Top 20 Halloween Date Ideas

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So Halloween is coming up, and if you’re a fan of the holidays – you’ll have started thinking about it already! Looking for different date ideas for Halloween? Halloween themed date ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s our top 20 fun halloween date ideas to add into your holiday wish-list.

Work through them as it builds up to “the big day!” and really make the most of the season.

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Top 20 Halloween Date Ideas

So here’s our list of halloween date ideas – our favourite seasonal dates to do at Halloween. Have a read, see what takes your fancy, then get planning!

1) Head To a Haunted House

So our first halloween date idea has to be, the classic haunted house!

What exactly this is? Well it’s a house or building said to be inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased, who may have been former residents or were otherwise connected with the property. (Spooky, I know!)

If you google “Haunted House By Me”, you’ll see a whole list of options show up – thanks Google! These range from larger tourist attractions, to smaller venues. Most will offer some sort of tour or experience.

But have a search, see what you can find and get something booked up… It’s certainly a Halloween date that will bring you closer, hanging onto each other in sheer fear!

Halloween Haunted House

2) Pick Your Own Pumpkin

Next up, another classic halloween date idea is to head to a Pumpkin Patch and pick your own. It’s cute, fun and very seasonal. This is also only part 1 of the date. Part 2 is of course…

3) Pumpkin Carving

Whether you head to a pumpkin patch together before, or just grab one from the supermarket – pumpkin carving has got to be one of the best halloween date ideas.

Clear a space in your home or garden, make some spooky drinks, put on some music and carve to your hearts content!

You can even turn it into a pumpkin carving competition between the two of you – posting your pumpkins on social media afterwards and asking your friends and family to vote who’s is the best (without them knowing who carved what!)

You can then set a halloween-themed “prize” for the best pumpkin carver. It just adds a bit of extra fun to the date!

In fact, there’s plenty of couples pumpkin carving ideas to choose from, proving that pumpkin carving is most definitely not “just for kids!”

Pumpkin Carving Date

4) Decorate Your Home

Whilst we’re on the topic of pumpkins, another great halloween date idea is to spend the evening making your place spooky!

If you live together – this is perfect. If not, pick one of your houses / rooms and have fun going all-out on that halloween theme.

We’re talking fake cobwebs, little spiders (pretend of course!), maybe some bats, ghosts, ghouls. Get creative. See what you can do with it. Then get ready for story time…

5) Read Ghost Stories

A different halloween date idea is to cuddle up on the sofa and read scary stories! These are some of my favourites.

Conspiracies are also always good if the two of you like a good mystery to solve / debate.

It’s just pure, quality time, in line with the holiday. So where it’s not necessarily your first thought of a halloween date night – this can only add to make it more memorable!

Halloween Date Night

Our Favourite Halloween Date Ideas

6) Watch a Scary Movie

Another great Halloween date night? Watching a scary movie! There’s so many to choose on, you won’t be short for choice. Set the scene, get some nibbles in, cuddle up and try not to screeeeam!

7) Have a Halloween Party

Feel like a bit of fun? Want to let your hair down? Then one of the funnest Halloween date ideas is 100% to turn it into a party… a party for the two of you!

You’ve got your decorations set (if you did the date suggestion above!), all you need is to get some couples costumes at the ready, and you then combine this with:

  1. Epic music.
  2. Halloween games.
  3. Creepy, themed drinks/ cocktails.

And you’re all set! This leads me onto my next suggestion actually…

Halloween Party

8) Make Some Halloween Themed Drinks

There’s some awesome Halloween cocktail recipes out there, that are actually pretty simple and easy to make at home. This makes the perfect halloween date idea – taking a night out, in.

Here, try some of my favourites. From the Vampires Kiss, to Eyeball Snot-Tail (gross name but tastes good!), the classic Halloween Punch to Beastly Blackberry & Bay Lemonade Mocktail (for the non-drinkers).

There’s so many themed halloween cocktails you can try. So get ready to really shake things up with this Halloween inspired date night!

9) Get Baking!

Had fun making Halloween cocktails? Then why not try some Halloween baking? Again, here’s some top suggestions. From Eerie Eyeball Pops to Spider Biscuits, Kiwi Slime Pie to Pumpkin Cheesecake – there’s plenty to try. Talking of pumpkins…

Halloween Baking

Fun Halloween Date Ideas

10) Cosy Up With Pumpkin Soup

We’ve got a lot of creative Halloween date ideas here – making and doing different things.

But sometimes, some of the best dates – are when you’re doing next to nothing, and just enjoying each other’s company.

So if Quality Time is yours or your partners love language, why not make the most of the season, by getting cosy on a warm Autumn day, and putting those pumpkins to good use with a tasty pumpkin soup!

It will still feel nice and seasonal because of the pumpkin-part. And whether you pair this with an activity, a game or just good conversation – the choice really is yours!

Pumpkins not your thing? No worries! Instead try apple picking – then make your own toffee apples. Or simply turn any food of your choice into a Halloween meal, by presenting it in a Halloween shape. There’s plenty of options!

11) Do a Couples Halloween Shoot

We’re half way through our Halloween date ideas, so it’s time to mix things up! Love fancy dress? Got those matching outfits ready? Then make the most of it by turning date night into a couples shoot!

You could actually make this a seasonal thing – your thing you do not just at Halloween, but Christmas, Easter, and so on. How it works? Well it’s simple?

  1. Get into your outfits.
  2. Set the scene with extra decorations.
  3. Take it in turns to take fun pictures!
  4. And also have pictures together.

You can then turn these into a collage, to print out and put in a memory book.

It’s cute, fun, different and so nice to look back on. Give it a try!

Halloween Date Ideas

12) Go On a Ghost Tour

Want to get out and about? Then it’s time to go on a ghost tour. Search “Ghost Tours Near Me” or ghost tours in your city.

They’re sometimes also known as Ghost Walks – as you’ll be taken around a city, hearing tales of the past.

Some can be a little theatrical – but they’re fun! And totally in the spirit of Halloween.

13) Go Trick Or Treating

Another surprisingly fun Halloween date night (suitable if you have kids, younger siblings, nieces / nephews etc) is to head out with the little ones trick or treating.

The excitement you get from the kids is infectious and you might think… is it really a date?!

But you can use anything as a bonding experience and adding little ones into the mix, certainly helps to form a closer connection between the two of you!

Got no kids? Then get ready for the trick-or-treaters at your house instead! This date idea works well with the one above when it comes to decorating.

But kit your place out with sweet treats and nibbles, make your entrance something to remember. Not only will you get into the Halloween spirit, but it will be a night to remember!

Trick or Treat

14) Haunted Hayride / Creepy Corn Maze

Talking of classic Halloween activities, there’s often heaps on offer when it comes to Halloween events. Have a look for a haunted hayride of creepy corn maze – find the venue, choose the date and be brave! This leads me onto my next suggestion…

15) Brave It at a Scarefest

Halloween is BIG, in many places of the world. What this brings? The fabulous fun of a scarefest! These usually combine many of the typical halloween attractions: mazes, houses, tours.

But the difference is, they also encompass actors who are there to give you an entertaining Halloween experience! They’re often done at theme parks, or on empty fields.

So see what’s in your area and don’t miss out. Any other seasonal events going on? For Halloween or Fall? Consider these too! It’s just about finding different things and then seizing the moment!

Date Ideas For Halloween

Different Halloween Date Ideas

16) Dress Up / Face Paint Challenge

So we spoke about couples fancy dress, we also spoke about the Halloween themed photoshoot. But another fun date idea for Halloween is to take it in turns to do each other’s Halloween makeup / face paint.

  1. Put a list of different halloween characters in a hat, and grab one out.
  2. Your partner has to then try to recreate that the best they can on you!
  3. OPTIONAL: You could also do the lucky dip in the morning, then give them an hour racing around town to find anything they want / need for their character creation, and vice versa!

The close-contact when face painting one another, always builds intimacy to the date. And, if you’re into role-play – this is always a fun way to make the most of the outfits afterwards on the evening!

17) Murder Mystery Night

Talking of characters, Halloween is the perfect time to do a murder mystery night!

Whether you find an event close by and head to that together, or host the event at your home, with other couple friends. (It makes a great group date idea, that’s for sure!)

These Murder Mystery Games [click here] make Murder Mystery Night easy! So it’s certainly one to consider and is actually one of our favourite Halloween date ideas as it’s just so different!

Halloween Date Night Ideas

18) Halloween Escape Room

Another great Halloween date activity, is to try a spooky themed escape room. If you just search “Escape Rooms Near Me” there’s likely to be plenty in your area, set up especially for Halloween.

If not, you may also like to grab one to do at home. I have this Escape Room Box Set, which already has some pretty scary challenges! There’s also this one, which includes mental and physical puzzles that you must complete before the mad scientist turns you into werewolves!

Escape Rooms are great bonding activities for couples, and there seems no better time of the year to take one on, than the – already rather scary – season of Halloween!

19) Go To a Psychic Reading

So here’s a different halloween date idea – getting a tarot, palm or psychic reading!

Whether you’re into that kind of thing or not, they’re rather fitting as can be super creepy… someone telling you things about your past or reading into your future! Intriguing though, for sure!

Try to get a reading done in person, for the two of you. It only adds to the theme. If not, there’s ones you can get online. Why not give it a go?!

Halloween psychic reading

20) Share Your Darkest Secrets Around a Fire

Last but not least, it’s time to get that fire going in a little fire pit (there’s some super affordable ones on the market!), make some s’mores (mmm, delicious!) and cosy up with some blankets!

Our Halloween twist? Using it as a chance to share your deepest, darkest secrets, kicking it off with these ready-made 20 deep questions (uh huh, we’re always here to point you in the right direction!)

Know each other inside out? Then mix it up with your most outrageous “Two Truths and a Lie” and see if you can surprise your partner!

Happy Halloween!

So there we have it – some of our favourite themed halloween date ideas, rounded up in our Top 20 Halloween Date Ideas Wish-List. There’s plenty to keep you busy now!

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you’re up to for it this year, we hope you have a very happy halloween!

For more ideas and inspiration, for seasonal date ideas, click here. Have fun!


Halloween Date Ideas

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