween Costumes Together

Prefer a little DIY? Then scrap buying a Halloween costume and instead, have fun at making your own together.

It can be a little project, a different halloween date night, and allows you to go all out with creativity!

You can then wear these costumes for your halloween photoshoot together (as suggested above) – only you’re able to create EXACTLY what you want, by making your outfits yourselves.

28) Or Come Up With a Halloween Costume For Each Other

A similar halloween date idea, is: instead of making your own Halloween costumes together, you can come up with a halloween costume for each other – and either buy it, tweak it or design it totally from scratch!

Set a theme. So for example you could say, “Come up with a Halloween Costume that…”

  • Best reflects me (in your eyes!)
  • Is the SCARIEST you can think of!
  • Is the HOTTEST you can think of!
  • Or, reminds you of me!

Wouldn’t it be creepy if you both ended up picking the same matching couples outfit for each other?! Creepy – or proof that you’re DESTINED to be together!?

Either way, this is one of our most original Halloween date ideas and we can’t get enough of it!

29) Go On a Halloween Ghost Tour

Want to get out and about? Then it’s time to go on a ghost tour. Search “Ghost Tours Near Me” or “Ghost Tours in [Your City Name.]”

They’re sometimes also known as Ghost Walks – as you’ll be taken around a city, hearing tales of the past.

Some can be a little theatrical – but they’re fun! And totally in the spirit of Halloween. It’s certainly something to do if you’ve never done one before!

scary things to do at halloween

30) Or a Late Night Walk Through a Cemetery

Another different halloween date idea, is a walk through the cemetery.

This doesn’t have to necessarily be for the “spooky” aspect, but instead – to use it as a time to remember those who are no longer with you.

Just bear in mind that any halloween date ideas that include the cemetery must always be kept respectful however. This is an absolute must.

31) Go Trick Or Treating

Another surprisingly fun Halloween date night (suitable if you have kids, younger siblings, nieces / nephews etc) is to head out with the little ones trick or treating.

The excitement you get from the kids is infectious and you might think… is it really a date?!

But you can use anything as a bonding experience and adding little ones into the mix, certainly helps to form a closer connection between the two of you!

Got no kids? Then get ready for the trick-or-treaters at your house instead! This date idea works particularly well if you’ve already been busy decorating or baking.

Grab some Halloween candy bags, get in lots of sweet treats, make your entrance something that’s remarkable(!) and maybe even dress up to make every visit more of an “experience!

Let your friendly little trick or treaters warm your heart! This date idea not only gets you into the Halloween spirit, but encourages you to be kind and playful together.

32) Or Reverse Trick or Treating

Another totally different Halloween date idea, suitable no matter what your situation, is to go Reverse Trick Or Treating with your partner and spread a little love together!

How it works? Well, instead of having everyone come to your house, you go door-to-door on Halloween night and give a special treat to those handing out candy. 

It’s a really beautiful gesture, a special act of kindness and something you will both remember for years to come!

fun halloween activities

33) Go To a Haunted Halloween Hayride / Creepy Corn Maze

Up next, up next, if you’re looking for different Halloween date ideas, then you have to have a look for a haunted hayride of creepy corn maze.

Find the venue, choose the date and be brave! This leads me onto my next suggestion…

34) Make Scary Halloween Scarecrows

Scarecrows are very much associated with the autumn harvest season and Halloween. They’re designed to scare away pests, but can be pretty scary themselves!

For this reason, you often get scary Halloween Scarecrow decor or creepy Halloween Scarecrow costumes.

A different Halloween date idea is to therefore, have a go at making a scary scarecrow yourselves!

This video shows you a step by step guide to make one and – as you can see – it’s a lot of fun!

35) Or Go To a Pumpkin Festival

We’re flying through these Halloween date ideas now. Next up, we’ve got a Pumpkin Festival. And I know what you’re thinking – a Pumpkin Festival?! Really?!

But yes – these are indeed, a thing! Search the internet and social media, for local events happening near you and you should come across at least one Pumpkin Festival!

These often have Pumpkin Picking available, but also other activities and entertainment there too – all ready for you. It makes for a super easy Halloween date idea, that’s for sure! Similarly…

Halloween Date Ideas

Different Halloween Date Ideas

Looking for some different halloween date ideas, if you’ve done a lot of these ones already? Then try some of these, my friends…

36) Go To a Harvest Festival

A harvest festival is an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region. 

In the UK, that comes in October. In America, it’s typically November, but becomes a big thing – now known as Thanksgiving.

Did you know, Halloween was originally celebrated in America as a harvest festival?!

Crazy huh? So no matter when the Harvest Festival falls for you, you can still think of Halloween, and get involved with your loved one, to turn it into a Halloween date idea!

Most harvest festivals will have things like corn mazes, hayrides, pumpkins, goats you can feed, and cute photo ops. (Always an added bonus!) So they’re well worth going to.

37) Brave It at a Halloween Scarefest

So as you’re starting to see – Halloween is BIG, in many places of the world, and there’s far more that you can do for it, than you may have perhaps realised.

Another absolute-must to add onto your Halloween Date Wish-List? The fabulous fun of a scarefest!

These usually combine many of the typical halloween attractions: mazes, houses, tours. But the difference is, they also encompass actors who are there to give you an entertaining Halloween experience!

They’re often done at theme parks, or on empty fields. So see what’s in your area and don’t miss out. It’s just about finding different things and then seizing the moment!

scary halloween dates

38) Halloween Dress Up / Face Paint Challenge

So we spoke about couples fancy dress, we also spoke about the Halloween themed photoshoot.

But another fun date idea for Halloween is to take it in turns to do each other’s Halloween makeup / face paint.

  1. Put a list of different halloween characters in a hat, and grab one out.
  2. Your partner has to then try to recreate that the best they can on you!
  3. OPTIONAL: You could also do the lucky dip in the morning, then give them an hour racing around town to find anything they want / need for their character creation, and vice versa!

The close-contact when face painting one another, always builds intimacy to the date. And… if you’re into role-play – this is always a fun way to make the most of the outfits on the night!

39) Halloween Murder Mystery Night

Talking of characters, Halloween is the perfect time to do a murder mystery night!

Whether you find an event close by and head to that together, or host the event at your home, with other couple friends. (It makes a great group date idea, that’s for sure!)

These Murder Mystery Games make Murder Mystery Night easy! So it’s certainly one to consider and is actually one of our favourite Halloween date ideas as it’s just so different!

40) Halloween Escape Room

Another great Halloween date activity, is to try a spooky themed escape room. If you just search “Escape Rooms Near Me” there’s likely to be plenty in your area, set up especially for Halloween.

If not, you may also like to grab one to do at home. I have this Escape Room Box Set, which already has some pretty scary challenges!

There’s also this Escape Room Box, which includes mental and physical puzzles that you must complete before the mad scientist turns you into werewolves!

Escape Rooms are great bonding activities for couples, and there seems no better time of the year to take one on, than the – already rather scary – season of Halloween!

Can you keep your cool, whilst the clock is ticking, without getting panicked? You’ll soon see!

halloween escape room

41) Do a Classic (Adults!) Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Love challenges? Then a Halloween scavenger hunt is another great Halloween date idea.

It’s different, and again, not just for kids! (Especially when you make it yourself and add some saucy “adult only” things in!)

How it works:

  • Write clues, for places to go / things for your partner to find – either outdoors or (my preference) around the house) For example it could be – “Head to the fireplace. Look up, look up!” and attach the next note there. Or “Go to the place where all of our frightfully-good night-time activity usually happens.” etc.
  • In each place, you can have “tricks” or “treats” – whether that’s going with the classic sweets / chocolate or not. (I always find these are pretty good to bag up and hide! Tasty too!)
  • At the end of it, you want your scavenger hunt to lead to the ultimate surprise, and if you want to keep the chemistry flying in your relationship; and things pretty playful, you can go for something a little naughty! For example, perhaps you want to finish it in the kitchen, with a halloween maid costume ready for you to put on. Or perhaps he’s been a “bad boy” so you finish with a naughty devil outfit for him. He then decides if he wants you to go “naughty” or “nice.” You see what I mean? There’s plenty you can do with it, to hotten things up, whilst keeping with the halloween theme!

42) Do a Halloween Themed Photo Scavenger Hunt

A Halloween themed photo scavenger hunt could also be such a fun date. Especially if you’re looking for easy last-minute date ideas for the day.

Simply write a list of things to take pictures of / with. It can be certain locations, people or objects around town.

Here’s a ready-made Halloween photo scavenger hunt to give you some ideas.

For example:

  • Take a selfie dangling a fake spider over a stranger!
  • Wrap yourself in toilet roll and pull your most mummy-like pose!
  • Take a photo holding the biggest pumpkin you can find, above your head!
  • Snap a shot eating as many candy bars as you can fit in your mouth!

You can get as sexy or silly as you like; with a photo scavenger hunt either around your home, or out. It’s super flexible.

You can also either take it on as a team effort, running around together to try to get all the photo challenges complete in a set time.

Or, go head to head to see who can get the most and the best, photos! Both are pretty fun. Talking of running around…

cute things to do at halloween

43) Halloween Mall Scavenger Hunt

The final Halloween Scavenger Hunt we have to mention (as again, it’s one of the best Halloween date ideas!) is heading to your local mall to do a Halloween Mall Scavenger Hunt.

With this one, you will be set the task to find themed, freaky objects. You’ll have a set time then go head-to-head with your partner to see who can grab the most!

These can be silly things like, “find the scariest ghost to bring home!”, but also naughty things too, like “grab a sexy halloween outfit for me, for tonight!”

There should of course be random freaky objects in there too. After all, it is Halloween!

So these might be things like, an eyeball (sweets or plastic will both work!) or the grossest “witches brew” (this could be any drink on sale which you think sounds disgusting!)

Get creative with it. There’s plenty you can do!

44) Go To a Psychic Reading

Talking of freaky, getting a tarot, palm or psychic reading is a very different halloween date idea!

Whether you’re into that kind of thing or not, they’re rather fitting as can be super creepy… someone telling you things about your past or reading into your future! Intriguing though, for sure!

Try to get a reading done in person, for the two of you. It only adds to the theme. If not, there’s ones you can get online. Why not give it a go?!

45) Or a Hypnotist / Magic Show

Another similar, but totally unique Halloween date idea, is to go to a Hypnotist or Magic Show.

My partner and I went to see Derren Brown LIVE & was blown away by the crazy things he did, and could get us do.

At one point, he literally stopped us from seeing something that was happening in front of our eyes on stage. It was insane!

This was definitely one of the best dates we’ve ever been on and it couldn’t be more fitting during the Halloween season! So have a mooch – see what’s on by you, that you can both go to!

Halloween psychic reading

Funny Halloween Date Ideas

46) Set a Halloween “Pranks Challenge”

Trick or Treating is a big part of Halloween, right? So why not turn the “trick” part into a totally original Halloween date idea… that runs over the course of the week?!

What You Can Do:

  • Set a timescale (e.g. Monday to Sunday, or Friday to Sunday – over the Halloween period.)
  • Try to pull as many pranks on the other person as possible.
  • If your partner guesses it’s a prank before you get to complete it – they get a point.
  • If you successfully pull of the prank (i.e. trick!), you get a point.
  • At the end of it, whoever has the most points, wins a master “treat” (which can be decided between the two of you.)

It’s funny, exciting and definitely up there in my all-time favourite Halloween date ideas!

47) Make Halloween Candy Apples Together

Now we can’t get to the end of our top Halloween date ideas, without any mention of candy apples, right?

They’re another signature Halloween “cuisine”, that’s even better when they’re home-made, as you can play around with different colours, decor, toppings and flavours.

The best thing is – making them is pretty fast and easy. It’s also low-cost and affordable too.

The decorating also allows for FULL creativity.. and when you get to devour them, well – that’s just the icing on the cake (or the stalk on the apple, shall we say?!)

There’s actually lots of different Halloween apple recipes; and ones which are healthier if you’re trying to AVOID candy this Halloween too!

48) Have a Halloween Picnic

Whilst we’re still talking about food, we have to throw in a Halloween picnic.

Because hey – picnics aren’t just for Summer, and actually – they can be way more fun when they’re done “out of season!”

Wrap up with some blankets and have a seasonal Halloween picnic indoors; or opt to make it a cosy indoor picnic. The choice is yours!

different Halloween Date Ideas

49) Go All “Lights Out!”

Want a Halloween date night that’s REALLY frightful for some people?! Then go for a digital detox. (Eek! Scream! Scary, I know!) But what better time to do so?

Have a cute candlelit dinner; or just scrap any electric devices and focus PURELY on quality time.

It’s just you, your loved one, good company and good conversations for the night. (Something we should all have and do more often!) This leads me onto our final Halloween date idea…

50) Share Your Darkest Secrets Around a Fire For Halloween 2023

Last but not least, get that fire going in a mini fire pit, make some s’mores (mmm, delicious!) and cosy up with some blankets!

Our Halloween twist for 2023?

Use the night as a chance to share your deepest, darkest secrets! Ask your partner deep questions, and keep building on that trust and bond that you have.

Know each other inside out? Then mix it up with your most outrageous Couples Never Have I Ever or “Two Truths and a Lie” and see if you can surprise your partner!

At the end of the night, you can put your relationship to the ULTIMATE test with these How Well Do You know Me Questions.

The “winner” can then decide if their partner is going to get a TRICK or a TREAT, based on how well they scored! How about that for a fun halloween date night twist?!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 50+ fun Halloween date ideas to work your way through, making this the ULTIMATE Halloween Date Wish-List.

Uh huh – there’s plenty to keep you busy now!

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you’re up to for it this year, I hope you have a very happy halloween, filled with fun autumn date ideas and these Halloween-specific ones, as listed above!

Unsure which Halloween date to start with?! Then use these this or that questions for couples to help you decide. (That’s a super fun way to go about selecting!)

Enjoy! Wishing you all the best.


Halloween Date Ideas
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